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Mental Pills 5

Mental Pills
By MrGrey

Chapter 5

Tanya was out of breath as her new Mistress finished eating her out.
Apparently her Mistress liked licking pussy a lot! "How was that my little slave?"
Megan asked her.

"That was wonderful, Mistress. Can I lick you again now?"

"I don't think I can take anymore, that brother of yours turned me into a
pretty big slut, but I am still human."

"He did a great job us, huh Mistress Megan?" Tanya was massaging her
Mistresses feet.

"He sure did. Where did he get those pills anyway?"

Tanya thought about this, "I don't know, they were just here today. I found
mom acting like a slut downstairs, next thing I know I don't even have the brains
to tie my shoes."

Megan laughed at the thought of that, "You must have been cute acting so
stupid like your mom."

Tanya blushed and lowered her head smiling, "I don't really know."

Megan thought about this. She looked at her slave with an evil grin, "I'd
love to see you like that again. In fact, I'd love to be like that!"

Tanya sat up smiling, "Well, let's go play with them. I think Tommy left the
pills on his bed."

Megan purred, "Grrrreat idea." They both left the room and headed for
Tommy's room.

Downstairs, Tommy had the tv turned down so he could hear Tanya and
Megan if they left the room. These girls might sneak out and try to fuck the first
person they see. He knew he had to watch out for them, thinking with their pussy
might get them into trouble. His mother was sitting Indian-style two feet in front
of the TV, laughing as the Coyote fell off another cliff because of the trickiness of
that Road Runner. She started laughing so hard that Tommy didn't hear the
footprints going across the upstairs hallway to his room.

"Mom you're gonna ruin your eyes sitting so close to the tv like that."

Karen turned around with her usual dumb looking grin and scooted back
on her ass, "Sorry Tommy." She went back to watching her cartoons and
Tommy got up and walked into the kitchen to get a Coke. He started thinking
about how he was going to keep these girls like this. He also needed to figure
out how to explain things to his father. Odds are that his dad would be fine with
his wife's new acceptance of his affair. In fact, he may want his secretary re-
worked as well. He remembered seeing an additional order form in the briefcase
for "Permanent Pills". That would change the person forever. He just had to
figure out how he wanted everyone to remain. But his thoughts were interrupted
by laughing coming from upstairs.

"-hee hee hee, here, like, take two more, hee hee hee " it was Megan.

"Oh shit!" Tommy rushed for the stairs. He bounded up the stairs and
flung open the door to his room. He found Megan and Tanya lying on the ground
in a pool of their own drool. They each were holding two pills, and sounded if
they had already had a couple. They were even dumber than Karen now.
Before he could stop them they each popped the pills in their mouth.

"Wait " Tommy started toward them, but it was too late. Their eyes
glazed over and they each went limp lying on the ground. Tanya giggled and
started fingering Megan's ass.

"Hee hee, you, like, got your finger in my asshole, hee hee, like, cool,"
Megan had a line of saliva running out of her mouth. Her eyes were half open like
she was high. She laughed again, "hee hee, asshole, assbowl, asspole, haaaaa
ha, tits and ass . . ." She was lying on her stomach with her arms and legs
spread out.

Tanya scooted up and started licking Megan's asshole, "Hee hee, like,
Mistress?" Megan just looked behind her with her mouth hanging open in a
smile. "Ummm, like, do you like when I lick your, like . . . ummmm, other hole
back here."

"Uh huh, " she sat up and pushed Tanya's head away and whispered at
her, "But do you, like, know what I really like?" Tanya opened her eyes wider as
she waited for the answer. "Cocks, hee hee hee." She covered her mouth as she
laughed and laughed at the word. Megan and Tanya both looked up at Tommy
with lust in their eyes.
Tanya spoke up first, "Hee Hee, you got a cock in those pants dontcha?
Haaa haa, I know you do . . . hee hee hee, I, like, don't know much anymore, but
I know boys got cocks."

"Yeah Tommy, can we, like, suck your cock please." They each pouted at

Tommy looked down at the two airheads, "But Tanya you're my sister, you
really wanna suck my cock."

She looked confused," Sister? Like, what does that mean? Can I suck
your cock?"

Even Tommy didn't have the will power to pass this up. He dropped his
pants and the two stupid sluts crawled over to him and sucked him hard. Megan
wrapped her lips around him while his sister, who hated him this morning, licked
his balls. "You gotten, like, share Megan." She said pulling his dick out of her
mouth and putting it in her own. Apparently the Bimbo pills had overpowered the
Slave pill. Megan clumsily spun around and pointed her ass towards Tommy and
shook it back and forth at him.

"Ummm, I'd, like, to get buttfucked right now. Could you please?" He
shoved his sister off of his cock and she fell to the ground giggling.

"Hee hee hee, what, like, happened? I'm on the ground now."

"Stupid, Tommy pushed you away, so he could, like, stick his big dick in
my asshole, haaa haa heeeeeeee," she laughed as he pushed his dick into her
tight ass, "Hee hee, feels so good. Mmmmmmmm, deeper."

Just then Karen walked in and saw her son fucking her daughter's best
friend's ass, "Ooooo, fun! Can I like join?!" Tanya sat and grabbed her mom's
hand, "You gotten, like, take some pills first. I think it's a rule," she explained
twirling her hair around her finger and using her other hand to finger herself. She
reached in and grabbed a random pill for her mom, "Here take this one!"

Karen swallowed without hesitation and looked back at her daughter,
"Like, what was tha-" she stopped and she knelt on the ground. "I, like, feel really
funny." Tommy was busy pumping at Megan's ass, but managed to glance down
at the briefcase to see what pill Tanya just gave her mom. He stopped when he
saw what it was.

"Oh shit."

Blow-up Doll Pills: Just want her to let you do all the work? These
will help.

Karen laid down in front of Tanya, her mouth was wide open. Tommy pulled out of
Megan and looked at his mom. "Ah canth tawlk." She said with her mouth still hanging
open. Her eyes looked scared, but suddenly it was like all life faded from them as they
fixed straight ahead and her arms and legs laid perfectly straight and rigid. His mother
had just become a blow-up doll.

"Like, cool," Tanya said as she started sucking her helpless mom's tits.
Tommy waved his hands in front of Karen's face for a reaction but got none she
didn't even blink. He picked her arm up and let go, it stayed perfectly still in the
air where he left it.

"Geez, sorry mom," he said laughing. "Alright guys I need to fix this for
good," he said reaching for the briefcase and pulling out the order form for
Permanent pills.

Tanya and Megan started playing with Karen's body while he filled out the
order form. He ordered a permanent Bimbo pill for Tanya and Megan. He got a
Slut pill for all three of them and a Prostitute pill for his mom. He figured he
would let her keeps her wits and just let her make money for the family. He got
several Permanent Suggestion pills for his mom, Tanya, and Megan, plus some
extra in case he needed them. He also ordered several other extras of each kind
of pill. He mailed it off and a few minutes later a strange mailman showed up
with his package, Tommy guessed that the Mental Pills mailman even delivers at
two in the morning.

He fed Megan and Tanya their Permanent Bimbo, Slut and Suggestion
Pills and they remained his dumb little whores forever. He still let them play with
the Temporary pills to let them be slave and Mistress if they wanted to. He
propped his frozen mother in the corner of the room for the rest of the night until
the Lovedoll pill wore off. He then fed her the Permanent Prostitute, Slut and
Suggestion pills and she ended up becoming very popular on the streets known
as Karen Kunt.

His father came home and Tommy explained what he did, but his dad was
very pleased with everything and even made Terri their permanent live-in maid,
always wearing a skimpy French Maid outfit of course. She would always suck
Tommy's cock while watching X-files reruns, then go back to dusting the house.

One day, Tommy's teacher Mrs. Brown kept him after school in detention
for something he didn't do. While her back was turned, he slipped a Permanent
Regression pill in her coffee. She now lived with them as a ten-year old. She
could always be found sitting on the living room rug in pigtails and a little pink
dress playing with Barbie dolls.

But all of Tommy's problems were fixed and he and his dad lived a
wonderful life with his new little sister, Mrs. Brown (or Susie as she liked to be
called), his maid, his money making mother and the two biggest and dumbest
sluts in the neighborhood, Megan and Tanya.

And they all lived happily ever after!!!


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