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Mermaid Movie Chapter 2


This story is fiction. It involves the use of models to be dressed as
mermaids for a movie sequence, where they must wear the mermaid costumes
for a long time during which they must consume a lot of fluid, but cannot
urinate. No hard sex, nothing non-consensual.

W/s (Hold-it), exhibitionism, consensual, MFFFFFF

By Francine



Information for Those Interested in Posing for Special Mermaid Scene

Will require models to wear mermaid costume for up to fifteen hours

continuously, one day only; semi-nudity required. Five youthful female

models needed, plus one female between 50 and 60. older model should

preferably have natural gray hair. All must have attractive appearance

and youthful models must have slender figures. mature model should

be slender with notably mature bustline. Models will require

physical endurance, which must be demonstrated in advance.

Those who wish to apply as mermaid models for this event should call

to make an appointment for interview with Tim Holt.

Please arrive for your interview in casual attire, but without brassiere

and with bladder full to capacity,

Lucy and Tim looked at the information sheet they had prepared for the
prospective mermaids. It was being provided to those they considered
prospects and anyone else who expressed an interest. "It's the strangest
looking sheet I've ever produced", Lucy commented. "I'm going to have a
hard time making explanations for all this! I'm going to get the
questions." She shook her head, smiling. "What do I say when they ask
what, 'full to capacity' means?"

"Just tell them what we agreed upon. It doesn't mean they just feel
like they need to go to the bathroom; they have to be way beyond that,
holding as much as they can possibly stand. Tell them they will be tested
on it. I think you should feel the applicant's bladder before she comes
in, and if her abdomen doesn't feel absolutely hard, you should tell her to
go drink a few glasses of water and come back later! With the procedure we
discussed, you should be able to."

"Yes, I hope it works. Let's see, I'm to make appointments so we don't
have over one at a time, and I will be sure they meet the requirements
before I send them in to you. We agreed I would have them remove
everything above the waist before they come in to see you. I suppose you'd
like to interview them naked, and watch them pee at the end of the
interview, but I doubt most would agree to that. Since the job doesn't
require them to show their legs, it doesn't really matter what kind of legs
they have. "

"OK, let's do it that way. I will interview them, and draw it out for a
while. If she really has a bladder full to capacity, you will have checked
it and found it feels hard, so if you send one in, I'm going to assume she
is full to the brim. By dragging out the interview, and asking her to pose
a bit, I'll be able to judge if she can really look cute and pretty while
struggling with an overstretched bladder. If I'm satisfied with her, I'll
send her back to you, and then you ask her to go behind the screen and pee into the pitcher. If she can't do it, she must not be full enough. If she
produces much less than a quart, we probably can't use her because she
won't be able to hold enough for the session, what with all she'll have to
drink. We can't risk using a girl with a small bladder, or who doesn't
have really good control over it. It should be a good test. But I'm still
afraid of the one we need for the mermaid mother - finding an older woman
to meet these requirements is going to be rough!"

They did their work, and Lucy began to call their list to schedule
interviews. They hoped at least a few new volunteers would call in to get
on the list.

Monday morning came, and Lucy had scheduled nine interviews, starting at
9 A.M. Time was getting short, for on Friday the scene was to be shot.
They needed to have their mermaids prepared.

At nine, the Paula showed up, the first candidate. She was twenty,
about five feet five, slender and very good looking. She had on casual
attire, as had been requested; jeans, with a colorful shirt. Lucy looked
her over. There were no bra straps in evidence. Her bustline, however,
looked high and firm, but not particularly large. She was noticeably
nervous, fidgeting and shifting from one foot to another.

Lucy greeted her, then made an excuse to have her wait. She slipped
quickly into Tim's office. "Number 1 is here, Tim! And the way's she's
jumping around, she must be close to full up! I'll keep her maybe fifteen
minutes and send her in with her top half au naturel."

"Paula,. sorry to keep you waiting. Did you understand clearly what we

Paula nodded, fidgeting nervously. "I've tried to meet what you asked,
but isn't this a very unusual type of interview? It seems the rules are a
bit as though I was going for a medical."

"Yes, Paula, it is unusual. We not only have to have models for this
job who look the part, but they have to have a lot of physical endurance.
The day of the shooting will be a very long one, and you will have to spend
it inside a costume that will greatly restrict you. We have to be sure the
ones we select can tolerate it."

"I know about what a mermaid costume is going to look like, so I guess
that explains the no-bra bit; but I don't understand why I need to come
with my bladder so darned full! Do mermaids have to pee in this scene? If
that's part of it, I'm really not quite into that!"

Lucy laughed a bit. "No, Paula, the mermaids won't have to pee. In
fact it's really the opposite of that - mermaids don't pee, and the models
posing as mermaids won't be able to, at least not as long as they are
wearing the costumes, which may be up to fifteen hours. During that time,
however, they will have to drink quite a bit of liquid, as part of the
scene. We need models who can look like mermaids, but they also have to be
able to hold a lot of pee for a long time, and we can't take a chance on
you not being able to do it next Friday. That's why we need to have it
demonstrated today. Do you understand?"

Paula seemed a bit astounded. "I see your point. I need to get on with
this - what do I do?"

"Slip off your shirt and let me see you without it. You can hang it on
the clothes rack. I see you followed the rules -no bra. right?"

"Right. I got it. Say, if I take things off here, is someone going to
walk in one me? I don't want to be an exhibitionist!"

"Don't worry," Lucy reassured her. I've got the outer door locked. I
won't unlock it while you're undressed."

"Did you say undressed? Look here, the paper said semi-nude. I'm
willing to do bare breasts, but I don't really do full frontal nudity!"

"Calm it, Paula. For the interview, you have to be nude from the waist
up. You only need to be totally nude for the time you're being dressed.
The costumers will require you to strip while they get your costume on,
because it has to go over bare skin; but there will be no posing or photos
of your bottom half. However, you will need to be interviewed with your
breasts bare, and afterward I will ask you to step behind the screen and
empty your bladder into a container."

Paula looked puzzled, but removed her shirt. Lucy had her make several
turns, satisfying herself that Paula had a good enough figure for the
mermaid scene. She asked Paula to stand close to her. Carefully, Lucy
pressed on Paula's abdomen. It did indeed feel hard, and the touch made
Paula wince noticeably.

"You feel reasonably full. Paula. Tell me what you did to assure that
you had a full bladder?"

Paula blushed a bit. Being half naked was bad enough, but having to
talk about her urinary situation was really stressing her modesty. "Well,
I got up about seven. Usually, I go to the bathroom and take a pee right
after getting up. Today I skipped that. I drank about five cups of coffee
instead of eating breakfast, and also had a big glass of juice and two
glasses of water, all between seven thirty and eight. Then I drank a
canned drink on the way down here."

"How does your bladder feel, and when did you pee last?"

"I haven't peed since about eleven last night; and my bladder is sore.
It feels hard when I touch it, and it hurts, and I really need to pee something awful! When can I?"

"In a little while, after your interview is over. All right, you can go
in and see Mr. Holt, now!" She started to open Tim's door.

"Just like you are. Bladder and all. Mr. Holt will make the decision
on who we select."

Blushing and shaking, wearing only her shoes and jeans, Paula walked
into Tim's office. He rose to greet her, and extended his hand. She
hardly knew how to act., She wasn't accustomed to doing interviews half
nude, and, anyway, her distended bladder was hurting her terribly. But she
was a model, and she tried to maintain some semblance of poise.

Tim tried to ease her a bit. "Paula, I hope Lucy explained why we're
doing things this way. I know you are terribly uncomfortable, but this is
the way you're likely to feel toward the end of the day on Friday, if
you're with us when we do the shooting. Despite how you feel, we still
need models who can look like pretty mermaids. So I need you to show me
how you would do it."

He talked with her a few minutes, had her walk and pose, and looked her
over carefully. She did try to recoup her composure and managed a smile.
She did have a good figure, and her bare breasts were perfect for a
mermaid. After about twenty minutes, Tim decided to go to the physical

"Paula, I had to ask you to do this, but we have to see what your
bladder capacity is, because we can't risk using a girl with a weak or
small bladder. What do you think about yours?"

"Right now," Paula replied, "it feels as big as a watermelon and as hard
as a rock. I hope you're going to let me relieve it soon!"

"Right now," Tim responded. He produced a large plastic pitcher bearing
calibrations. "I am going to send you out to Lucy, with this. She will
allow you to go behind a screen in the outer office, and fill it as much as
you can. That will give us an idea of what your bladder capacity is. Go
ahead!" He handed her the pitcher, and escorted her to the door.

Outside, Lucy directed her to a screen set up at one end of the room.
"You may go behind it, while you fill the pitcher," she directed.

"Do I have to do it here? Can't I go to a bathroom?" Paula asked,

Lucy explained with a shake of her head, "We can't take any chances of
applicants filling the pitcher from a water faucet or from someone else. I
must ask you to do it here. You do want the relief, don't you? And the
modeling job?"

She blushed some more, but stepped behind the screen. She unfastened
her jeans, dropped them and her panties, and assumed a half-squatting
position, holding the pitcher under her with one hand.

It took her a minute or so to get things going, but she did manage to
urinate into the pitcher. To her surprise, Lucy talked to her while she
was urinating, asking her of her schedule to assure her availability for
the job. She answered, thoughtfully, but horribly embarrassed to be
talking while she was urinating into a pitcher.

At length she finished. "Do you want it?" she asked, holding the
pitcher. Lucy took it, inspected it, and noted the calibrations. "920
ml's - just a little less than a quart. That's a good load for you. And
it's not too strong, either, showing you drank a lot recently and that
dilutes it. OK, thank you. I believe you can be confident of being one of
our mermaids." She asked her to put her shirt on and wait, while Lucy went
in to see Tim with the foaming pitcher of yellowish urine. "I think she
meets our standards, Tim. Close to a quart. And you know, she sure feels
better!" she commented to Tim, as Paula retrieved her clothes and began
dressing. Lucy returned to the outer office, carrying the pitcher. She
thanked Paula and dismissed her with assurance she would be very favorably
considered, after which she took the pitcher out to dispose of its

At ten, the second candidate showed up. Lucy took her through much the
same routine. She was just a little older than Paula, with a good figure.
She didn't seem quite so nervous, though.

Tim found out why. After his interview, when she seemed just too
relaxed, he gave her the pitcher and Lucy found out she had only 500ml in
her bladder - a little over half of what Paula had held.

The day went on. By mid-afternoon, he had found three girls whom he
felt would make good mermaids, and seemed to have adequate bladder
capacity. Another, terribly upset about her small bladder, asked if she
could come back and try again Tuesday. Two, disturbed about the whole
procedure, left before reaching Tim for an interview. He had three more to
interview today.

Around 4:30, he conferred with Lucy.

"We're doing pretty good with our young mermaids, but what have got for
the mermaid mom? I haven't heard you say a thing!"

Lucy shrugged. "Only one bite, and the woman wasn't interested after I
explained it. You had it right - it's going to be hard to find an older woman for this. "

One more mermaid candidate was added to the "maybe list", after Tim
finished with an hour later. He returned her to Lucy, who directed her to
the screen, from where she returned holding a pitcher filled to 800ml.
Lucy reported to Tim, who responded "She did pretty well, but I don't
really think she looks right. What else have we got coming?"

"One more tonight, and then there's a list for tomorrow."

Tim began his last scheduled interview for the day with Renee, 29 years
old, and the most relaxed one he had seen all day. She walked proudly and
confidently into his office, nude to the waist, as they all had been. She
didn't seem to mind this at all, and acted quite at ease.

Before him, she did the right posing. He thought she was a bit old for
the job, but she had a good shape, and she certainly had poise. What
bothered him was that she did not seem to suffer from bladder distress at
all, though Lucy had signaled him that she indeed had a very firm hard

He felt compelled to broach the question to her. "You know," he began,
"you are very poised and you certainly are experienced and look the part.
But I don't understand you feelings - you are either awfully good at
covering up your bodily feelings, or your bladder really isn't full. Which
is it?"

"Lucy asked me what I did to get ready, that is, to fill my bladder, and
I told her. I know you want it full, and if you want me to, I can
demonstrate how full it is. I just have a good capacity. I have had to
hold myself lots of times, and I have become good at it. Yes, it's
stretched pretty bad, and it's hurting me a bit, but I've learned to handle

"Good. you can show us" He handed her the pitcher, and started to usher
her to the outer office.. She stood still, looking a bit puzzled at first,
but seemed to get the message. "I'd prefer to make the demonstration for
you, instead of Lucy, if you don't mind," she said, rather firmly. Tim was
a bit astounded, and answered "Do you really? Well, OK, if you want to,
but I'm not requiring it. Without a further question, she unfastened her
slacks and stepped out of them, then pulled off her panties, still standing
in the same spot. Then she spread her legs, held the pitcher under
herself, standing erect, and began to pee a fierce stream into it.

"Does this satisfy you?" she asked, calmly, while her stream shot
forcefully into the pitcher, already half full. He asked her how she had
prepared, and, while continuing to urinate, she answered "I drank water all
afternoon. I don't know how much. At one point, I drank a quart almost
straight down. Another time I drank several glasses, then stopped only
because my stomach was full. I haven't eaten all day, just filled my
stomach with water. It's all water, and I probably drank over three
quarts. I haven't peed since eight this morning, until now; and, you'll
notice, I'm still peeing, and I have more in me. I think I'm going to fill
this pitcher. Do you have another?"

He was amazed. He did have a second pitcher and got it for her. She
calmly stopped her flow, handed him the pitcher filled with about 1350ml of
almost clear urine. She placed the second pitcher under herself, and
asked, calmly, "shall I start up again?" He answered, "Go ahead", and she
released her stream again, continuing her commentary as the liquid poured
from her, "I'm getting low now, probably will stop soon. Am I producing
enough for you?"

He was amazed. She produced almost another 300ml in the second pitcher,
a total of about 1650. What amazed him most was her seeming lack of
distress with a bladder that must have been exceedingly well stretched.

He concluded the interview, and shared his report with Lucy. "I think
she's mermaid number 4", he indicated. Lucy seemed to agree, but she had
something else to report. "The Mermaid mom - I've actually got a bite!"

She got his interest, and continued, "I've called four of our mature models, and didn't get anyone who would interview for it. But I got a call
from a Martha Lewis, who want to be interviewed tomorrow. She wanted to be
sure she understood the requirements. She wanted to be allowed to come in
wearing a bra, saying she would take it off during the interview. I talked
her out of that, and told her we needed to see how she looked braless as
she came in. She really didn't want to walk around without a bra, but said
she would pose bare breasted. The bladder thing bothered her too -she said
how full is full. I told her again, it means as full as she can stand it.
Her reply was 'you mean so full it hurts", and I said yes, indeed. She's
56, says she has natural gray hair, but asked for a later appointment, said
she needed time to fill herself up. So I gave her eleven tomorrow."

"She's a bit older than I would like, and it sounds like she's probably
got well hinged breasts; but, well, she's the only mermaid mom we've got so

That evening, Tim tried to get two older women who had done modeling for
a friend, but got a complete turn down from one, and an "I'll think about
it" from the other.

Tuesday began with them still needing one young mermaid and a mermaid

END OF CHAPTER 2 (Chapter 3 Next)


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