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Mermaid Movie Chapter 3


This story is fiction. It involves the use of models to be dressed as
mermaids for a movie sequence, where they must wear the mermaid costumes
for a long time during which they must consume a lot of fluid, but cannot
urinate. No hard sex, nothing non-consensual.

W/s (Hold-it), exhibitionism, consensual, MFFFFFF

By Francine


Mermaid mom
The first interview, early at eight o'clock, did not go well. The
candidate decided she would not try to endure what was required, and left.
The second produced a possible, until she got the pitcher test, which
resulted in only 200ml. Tim decided she either wasn't trying, or had a
hopelessly small bladder. She wouldn't have been able to last through even
half of the day, he decided.

He was getting discouraged, but the third candidate was better. She was
terribly nervous and upset, apparently because her bladder was indeed
overly full, and she said she was not sure she could hold it even to the
end of the interview. She constantly asked to relieve herself and return
to the interview afterward, but Tim wouldn't let her. Actually, he was
quite pleased at her agitation, for it showed she had indeed filled her
bladder to the bursting point. She did hold to the end of the interview,
and produced 770ml when she used the pitcher. Tim was pleased, although he
had hoped she would come up with a bit more. He felt she would do, but
admonished her to try just a little harder on her capacity, warning her
Friday was going to be a difficult day for her. As she left, he announced
to Lucy that she could be number five.

A few minutes before eleven, Lucy saw through the window an older woman
walking toward their building entrance. This, she thought, will be Martha
Lewis. A couple of minutes later, Martha Lewis indeed rang the bell at the
office door. Lucy, delighted to finally have a candidate for Mermaid Mom,
welcomed her to the office, insuring the door locked again behind her.

Martha was quite tall, about five nine, and weighed in at 135. She was
not as slender as the younger candidates, but her face was smooth and with
only a trace of age lines. Her hair was solid gray, worn at shoulder
length. She wore a light yellow shirt and nicely fitting blue slacks. She
was holding herself very stiff and erect, and her posture caused her to
appear about aloof. Lucy sized this up as the attempt of an older woman to
keep her breasts lifted and still. Lucy recalled that this lady did not
want to walk in braless, but had finally agreed to. She stood stiffly,
swallowed noticeably, and seemed quite uncomfortable. Lucy was delighted.
This lady was probably walking around without a bra when she really needed
one, and with a very uncomfortably full bladder.

Lucy insured that Martha was indeed braless. Martha, when asked, simply
slipped her shirt collar to the edge of her shoulder, evidencing that there
was no bra strap there. Martha commented "I hate to be braless, but I
understand this is what you require. You can see I have no bra. Do you
want me to take the shirt off?"

"That would be a good idea," Lucy responded. "Also, tell me how you
prepared your bladder for this visit?"

Martha unbuttoned her shirt, and opened it, revealing two moderately
sized breasts, with large, dark, and very erect nipples. They drooped a
bit, even as she tried to stiffen her back and hold them up. In fact, the
erect nipples pointed downward perhaps thirty degrees, and the underside of
her breasts were hardly visible. As she removed the shirt, she commented
on her condition. "They've stiffened from rubbing against my shirt - as I
told you, I don't usually go braless, and they do quiver a bit..." She was
obviously referring to her nipples. "And, as for my bladder condition, I
can assure it it's not only full, it's bulging. I hope you don't want me
to show you - my bottom isn't that pretty, but I think my top is pretty
good for my age. I don't know what you are expecting. I last went to the
bathroom about seven thirty, and I have drunk about ten glasses of fluid
since then, mostly water and soft drinks. I understand this is some kind
of a test to see if I can wait a long time without going to the bathroom,
and I think I do as well in that as most younger women. But I kid you not,
the whole area below my stomach is swollen and aching, and I think that's
where most of the water is now."

Lucy explained to her a bit more of the Mermaid mom situation, and what
she would have to go through. She asked Martha to turn and let her see her
body in profile, and from the rear.

Martha still stood rather stiffly, and finally Lucy told her, "Mrs.
Lewis, you are standing rather stiffly. I think you are trying to hold
your breasts high, but I really need to see them more relaxed. Please face
me and bend over - put your hands on my desk. I want to see how your
breasts hang naturally!"

"They do hang." Martha replied, doing as told. "they're not as firm as
when I was younger."

"Yes," Lucy agreed. "But we don't want firm young breasts in your
situation. We want older breasts, and we want them to hang gracefully.
Now I want you to shake them slightly, so I can see how they move." Martha,
obviously embarrassed, managed a little shake, Her nipples, still erect,
quivered a bit. Softly, she said, "my bladder's so, so, full!" Lucy
smiled, satisfied.

Lucy instructed Martha to stand in front of her, explaining that she
needed to press slightly on her abdominal area to see how her bladder felt.
Martha protested a bit, but stood in front of Lucy as she palpated the
woman gently. The hardness was apparent, and Lucy nodded to her. "I think
you're in the condition we expect. You may go in!" Lucy opened the door to
Tim's office.

Lucy ushered in the semi-nude gray haired woman. Martha at first tried
to cover her breasts from his view, but hastily reconsidered and accepted
Tim's extended hand. He had her stand before him, then she had to turn,
showing him her body from every side. Her had her bend over, viewing her
breasts as they hung. The nipples were still erect, stimulated by their
unaccustomed exposure.

Tim was satisfied at her appearance. He told her so. Finally, he
produced the pitcher and instructed her to return to the outer office,
behind the screen, and empty the contents of her bladder into it. She was
very reluctant, finally agreeing. Her urination was slow, not as forceful
as many of the younger women, and when she was through, she produced the
pitcher, with its contents at 650ml. Lucy reported the results.

Tim was disturbed, "Martha", he began, "In everything else you will do
quite well as the Mermaid Mom. You look good, and your breasts are right
for the job. Your hair is great, and so is your color. But if your
bladder capacity is only this much, I don't think you could last through
the day! I just wish you could stretch your bladder a little more, in
fact, about half again as much! I can't really take a chance on you not
being to hold it long enough to get through the day!"

Martha was a bit downcast. "I guess I'm just an old lady, and I must
not have prepared well enough. But I tell you this, if you use me, I won't
wet myself! I've never done that. I'll hold on, no matter how much it
hurts, even if I feel like I'll burst! I may complain about the pain, but
I can stand it. Just let me try!"

Tim knew that he had no other candidate at the moment. He looked at
this half-naked, 56 year old woman, now with her back drawn up and her
breasts proudly thrust at him, even if pointing a bit downward, and he
thought she was perfect, if only her bladder would hold. He told her he
would consider her plea, and then escorted her to the door.

Two more young mermaid candidates showed up that afternoon, although one
declined to interview. Tim dismissed the other because he was not
impressed by her figure.

As the last candidate left, Lucy picked up the ringing telephone. A
female voice presented itself. "I am Eileen Townsend. Tim called me last
night. I would like to interview for the mermaid assignment, if I may.
I've thought about it carefully. I can come in tomorrow morning, if you
still want to talk about it

Lucy, somewhat ecstatic, signaled Tim. Eileen was told to come in at
nine. She objected. "You know, with the requirements you have imposed,
I'd really like to come in earlier. I mean, well, it's the requirement
about a full bladder. Could you make it earlier?"

Tim whispered to Lucy to find out why she wanted an earlier appointment,
but told her to make it anyway. "It's a matter of timing. Tim told me
that the bladder requirement was because I might have to go fifteen hours
without using a bathroom. I didn't know if I could do it, but now I've
tried, and I think I can. It's five thirty now; fifteen hours from now is
eight thirty in the morning. I've just emptied my bladder after holding it
for fourteen hours, but I didn't drink much. I don't plan to empty it
again before I come in, and from about seven I intend to start drinking all
the water I can hold. I don't know what this is going to do to me, but I
intend to be extremely full when I come in. I will not be wearing a bra,
in fact, I won't be wearing much of anything if I can come in early."

Lucy was amazed, but put her down for eight. She and Tim smiled at each

Wednesday, promptly at eight, they had a visitor at the door. Eileen
Townsend indeed was there. Lucy viewed her as she came in. She had short
gray hair, a slightly tanned skin color. Her rather small beasts moved
only slightly beneath their thin covering. She wore a red robe, very light
and thin, tied with a thin cord at her waist. She was slender, reported
her weight as 130, and her age as 53, and on her feet she wore sandals.
She was smiling, and her face was clear and attractive, with very subtle
make-up. As Lucy looked at her, she guessed that the robe was her only
garment and that she was naked under it.

Eileen was not hampered by excessive modesty. "'Are you ready for me,
and is it all right if I take the robe off?" she asked.. Lucy nodded, and
her guess was affirmed. Eileen Townsend kicked off her sandals, and stood
in front of her, naked.

Lucy quickly commented on her nudity, remarking that it was necessary
only to display her breasts. However, she added, "since you have come
without any other clothing than the robe, we will agree to interview you
naked, as long as you don't mind."

She posed quite erect, for a moment, allowing Lucy to view her body.
The tan color did not extend below her neck, indicating that she had not
been sunning herself topless, but her body was firm. Her breasts were not
large, and had only a little sag to them. Below her navel, her carefully
trimmed pubic hair showed, and there was an obvious bulge suggesting her
bladder was indeed very, very, full.

Her face bore a smile, but as Lucy looked at her, there were tears in
her eyes, and she was shaking, visibly.

Lucy could see that there was an attempt to display nonchalance, and her
apparent lack of modesty was feigned, for she was obviously nervous,
blushing slightly, and trying to cover her intense discomfort. She was in
great pain, Lucy concluded, from the attempt to retain her urine, and she
was trying to cover it with an attitude that would allow her to get it over
with as quickly as possible. Lucy recalled that Eileen had said she
intended to drink all the water should hold this morning, after already
having held her urine for at least fourteen hours; and this lady had put
herself into a position of extreme discomfort with a painfully distended
bladder being forced to accept a further huge load of water, and using all
the muscle strength she could command to hold it. No wonder she wanted to
go through it as fast as possible. That was the reason for wearing only
one garment and being so quick to discard it.

Lucy had her pose quickly, looking at her on all sides. She was indeed
an attractive woman, but, Lucy noted, her small breasts were firm and
stayed quite well in place when she moved, where the request was for
breasts that sagged more and looked older.

Eileen seemed not at all embarrassed when she was ushered, nude, into
Tim's office. She held out her hand in greeting, with no attempt at all to
cover her body. Tim noted, however, that the hand he did not grasp
immediately fell to her crotch and pressed into her pubic region, a sure
sign of her bladder distress.

Tim had her pose in various positions, which she did. He tried to put
her in postures where her breasts would move a bit, but they simply didn't
cooperate. Actually, they were quite firm and high, but this was not in
keeping with the requirement.

Tim, also saw the tears in her eyes and noted her shaking. He had, with
other candidates, tried to draw out the interview, to see how the woman
would come across trying to maintain poise when her bladder was painfully
full, but he could see this one was having a hard time with it already.
Try as she could, the pain was showing, and the poise was not equal to
covering it.

Eileen knew she was not handling it the way she hoped. She got to the
breaking point, and her voice trembled as she spoke to Tim, "I can't; I
can't!! I've tried so hard, but I can't hold it any longer! I've got to
let it out -now - now . Even if you're not through with me, please, I've
got to do it now, NOW!!"

Quickly he gave her the pitcher. She tried to hold it under herself,
while bending only slightly. Suddenly, a burst of urine came out of her,
spraying in an arc, pouring into the pitcher. She held the pitcher,
sobbing, with tears in her eyes. While the stream continued to pour out of
her, she lowered her voice and said to Tim, "I guess I've lost it- and I
did so want to be your Mermaid Mom! I thought I could force myself to hold

When she finished, Tim noted she had urinated almost 1400ml! Almost a
quart and a half, out of a lady on the shady side of fifty! He wondered
how many other women would be able to do this, with or without the tears.

He tried to comfort her. She had really done exceedingly well with the
bladder test, and the only real problem he could see was that her breasts were too small and too firm. It would not be any easy decision.

After she left, being told they would call her shortly. He and Lucy
held a conference.

"Lucy, Eileen was great, even with the tears and all. She clearly could
hold it, but her figure is going to disappoint Russell. He wants flabbier
breasts that swing a bit. Martha has them, but I'm not sure Martha's
bladder is equal to it. What think you?"

"If we could get Martha to do another test, I'd say go with her. But I
really hate to disappoint Eileen - she really put herself through torture,
really gave it a try!"

After some consideration, Tim found himself talking to Martha Lewis on
the telephone. "Martha, he began, you've really got the best figure for
this, and I'd like to use you, but I just need to be sure your bladder has
the endurance we need. I know you said you could hold it longer, but I
can't take a chance. In the scene, you'll have to consume as many drinks
as you are asked, and you'll probably have to go fifteen hours without a
pee. The young women we've selected have all managed to hold a quart, or
almost a quart; and you only did two thirds of that."

"Tim", Martha broke in, "I know I can hold it - I know I can. It's
going to hurt, I know, but I can endure the pain. Is there any way I can
convince you?"

"Yes, Martha, there is. A demonstration. That's the only fair way to
do it. Come into my office this afternoon with a least a liter in your
bladder and I'll use you for the job. "

"What time to do you want me?"

"How long will it take you to fill up?"

"How about three o'clock?"

"OK - I'll be there! Filled up!"

Tim and Lucy awaited their model applicant, wondering if indeed she
would succeed.

They underestimated Martha Lewis.

At one o'clock, Martha was at the office of Dr. Martin Phillips, a
local GP. She was there addressing an old friend, Jerri Matheson, the
office nurse of Dr. Phillips. Jerri knew Martha as an occasional patient
of her employer, and as a personal friend of many years.

Martha was making a request. "Jerri, I need you help! I've got a
modeling job coming up, and I need to qualify for it this afternoon. You
can help me. I know you've done catheterizations in the office. Can you
catheterise me?"

Jerri stared at Martha with a bit of shock. "What on earth for? Have
you got a urinary blockage of some kind? You need to see the doctor, and
he's not in today-"

"Look here, Jerri, I haven't got a lot of time. No, I don't have a
blockage. It would probably help a bit if I did. But my bladder control
may not be good enough for me to get this job! I want you to put a
catheter into me, not to empty my bladder but to fill it up! Can you do

Jerri, completely baffled, sat down and just stared at Martha, who
continued. "See, they need a model my age and shape, but the job is going
to require me to get into a costume I can't get out of for probably fifteen
hours, and I can't urinate while I'm in it, but I'll have to drink a lot of
liquid while I'm wearing it. So I've got to hold my water for fifteen
hours including all I have to drink. So they will only take a woman who
can demonstrate that she can hold about a liter, or a quart, in her
bladder. I tried, and made about two thirds of a liter. I think I could
hold a full liter, but I've got to get it in me, and I've no way of knowing
how much is in me. Bladders don't come with gauges. But you could stick
in a catheter, and fill my bladder up to a full liter; then, all I have to
do is manage to hold it long enough to go over to the agency, and I'll be
able to urinate a full liter, which will demonstrate my capacity. Won't
you do it for me?"

Jerri was shaking her head, confused. "Martha, how can you be sure your
bladder will hold a liter? That a lot for a human bladder! I could
probably put it in, if I do it slowly, and stretch your bladder, but it's
going to be awfully painful, and I can't give you any painkiller or
anesthetic. Then when I do take the catheter out, you'll have to hold it
by yourself, and you may not be able to. I'm telling you, that much is
going to stretch your bladder to its limits, and it's going to be very
painful for you! And, even if you do manage to hold it, what I'm going to
put in is clear water. If anyone checks you when you urinate, they're
going to see that it's clear, and they will know it won't be natural!"

"I thought of that. Could you put a drop of this in?" She produced from
her purse a tiny bottle f yellow food coloring. "It's edible, it's
non-toxic, and if you use it in the water you put it it will turn it
yellow. It will look natural. No one will question it!"

Jerri shrugged her shoulders, muttered something under her breath, and
looked in her supply cabinet.

"You get in the first examining room", she said, and undress. I'll get
a catheter. But I've got to drain your bladder first, or do you just want
to urinate first and assure me it's empty? If you don't, there's a chance
I will overfill it! And you had better not ever bring this up to the

Martha smiled at her victory. She made a quick trip to the ladies room,
while Jerri got ready. Shortly, Martha was on the table of the examination
room, with a catheter being carefully inserted into her urethra.

Jerri hooked up a tube to the catheter, and measured out a liter of
water, adding a drop of the yellow color. She hooked up the bag to the
tube, and let the water flow into Martha's bladder. As the bag emptied,
Jerri held it higher and squeezed it slightly to apply pressure. Martha
lay on the table, her bladder gradually distending. More and more water
was forced into her. Jerri called out, "You're up to 600ml- how do you
feel?" "Awfully bad - like I need to pee something awful! But keep going!"

Jerri continued the flow of water. Soon there was only 200ml left in
the bag. "Martha - you sure you want me to do this? you've got 800 in
you!" . Martha lay still, her fists clenched, her face contorted, her
determination undeterred. "More - more, fast as you can!"

"Martha, I've got to do it slowly, so you get stretched a little at a
time. I can't do it fast. Anyway, after I get it all in, it's going to be
up to you to hold it!"

Jerri called the count at 900, then 950. Martha was clearly suffering.
Tears streamed from her eyes. The pain was intense. Still the water
flowed in. Finally Jerri announced, "All right, you've got a liter in you.
Now let me deflate the catheter balloon and take it out. You better get
your muscles ready to do some strong holding!"

A couple of minutes later, Martha was sitting up, adjusting her clothes.
She was almost in a daze. The pressure inside her was strong, and her
whole bottom half seemed wracked with pain. She felt swollen and extremely

Somehow she managed to get from the doctor's office to Tim's location, a
couple of blocks away.

She arrived ahead of her appointment time, but Tim and Lucy were
waiting. Martha told them, "I'm here, it's maybe a bit early, but I'm
ready. I think I can prove to you I can do it!"

Lucy asked her to remove her clothes and hang them up, while Tim went
for the pitcher. In a minute or two, she was naked before them, her badly
swollen bladder protruding from her abdomen like a grapefruit. Her pubic
hair was untrimmed, thick and dark. Suddenly she was embarrassed that her
bush was showing; but she took the pitcher, and placed it in position. Her
stream began to flow.

Both of them watched, astonished at the force of her stream and the
quantity she discharged. It passed her 650 mark easily and the level
continued to climb. It even passed 1,000; going to about 1,100. Then she

They congratulated her. She had done what she had promised. She was
going to be their Mermaid Mom.

END OF CHAPTER 3 (Chapter 4 Next)


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