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Mental Pills Refill 1


Mental Pills: Refill
By MrGrey

Katherine was excited about her slumber party tonight. Sure, slumber
parties were kind of immature, but even eighteen years olds like to stay up all
night with their friends.
Bethany, Daphne, and Ashley were going to be there in about an hour.
Her parents were out of town for the weekend, so they had the whole house to
themselves for the whole night. It was Friday and they were all tired, but there
was no way they could sleep if they were around each other the whole night.
They had all been best friends since middle school. Now, about to graduate, they
were still friends.
Katherine had been trying her best to get ready for everyone. She had
rented a few movies, bought tons of junk food, and set up sleeping bags all over
the living room. She was so excited as she skipped around the room, making
sure everything was perfect.
She was a typical blonde goodie-goodie. Katherine was always the host
of all their parties and get-togethers. Her parents were very well off so therefore,
she had the nicest house. She got nice grades and had a nice future ahead of
her. Bethany was a tall, brunette prom queen type. In fact, she was the prom
queen…and homecoming queen, and head cheerleader, and student council
president…the list goes on and on. Daphne was a little different. Her father had
left her mother when she young, so she grew up with only an alcoholic mother to
support her. Daphne was more popular with guys than the others. Of course
Bethany was a popular with them, but Daphne's type was much different than
Bethany's. Daphne was the only one of the group that was not a virgin. Ashley
was a quiet girl. She had met them by being assigned to a group with them.
They were her only friends, but that was all she wanted. She had never kissed a
boy, let alone even held one's hand.
They were very different girls, but that was what held them together.
Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Katherine was a little surprised. The girls
weren't supposed to get there until seven o'clock, which was an hour away. She
walked to the front door and opened it.
The porch was empty except for a small package lying on the welcome
mat. She looked up just in time to see a black car speed off from the curb. The
porch was quiet for a minute. Katherine was a little reluctant to pick up the
unlabeled package. She had heard stories of mail bombs and other such things
and didn't know if she should wait for the other girls.
Gathering her courage, she lifted the semi-heavy package up and carried
it inside. She carried it into the kitchen and placed it on the dinner table. There
was a little voice in her head telling her to open it and see what's inside, but
another voice told her how dangerous that could be. There was no address on it.
Just brown paper wrapping.
Leaving the package on the table, she went into the living room and
waited for her friends. An hour later, a car pulled into the driveway and the
unmistakable sound of her friends voices were heard. She ran to the door and
opened it to let them in.
Daphne was always the loudest, "What's up chica!"
Bethany smiled, "Hey Katherine."
Ashley just waved.
Katherine stepped outside and took Daphne's hand, "Guys, you have to
come check out this package."
They followed curiously. "What package?" Daphne asked, "Are you
watching pro wrestling or something?" she asked with a wink.
Katherine sighed and laughed, "No…perv. But you do have to come see
this. I don't know if I should open it or not."
They all ran into the house, giggling with excitement for the night to come.
The sun had finally gone down and the crickets were coming out to sing. The
front door closed shut, cutting off the girls laughing. A black car parked across
the street suddenly came to life. The headlights glowed and the engine purred
as it slowly rolled by Katherine's house. The driver's window rolled down and
voice whispered, "Have fun girls." With an evil cackle, the driver sped off.
"I think we should open it," Daphne suggested. "It could be something
"Yeah, and it could be a something bad," Bethany contradicted.
Katherine and Ashley each agreed.
"My sister once knew this guy who had a friend whose girlfriend's uncle
was delivered a mail bomb," Ashley explained, "so I think we should wait until
Katherine's parents get home."
Daphne still disagreed, "What are they gonna be able to do about it that
we can't. Do you want your parents to be blown up by a mail bomb, Katherine?"
Katherine shook her head. "That's what I thought. So wouldn't you want to risk
you life for their safety?" Daphne was making sense. Maybe they should open
the package.
Katherine was giving in. She looked at Ashley and Bethany, "What do you
guys think?"
Bethany spoke for both of them, "If you guys want to open it, go ahead.
Me and Ashley will be in the living, taking cover." With that point made, she
walked out, grabbed Ashley's arm. Ashley shrugged her shoulders at Katherine
and Daphne as she was led out.
Daphne seemed satisfied with that, "Okay, so…go ahead." She held her
hands out at the package.
Katherine looked at her like she was crazy, "Me? You're the one that
wants to open it! You open it!"
"No, no, no… This is your house. I don't want to be liable if it blows up-"
"Look," Katherine explained, "We'll open it together." They each gave a
hesitant look, but raised their hands to the package. "On the count of three…
One…" They looked nervous, but excited at the same time. "Two…" Their
nervousness turned to fear, as excitement turned to anxiety. "THREE!" They
each ripped at the brown wrapping at hard as they could to produce a black
leather material. They pulled at the paper until it was hanging over the table and
a large briefcase lay on top of it.
Daphne was confused, "What the hell?" Katherine was just as confused.
"Did your dad order a briefcase or something?"
"He just got one from my mom's parents for Christmas two years ago. He
wouldn't need another one." Katherine called Bethany and Ashley into the
kitchen. They walked in and reacted the same way Katherine and Daphne did.
"Ok…" Daphne said, "So who's gonna open that?!"
Katherine suggested that Ashley and Bethany open it. "Each of you push
one of the buttons on each side. I'll lift the top open." They seemed satisfied
with that, getting just as curious as the other two. With a snap, the briefcase
opened and with a gasp, the lid was lifted. The girls sat in awe as an assortment
of compartments raised up in the shape of staircase. Their were words printed
on each compartment, such as: Bimbo pill, Slut pill, Regression pill, Dominant
pill, Slave pill, and so on…
"Ok…"Daphne said, "So…what the fuck is this?"
Katherine seemed a little grossed out about it, "It must be some sex thing
my parents ordered. That stuff comes unmarked doesn't it?"
"I've never seen anything like his," Ashley declared, not taking her eyes off
the pills. "Maybe it's some sort of medical thing?"
Daphne laughed, "Yeah…I think I read about Slut pills in Medical
The girls giggled and started play fighting. "Just leave it here," Katherine
said, trying to get Daphne off her, "My parents might get pissed if I mess with it."
She reached up and pulled the lid shut. The girls all went into the living room
and put in a movie.
"That movie sucked!" Katherine yelled when the screen went blank.
"I like the message it's trying to put out," Ashley said, looking at the other
girls. "And that twist at the end was great!"
"The guys in it were hot," Daphne said with a smirk, "Brad Pitt's a dream!"
"I liked the fights and stuff!" Bethany put her two cents in, but basically felt
the same way as Katherine. "But next time, I think we shouldn't leave Katherine
in charge of the movie's," she said with a wink.
Katherine laughed and threw a pillow at her, "Shut up! The guy at the
store said it was good!"
Daphne laughed and joined the conversation, "He was probably just trying
to get into your pants!"
They all fell into a fit of giggles and collapsed on the floor in a pillow fight.
After a minute they were all sweaty and coming down from their excitement.
Daphne was out of breath, "Hey…(puff, puff)…what are we gonna do now?"
Bethany answered, "I dunno. What other movies did you get?"
"I don't wanna watch another movie right now," Katherine whined, "Let's
do something fun!"
They all agreed at this, but couldn't decide what would qualify as fun.
Daphne sat up suddenly, "Hey…" She looked at the other girls and smiled an
evil smile.
"What?" they all asked in unison.
"We can find out what those pills do."
Ashley seemed a little skeptical, "How are we gonna do that?"
Daphne sighed, "How do you think, moron?"
"Wait! You don't mean…" she looked at the other girls for support, "…take
Katherine sternly said, "No. We're not doing that."
"I think we should, "Bethany said, "It could be interesting."
Daphne smiled at her support, "See? Bethany thinks we should too. Let's
Katherine and Ashley stayed put while Daphne and Bethany ran to get the
briefcase from the kitchen. Ashley looked at Katherine and shook her head, "I
don't have a good feeling about this." Daphne came crashing back down with
the briefcase in her hand and Bethany followed.
"Okay girls…Let's see what these things are all about!" Daphne was very
excited about this. She knew that this would not be just another boring sleep
over. "Who's going first?"
"I'll go!" Bethany volunteered. "Which one should I take?"
"Hmmmm…good question…" Daphne pondered this. She scanned over
the names of the pills and found one called Regression Pill. It was oval-shaped,
with a hard capsule around it. "Here take this one."
"What does it do?"
She was getting frustrated with all this hesitation, "I don't know. That's
why you have to take it."
"Why don't you take it?"
"Wha-!? But you volunteered!"
Bethany looked a little worried, "Well maybe I changed my mind. You take
"I swear… You guys will never have any fun if you don't take some
chances every now and then."
Katherine was getting tired of this, "Well, why don't you be a good role
model for us and take the damn thing!"
Daphne was a little surprised at the anger in her voice, "Calm down
Katherine sighed, "Sorry, but you're getting a little bossy."
"Ok, I'm sorry. Look…" she held up the pill, "I'll take the pill first." With
that said, the girls nodded and watched as Daphne popped the Regression Pill in
her mouth and swallowed. They all watched with eagerness and Daphne looked
around at them, "So…do I look any different?" They all shook their head. "At
all?" Again, they shook their head. "I don't feel any different."
"Maybe you didn't take enough," Ashley suggested, suddenly becoming
interested in their little game. "Some pills make you take two at a time. Take
another one."
Daphne seemed to agree with this. She reached back into the Regression
Pill compartment and swallowed it. She waited a minute and looked up at her
friends, as if asking the same question again. They all shook their heads.
"Nothing? Geez, I don't feel different." She lightly punched the ground, "Damn,
this was gonna be interesting."
"Well, maybe it's just you?" Bethany suggested. "I think we should each
take one."
Katherine seemed a little angry about that plan, "Who died and made you
"What's wrong? Are you scared?" Bethany taunted.
Katherine long and hard for a good reply, but could only come up with,
"Good," she turned to Ashley, "How bout you? You game?" Ashley
nodded slowly. "Great! Now, we'll each close our eyes and reach for a random
pill." The three girls did as they were told and reached into the briefcase and felt
around for a compartment. They lifted the lids and picked out a pill while Daphne
watched, still looking a little disappointed.
They popped the pills in their mouths and swallowed. They each opened
their eyes and looked at each other. "Which pill did you get?" Katherine asked
She thought about this for a minute, as if she forgot, but suddenly she
remembered, "We're such retards." They all looked at her with dumbfounded
faces. "We didn't look to see what pills we each took."
The four girls all yelled with frustration. "Maybe we should all take another
one," Bethany suggested.
"No," Katherine answered, "This is stupid. It's obviously not working.
They're just gag pills or something. Let's just put them away-"
"Hey, what's this?" Ashley asked, pulling a piece of paper out of a hidden
pocket under the lid of the briefcase. The four girls looked at it with curiosity.
Ashley read the paper aloud, "Mental Pills: Guaranteed to change the people in
your life to your liking."
Bethany looked a little worried, "What the hell does that mean?"
Ashley didn't answer, instead, she silently read the rest of the paper.
Suddenly, her eyes were full of horror. "Oh shit!" The other three were surprised
to hear this. Neither one of them could ever recall a time when Ashley shouted,
let alone a cuss word.
"What?" Bethany asked.
"What is it?" Katherine asked, worried. Daphne just looked on with
Ashley explained, "It says here that it takes fifteen minutes for the pills to
take place. The hard shell around it has to dissolve first."
The girls were silent. They couldn't believe they were so careless to take
that many pills without finding out what they did. Katherine was scared, "So
what's going to happen to us?"
Ashley seemed to know, "We're going to change."
"But I don't wanna change!" she began to tear up.
"Well, in fifteen minutes, you won't care. None of us will."
Bethany didn't seem to buy it, "This is stupid! There's no such thing as a
pill that can alter people's minds. I don't think anything's going to happen."
Ashley kept her calm and answered her, "Well, Daphne will be the first to
Daphne looked up at Ashley, "What do you mean?"
"You were the first to take a pill. So, if you…regress…then we'll all know
what to expect."
Katherine spoke up, "No we won't! We don't even know what pill we
Ashley thought about this and agreed, "Well, it'll just be a surprise then."
Daphne was starting to show the first of her fear, which she usually kept
hidden, "What does regress mean?"
Ashley was about to answer when Bethany interrupted, "It means you're
gonna get younger. Well…mentally."
Ashley answered this time, "Yeah, you'll probably feel like a little kid and
forget all about the pills."
Katherine stood up, "This is ridiculous! I'm not gonna sit around and wait
to have my mind fucked up! We have to do something!"
Bethany stood up too, "What exactly do you propose we do?!"
She didn't know how to answer, "I don't know…just…something."
But there was nothing they could do. They waited around for fifteen
minutes, barely saying anything. The house was very quiet, except for the
occasional creak or the fridge turning on. Finally, Daphne spoke up, "Ok…it's
been fifteen minutes. Nothing's happening."
"Maybe it really was nothing," Katherine said with hope in her voice.
"Wait-" Daphne's eyes grew wide. "I…feel…kinda funny."
The girls all looked at her. Bethany was concerned about her friend, "Are
you okay? Is something happening?"
"I…" she was shaking, "…feel…" the girls all gasped at the sound of her
voice, it had risen higher, as if her voice hadn't changed yet, "…like…" her eyes
suddenly lost all fear and gained a look of innocence as she finished the
sentence, " watching cartoons!"
The other three girls couldn't believe their eyes. The big-mouthed Daphne
had suddenly changed into a little girl. "Daph?" Bethany asked, seeing if her
friend was still there.
Daphne smiled at her, "Yeah?"
"Is that you?"
"Ummmm…yeah, is that you?" she thought they were playing some kind
of big girl game.
"How old are you, honey?" Ashley asked, taking hold of the situation.
Daphne looked at her hands and slowly counted each finger until she
reached five and held up her hands. "I'm dis many!"
"Oh shit…" Daphne slapped her hand over her mouth and looked at the
other girls in disbelief that they could sit there when Bethany had just said the S-
word! Bethany realized what was happening and corrected herself, "I mean
Daphne laughed, "Can you guysth put toons on? I wanna watchth
Nickelodeon!" She had developed a cute little lisp to match her high pitched
voice. Ashley knew she had to play along, so she stood up and grabbed the
remote. She turned the tv to the desired channel and looked at Daphne, "There
ya go, hon." Daphne plopped herself down right in front of the screen and stared
at the dancing cartoons, occasionally giggling.
Ashley sat back down with the other girls, "Well, I guess we know now."
Katherine began to cry, "I'm scared. I don't even know what I took."
"None of us do," Bethany replied, "but we're gonna be okay right?" she
asked Ashley.
Ashley picked the paper up again and looked through it, "Actually, yeah
we are. It says here that the pill's effect is only for a few hours."
Katherine seemed happy about this, "Oh, well that's, like, totally cool
then!" She stopped and looked at her other friends, "Why did I just say that?"
Bethany seemed excited, "Ooooo…you must've taken that Bimbo pill! I
can't wait to see you act like a bimbo!"
"What's a bimbo do?" Katherine asked, looking terrified.
Ashley answered her, "Well, you're gonna get dumbed down a lot, for one.
Plus you'll probably be obsessed with your appearance, like make-up and hair
and such. Not to mention constant horniness."
"But I don't wanna be a bimbo…" Katherine pouted. Her bottom lip poked
out as she began twirling her hair.
Bethany looked at Ashley, "This thing seemed to catching on now. It's
only a matter of time before we start acting str-" She suddenly stopped and
looked strangely at Ashley, "Ummm…strange…God! I feel REALLY horny right
now! We have GOT to get some cock in this house!" She flinched at her words.
"Oh fuck! What am I saying?"
"You must've taken the Slut pill," Ashley replied.
Katherine found this funny, "Like, you're gonna be a slut girl!" She giggled
to herself, "God…I can't think straight…guys help me…hee hee!" Her mind
fogged over as complex thinking became impossible for her.
Daphne turned around from her cartoons, "Bethany…whaths a slut…?"
She seemed a little unsure about asking this, since these girls seemed to be bad
talkers and slut might be a bad word. Since no one answered her, she turned
back to her cartoons.
Katherine reached deep into her mind to pulled out her last intelligent
thought, "Guys, this could be bad…I mean, like, totally! Hee hee hee!" Then
Katherine was gone completely, replaced by Kathi the bimbo.
Bethany's last conservative and lady-like sentence was, "Ok…I have to
keep my mind straight…I'm the prom queen, beauty queen, I know what's right
and wrong and big juicy cocks are wrong…wait…aren't they? No, they're right!
And not getting cocks is wrong! See! I'm still perfectly fine!"
"Hee hee, you said cocks! That, like, sounds nice to Kathi!"
Only Ashley remained with her normal mind, but she could feel it slowly
slipping away. "This is crazy…what's going to happen to me? These girls can't
help me anymore… They're worthless! They're not even worthy to be in the
same room as me!" She stood up as the Dominant pill took over her mind, "Get
on the floor and kiss my feet you worthless bitches!"
"Hee hee, like, Ashley sounds maaaaaad…" Katherine didn't really
understand what was going on.
Bethany seemed turned on by it though, "Ooooo…how kinky of you
Ashley…" She crawled over to her on her hands and knees and planted a kiss on
Ashley's foot, then she licked them. "How was that?"
"Not good enough! And call me Mistress Ashley, unless you want a
"Ooooo…is that a promise, Mistress Ashley?" She said giggling.
"Don't disrespect me. You guys are nothing!" She sat on the couch and
looked over her slaves. She knew they knew who was in charge.
Bethany sat back up, "This party would kick ass if there were some hot
guys here. We could have an orgy or something!"
Katherine seemed a little confused about that, "Ummmm…like, what's an
Bethany laughed at her dumb friend, "It's a party where bimbos like you
get passed around from cock to cock until your holes are sore as shit."
This excited Katherine, "Oooooo…Like, Kathi's gonna go get ready for the
boys!" With that said, she skipped upstairs.
Daphne turned around and looked at the two big girls sitting behind her,
"Thith showth sthupid. Can you changth ith?"
Ashley was fed up, "You can't order me around! Time for your
punishment young lady!"
Daphne looked a little scared, "I didn'th mean ith…" But Ashley didn't
care. She stomped over to Daphne and grabbed her arm. She led her back to
the couch and yanked her skirt down, exposing her white panties. Ashley
grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled it down as well, exposing Daphne's
white bottom. "Now lay across my lap!" Daphne, nibbling on her fingernail, did
as she was told. After she laid down, Ashley began spanking her repeatedly.
Bethany was getting turned on by the event taking place in front of her and
reached down her pants and began diddling her clit. She bit her lip and watched
her best friend spank her other friend. "This is sooooo hot."
Ashley paused and looked up at Bethany, "You like this huh?" Bethany
nodded closing her eyes, feeling an orgasm coming on. "Well, let's see what you
think about this…Daphne?"
Daphne looked up with hurt filled eyes on the verge of tears. "Yeth mam?"
"Let's get you dressed up like a proper young lady." They all went upstairs
and found Katherine in her room, her head covered up with a skimpy shirt. She
was trying to find the neck hole.
She heard them come in and asked for help, "Like, Kathi don't know what
to do…" She pouted again and waited for someone with some brains to get her
out of this T-shirt. Ashley pulled the shirt down as Kathi's head popped up. She
giggled at how stupid she felt. The girls were a little surprised at her appearance.
She had been applying make-up while they were all downstairs, and she had
painted her face up like a whore! Heavy blue eye shadow hung over her eyelids
and bright red lipstick accented her lips, "Like, how does Kathi look?"
"Like a dumb whore," Ashley said bluntly, "Now find little Daphne here
some nice little girl clothes. How about that costume you wore to the Halloween
party last year?" Katherine had gone as a Catholic School girl after Daphne
dared her to. Katherine fumbled through her closet and produced the outfit. It
was a short plaid dress, complete with shiny black, buckle-up shoes and knee-
high socks.
"Ta-da!" Kathi was proud of herself for finding it all by herself. She handed
the outfit over to Ashley, who pulled it off it's hanger and ordered Daphne to sit
on the bed.
"Now, let's get you looking like a nice young lady," Ashley said with a
smile, "Disrobe!" Daphne didn't seem to know what she meant. "Take off your
clothes!" Daphne did as she was told and was soon standing in the room in her
bra and panties. "Little girls don't wear bras! Take it off." Daphne took the bra
off, wondering why she had been wearing it in the first place.
Her large tits fell out, arousing Bethany, "Oooo…nice tits honey. I had no
"Silence!" Ashley yelled. She turned back to Daphne, "Now, put this on!"
Daphne looked a little hurt by her strictness.
Bethany stepped up, "You have to help her, Mistress Ashley. Here, I'll do
it." She took the dress from Ashley and smiled at Daphne, "Stick your arms in
the air, sweetheart." Daphne giggled and stuck them up. "Oh! You're so cute! I
love it!" She slipped the dress over her head and pulled it down over her tits.
When it was on, she straightened it up so that it was perfect. It fit her
wonderfully. Next, she helped put Daphne's socks and shoes on. When they
were done, Daphne looked like she was ready to go to grade school. Bethany
stood back and admired the cute kid in front of her, "Adorable!" She looked a
little harder, "Something's missing though." Suddenly, she had it. Reaching
behind her, she picked up two ribbons from Katherine's dresser and tied
Daphne's hair into pigtails. "Perfect!"
Daphne looked a little tired of dressing up, "Can I go pway now…"
"Sure honey. Kathi?" Katherine was standing in front of her mirror,
spraying herself down with hair spray. She looked up with a blank stare at the
sound of her name. "Do you have any toys in the house? Like, Barbie's?"
She had to think about this for a minute, "Ummm…like, Kathi has some
Barbie's in her closet. From when she was a little girl!" She giggled and went
back to her hair.
Bethany dug through the closet and found what she was talking about.
There was a big box in the back with tape over it. She pulled the tape off and
found a whole collection of Barbie's and accessories. She lifted the box out of
the closet and dropped it in front of Daphne.
Daphne felt like it was Christmas, "Oh goodie! Bahbies!"
"Have fun, cutie," Bethany said cheerfully. Daphne grabbed a couple of
dolls and skipped back down the stairs. Bethany sat on the bed, looking a little
"What's wrong," Ashley asked.
"I just wish I could suck on a cock right now," she answered.
Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Kathi looked up from her mirror and looked
back at the other two. "Like, what was that noise?"
"Your doorbell, stupid," Ashley said.
Katherine giggled and turned back around. She was sure to make sure
her hair was teased up perfectly. She checked her make-up one last time. Since
it was trashy enough for her, she turned towards the girls, finished. "Like, is it the
boys that are gonna fuck Kathi?"
Ashley slapped her head, "There weren't really boys coming over, you
dumb bitch!" Katherine giggled again and stumbled down the hallway and down
the stairs. Ashley and Bethany followed.
They found Daphne sitting in the middle of the floor with her Barbie's. She
looked up at the girls and pointed at the door, "Someonth at the door."
"I know sweetie," Bethany said, "You just keep playing."
Ashley walked toward the door and opened it. Behind it, they found a man
standing on the porch.
Behind him, on the street, a black car was parked.
"Hello girls. How's your sleepover going?" None of them answered.
"Katherine, I'm a friend of your father's. He said I should come by and check on
you guys. Mind if I come in?"
Bethany stepped forward and grabbed the man by his collar, "Get in here,
baby…" She pulled the man inside and slammed the door behind them. Once
again, the street was silent.

End Part 1


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