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Mental Pills 4


Mental Pills
By MrGrey

Chapter 4

Tommy was very pleased with his results so far. His sister was a
brainless nympho, and his mother was just a huge slut. They were finally off his
back. Actually, each of them were probably on their own backs right now.
Tommy wondered how much money they would bring back for him. It was about
ten o'clock at night. They wouldn't be home for a while. Tommy figured he
would just relax and enjoy the silence.

The silence was cut short by the phone ringing. He picked it up, "Hello?"

"Hey sport," it was his dad.

"Hey dad, what's goin on?" Tommy had completely forgotten about his

"Is your mom around?" Tommy kind of snickered about that.

"Nope, she went downtown for something."

"Downtown? Why'd she go into town?"

"Something down there she needed I guess."

"Anyway, I'm gonna be going out of town for three day on business." Yeah
right, thought Tommy. But that was great news though.

"That's cool."

"So, let your mom know and I'll call back tomorrow."

"Sounds good. See ya."

"Bye Tommy."

Tommy hung up the phone and thought, Perfect. Three days to figure out
how I'm gonna keep mom and Tanya out of my hair forever. But first things first,
he needed to have another pill ready for each of them so it didn't wear off. The
instructions said 24 hours, but he didn't want to take a chance by cutting it too
close. He went upstairs and picked his pills out. Suggestion Pills for each of
them, one slut pill for mom and one bimbo pill for Tanya. He wouldn't send them
out on any tricks for the time being, tonight should give him more money than
he'd need anyway. He'd leave Tanya as just a bimbo without the sluttiness for
right now too. Plus, he could get her to bring some of her friends over for some
fun. Tanya's best friend was Megan, and she was incredibly hot. She would be
perfect. Tommy grabbed the pills and went downstairs to wait on them.

Four hours later, Tommy was awakened by his mother and sister
stumbling through the door.

"-and he was, like, 'Get on the floor and suck my cock!', and I was, like,
'Sure Master, I, like, love sucking cocks!'," Tanya was telling Karen a story about
one of her Johns, "Isn't that, like, good!"

"It sure is honey, you're a good little ho," she said giving her daughter a
slap on the ass

Tanya blushed, "Like, thanks mom!" Tanya had gotten her hair dyed like
her mom's. She had the sluttiest make-up on he had ever seen with bright red
lipstick and heavy blue eye shadow. Her knee-high boots gave her a very slutty
look, as did the mid-riff baring tank top she had on with her mini-skirt.

Tommy sat up to greet them, "How'd it go?"

Tanya answered first, "It was great! We, like, made tons of dollars. Maybe
even a million!"

Karen laughed at her daughter, "Well, maybe not that much. But we made
a lot." She handed him a wad of bills from her purse. There must have been four
hundred dollars in total.

"Wow good job you guys." They both smiled at his approval. "Sit down
guys." They both say on the couch. Tanya just smiled like an idiot and looked
around the room, her finger twirling her hair. "Dad's going out of town on
business and won't be back for three days. "

Karen smiled, "I'll bet Terri's going with him. She better give him some
good fuckin."

Tanya looked confused, "Like, who's Terri?"

Karen looked at her daughter, "His secretary dummy. Remember, she
came over for dinner one night." Tanya looked off into space, trying to think, but
that was obviously a lost cause. "Nevermind."

"Anyway," Tommy continued, "We're going to have the whole house to
ourselves for three days. Tanya?"

Her head snapped back at him and giggled, "That's me."

"Yes it is," Tommy laughed at his dumb sister, "I want you to get Megan to
come over and spend the night."

Her eyes lit up, "Like, fer sure! Like a sleep over!"

"Exactly. Go call her."

"Sure thing bro!" She got up and skipped upstairs, tripped halfway up,
giggled, and walked the rest of the way.

"Tommy, your daughter is so stupid now," Karen told him, "she doesn't
even know how to count money anymore!" Tommy laughed. "See all those
singles?" Tommy looked at the stack of bills on the coffee table and found a lot of
one-dollar bills. "She had been blowing guys in their car for a dollar each when
we split up. I met up with her later and explained to her that she could ask for
more." Karen just dropped her head and laughed, as did Tommy.

Tommy picked the pills up for Karen off of the nightstand and handed
them to her, "You need to take these now." Karen just nodded and took them
right away. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply and then she was fine.

"Anyway, we kept hanging around the corner waiting for guys to pick us up
and I was all, like, 'Tanya what's two plus two?' and she, like, kept trying to, like,
remember. And I, like, laughed at her, cuz she's so, like, not smart, and I was all,
like, 'Tanya, everyone knows that two plus two is, like . . ." Karen stared off into
space, then she giggled, "Tommy I can't, like, remember the answer."

Tommy sighed in frustration. He must have given her the bimbo pill
instead of the slut pill. "Shit."

Karen giggled some more, "What's, like, the matter?"

"I accidentally gave you Tanya's bimbo pill."

Karen giggled again and laid down on the couch, "Wow really? Cuz I feel,
like, totally stupid right now."

"I bet. Come on you have to help me get Megan when she comes in the
door so we can give her a pill."

"Totally good idea!"

Tanya came walking downstairs, "I called Megan, she should be here
soon." She sounded like she was starting to get back to normal. That 24-hour
thing must not be concrete. Tommy was just going to have to make Tanya the
slut. He gave her the pills and she took them. They all waited downstairs for
Megan. Karen would occasionally say something stupid and Tanya would just
laugh at her. "She's a fucking idiot Tommy."

"I know." He figured his mother wouldn't be able to understand the plan to
get Megan to take a pill so he explained to Tanya that their going to do the same
thing he and mom did to her.

"Good, cause was a damn good plan. I had no idea what you guys were
up to."

Just then Megan came walking through the door. "Hey guys, how's it go-?"
She got a strange look on her face, "What the hell are you wearing, girl? You
look like a slut."

"Thanks!" Tanya stood up to give her a better look. "Come upstairs and I'll
show some other outfits I got, maybe you'll want to try some on?"

"Well, probably not, but, whatever . . ." Tanya led her friend upstairs before
Karen could get a chance to make a fool of herself.

"That Megan is, like, really smart sounding," Karen told her son.

"Well, I'm sure everyone sounds smart to you now," Tommy explained.
"You sit here and me and Tanya are gonna go fix Megan up."

"Like, totally!" Karen said. She was watching Lizzie Mcguire and trying
desperately to follow the storyline.

Tommy walked upstairs and heard Tanya and Megan in her room. He
went into his room to pick out a pill for Megan. He got the Suggestion Pill to start
off with. He had been meaning to see what doubling the dosage would do, so he
got three Slut pills. This should make her a pretty big slut. He also wanted to try
the Slave pill on Tanya, he'd give her one after fixing Megan. Tanya and Megan
were still in her room, looking at the new outfits. Tommy walked in to find his
sister naked and sorting through her clothes. Tanya had an amazing body,
perfectly shaped ass and huge tits.

Megan, who didn't like Tommy, screamed at him, "Can't you knock, you
little creep?"

"It's ok Megan, he can come in," she explained to Megan, who looked
really surprised at her friend's willingness to walk around naked in front of her
brother. "I was just showing Megan the clothes I got, but she doesn't want to try
them on."

"Well, I can change that."

Megan looked amused at that, "Is that a fact? How exactly?"

"We're going to make you take a pill that changes you into a perfect little

Megan laughed and turned to her friend, "He's got a pretty good

Tanya looked at Tommy and smiled. She turned back Megan and said,
"Actually he's not making it up. He turned me into a bimbo whore earlier today,
but now I'm just a slut. My mom is dumb as a doorknob right now though."

Megan started backing away from Tanya and Tommy, "What the hell is
going on with you two? I'm going home." She started walking toward the door
but was grabbed by Tanya who pulled her arms behind her back and slapped
some novelty handcuffs on her wrists.

Tommy looked at Tanya, "Where did you get handcuffs?"

"These two guys made me wear them while they each took turns fucking
my ass tonight, then they left without them. I figured they'd come in handy,"
Tanya patted her friends head, "You can't move your hands can you?"

Megan struggled a bit with the handcuffs, "No! But you're going to take
these fucking things off me right now!" Tanya and Tommy laughed at her. He
closed the door and Tanya let Megan's arms go. She ran for the door but
couldn't get the knob turned with her hands handcuffed behind her. "Let me out
you asshole!"

Tanya pinned her to the door and squeezed her cheeks together, just like
her mother did to her. Tommy put the pill in her mouth and covered her nose
and mouth. Just like Tanya, she was forced to swallow. "What the hell are you

"Tanya, take the handcuffs off her?" She reached in a drawer and got the
key. Once they were off, Megan rubbed her wrists.

"What was that thing?"
"That was a pill to make you more obedient. Now take off all your
clothes." Megan looked horrified, but to her surprise she quickly discarded her
shirt and pants, then unfastened her bra and tossed it aside. Megan had kind of
small tits, but you could always get her to get implants. "Now the panties." She
started to look scared, but took them off right away.

"You're gonna fucking pay for this, I swear to God!"
There was a knock at the door then, Karen was on the other side. "Can I,
like, come in?"

"Sure mom," Tanya answered, opening the door for her.

Karen cooed at the sight of Megan and Tanya standing naked in the
middle of the room. "Oooooo, everyone's getting, like, naked. Do I have to get
naked too?"

"No mom, just stand in the corner," Tommy commanded her, she giggled
and scooted over to the corner and watched. "Now Megan, I want you to get on
your knees and crawl over here and give the best blowjob you can give."

Megan looked furious, "You perverted motherfucker! The police are going
to fucking arrest you when I report you!!" But she knelt on her knees and crawled
over to Tommy, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. She looked at him
was angry eyes while she gobbled up his dick. She bobbed her head up and
down several times, then released and licked him from his balls to the tip. She
grabbed his cock and said, "You're going to jail. And you're never getting out!"

"Here, this should make you feel better," he said handing her a Slut pill.
She looked confused as she popped it in her mouth and gulped it down. She
closed her eyes and opened them back up again with the anger looking as if it
left her.

"Yeah I feel a little better," she said calmly and went back to sucking his

"Well, take these other two, they should make you feel really good," he
said with a grin.

Megan grinned back, "Oh really?" She took them while Tanya and Karen
looked on, Tanya was obviously turned on as her juices ran down her leg.
Megan fell back off her knees as a big wave of dizziness passed through her.
"Oh fuck yeah, gimme that cock baby!!" She pounced back up and sucked his
dick faster than ever until he felt an orgasm coming.

"I'm about to cum."

"Great!" Megan smiled and started jerking him off, pointing right at her
pretty face. "Cum all over my slutty face baby!" She screamed as she slipped
three fingers in her cunt and opened her mouth, awaiting his load. Tommy came
in her mouth and she greedily licked it all up. She caught most of it, but some
got on her cheeks. She just wiped it off with her hand, then licked her hand
clean. "Mmmmm, that was tasty shit baby, anymore left?" She squeezed his
cock, getting every last bit out as she licked the head of his cock. "Thanks
honey." She got up and sat on the bed, "I need some fuckin now. Tanya? Care
to take care of me?" Tanya looked kind of unsure about this.

"I don't know, I've never been with a girl."

"Me neither, but what the fuck, why not try it out?"

Tommy looked at Tanya, "I think I know what you need." He walked back
into his room and got two more Slut pills for Tanya. "Here. Take these sis." She
took them and got the same sex-hungry look Megan had on her face.

"Shit yeah, I feel better. How bout some fuckin Meg?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Megan," Tommy asked, "would you like Tanya to be your personal sex

Both of them looked in favor of this. Tanya laid on the bed on top of
Megan and started sucking her tits. She nodded her head while keeping Megan's
nipple in her mouth. "That would be wonderful."

"I think you have to give the pill to her," he handed the pill to Megan and
she shoved the pill in Tanya's mouth and gave her a kiss.

"How do you feel honey?" she asked her friend.

Tanya released her tit from her mouth and said, "I feel fine, Mistress,
would you like me to please your pussy?"

"I'd love that," Megan slapped her friends ass and Tanya slid down Megan
and started lapping at her cunt. Megan looked up at Tommy, "Thank you baby,
you can stop by later if you want to, but I think me and my slave are gonna have
some fun for right now."

"Fine with me, just don't go anywhere without letting me know first. Me
and mom will be downstairs."

"Ok," smiled and waved bye. "Bye Karen."

Karen was pulled away from her daydream and smiled and giggled, "Like,
bye, have lots of fun with my daughter. Take, like, real good care of her."

"I will," Megan closed her eyes in ecstasy and rubbed her hands through
her best friend's hair, "That's right, lick my pussy baby . . ."

Tommy led Karen out of the room and downstairs where Karen watched
more Disney channel, while they listened to Tanya and Megan's moans from

End part 4


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