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Archived Sex Stories

Meredith Learns Her Place


Copyright (C) 2001, H. Grant. ALL Rights Reserved

Comments: Warning! This story contains scat related activity.

story Codes: M/F/b/F/incest/male dominance/fisting/anal/ws/scat

story Intro: Enter the world of female subservience as we watch
beautiful Meredith travel down a dark and twisted path of servitude,
obedience, and degradation. Trapped in the hands of her evil husband Jack
and her young son Michael through ignorance and isolation, Meredith soon
learns the true meaning of submissivness. A truly rich tale of misogyny
and shocking female treatment for men who crave dominance and supremacy
over women!

Meredith Learns Her Place

by H. Grant

Once upon a time not so long ago - when men were men and women were
women - there was a stunningly beautiful woman named Meredith married to a
wealthy stock investor named Jack Stoltz. The married couple lived in an
upscale neighborhood in the old fashioned town of Tilton. They had one son
(Michael) who was at the tender age of eight and doing quite well in 3rd
grade. He was highly intelligent like his father and seemed to be coming
along quite nicely in terms of following his father's footsteps as an
astute learner and keen opportunist.

Jack was extremely proud of his son and taught him everything he needed
to know about life from a very early age. Jack came from the traditional
school of thought with regard to women and family logistics. In the Stoltz
family, he was unquestionably the man in charge. He ran the house finances
and paid all the bills - providing a steady aura of stability to both his
son and especially his wife. Meredith had no education beyond high school
and was only modestly intelligent. She was very weak minded and extremely
terrified of the real world. The concept of paying bills and managing on
her own was unthinkable to her and so she did what most women in her era
did - major in home economics and fix her pretty face up at school in order
to attract a handsome and successful man who was smart enough for the both
of them. Meredith was not very good with numbers and at times became
frustrated when she had to focus on too many things at once. Meeting Jack
was the best thing that ever happened to her and she loved him dearly. He
thought for her, paid her bills, picked her clothes, and made the rules of
the house so that she wouldn't have to concentrate that much on anything
important accept cooking and changing dirty diapers.

Meredith was content with her role as Jack's wife. Everything was made
easy for her provided she follow a few simple rules that Jack had
established very early on in their marriage. First, she obey his word
without question or thought. Very early on in their relationship, Jack had
instilled the impression that he was extremely superior to her both
physically and intellectually. After a few arguments that he invariably
won due to his dominant presence, she quickly fell in line. It was very
easy for Jack to iron out any rebellious wrinkles in his relationship to
Meredith. He smacked her hard when she needed it and withdrew his
affection from her when she disobeyed or disappointed him in any way. Over
time, Meredith grew to dislike being emotionally isolated and sought to
please Jack as often as she could. She readied his favorite lazy chair for
him before he got home from a long day of work. She always had his
favorite beer cold and ready for him when he arrived along with his
favorite girlie magazine. A freshly cooked meal was a given and his
favorite channel on tv was set before she even turned it on for him.

Pleasing Jack gave Meredith a sense of pride and pleasure. In fact, her
entire sense of self worth was based on his happiness and his alone. If
Jack was unhappy or disappointed, she always found a way to blame herself a
habit that Jack had instilled in her early on. Every time this happened,
Meredith (like the good wife she was) made it her business to do all the
little "extras" to make it up to him - especially in the bedroom. That
extra dash of red lipstick, silky pantyhose with garter, and eight inch
high heal platform shoes which hinted heavily at her submissive nature,
were definitely the remedy that worked every time. Indeed Meredith put her
husband first in every category - including her son.

Jack Stoltz fed Meredith's submissive nature with new learning
techniques every week. He bought her women's magazines aimed specifically
at being a "good housewife," and books on how to please him sexually.
Unfortunately for Meredith, she wasn't nearly finished learning what Jack
secretly desired - even after nine years of marriage. This did not bother
Jack in the slightest. He had an entire lifetime of marriage to break
Meredith in sexually. Slowly he had begun to isolate Meredith from her
side of the family and cut her off from her friends. He wanted his wife to
devote her heart, mind, and soul to one simple task thinking only of him
and his needs.

Over time, his beautiful blonde wife had taken significant strides in
this direction. She almost never spoke out of line, laughed at his jokes
(even if they weren't funny), and always made it her business to pout and
whimper like a good woman should when she needed guidance and direction.
She also made sure that wherever they went - be it public or private her
body was always easily assessable to Jack. Her legs were never crossed
when she sat down anywhere in fact she kept them spread a little wider than
usual so that Jack could get a clear view of her shameful and inferior sex
area beneath her dress. She was always ready to be groped and fondled when
he felt the need, and had given up rebelling against this after being
slapped around a couple of times. Indeed, Meredith had learned all too
well that obedience, appreciation, and respect were much more rewarding to
her than rebellion, strong opinions, and thinking for herself. Life was
much easier and simpler for her, and she valued this more than anything
else in her ever shrinking world.

Jack looked upon his platinum blonde wife on Sunday morning after
breakfast. He prided himself on how well he had managed to shrink her mind
to only a dim awareness of self worth and ideas. He watched as her small 5
ft. 2 inch 105 pound frame bent over and scrubbed all the dirty dishes
that he and his son had created during their meal. Her custom made
mini-skirt (which she wore only at home) rose up revealing her soft white
ass cheeks and precious little crack that only hinted at the dark smelly
treasure hole that lay between. Up until this point, Jack had pretty much
kept a straight sex life with Meredith, focusing on her attitude and
personality first in order to lay the groundwork for a more darker and
degrading sex life that lay ahead for her. As the saying went: it was best
to build the perfect foundation from the ground up starting with all the
small details.

Now, as Jack watched his wife finish off the last of her cleanup duties,
he decided it was time to exert his control over her in a much darker

"Come over here Meredith dear. I wish to check your crotch for wetness.
Remember, a good wife is always damp and ready to please." he stated

"Of course Jack." Meredith smiled walking over to him - her high heals
clicking on the kitchen floor.

Meredith instinctively spread her legs as wide as she could given the
shoes she was wearing and lay her arms at her sides in submissive fashion.
A thick strong arm thrust itself immediately underneath her flimsy
mini-skirt and several fingers pushed against her soft pink cushion like
buttons. When Meredith was not in public, she almost never wore panties unless Jack had instructed her to. This morning she had none on as she
felt several fingers prod and probe her shameful slippery hole. A large
and thick middle finger mashed itself inside her loose box and wiggled
around - coating it's head with thick slimy juices. When Jack was
satisfied with his inspection, he withdrew a wad of womanly cream and held
it to his nose - inhaling the sweet smell of inferior odor.

"That's a good girl Meredith. You're nice and ready for me today. I
shall reward you by inserting these very same fingers into your mouth so
that you can taste what a good girl you've been."

"Oh thank you Jack. I've been so good haven't I.....ummmfffff." her
voice was muffled and silenced by Jack as he jammed his cream coated
fingers into her sweet stupid mouth - four fingers at once.

Meredith gagged at first, but eventually she closed her eyes like a good
woman and began to slurp away at her juices - lapping away at his filthy
fingers with her heavenly tongue. The taste of her shameful girlie goo began to turn her on immensely as she knew this was what her husband wanted
and liked. Soon she began to moan slightly. Waves of pleasure began to
engulf her body and soul as she swooned in ecstasy basking in the pleasure
of womanly servitude and obedience. Jack turned her body around so that
her back was facing him. He kept four fingers jammed in her mouth and
yanked up the back of her slutty mini-skirt with the other hand exposing
her luscious heavenly bottom once again. The precious site of her glossy
round globes gave him an immediate hard-on as he examined the crack in
between. Meredith wasn't used to her husband paying so much attention to
her hiney before. Indeed this was all quite new to her. Like all the
other conventional things she was taught at school and learned from her up
bringing, sex (as far as she knew) dealt strictly with the vaginal and
breast area. It was considered quite shameful to be looked at and
inspected so closely - especially in that "other" area. But she had
promised upon her marriage to please her husband in any way he demanded and
she knew better than to displease or upset him in any way. Remembering the
violent consequences when she did so, Meredith relaxed as her husband held
her skirt up and look at the dark crevice between her ass cheeks moaning
and whimpering like the shameful cunt she was.

"Now Meredith....I am very pleased with the way you are behaving this
morning." said Jack in a firm voice. "That is why I am going to introduce
you to a new kind of pleasure - a pleasure that involves pleasing me in a
way you never have before. It may be difficult for you at first, but soon
you will learn to enjoy it and take great pleasure in servicing me in this
new way."

Meredith nodded her pretty blonde head and continued moaning. Jack was
right. She needed new ways to please him. She feared he was getting bored
with her and she couldn't possibly fathom life without him should he choose
to leave her. As if to illustrate his point, Jack ran a finger along the
crack of her ass - wedging it between the crevice and inching it inward
toward her precious forbidden hole. The warmth of her ass interior
protruded upon his finger and Jack ran his tongue across his lips in avid
anticipation of the fun that was soon to transpire within a few hours.

But not now. Jack withdrew his finger from her butt cheeks and
instructed her to go upstairs and change into something even more slutty
than what she was already wearing. Meredith did as she was told and went
upstairs to change. Jack waited about twenty minutes, then went upstairs
and entered the bedroom. The site of his wife was stunningly erotic. She
was dressed in a cupless bra that permitted her nipples to jut outward.
The bra was two sizes too small which only served to squeeze her nipples
outward even more. Meredith had carefully applied some shiny skin gloss to
her stupid boobies and made sure to shave her vagina which was also encased
in a slutty pair of pink silk crotchless panties. Her lips were coated
with shiny red lipstick and her eyes were practically smeared with slutty
black eye shadow and mascara. A pair of cheap large hoop earrings dangled
from each side of her pretty head. In all, she looked like trashy blonde bimbo tramp just begging to be fucked and abused like a sleazy worthless

Jack smiled approvingly as he gazed at the site of his stupid cunt.
Whatever respect he had for her melted away that very moment - never to be
replaced again. Now she was just a worthless fuck pig to him. He made up
his mind that his son would learn this in short order.

"You have done well Meredith - however I would like to start calling you
`Candy Cunt' from now on do you understand?"

"Y...yes Jack." Meredith whimpered.

She blushed as she realized what had just happened to her in Jack's
eyes. She was no longer a wife to him - just a piece of filth for him to
degrade and humiliate. But she loved Jack and worse, she couldn't manage
her stupid little life without him. She was hopelessly trapped in a dark
web of stupidity and ignorance - which Jack had carefully nurtured
throughout their first nine years of marriage. Now it was too late for
her. The only direction she could turn was to respect, obey, and appreciate

Meredith managed a shy smile and licked her lips the way Jack had taught
her many years ago. Jack barked a command to her and she immediately
cupped her breasts with her hands and wiggled them for him. Jack flashed
an evil grin as he watched her new bimbo titties bounce and jiggle back and
forth - jutting outward like shameful melons for his intense pleasure and
desire. He walked over to her and unzipped his trousers. Slowly he pulled
them down and removed his underwear - revealing a thick throbbing penis.
But to Meredith it was no longer an instrument of love - rather it was an
instrument of abuse and misogyny. However her feelings of fear and shame
were quickly replaced by feelings of respect and obedience toward her
domineering husband as he took hold of her stupid head and guided it down
toward his menacing snake.

"Keep your hands on your titties Candy Cunt. I want you to use only
your head and that's it!" Jack commanded firmly.

Meredith did as she was told and allowed her husband to guide her fuck
head down onto his bobbing peter. The long thick vessel eased its way
inside her cherry red mouth and mashed against her hot tongue and throat.
Meredith choked at first but her husband held her head firmly - training
her, influencing her, molding her into the perfect fuck toy for his every
desire. Meredith's lips made smooth slurping noises and sounds as her
stupid blonde head bobbed up and down on her husband's thick shiny shaft.
Her lipstick left several smeared red marks on his cock and several gobs of
saliva and drool escaped her slutty lips and trickled down his cock and
balls. Jack was immersed in a world of exquisite male bliss. His wife was
working magic on his cock with a new found devotion and intensity that he
hadn't felt in years. Indeed, she was truly learning the art of female
servitude and obedience. In addition, it seemed that she was already
starting to show signs of entering an advanced stage of her training signs
of enjoyment and pleasure in fulfilling her husband's every whim and
desire. This was important to Jack, for it meant that "Candy Cunt" was
ready for her next stage of perverse education - anal bliss.

Jack held Meredith's head steady while he shot a huge load of cream in
her mouth. Meredith struggled at first to detach herself from his cock
gagging and choking as she did so. Immediately Jack grabbed her ears and
squeezed hard - turning them beat red with a lush blood color. Meredith
knew what this meant and grimaced in pain, but she kept her mouth
thoroughly engorged on his slimy rod - feeling the warm thick juices of his
manhood engulf her mouth and ease down her throat. She had no choice.

"That's it `Candy Cunt'.....swallow whore! swallow my smelly load of
cum like a good woman should."

"Ummmphfffff.......uhhh.......hmmmmm...." Meredith continued gagging for
a little while longer, then she began to sigh in ecstasy at the thought of
pleasing her husband.

The smell and taste of his power ran down her throat and she quickly
became acclimated to the pain engulfing her earlobes. Her ears were now
beat red with blood pressure as her husband continued to squeeze them hard
until every drop of his sperm had been satisfactorily deposited in his
cunt's mouth.

"Swallow bitch!" he commanded fiercely.

Meredith swallowed once again. Then the pain was over and her head was
released. Her chin looked like a baby who had drooled food and milk all
over. A puddle of slime rested at the foot of the bed as Meredith
continued kneeling submissively waiting for her husband's next
instructions. Her slutty red lips were smeared all over with Jack's smelly
goo. Meredith closed her eyes and whimpered submissively to Jack - letting
her moaning do all the talking for her.

Jack was pleased and he told her so.

"Good little whore Meredith.....this evening I have a new present for
you as well as a new lesson in obedience. I expect you to be in this
bedroom by 8:00 PM sharp. No excuses!"

"Oooohhh yes Jack.....I can't wait to serve you better." Meredith moaned
her reply.

That evening Jack sat down with his son Michael to have a heart to heart
chat. The topic was obvious to Michael since he had witnessed his mother's
odd behavior that afternoon. She had barely spoken to him except to ask
him if he wanted her to make him lunch. Michael had declined the offer and
went out to play with his friends.

"Come in Michael it's good to see you." said Jack in a calm voice as his
son entered his master bedroom.

"What is it dad?" asked his son hesitantly.

"It's nothing to do with you personally son. It's your mother." Replied
Jack. "I think it's time we had a good talk about women and girls."

"Sure dad. mom was kinda acting strange today. Is she all right?"
asked Michael.

"Of course she is son. She's just getting used to the new way of things
around here." replied his father. "As you already know, I am in charge of
what goes on in this house - just as you will someday be when you are
married. You would like that wouldn't you Michael?"

"Like what?" asked Michael having momentarily lost his train of thought.

"To be in charge of your own house someday Michael. To be able to tell
your wife what to do and how to please you just as your mother pleases me."

Michael wasn't quite sure how to react to this question. He had indeed
witnessed a crude balance of power within his small family - largely (if
not all) in favor of his dad. However, Michael did indeed like the idea of
having things done for him by his mother. To this extent, he had been
quite spoiled since birth. Almost anything he wanted, his father gave to
him. In addition, every time something was filthy or needed to be cleaned
up, his mother inevitably took care of it for him. Michael had watched his
father keep an iron hand over the house proceedings from a distance.
Somewhere deep inside, he admired his father's power, commitment, and
strength. Though he sometimes didn't like it, he saw his father's power
and control over things as a soothing sign of strength and stability
something that he yearned for when things seemed out of control in his
small world.

"Yes." he finally answered. "I want my wife to do what mother does."

"Good son." said Jack. "Then you must first learn what women and young girls are all about before you can assume control over them. In fact, that
is what I am here to teach you tonight - how to control girls and women for
your advantage."

Michael nodded his head and listened. He knew his father had tremendous
knowledge when it came to power and authority. He was anxious to learn

"The first thing you must learn son is that females by their inherent
nature are submissive." stated Jack. "Unfortunately, there is an
increasing movement in this world to rid women of this natural state of
being and force them to become self aware and shameful of this natural
state. Today, women are starting to be encouraged to act and behave like
men. It is my firm belief that this goes against the very nature of what
women are all about - which is precisely why I chose this town of Tilton to
start this family off correctly."

Michael drank in everything that was being said to him. His father was
right about females. Ever since he could remember in his short life of
elementary and pre-school, girls cried more often and were much weaker than
boys in both mind and body. They wore submissive colors of pink and played
with wimpy toys like dolls and teddy bears. They often sought to behave
themselves much more often than boys did and never wasted a moment to seek
the approval of an authoritative figure in the class or nursery room. Even
at the young age of eight, Michael could sense the weaker tendencies of
girls who were eager to seek the approval of boys. Indeed, this
"submissive" state of being seemed natural to girls at least at his age
level. So it came as no surprise to him when his father told him about
females in general.

Jack could see the troubled look on his son's face when he had mentioned
that outside forces were working to reverse this natural trend in the
behavior of females. He could see that even at a very young age, his son
appreciated the balance of power between men and women - boys and girls.
This was a good thing for Jack. Half of the battle was already won. He
didn't need to spend a whole hour convincing his son about the rightful
place of women in society. Now he could focus on the specifics of how to
get control over a woman. And finally, how to keep her in line socially,
emotionally, physically, and most of all sexually.

"You see son, women are built to serve men. This is the way things have
been for centuries. It is only recently that the whole concept of the
proper family has evaporated before our eyes. Unfortunately, today women
are rebelling against this notion. As a result, families are dissolving
and divorce rates are much higher than they ever were before. Children
like yourself are being left without a full set of parents to guide and
nurture their every need."

Michael nodded his head and listened carefully to his beloved father.

"We must work to ensure that you, as well as your children, do not
suffer the fate of divorce as these other estranged families have suffered.
To make sure this will not happen, you must learn to keep control of your
household - and more specifically your future wife."

Jack was getting a slight hardon while preaching his beliefs to his son.
It gave him great joy and exuberance to teach his son to dominate a woman.
For Jack, this was all part of the fun of raising a boy. For him, it was
not just a chore or a necessity of fatherhood, it was happiness.

"Now Michael, in a few minutes your mother is going to be coming in here
to submit to me sexually. I feel that it is necessary for you not only to
watch and learn, but to also participate in training a woman in the art of
obedience and servitude."

"You mean you want me to stay dad?" asked Michael slightly surprised.

He had never seem a nude woman before.

"Of course I do Michael." replied his father. "The first thing I want
you to realize is that women are objects to be used and directed for your
own purpose. It is for this reason that you will no longer refer to her as
your mother - that is an unnecessary title of authority that is no longer
fitting for her. From now on you will refer to her as `Candy Cunt.' First,
because the word `cunt' refers to a woman's most important asset in
pleasing a man. And second, because all women should behave in a manner
that is nice, submissive, and sweet - like a piece of candy. You
understand of course."

"Sure dad. I think I'm learning." replied Michael.

"Good son. I'm pleased with your patience and understanding during the
course of this conversation. Let me assure you that you will be rewarded
with all the pleasures a woman can bring to a man within short order. The
stupid cunt is probably fixing herself up now for our mutual enjoyment."

Jack was indeed correct. Meredith was busy fixing herself up for her
husband's next lesson in obedience. A little bit of damp pussy goo trickled out between her legs and seeped into her pantyhose. An intense
wave of pleasure engulfed her entire being as she knew that she was
fulfilling her purpose in life to the best of her ability. She was pleased
at how she looked in the mirror and took great pride in her slutty attire
and willing lips - ripe with bright pink lipstick and ready to accommodate
her master's heavenly organ. Meredith had donned a shiny red latex halter
top which once again was a bit small for her. This only served to enhance
her glossy boobies which protruded out through the holes at the center of
the cups. Her nails were also freshly polished pink and she wore long
black nylon pantyhose which went very well with the slutty red halter top.
There were holes and tears in the nylon stocking hose which only served to
make her look even more cheap, trashy, and stupid. Her crotch was
partially covered with a cheap black latex mini-skirt that covered only
half of her ass globes. She also had on her black 8" inch spiked high
heels and sweet smelling cheap perfume.

Meredith gave her slutty pink lips one last going over with her tongue
and exited the downstairs bathroom - creaming her panties as she did so.

Meanwhile Jack continued his conversation with his son.

"So you see Michael, you must be firm with your mother when you give her
commands. Any hesitation on your part will reflect a sign of weakness and

Michael nodded his head. His own cock was beginning to stir in his
small pants at the thought of seeing a naked woman for the first time. And
better still, being able to tell his mother what to do.

"Remember Michael, `Candy Cunt' his our pleasure toy to do with as we
please. In time, you will find her useful for all sorts of things
including a good female receptacle."

"What's a receptacle?" asked Michael out of curiosity - his cock
stirring in his small pants.

"A female receptacle is like a receiver son. For example, a trash can
where you throw away your garbage. Or a sink where you wash your
hands.....or even a......"

"Toilet." Michael finished him.

Jack flashed a wicked grin at his son.

"You're catching on Michael. Tell me, have you ever thought of such
things on your own?" Don't worry, you can me honest with your dad. I'm
here to help and teach you to use women better and for your advantage."

"Not really dad. I just kinda thought that if mommy could be used as a
trash can, why not use her for all of my.....needs." he stammered.

Both father and son fell silent for a long moment. Jack felt the
gravity of his son's words. Michael must have known the heaviness of what
he had just said. Indeed, women were objects to be used for whatever
purpose or pleasure a male could want. To reject the notion of using
Meredith as a toilet would defeat the purpose of this ideology. Quickly
Jack flashed a smile and reassured his son.

"It will take some time and training to warm her up to this....this idea
Michael." he began. "But I'm certain that with time and persistence, she
will learn to enjoy being used for that purpose."

Michael knew that his father was on the same wave length as him. He
knew that his father knew exactly what he meant. But for some strange
reason, it did not bother him that he knew. It was as if Michael was
destined for this kind of "service" and he was entitled to it by right of
his gender and his gender alone. Both father and son smiled at each other
as the door to the bedroom opened. In walked a new woman in Michael's
eyes. A submissive and obedient women ready to serve and to pleasure both
father and son.

Meredith gasped when she saw her only son sitting with his father on the

" could you?" she stammered at Jack.

"Quiet Candy Cunt!" he barked loudly.

Meredith shivered at his intimidating tone of voice and froze up like a
scared animal. She was shocked at what was about to transpire, but she
knew there was nothing she could do about it except obey. However her
initial reaction and reluctance did not escape Jack. He quickly motioned
for her to come forward.

"Now Michael. Our `Candy Cunt' has been bad. She does not know her
place yet. She must be trained." Jack said firmly as he grabbed Meredith
by the chin and lowered her face to even level with his right hand.
"Witness the proper way to train a stupid cunt like this one."

Michael watched closely as his father smacked Meredith hard across the
face three times - forcing her face to turn bright red with pain, blush,
and embarrassment. Meredith shed a few tears and whimpered softly.

"P...please master....I.....I promise to behave. I know my role now."

"Spread your legs cunt and turn around so that your son can see your
cheap looking ass!" Jack barked.

Meredith dutifully turned around so that her backside was facing them.
Instinctively she bent down and tried to touch her toes - extending her
luscious round bottom outward so that her black latex miniskirt rose all
the way up revealing her cheap pantyhose covered ass.

"Now Michael, tear a hold in her pantyhose with your hands so that we
can have a clear view of her stinky flesh. That's a boy."

Michael obeyed his father and tore a hole in Meredith's pantyhose
revealing her soft white fleshy bottom.

"Now Michael. Candy cunt is going to show you her slutty little holes
that lie between her hiney - you will find that one of them is brown and
smelly, while the other one is pink and slippery with submissive female
juices. Open your stupid bottom whore!"

Meredith moaned obediently and reached back with both of her hands
pulling both of her butt cheeks apart for her son to see. The smell of
cheap hooker perfume engulfed Michael's nostrils as he stared intently at
his mother's bottom.

"Don't be shy Michael." soothed Jack in a firm yet gently voice. "Stick
your hand inside and touch her there - she won't move or misbehave. She
knows better don't you Candy Cunt."

Meredith moaned her response - fearful of being slapped in front of her
son again. She continued to hold her slutty ass wide open so that her
little boy could get an excellent view of both her trashy holes. Meredith
couldn't hide the fact that she was already wet. Her freshly shaved cunt glistened with soft squishy female juices.

Michael stared at his mother's open ass for another moment, then he
tentatively reached in with his left hand and felt underneath. The inside
of his mother's crotch was warm and damp - soft and submissive - wet and
accommodating, like all the women his daddy had told him about. The sheer
site of his mother's trashy outfit reminded him of the Barbie dolls he had
seen at school and yearned to look under their fake dresses. Gently he ran
his hand back and forth along her sleazy crotch and used his fingers to
explore both of her cheap slutty holes - one of them quite loose - the
other very tight and puckered.

"I sense you would like to do more with her Michael. Is that what you
want?" asked Jack as he observed his son's exploration with great attention
and approval.

"Yes dad....I kinda want to....well you know...."

"Smell her. Is that what you want to do son?"

"Oh yes dad. That's exactly what I want." begged his son - his cock now
at full throttle in his pants.

"Well go ahead son. Lean your head closer and place your face firmly
into her stupid bottom. Now you will find out what all women smell like
dirty and weak."

Michael leaned his face close to his mother's ass and hesitated only for
and instant. Then he planted his face squarely into her shameful bottom
and smelled two very distinct aromas. The first was the smell of cheap
perfume mixed with piss and womanly juices. The second was the smell
protruding from her tight brown hole - the smell of....(gasp)....of lady
poop! Michael's cock stiffened at the odors he encountered. Her slutty
bottom smelled so foul and yet so wonderful at the same time. Meredith
held still and held her ass even wider to accommodate her son's wishes.
She moaned as her little boy inspected, smelled, and played with her
submissive bottom - inhaling the weak minded odors of her shameful
womanhood and forbidden brown potty hole.

After satisfying his lust for his mother's smelly odors, Michael removed
his face and smiled at his father.

"I want to put my fingers inside her....can I do that dad?"

Recognizing his son's need to explore before dominating his mother, Jack
allowed his son to play.

"Go ahead son. Stick your fingers inside her smelly twat first. You
will find that women like that sort of thing." Jack encouraged. "When you
get them all good and wet, you can play with their slutty little poopers
that's when you will find out what filthy willing whores they really are
inside. After playing with their stupid potty holes, you will find that
they will eventually become quite accommodating and submissive to your
every need and desire."

Meredith moaned when she felt Michael's index finger press against her
slippery vagina - confirming everything Jack was telling him about women.
Michael smiled. His father was right. Meredith was enjoying this. All he
had to do was play with her like a Barbie doll pushing all the right `play
buttons' and out came the goo and the moans. It was that easy and simple.
Slowly he inserted his index finger into her waiting cunt. Then a second,
and then a third. Finally he managed to stick four fingers inside his

"I think she needs more Michael don't you think? Go on....stick your
whole fist in there. Don't worry, she won't mind at all. Remember, she's
here to service you the way all women should."

Meredith smiled as she felt the walls of her vagina expand even further
to accommodate her son's fist. thick wads of womanly cream oozed onto
Michael's wrist and arm as he delved deeper inside the submissive whore
wiggling his fingers and playing around inside as if she were just a toy.
He enjoyed this game and laughed a little with his father teasing and
toying with this new fuck object. Playfully he rammed his fist deeper into
her womb causing her to yelp a little bit. Meredith stayed in a bent over
position. loads of wet cream oozed down her pantyhose and dribbled onto
the carpet below forming a puddle of playful sex goo. (More laughter from
her son).

"Now with her poo poo hole. I'm sure she will enjoy it
won't you my dear."

"Oooohhhhh.....ahhhhh....yes......Jack. I've never had anything in my
poopy hole before." she moaned - quivering with a combination of fear and

Michael withdrew his fist - which was by now, coated with thick and
smelly woman slime. Slowly he stuck his middle finger upward and pressed
it against his mother's tight brown anal ring. Initially there was very
little give. At his father's urging, he pushed even harder. Almost
instantly, her anal muscles squeezed outward and formed a big "O" around
his finger. Michael's finger rapidly eased it's way inside with very
little resistance. The dirty smell of womanly poo was unmistakable to
Michael as he leaned his nose close to her tiny butt hole - inhaling the
scent of her shameful submissive BM.

"You see Michael, that's what women are all about. pee and poop and
lots of moaning. Their brains are not much good for anything - you have to
teach them to think between their stupid legs instead of with their minds.
Women and young girls are much easier to train when they think between
their legs. Their obedience comes much faster when they learn to enjoy
sexual abuse."

Michael nodded his head and continued to probe his mother's anus with
his middle finger - exploring her tight little hole searching for little
diamonds of girlie poop. Eventually his finger pressed up against
something soft and squishy. Quickly he scooped it up with his finger and
pulled it out of her smelly butt.

"Look dad! Mom's got a present for us." he said as he showed his father the wad of slutty poop he had withdrawn from Meredith's dark crater.

"Oh my goodness....Candy cunt has indeed shown what a total whore she
is...she can't control her bowels properly. Hold it up to her face
son.....let her smell what a shameful and submissive gender she is."

Meredith shuddered at the thought of what was about to transpire. But
she instinctively knew what to do from lots of negative experience and
training. This was what her husband wanted. This was what her little boy wanted. This was what women were born to do. This was what she was meant
for ultimately.

Slowly she turned around and knelt submissively on the floor - rolling
her eyes in slutty fashion. The smell of her shameful potty filth became
stronger as Michael's pooped smeared finger drew closer to her nostrils.

"Smell it Meredith.....smell what you truly a good girl and
smell your own poop.....that's it're doing so well."

Michael laughed at his mother as he began to enjoy this sick and
perverted game. He enjoyed seeing his mother in this weak position.
Suddenly he felt the urge to see more women in this state of humiliation.
Other girls. Different girls his own age. Especially Rebecca at school.
She was a naughty little red head who wanted to pull her pants down in
order to impress him. Indeed, she would be the first.

Michael looked over at his father.

"Can I?" he asked as he lowered his poopy finger to the base of
Meredith's pouty pink lips - all shiny with pink lipstick and gloss just
for him.

"Sure son. But you must first command her. I will help you."

Jack got up and walked closer to Meredith kneeling down close to her

"You do exactly as your son tells you understand? Or I'll rip your ears
right off!" he threatened menacingly.

Meredith nodded her head submissively and kept her eyes closed. The
smell of her own poop was making her sick to her stomach. But she dared
not show it. Not for the world.

"OK Michael. Tell her exactly what you want her to do. Be very firm
with her and very clear. Remember, this is how you train your wife in the

Michael nodded his head and smiled wickedly. Then he pressed his filthy
brown finger against her slutty pink mouth again placing the smelly brown
fudge right up against her trashy lips.

"Open up Candy Cunt. I want you to take what's on my finger and swirl
it around in your stupid mouth." he stated firmly in his little boy voice.

Meredith hesitated.

"Don't worry Candy Cunt. It's just some chocolate fudge to make you
feel all better. You want to feel better about servicing me don't you?"

Meredith nodded her head obediently.

"Then open your sweet little mouth and say `ahhhh."


Michael's finger wormed it's way deep into his mother's mouth. For the
first time in her simply shallow life, Meredith tasted the sweet ecstacy of
womanly poop. A stream of vomit followed the wonderful taste. A smile of
relief and servitude followed afterward. Jack smiled at Michael and nodded
his head. Both of them got up and stood on either side of Candy cunt and
withdrew their penises. Aiming directly at her filthy mouth, the two males
lowered themselves and closed in on helpless Meredith pressing both of
their cocks up against her shit smeared mouth.

"Open wide Candy Cunt." commanded Jack in a firm tone of voice that
demanded respect and obedience. "Open wide so that we can fit our cocks
inside your mouth....that's a good whore....there you go.....nice and wide
like a little tramp."

When Jack and his son both had their cocks embedded firmly inside
Meredith's mouth, they winked at each other and let loose a steady stream
of pee pee - all over the inside of her. Meredith choked and winced, but
she managed to keep her stupid mouth open until she had gulped down most of
their manly piss. The rest of the menacing yellow liquid drooled down her
chin and onto the floor below - joining the pile of vomit and pussy goo in
creating and awful and disgusting odor for her to smell and taste upon her
husband's command.

"Suck us both off you stupid bimbo the same time!" barked
Jack as he and his son began sword fighting inside her hot little slut

Meredith had never done this before and she gulped uncomfortably as the
thick worms oozed and sloshed all around inside her stupid mouth - spraying
their thick sperm all over her poop stained tongue and piss stained walls.

"Relax and let it happen Candy Cunt....that's a're
pleasing us very well.....gooood girl!.....Nice and wide like a stupid
little dumpster."

"Uhhhh.....ummmphffffffff....uhhghmphffff." were the only noises coming
out of Meredith.

"You see Michael? You are witnessing a woman's true vocabulary. Isn't
she sweet?"

"Yes she is dad. We gotta do this again sometime." replied little

"Indeed we shall son. Whenever you feel the need to day or night Candy
Cunt will always be here to service you like a good little whore. Won't
you darling?"

Meredith couldn't reply. She was busy learning the blissful feeling of
being stuffed with bathroom cock - all inside her sweet little mouth. This
was only her first time. But there would be many others and soon she would
learn to like it. Meredith closed her eyes and couldn't wait for the day
to come when she would become used to it and enjoy the smell and taste.
The sooner this happened, the sooner she could please her family. Then she
would be the complete and total subservient and obedient woman that her
husband always wanted her to be. The first part of her toilet training was
now over. Next she would learn the art of gratitude and appreciation.


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