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Mermaid Movie Chapter 1


This story is fiction. It involves the use of models to be dressed as
mermaids for a movie sequence, where they must wear the mermaid costumes
for a long time during which they must consume a lot of fluid, but cannot
urinate. No hard sex, nothing non-consensual.

W/s (Hold-it), exhibitionism, consensual, MFFFFFF

By Francine

Chapter 1 A Challenge

Tim Holt recognized a real challenge when he saw one, even if his client
didn't. Tim worked with a small modeling agency in a moderately sized
seacoast town of New England, and it wasn't unusual for him to be called
upon to provide models for photographers or movie makers using his area for
location work. The rocky seashore area was popular for vacationers and
make a great backdrop for shoreline activities.

Russell Thatcher, producing a low-budget movie, had called on Tim with a
very simple request; he needed six models who would be costumed as mermaids
and would serve as a kind of background scenery for a sequence he intended
to shoot. Originally, the scene had been planned for nearer his home
studio in California; but the director had recently viewed a location not
far from Tim, and decided it was just the perfect spot to use, so they had
decided to shoot on location. Tim now had been asked to find six female
models to portray the mermaids, and to be ready with them in about ten
days. Thatcher's company would rent a small studio in Tim's area, where
they would store their equipment, and prepare the actors and models for the

Tim had been provided a synopsis of the script, for his use in selecting
suitable candidates. The scene they intended to shoot was only a small
part of the movie, and they intended to do it in one day, once everything
was set up. The actual shooting location was to be an isolated rocky area
of coastline about fifty miles away, and at that location there were no
buildings or facilities of any kind, so all of the participants and
equipment would be taken directly there from the rented studio. It was
intended to do all of the shooting in one day, as it would expensive to
return to the location. Also, he had learned that the director was quite
fussy about the quality of his work, and, without an opportunity to return
to the site, he wanted all shooting done with numerous takes. This would
give him maximum opportunity to select that most to his liking for the
final production.

The scene involved a "dream" sequence within a larger story. Only the
"dream" sequence would be shot here. The scenario called for what would be
portrayed as a dream of the main character (played by a male actor). In
the story, the principal character has heard a legend that mermaids inhabit
a certain isolated coastal area where they can occasionally be seen by
humans. In the dream sequence, he dreams that he and two friends go in
their truck to the area, intent on capturing mermaids, which they would
intend to take home with them. As they explore the area, they come upon a
family of mermaids, consisting of five young mermaids and their
ever-watchful mermaid mother. All of them are reclining on rocks by the
sea. The men approach the mermaids and make overtures to befriend them.
In typical mermaid fashion, the mermaids never speak, but the men consider
how to go about capturing three of them, while they do not want to tangle
with the mother who keeps an eye on everything going on. They hit upon an
idea, and produce from their truck a supply of champagne glasses and a
number of bottles of champagne (in dream sequences one does not need to be
concerned with the logic of carrying such things in a truck). They offer
the mermaids, including Mama mermaid, champagne. Never having tasted it
before, the mermaids sip it cautiously, then enthusiastically down it -
glass after glass. While they are doing this, the men debate among
themselves which of the mermaids they will try to take. After a time, all
of the mermaids, including the mother, become so drunk they pass out. The
men then carry the three they have selected, unconscious, back to their
truck and drive away.

The scene seems simple. The actors do all the talking and the action.
The mermaids only have to sit there, look pretty, and drink numerous
glasses of champagne. In reality, of course, it won't be champagne, but
soda water or something similar that will look like champagne; but they
will have to drink it, as that is their part of the action. And, Tim knew,
each scene would be shot many times.

So he knew he needed six women, five youthful ones, and one older one to
portray the mother. All they had to do was lie on the rocks, in costume,
and drink simulated champagne. Russell had not seen that it should be
difficult to find female models locally to portray the mermaids.

Yes, Tim thought, he could probably find five girls and one older woman
to be mermaids. Thatcher's company was going to provide the costumes,
which were already made, and the place where they would dress and be made
up. Thatcher had told him, of course, that mermaids were ordinarily
topless, and the models would have to appear this way (it was obviously an
adult-oriented movie). The costumes covered the models only from the waist
down. Tim recognized that this did impose a bit of a limitation, but he
could find girls willing to be topless for this scene. A bigger problem,
but not unsolvable, would be the "mother" mermaid, as Thatcher had
specified that she must have gray hair (this could be sprayed, if
necessary, but natural gray would be preferred), and must have the
appearance of an attractive woman about fifty or more.. She would have to
appear bare-breasted, as a mermaid, but it was specified that her breasts must have a fair amount of droop, so as to clearly suggest that she is much
older than the others. Tim knew he could come up with older models, but
the requirement to be attractive in appearance yet to have obviously
drooping breasts and a willingness to display them bare, would somewhat
limit the field.

Tim had done a bit of research on who among his lists of models he might
use, when he decided that he needed to be certain just what the costuming
would be like. When he found out from Russell Thatcher a little more about
the costumes, he began to realize he indeed had a challenge on his hands.

The mermaid costumes had already been made, and at minimum cost (this
was a low budget movie). Since they were to be used only for one day, it
had not been thought necessary to make them particularly durable or
reusable. After all, the mermaids would only lie on the rocks in them
while the scene was being shot. They didn't have to move around; they
could be carried into position, and the actors would carry off several of
them later.

Actually, the wearers would hardly be able to move, at least from the
waist down. The wearers would have nothing on from the waist up, but the
costumes would encase them from the waist down, completely hiding their
legs. Instructions had been prepared for dressing the mermaids, and Tim
had read them. While specific, they did not directly suggest any major

He had been given a size range for the models, but the costumes could
accommodate a reasonable range of sizes. He noted the one for the mother was a bit larger. Size would not be a major problem. Under the costumes,
the wearers could not wear anything. Underwear of any kind might cause
lines to show or would interfere with the make-up process. Before putting
on the costume, the wearer would have to lie (presumably naked) holding her
legs together. A thin but tough ribbon was to be used to loosely bind both
legs together, to prevent any accidental movement which might damage the
costume; so, once dressed, the wearer had to remain with her legs bound
together until the day's work was done. The costumes themselves were
fragile, being made of a kind of paper mache with an elastic top.
Actually, each would come in three pieces; a front and back which were
molded into the fishtail shape, and which would be placed on the wearer and
the two halves then fastened together; after which the elastic portion
would be slid into position over the top portion and covering the area just
below the wearer's waist.

The make-up people could trim the front and back halves slightly to
adjust the fit to the wearer, and after all the pieces were in place, a
type of body make-up would be applied over any visible seams and to shade
the costume into the wearer's body.

Obviously, the costumes were intended to be worn only once, and once in
place, were not intended to be taken off until no longer needed. As the
actual costumes were fragile and were not intended to be reused, the wearer
had to keep her legs together and quite still as long as she wore the

Thatcher's costumer had sent Tim a note with a bit of added information.
"Whoever you select as a mermaid needs to know that she will have to be
dressed in the costume very early in the day, and the process of dressing
and applying make-up will probably take an hour, possibly an hour and a
half. She will have to wear the costume all day, or at least until the
shooting is finished. She can move her legs a little, but the costume will
probably make her feel cramped. With the costume on, she cannot walk or
even crawl, so she will have to be carried to wherever she must go. Also,
this type of costume tends to be quite warm for the body parts it covers.
She will probably find that her legs get hot, but as she will be bare from
the waist up, and presumably near the seashore with the probability of some
cool breezes, it should be tolerable. When we designed these costumes, we
expected to be shooting very near the studio, so you will need to make the
wearers aware of the time it will take to transport them to the scene of

The challenge, Tim realized, was the time the models would have to wear
the mermaid costumes. An hour and a half to get dressed and made up, he
calculated, plus about two hours and a half to get to the location
(possibly an optimistic assumption, given its isolation), then maybe an
hour or two to set up. That came to six hours, and Russell had said he
wanted the models available for at least six hours to do the shooting and
retakes, with the possibility of overtime if needed. Even not counting the
trip back, the models would need to wear the mermaid costumes twelve hours
or more. He verbally went over his calculations with Lucy, his office
assistant sitting across from him.

"Lucy, don't you think those girls are going to get very cramped legs,
having to keep them together in that suit for twelve hours? Think we can
get girls willing to do it? Seems a long time!"

"Tim, you started out saying all they had to do was lie there in the
costumes while the shooting goes on. By the time they get to the shooting,
they'll have been in those things six hours. I hope they're still going to
feel like looking pretty! Glad it isn't going to be me. I hope you come
up with a warm day for their top halves and a cool one for their bottoms!"

"Well, at least they'll get to guzzle some make-believe champagne! Russ
said he expected a number of takes, and they have to be seen drinking the
stuff. That'll keep them cooled off!"

"Champagne! You didn't tell me about the champagne!"

"Don't get excited, Lucy. It'll only be make-believe champagne, but
each girl will probably get to drink two or three glasses for each take.
The drinking has to be real, that's been specified. So they won't be
thirsty. I'll try to arrange to have it chilled, so it will help keep them
comfortably cool."

"COMFORTABLY cool? They may be cool, but they sure won't be
comfortable. I didn't know about the champagne part of it. You may have a
real problem getting girls who can do this!" Lucy seemed a bit dubious.

"Yeah, I figured we'll have to explain it all to them. But I can hike
the hourly rate a bit, and they ought to be able to endure a few cramps in
their legs for what they'll get. Especially if it runs into overtime!"

"You're worried about cramps in their legs? That's going to be a
minimal problem. Tim, don't you know anything about female biology?"

"What do you mean? Every model has to get used to a little discomfort!"

Lucy shook her head in disgust. "Tim, how long do you figure they have
to keep those fish legs on, altogether?"

"Probably a bit over twelve hours. They'll need to be prepared for
possibly fifteen, though, with the chance of overtime or the return trip."

"Tim, do a little thinking. They are in those things, all sewed up,
with their legs tied together. Once they're in that state, they can't go
to the bathroom until the day's over. Right?"

Tim thought a bit. He had been thinking of the hot legs cramped up in
the fishtail costumes. Lucy had a significant point. "I guess you're
right. So we better warn them before they go..."

"BEFORE? Tim, could you go twelve hours, let alone fifteen, without
going to the bathroom? Even without guzzling a dozen glasses of
make-believe champagne? Then you want them to drink like fish during a six
hour shoot, which may mean they have to down a couple of liters of the
stuff, if he insists on a lot of retakes. Then, if one of them leaks, the
costume gets wet and you know they're not waterproof, so they will fall
apart. You better find girls with iron bladders!"

"Lucy, what am I going to do? Russ is an important client, and he isn't
going to budge on his requirements. We've got to find six models for this
job. How do we do it?"

"Look, Tim, about all I know is that I couldn't do what this is going to
take, even if I had the shape for it. You're going to have to call those
on your list and give them the requirements. You've got to tell them the
job calls for posing half nude with their legs encased in a tail for
fifteen hours, while drinking a quart or two of liquid and absolutely no
bathroom breaks! You'd better offer a good price! And even if they say
they'll do it, you'd better come up with a way to test them, because if it
turns out they can't do it you're going to have a big problem!"

All of this resulted in a long planning session, well into the evening,
between Tim and Lucy. Eventually they did come up with a plan.

END OF CHAPTER 1 (Chapter 2 next)


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