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Mental Pills 3


Mental Pills
By MrGrey

Chapter 3

Karen went to take a shower, which she was taking an unusually long time
with. Meanwhile, Tanya went to talk to Tommy about what was going on.

"Do you think it's some kind of mid-life crisis or something?" Tanya looked
really worried about her mother. Tommy just shrugged at her and told her he
didn't know. She sighed and asked him, "Is there anything we should do?"

Tommy tried to act like he was thinking deeply, then said," No, it's
probably best we just go about things normally." Tanya thought about this and

"Yeah, I guess there's nothing we can do. Our mom's turned into some
kind of sex crazed whore." Tommy thought, Whore? I'll have to remember that.
I'll run out of these things eventually, I'll need some money to order more. Tanya
walked off to take a shower herself. Tommy went into his room and took the
briefcase out from under his bed. He clicked open the lid and smiled at all the
neatly sorted compartments. He figured he wouldn't be able to get a hold of any
drinks Tanya fixes for herself, so he's going to have to figure something else out.
He looked at the Suggestion Pills. Maybe he could convince his mom to help him
get Tanya to take a pill. They were probably some sort of mind control pill and
therefore he could make his mom take more pills when the Slut pill wore off. He
started wondering what pill he would make her take next, or maybe he'd just stick
with the Slut pills. Increasing the dosage could be interesting. Although she was
a pretty big slut now, he wondered how much sluttier she could possibly be. All
he knew was that things were finally going his way. He grabbed the Suggestion
pill and walked downstairs.

He had watched his mother fix martini's before, so he fixed a glass and
dropped the pill in. Soon after, he mom came walking downstairs in a silk nightie
that stopped just below her ass. He also noticed that she was wearing no
underwear. Her tits bounced as she walked.

"Mom I fixed you a martini," he said handing it to her.

"Thank you honey," she took it from him. "I didn't know you knew how to
make them."

"I've watched you do it. Take a sip."

She smiled at him and took a long sip. She felt that same dizzy feeling
again, but it quickly passed. "Wow, you sure can make a great martini!" She
winked at him and she started walking back toward the stairs.

"Mom, go into the living room and sit down." Without a word Karen did an
about face and walked into the living room. Tommy raised his fist in the air in
triumph. "Yes!" He followed her in the room to find her sitting on the couch
watching Baywatch, her hand was rubbing on her crotch through the nightie. Her
long blond hair was still wet from the shower giving her a very sexy look. Tommy
sat down next to her.

"I love this motherfucking show," she said to her son. Tommy just

"Yeah me too," he turned around toward her. "Mom I have something to
tell you."

"What's that hon?" she said not taking her eyes off the screen.

"I ordered these pills in the mail that can make people act the way I want

"Uh-huh . . . " she still wasn't looking at him.

"And I used them to turn you into the slut that you are now."

Her faced shifted back to the old Karen as her head spun at him, "You did

"But you're ok with that," told her calmly.

She calmed down and nodded, "Yeah, that's nice."

"In fact, you're glad I did this to you."

Karen smiled at her son and patted his leg, "Of course, I glad you turned
me into a slut. I'm happier than ever now." She went back to her show. Her
hand disappeared under the nightie and she started rubbing her clit. Tommy
stood up and walked to the tv and shut it off. "Hey, I was watching th-"

"Shut up." Karen immediately quieted down. "I need your help to make
Tanya take a pill like you did."

"Ok Tommy," she answered. "How can we do that?"

Upstairs, Tanya had gotten out of the shower and peaked into Tommy's
room to ask something else about her mother, but he wasn't in there. Instead,
she saw a briefcase sitting on his bed. She walked into his room with just a bath
towel wrapped around her. The briefcase was open and inside was hundreds of
little white pills, each in little compartments with labels on them. She saw some
labeled Bimbo pills, some labeled Prostitute pill, and some labeled Slut pills.

"What the hell," she said to herself. Tanya saw a piece of paper folded up
next to the briefcase. She unfolded it and read it. A look of rage took over her
face. She was infuriated.

"This explains it, that son of a bitch. I'm gonna kill him." She stomped for
the door to find her mother standing there next to Tommy. "What the fuck do you
think you're up to, you little creep!?" she screamed at her little brother. Tommy
calmly walked past her and reached into the briefcase and pulled out a
Suggestion pill.

"You're going to have to take this now."

She laughed in his face. "You stupid little boy, what on earth makes you
think you can make me take that thing?"

Tommy over her shoulder, "Mom?"

Tanya was suddenly pulled down to the floor and had both her arms
pinned above her by her mother. "Mom, what the fuck are you doing?" Tommy
sat on her legs to keep her from kicking.

"It'll all be over in a second," he soothing her.

"Fuck you! You're gonna be over in a second, because I'm about to beat
the shit outta you. You son of a b-" Her words were cut short be her mother's
hand squeezing her cheeks making her mouth open. Tommy quickly dropped
the pill into it and pitched her nose shut while Karen closed her mouth. Her eyes
looked back and forth from Tommy's smiling face to her mother's smiling face.
By reflex, she swallowed the pill. A wave of dizziness went through her and she
sat up. "What the fuck was that?"

"That was a Suggestion pill. It'll make you easier to deal with because
you're not going to run away, is that clear?"

"Yeah it's clear, you piece of shit."

Karen sat down next to her, "Honey, you'll feel much better in a minute."
Tommy walked over to the briefcase and picked up a Bimbo pill.

"Actually," Tommy said, "she's gonna feel pretty stupid in a minute." He
kneeled in front of his sister, who was shooting him an angry sneer. "This pill is
going to make you an airheaded little ditz. I had to give you the Suggestion pill
first because you'd just be a dumb girl trying to get away from me. Now open
your mouth."

Tanya looked scared as she opened her mouth. He placed the pill on her
tongue. "Now swallow it." She instantly gulped it down and looked back up at

"Asshole, I'm gonna get you ba . . ." her voice trailed off as a dumb little
grin crossed over her mouth. She felt tingly all over and it was making her giggle
a little. "Hee Hee Hee, what was I, like, saying?" Tanya looked at her mother,
"Wow, mom you were, like, right. I feel lots gooder now." Her voice had become
high-pitched. She stood up and dusted herself off.

"Wow Tommy, she really is stupid now. I hope you don't make me take
one of those, " Karen said to her son.

"Actually you can't wait to try all the pills out, neither can you Tanya. But I
don't think I can handle too bimbos at once right now."

"Awwww, Tommy, please, I wanna be a dumb little bimbo too," Karen

Tanya giggled at her mom, "You're funny."

Karen slapped her daughters ass, "Hush up, dumbo."

Tommy walked back over to the briefcase, he needed a few more
adjustments. He grabbed a Slut pill for his sister, and Prostitute pills for both of
them. He could just command them to go slut around the town for him, but these
pills would make them feel like professional hookers and be able to take care of
themselves on the streets. "Tanya take these two pills," he said handing her the
Slut pill and one Prostitute pill. She gobbled them up right away. "And mom you
take this one." Karen swallowed the pill as well.

Tanya staggered a little and giggled again, "Damn, I feel, like, really horny
now. Mmmmmm, I need a cock to suck."

Karen agreed, "Me too, baby. Come on, let's go look for some work."

"Like, totally."

Tommy stopped them for a moment, "You guys be careful and bring me
back every penny." His mother and sister each and nodded at him. "Well,
actually give Tanya here a little make-over first. And give her those clothes you
bought her."

"Sure thing Tommy," she said guiding her ditzy daughter out of the room.
"Come on, sweetie, I'll help you get dressed. It's probably too complicated for
you now." Tanya just giggled at this.

Tommy smiled and closed his door, thinking would he should do next.

End part 3


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