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Mental Pills Refill 2

Mental Pills: Refill
By MrGrey

Part 2

"So, looks like you girls were a little curious earlier," the man
suggested, smirking. "Just as I hoped for."

Brittany was busy staring at his crotch to care about what he said.
Katherine was repeating the word 'curious' to herself, wondering what
it meant. Daphne had lost interest in the cartoons and was looking at
the big man that had come into the house. He seemed like a nice guy.

Ashley stepped forward, "What do you mean?" She knew this guy was
nothing to worry about. She'd have him kissing her feet before the
night was over.

"The pills..." He looked around the room at a group of dumbfounded
faces, especially Katherine's, or Kathi as she liked to be called now.
"Wow, those things really do fuck your head up." He looked around the
room. Looking disappointed, he glanced into the kitchen. His face lit up
when he saw the briefcase lying on the table. The girls watched as he
walked over and picked it up. Bringing it into the living room, he
placed in on the floor. The four girls circled around it, seeing it like it
was the first time.

"You know, I like older men. How old are you Mr...?" Bethany asked,
waiting for him to finish the sentence.

"Black. And I'm thirty-five. I'm guessing you took the Slut pill huh?"

"You got the slut part right," Bethany said smiling, "But, what pill are
you talking about." Mr. Black reached into the briefcase and pulled out
a pill from the compartment labeled, "Trailer Trash".

"Why don't you take this and you'll see what I'm talking about," he
stood smiling as the slutty girl did as she was told. She seductively slid
the pill into her mouth, sucking her finger as she did so, and never
taking her eyes off of Mr. Black.

"How was that, baby?" she said shifting closer to him and running her
fingers up his side. "Can I get into those pants of yours now?" Mr.
Black reached into his blazer and pulled out a small spray bottle. He
gave Bethany a quick spray and stood back to watch. Her eyes
fluttered and she suddenly looked scared. "Hey! What's happening?
What have I been doing?!"

"Welcome back Bethany."

She looked around at her friends, looking for an answer. Ashley had
gone to help Katherine work the tv remote, since Daphne was
informing them that Powerpuff girls was on. Everything had come
flooding back to her. She remembered the pills. She remembered
trying desperately to hold on to her normal personality. She
remembered thinking that she was the prom queen and she knew
what right and wrong was, but after that...nothing. That was the last
thing she remembered since suddenly seeing a strange man standing
in front of her. "Who the hell are you!? And what happened to me?"

"I'm Mr. Black. And you had taken one of my Slut pills. You've been
very entertaining since then," he smiled at her but just received a look
of hate back.

"You gave Katherine those pills?" She was furious. This guy was going
to jail.

"Yep, that was me. I knew you guys would be over here since
Katherine- er, well, Kathi's, dad and his wife had gone out of town. He
asked me to keep an eye on you girls, but I just couldn't help having a
little fun with you first!" Mr. Black laughed to himself, waiting for
Bethany to lash back at him. And, of course, he got it.

"You asshole! What the fuck have you done to us! I'm calling the
fucking police!!" She started walking toward the phone.

"I'm not sure you want to do that, Bethany!" She stopped and turned
toward him, waiting for his reason for this. "That is, unless, you want
the whole town to see what a piece of trailer trash the school beauty
queen is."

Her face turned to a look of horror, "What are you t-talking about?"

"Well, you didn't have a problem taking another pill before I brought
you back. This little spray can speed up the pill's effect if I don't feel
like waiting for it to wear off. I just love to see you guys go though
your changes!"

Bethany was on the verge of tears, "You have some serious

Mr. Black was amused by her insult, "Actually, you and your friends
have some serious problems. Imagine being trapped in a house with a
man that can do with your head whatever he wishes!"

"You can't get us to take those pills the whole night. I'm not taking
anymore after this..." she grimaced as she said the word, "...trailer
trash pill wears off."

"Well, the trick is to get you to take it while you on another pill. Don't
forget, you forgot all about my little pills when you turned into the
school slut! Maybe I'll give you another slut pill in a bit, you were
much more fun then."

"Fuck you!! I hate you, you damned fuh-cker," she flinched at her
words. A thick southern accent had taken over. "Wut duh hey-ell!
Why's muh voice aw fuh-neh?"

Mr. Black was having a hard time understanding her, "Well, the fifteen
minutes only applies to the first pill. After that, you body adjusts to the
pills effects and you adjust much much quicker. So say 'bye-bye'
Bethany, looks like you're just some white trash bitch now."

"Ah ain't no white tray-ashe. Ah'm Beh-thany! Ah'm the prom quehn
and...and...ain't wraslin' on?" Bethany's look of fear faded away and
her attention was shifted to the TV. "You kee-eds git! Ah'm wawchin
sumthin'!" She walked to the couch and flopped down on her ass. She
planted one foot on the coffee table and kept the other on the floor,
giving anyone that wanted to a chance to see up her dress. Her lady-
like mannered had succumbed to this trashy attitude she had taken
on. "Sumone git me a beer! And sum uh dem tater chips!"

Mr. Black was very pleased with her reactions to the pill. He picked out
a Slut pill from the briefcase, deciding Bethany still needed a little 'slut'
in her. He found a bottle of beer in the fridge and, splitting open the
pill, he emptied the capsules contents in the alcohol. Picking it up, he
swished it around, making sure it was mixed up good, and walked
back into the living room, grabbing a bag of chips on his way. "Here
you go, Bethany."

"Mmm..." she took the beer and took a swig. "Dat's sum good shit.
Oh, and call meh Bee. Ah hate dat uther name."

"Sure Bee." He left her on the couch and turned to the other three
girls, who were sitting together on the other couch. "Hi, girls. How are

"Like, Kathi's cool!"

"Fine, mister..."

"What's it to you, you worthless boy!"

He was a little overcome by these new personalities. He had been
spying on them all week and had come to learn how they normally
are. Katherine's impressive IQ, Daphne's big mouth, and Ashley's
meek, quiet behavior, were all gone and replaced by the pills they had
decided to take. Deciding that he liked Katherine and Daphne's new
personalities, he figured he'd just boost the effects a bit, and of course
bring them back so he could watch them squirm! He fed Katherine,
who was to stupid to refuse, two bimbo pills. He gave Daphne, who
obediently did as she was told, three more Regression pills. Just like
Bethany, or Bee, he sprayed them and watched as their expressions

"Like, huh? What happened? Is it over?" Katherine looked at the man,

"Who are you?"

"I'm Mr. Black, you're new friend!"

Daphne was confused, "Did I...regress or whatever?"

"You sure did."

"Did you save us? Did you stop it?"


They both breathed a sigh of relief. Daphne was very pleased, "Thank
god. I thought we were in trouble there for a minute. How did you stop

"Well, I used this," he held up his spray.

"Oh good thing you had that. Katherine, let's throw those damn things
away. Come on."

She started to stand up, but Katherine pulled her back down. She
looked a little concerned. "What is that stuff?"

"It's a spray to wear off the pills effects," he said matter-of-factly.

"How did you get it?"

"I made it."

Daphne laughed and patted his shoulder, "Good thinking pal!"

Katherine was getting angry at her, "Shut up Daphne! How do you
know about the pills?"

"Well, I made those too," he said with a smile.

Daphne's smile disappeared, "Oh...shit."

Katherine turned to Ashley, who was sitting next to her, "Ashley?"

"Don't call me Ashley, worthless bitch! Now get on the floor where you
belong!" The two girls couldn't believe what they heard.

They looked up across the room to see Bethany with her hand down
her skirt and yelling at the TV, "Oh yeah, hun, make mama's pussy
wet! Git those big muscles sweaty! Git em! Git em!" She took another
chug at her bottle and burped loudly. She grunted to herself and went
back to her 'wraslin'/porn.

Katherine looked at Daphne, "We're not saved."

Daphne agreed, "I don't think so." They looked at Mr. Black. "What are
you gonna do to us? Please don't hurt us!"

Mr. Black laughed at her, "I don't want to hurt you. I just want have
some fun with you!" They both began to get even more scared. "Your
normal personalities are you temporary I'm afraid. You're both going
back to being a dumb little bimbo and an innocent helpless little girl,
but your new personalities will be a little more augmented this time
around," he said with a grin. Katherine and Daphne looked at each
other, losing all hope. They looked back at Mr. Black, wondering how
they would escape him. "So this should be interesting, right Katherine?

Daphne looked over at her friend to find her staring into space.
"Katherine? Katherine!"

Katherine snapped back to earth and looked at her friend, "Uh...like,
sorry. Oh no! It's, like, getting hard to think again!" She was getting
scared. Clutching Daphne's hand, she pleaded for help, "Like, help
Kathi! Kathi feels dumb! Can't think! Feel...stupid...hee hee...dumb
girl...stupid me..." Then, just like that, she was gone.

"Katherine?!" Daphne shook her friend, but this just made her giggle.
She looked at Mr. Black with rage, "You fucking asshole! Stop doing
this! Sthwop ith now!" She gasped at her returning lisp. "Oh no! I'm
gettin' littler again!" She jumped up and ran for the door, "Somebody
help me! I canth think right!" Her legs suddenly stopped working right
and she fell to her knees. She had regressed further back than before.
Now she had to crawl down the hallway toward the door. "Helpth
me!...ehhhh...feel funny...canth walk no more..." Her crawling slowed
down just she reached the door. She reached up toward the door
knob. "Door knob...do' knob...d'nob...ehhhh...gaaaaaaa..." A line of
drool escaped her mouth and then, like the others, she was gone.
Speech and motor skills lost as she regressed to baby years.

Mr. Black walked over to her.

She was lying on her back, staring up at the lights and making
unintelligent words, "Goooo...ahhhhhhh...eeeeee..."

"Hey there big girl," he said, smiling. This made her smile back. "What
are you doing alllllll the way down the hall like this?" he said in a sing-
songy voice, making Daphne coo and giggle while pointing at him.
"Why don't you come with me," he said, picking her up and carrying
her back to the living room. He laid her next to Bethany, who had
switched to Jerry Springer. She was covered in potato chip crumbs and
would occasionally wipe her hands off down leg of her pants. "Why
don't you watch her?"

"Sure thang, baby, if ah can suck dat sweet cock of yours," she said
with a wink.

"I don't see why not," that being said, the fun finally began for the
night. He dropped his pants and brought his dick up to Bethany's
watering mouth. With a beer in one hand, and the other down her
pants, she bobbed her head enthusiastically on his cock, smiling the
whole time. He felt himself about to cum, "I gonna cum in a second."

She pulled her head back for a minute, "Want me tah swaller?"

"Of course."

"Sounds great," she took a quick swallow of beer, belched, and went
back to her disgraceful blowjob. After a minute, he grunted and shot
his load down her throat. As promised, she swallowed every drop. "Dat
was tasty, sweet thang. We gonna do it again lata?"

"Definitely." She nodded and finished off her beer. "Why don't you give
her something to play with, to keep her busy," he suggested, pointing
at Daphne.

She looked at the bottle in her hand and tossed it to Daphne, "Her ya
go, play wit dis." Daphne grabbed it and immediately put the bottle's
neck in her mouth and started sucking. "Now git me anotha beer." Mr.
Black was glad to get it for her. He handed her the bottle and watched
as she clamped her teeth down on the bottle cap and yanked it off.
She spit the cap to the floor and started chugging away, belching
again when she finished. Her hand disappearing back under her dress
as flipped through the channels.

He walked back over to Kathi and Ashley, who were still on the couch.
"How are you doing Kathi?"

"Kathi dumb!" she said happily, twirling her hair.

"That's nice. Why don't you take you clothes off." She looked at him,
smiling, but not responding. "Take off your clothes, "he said a little
clearer. Getting the same response, he unbuttoned her shirt, as she
watched, giggling, and pulled it off. He unbuttoned her pants and
pulled them off, leaving her in her bra and panties, "Do you
understand now?"

"Hee hee, like...cloooothes," she sat back and ran her hands over her

"Take your bra off now," he said pointing to it.

She noticed this and pointed to it as well, "Braaa?"

He agreed, "Bra."

She seemed fascinated by this, "Braaaaaa..." She tugged at the cups,
noticing her nipples underneath, "Ooooooo..."

Mr. Black was getting a little impatient so he just turned her around
and undid it himself. Doing that, he went ahead and pulled her panties
off too, leaving her naked on the couch. "Feel better?"

"Feel dumb."


"Kathi dumb!"

"That's right, you're dumb."

"Hee hee, totally!"

Now Ashley. This could be tricky. He'd like to get her a little sluttier.
But, she wouldn't take any orders from him. He suddenly had an idea.


"Mistress Ashley, slave!"

"Of course, Mistress Ashley. Just don't take any of these okay?" He
reached into the briefcase and pulled out a handful of Slut pills.

"What?! You can't tell me what to do! I'll do whatever I want! Give me
those now!" He handed them to her. "See?" She jammed them all in
her mouth and chewed them up. "There! Now you'll learn you can't
boss around Mistress Ashley!" Mr. Black produced his spray bottle
again and bought her back.

She looked around, a little worried, "What happened?"

"I turned...well, you actually...turned yourself into some dominatrix


"Yes, you were getting pretty mean there for a while."

"What did you do?"

"I turned you back. But once again, you've taken some more pills.
You're gonna be a HUGE slut in just a minute. I can't wait to see it!"

"The pills...oh no. Katherine?" Kathi looked at Ashley with a vacant
look in her eyes. "Katherine? Oh god..." Her friend was sitting naked
on the couch.

"Kathi dum-dum...Need boys...cock..."

"Why are you doing this?" she asked looking back at Mr. Black.

"No reason. I just love it!"

"That's terrible..."

"You won't think so in minute. Any last words?"

She started to feel a little weird. She could something shifting in her
head as she tried to think of something to say. "I'm not a slut..." she
said quietly.

"What was that?"

"I said...I'm not...I'm...I'm fuckin' horny!" she stood up and yanked
her shirt over her head. "Grab hold of these titties baby. Time to fuck!"
She ripped her bra off and undid her pants, pulling her panties down
with them.

She pushed the stranger on the couch and jumped on top of him. She
held the back of his head and lower her chest down to him. "Go on.
Suck on 'em." He took a nipple in his mouth as Ashley started
moaning. "Kathi, honey? Why don't you join us?"

"Like, cool!" Kathi sat up and put her tits next to Ashley's and they
each started shaking them around for Mr. Black. "Kathi loves fucking

"Me too baby! I love chicks too though. Slap my face with those
titties." Kathi brought her tits to Ashley's face and shook them around
some more. Ashley was clearly getting turned on as her pussy dripped
down her leg. She stuck her finger in her mouth, getting it nice and
wet, then reached around and jammed it up her ass. Using her other
hand, she unzipped Mr. Black's pants and pulled out his hard cock.
Wrapping her hand around it, she began jerking him off. "Ready to
slide that dick in?"

"You bet."

She pulled her finger out of her ass and straddled him on the couch
and guided his cock into her wet cunt. Ashley moaned louder as he
began bucking his hips, bouncing her in his lap. "Oh yeah! Fuck this
bitch! God your cock's huge!"

"You like big cock's huh?"

"I love any cock baby! But the bigger the better," Ashley said as she
held on to Kathi's tits, who sat there twirling her hair. Bethany looked
on from across the room and began fucking herself with her now
empty beer bottle. "Oooo÷ my ass baby...stick it in my ass..."

Mr. Black pulled himself out of her pussy and rammed his cock in her
ass, as she requested. "How's that?"

"Oooooo...so good...ugh...I'm gonna cum...I'm such a whore..." Her
hips began to shake faster as she came. Mr. Black pulled her hair back
as he started to cum up her ass. When he was done, he tossed her to
the floor, cum dripping out of her ass and a sweaty mess.

As Ashley lay panting on the ground, Mr. Black stood up and opened
his blazer. He pulled out a small object looking a little like a cherry
bomb. "Thanks for the fuck, you whore. Now it's time for you to begin
your new life." He pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit the fuse.
"This is a smoke bomb. But the smoke is very special ladies..." He
smiled as he said this. "It's going to make your new personalities
permanent. And best of all, it's going to make you look the way you
feel. It can make mental and physical changes." The fuse got smaller
and smaller as he tossed it to the floor. The girls didn't seem too
worried about the smoke bomb. "Ready girls? Here it comes..."

The fuse reached it's end and a bright flash erupted as smoke began
to pour out of the top. The room was soon filled with smoke as Mr.
Black sat back and watched the show...

One Year Later

Bethany was satisfied with her trailer now. The former high school
queen had been set up in a nice double-wide by Mr. Black. She lived
just down the road from him, but he insisted that she stay in the
trailer. After all, she was trailer trash. She was wearing her favorite
tank-top tonight, even though it had a few holes in it. The men at the
Honky-Tonk Bar didn't seem to care though, she expected to pick up
someone tonight!

Daphne was sitting in her high-chair. The former bad ass teen was
finally getting past her babble stage. Yesterday, she called Bethany
"Mama" and she just about hit the ceiling! She had hired a baby-sitter
to watch her as she went out. She walked out the door and started
walking toward the bar. She couldn't afford a car just yet, but she just
got a job at the Waffle House yesterday, so she was ready to start
saving. She pulled a cigarette out of her pocket and lit a match off her

As she puffed away, she passed by Ashley. She was on her way to Mr.
Black's mansion. The former shy student was wearing her normal
hooker outfit in case she bumped into anyone on the way there that
wanted to spend some money. Her huge tits bounced in her tight
leather top. She reached the front door and knocked. The knob twisted
back and forth for a second then stopped. "You have to PULL Kathi!"
Finally, the door opened.

There stood Kathi in her French maid outfit. The former intellectual
had to be taken care of by Mr. Black, so he decided to keep her as a
live-in maid. She had a hard time with most chores, but was always
good was a roll in the sack. Her blonde hair was puffed out to the max
and her make-up was almost painted on.

"Like, hi Bethany! Mr. Black is, like, upstairs!" she said chirpily.
Bethany walked past her and went upstairs. She found Mr. Black
naked on his bed, waiting for her.

"Ready for your nightly blowjob, sir?"

"Of course..."

She got on her knees and took him in her mouth. Mr. Black smiled to
himself. None of the girls remembered being friends. They just knew
each other as his girls. His life was turning out great since his
invention of the Mental Pills. He was getting orders from all over the
world. He had recent gotten a letter from a young boy named Tommy
and his father, thanking him for his work.

He sat back and enjoyed his blowjob, thinking how much better the
world is with more bimbosluts!


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