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Title: Meteor Phenomenon
Keywords: mc, mF, teen, inc, mom, son, brother, sister, lact
Author: Caesar

Meteor Phenomenon

by Caesar, copyright 2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/01/18 19:11:09 $

The event had been advertised in all the local papers for the last
week - it caused only casual, sporadic, interest in the normally quiet
suburb street on the outskirts of a western Canadian city. It would
take a riot to cause any widespread interest - a riot in their own
street that is.

The night was perfect, not a cloud in the sky. Very little wind,
though some of the residents would have enjoyed a respite from the dry
overbearing summer heat. And best of all, for those looking toward
the sky that night, no moon.

Phyllis stood with her arm around her wide-shouldered husband and the
other around her early-teen daughter. "I still don't see anything yet
mom." Her daughters voice sounded like she would be anywhere but
standing in the middle of the street in the middle of the night.

The thirty four year old mother looked around to see if any of her
neighbours had noticed her 'perfect' family - and that they were
attending this solemn event. She really could care less about the
real reason why they were standing out in the middle of the road well
after midnight.

Doris came out with both her hands filled with sweaty glasses filled
with iced tea. "Here Sam. Has it started yet?" Her husband was
laying back in his lawn chair staring at the sky, he simply grumbled
his negative reply. He had always thought of himself as an amateur

Susan saw the shadowed movement of her sister in laws neighbours and
opened the front door to see what they were all doing. Quietly, so as
not to wake her brothers family, she crept out to the front side walk.

Gail was seated on the steps to her home, the darkness hiding the
tears that followed from her eyes. Hours earlier her husband had told
her he was leaving her. She had to escape the silence of her home,
every direction reminiscent of her marriage and husband, and to let
her son sleep. She knew not, nor cared, why so many of her neighbours
were outside at the moment.

Josie finally got Jasmine back to sleep, and stood up to move her baby
back into its crib. A voice through the open window caught her
attention and after placing the slumbering child on her side and the
light fleece blanket to her tiny chin, she looked out through the bug

"There it is!" It could have been Phyllis' voice but no one was
paying attention.

At once several pairs of eyes moved toward one place in the sky and
saw the meteor. Five pairs of eyes saw it about the same moment, and
each were captured by its brilliance. Of those five sets of eyes,
they had some things in common that would allow the sight of this
meteor to alter the rest of their lives... starting as soon as they
woke from their next slumber. The first male they would see after
waking the next day after watching the meteor would be the sexual
purpose of their lives and would deny nothing to him. All because
they were the female of our species that had had children.

The papers had promised a rare and magnificent meteor phenomenon, and
to those five pairs of eyes, they could have not been more correct.

The feeling the sixty four year old awoke too was distantly familiar.
Her neck to ankle flannel nightie was sticking to her body but in a
way that was not familiar as the sweaty hot nights that she was used
too these last weeks. At first the grandmother of five thought she
had wet herself - cursing the tall cool glass of ice tea with Sam only
a few hours earlier. But a strangely familiar tickle high inside her
thighs caused her open her eyes in shock - the moisture sticking her
thick nightie to her body was her own sexual juices.

The old woman slowly sat up and looked down at her lap, where the
white flowered patterned material was dark with moisture and stuck to
her legs and groin. "My god", she half whispered in amazement.

Never in her life, and certainly not in many years, had she expelled
so much juices from her body.

It scared her just a little.

Across the room was her husbands single bed, and it was empty. For
that Doris was thankful - fearing the stern gaze she expected to
receive if her religious husband saw her in this state.

Her wrinkled hands trembled as she slowly gathered the hem of her
nightie up her old legs. She watched as her body was exposed, feeling
her cheeks burn with shame as the thick clear substance was revealed.

Then her nightie was held above her navel and Doris looked down at her
soaked satin panty - seeing her dark hair clearly through the wet

The toilet flushed causing Doris to jerk in surprise, throwing her
nightie back down over her legs. "Oh god." Sam was just in the

Please don't come out and see me like this, she prayed.

The door opened and Sam strolled in wearing his boxer shorts and a
frown. "Doris, your awake?" He had not even looked at her. "Have
you seen my book anywhere?" The sixty eight year old man walked next
to his own bed and groaned as he bent at the waist to retrieve the
bible on this bedside table.

He shuffled back to the bathroom and closed the door. It was the only
'book' he was willing to read since he was in school many decades

Not once had he seen his wife's wide eyed gaze.

Doris wondered if she was having a heart attack, as she was not much
younger than her husbands sister whom had died of heart failure only
last year. Yet as her own hand seemed to find itself between her old thighs and she roughly squeezed herself - a wave of long forgotten
pleasure flowed through her body. That pleasure hit her mind like a
sledge hammer and the old women fell back to her pillow and starred at
the plain white ceiling in astonishment.

This just could not be, she knew.

The other hand joined the first and both began to frantically rub at
that forgotten erotic place between the grandmothers legs.

Doris dug her heels into the bed and shoved her hips upwards, bite
into her bottom lip and closed her eyes. It has been at least a
decade since she has had to masturbate - but even that distant memory
seemed to be dull in comparisons to the overpowering urges she was now

Again and again she shoved her hips up, her fingers pressing her
nightie and panty almost into the groove of her cunt. That was what
it now was, a 'cunt', not the word she was forced to use if the
situation demanded the title of 'vagina'.

She began to grunt like an animal as she tried to appease the fire
between her legs. The area from her navel to her knees now soaked in
a new wash of her thick juices.

Doris's eyes suddenly flew open, feeling almost alien with intensity
and she quickly sat up. Blinking several times, the normal calm wide
look did not return, instead her gaze narrowed and she starred at the
door to the bathroom.


Nothing. Her voice was scratchy with tension and the bathroom had
been build for silence.

Doris cleared her throat and called loudly, "Sam!"

Movement... water running in the sink and then, the door opened.

Sam stood in the doorway to his bedroom and looked at his wife in

Doris was laying upon her bed with feet wide, her nightie was bundled
just above her knobby knees and she seemed to be perspiring wildly.
What also was amazing to the retired old man was the strange look in
his wife's eyes. "Doris...?" He feared that his wife was having a
stroke or maybe an embolism.

It took a couple of tries before her voice rose, "I need you Sam."

Sam stepped into the room, and stood at the foot of his wife's bed.
"What is it Doris?" He feared the answer and silently asked god to
give him the strength for whatever he needed to do in the next minutes
of his life.

With her brow furled tight the grandmother spoke loudly and clearly,
"I need you to fuck me Sam."

It was most certainly the last thing he had been expecting his
church-going wife to say.

"My god woman!" He could barely get his words out. "What are you
saying... how can you say that...?" Sam could not keep the contempt
from entering his heart and min.

Doris yanked her nightie up to her navel so that her husband could see
the wet undergarments and the darkness revealed between her thighs.

Sam almost tripped as she tried to back away, a hand finding his
wife's dresser and holding it for support. The other hand now
clenching his 'book' against his chest - like a shield.

Doris rolled off the bed with movements reminiscent when she was a
spry forty year old instead of her currently sixty four. Taking only
a few long strides she stood before her scared husband. "Fuck me
Sam." She starred into his eyes, as if to transfer the sincerity of
her request.

Sam, though, had never even heard his wife say the 'f' word and she
had always scolded her own children for even saying 'shoot'. She must
be having an embolism he thought.

Her hands moved below her waist and suddenly Doris stepped out of her
panties, already forgotten as they left a trail of female slim down
her elder thighs and calves and upon the hard wood floor.

"I need you Sam."

He felt her hands at the elastic waistband of his boxer shorts and he
closed his eyes and prayed for strength. This was a sin, he kept
reminding himself. His wife and life-partner was having some type of

Doris shivered in delight as her husbands wrinkled old cock, and that
was what it truly was to the old girl now, met her downward gaze. Her
mouth watered for it and her ass clenched, but it was per cunt that
felt as if it was electrified and drawing toward the old pecker.

Pressing her soiled nightie from her shoulders, it came to rest as a
pile upon the hard floor. The old woman did not hesitate as she
dropped to her knees and opened her mouth as she leaned forwards.

There was little warning, and Sam prayed god would understand his fear
and contempt that was immobilizing him.

It was a feeling so alien to the old man that he just knew it was
mortal sin. Of course he did not need to open his eyes to realize
what his wife was doing - and it shocked him. Forty two years of
marriage and not once had she... done this to him.

Doris had never taken her husbands cock into her mouth, never rolled
her tongue across its soft head, or felt her lips move along its
length. Yet she loved it, felt that love between her own legs and
even into her soul. Gone was the god she had prayed too all her life,
as she now sucked on the only thing worth worshipping.

All too naturally, the old girl started to move her face up and down
before her stunned husband, all the while sucking strongly on his

Sam knew he had to call someone, nine one one maybe? Yet he could not
do that right now, with his wife doing... well acting so strangely!
He was cornered against the dresser after all!

Doris sucked and sucked, bobbing her head slowly up and down her
husbands cock. Through all her years, and all the times her husband
had climbed above her in their marriage bed, it was never like this.
It was like... being a virgin again, thought the old woman. She could
not help but move one of her hands between her old soft thighs to
touch her fiery furnace.

Seconds passed and then minutes and Sam wondered when his wife's
'episode' would pass when he felt it.

Doris knew tears of happiness were rolling down her cheeks as the
small soft muscle in her mouth began to flex and grow. It began to
grow till it pressed her lips wide and the head pressed against the
back of her throat. She still could not get enough!

Oh my god, thought Sam, she is drawing me into her delusions! He
opened his eyes and looked down at the perversion and alien sight of
his aged wife bobbing her face over his groin, his penis hard as it
repeatedly invaded into her mouth.

It had been just over ten years since he had a hard cock - though it
had never been put to the test as it was now enduring. The last time
was also the last time he had coupled as man and wife with Doris.

He starred in astonishment as Doris sped her lewd movements up.

It seemed like the greatest loss of her life, that she had never
tasted the spend from her husbands cock. Yet now, any minute now, it
would begin to spurt its rare seed onto her tongue and down her
throat. The old girl began to imagine it spurting all over her face,
into her gray short curly hair, on her hard wrinkled nipples, in her
gray curly cunt hair, on her round soft wrinkled ass. Her own
pleasure was fast approaching but she was aware that it could not be
reached without Sam's.

Though she had been married to the man for two thirds of her life,
devoted in all ways that she could have imagined at the time to her
husband - her bond with him now was stronger and... foreign.

The hard muscle in her mouth jerked suddenly and Doris stopped all
thought, stopped all movement and held her breath.

Sam gasped in pleasure, surprised at the long forgotten feeling of
orgasm, as his body jerked even as his penis within his wife's mouth
did the same.

Doris felt a thick wad of sperm land on the back of her tongue and she
quickly pulled her husband out of her mouth. Sam spurted again and
again, as the old lady tried to watch it even as her tongue hung out
to capture every drop.

Her eyes were filled with tears of joy as the taste was beyond her
imagination and simply the most delicious thing to ever pass her lips.
Two fingers submerged in her loose cunt were desperately clasped by
deep muscles as her her body began to vibrate and jerk with her own
release. As Sam shot his load on her face and upper chest his wife before and below him groaned out in an orgasm to rival any other
pleasure in her long life.

Phyllis awoke with one hand beneath her bikini panties, stroking her
surprisingly wet slit. Her other hand slipped across the divide of
her queen sized bed to find her husband missing. She groaned and
rolled onto her stomach even as the centre finger slipped into the
liquid hot groove and slipped up her hungry hole.

The mother of one bite into her pillow in frustration and cursed her
bastard of a husband. Leave it to him to abandon her in her time of
need, he must have left for work already.

Her daughter should have gone to school... or was it a school
day... she could care less, rapidly Phyllis deduced.

Phyllis slipped her free hand up to her face and spit onto her index
finger. Quickly, rushing, she slipped it behind and beneath her
skimpy panties. She added two more fingers to her cunt as a finger
began to press into her ass hole. It had been months since her
bastard of a husband had properly fucked her, let alone used one of
their cock-like toys simultaneously in her rectum.

Being the prettiest girl in high school, as Phyllis had little doubt,
as well as married to the star of the football team and simply the
handsomest man she had ever known. Phyllis had always been about how
things looked, demanding that things always looked perfect and
beautiful. Demanding it of her child, for the quiet little girl to
make an attempt at her mothers school pride, cheer-leading. It was a
disaster - the teenage girl was humiliated and scorned by both her
maternal parent and her peers.

Phyllis tried to think of her husbands fat cock, plunging in and out
of her cunt. It wasn't enough and imagined he was behind her fucking
her tight sweet ass. Still, the thirty four year old knew it was not
enough to dispel this passionate heat she had awoken too.

The aerobic hard bodied mother of one jumped up out of bed, praying
that her wide shouldered, slim waist and rippled stomach... husband
was still home. She so much needed a cock.

A rare embarrassing thought crossed her mind, that any cock would do.
Phyllis shocked herself, realizing, for the first time since her
teens, that she did not need only the best or prettiest thing to
satisfy her. Angrily, she dispelled the idea, passing it off to the
heat of the moment.

Yet the knowledge that any cock, simply any long hard phallus, will
more than satisfy her. She craved a cock, desired it beyond
comprehension. Cursing herself, all the while, for not waking earlier
to satisfy herself upon her husband!

Striding out of her large master bedroom wearing only her cunt-wet
bikini panties, the thirty four year old woman saw that her husbands
briefcase and shoes were indeed gone. A shiver of loss, fear and
anger rolled through her body. And a single tear rolled down her
check in desperation.

Frantically, in the front foyer, the sexy woman slipped her skimpy
panties down her long shapely legs and immediately forgot them on the
carpeted floor. She rushed to the kitchen tearing open draws loudly
and in a panic.

An inch wide rolling pin was found and she immediately squatted down
to ease the end of it within herself. It only felt like hard wood and
it disgusted her.

Her hands now trembling, Phyllis tore open the refrigerator door and
grasped a single fat carrot in triumph. Again she squatted down and
eased the fat end of the vegetable within herself. Again it did
nothing for her, feeling only like a cold dirty vegetable.

"God damn it!"

She spun around and stopped when she saw her daughter standing in the
doorway to the kitchen looking at her mother in shock. "What the fuck
are you looking at?"

Then Phyllis looked down to her daughters pet that sat by her feet -
Flea. Suddenly Phyllis thought of something that would have disgusted
her at any other point in her life, but she simply had to have it. Or,
him, rather.

Phyllis softened her voice and spoke to her daughter in a sweet
singsong pattern that had won her way with her husband many times in
the past. "Tell Flea to come to momma." Her words may have been for
her daughter but her eyes were glued to the black orbs of the sixty
pound mongrel.

No one moved.

The desperate woman squatted down and clapped her hands together,
"Here boy! Come to momma."

The only response for for Flea to wag his tail.

Phyllis quickly turned and jerked open a cupboard, pushing items out
onto the floor until she found what she was looking for. She returned
to her place a meter before her stunned daughter and her animal.

This time when she looked at her daughter she put on her sweet voice,
"Mommy needs to borrow your pet for a while OK darling?" The girl only stood staring in shock as if unable to move. The lack of
response caused her mother to instantly switch her moods, "God damn
it, are you just going to stand there or are you going to let Flea
fuck me?"

The only response was for the teenager's eyes to widen.

Flea though was now standing and walking excitedly behind his

"That's a boy, come here to mommy."

The dog, though, was well trained and while it seemed agitated, did
not go past his mistress.

Phyllis, never giving the dog a moments compassion or love till this
very day, and, thus, felt desperation enter into her body. She simply
needed the cock of that animal and nothing else in this world would
suffice. She knew in her heart, in her soul, that she had found the
one cock to satisfy her. And all three of her hungry holes were
anxious for him.

With more humility than she had ever shown to her thirteen year old daughter she said, "I'll do anything darling... I mean it. Please
let Flea fuck me?" Her eyes were watering and she felt like dropping
to her knees to beg, her body though was trembling in need and she did
not think she could drop to the floor and not get back up unless it
was after a good hard fuck.

Barely a whisper, "Anything?"

A sign of hope, and the mother rapidly nodded, "Anything darling."
And she meant it - that mongrels cock meant that much to the woman.

Finally, "Let me watch...?"

At first it shocked the image conscious parent, but then she
remembered that hard cock and the pleasures it would surely give her.
"Yes... anything."

"... and take pictures?"

Phyllis was beyond caring. "Yes... anything!"

The girl spoke down to her pet, "Sit boy." Promptly he sat onto his
haunches and stared at Phyllis with is dripping tongue hanging out.
The older woman never even noticed her daughters hasty exit as she
watched transfixed to that tongue, imagining it licking her cunt,
pressing into her ass hole, sucking it between her lips!

Her daughter brought her out of her passionate cloud with an
instruction to Flea, "Go fuck mommy boy."

Phyllis was almost to the point of mind numbing desperation - so much
so that she did not even realize her daughter was now naked and
holding her eight millimetre video camera aimed at her mothers body.
Instead, with violently trembling hands, the thirty four year old opened the peanut oil and then began to pour it upon each of her round
hard breasts and over her well trimmed pubic hair.

She then allowed herself to drop on the marble floor of her kitchen
even as Flea confidently strode forward.

Joel knew, instinctively, what the feeling was before consciousness
returned. With a delighted groan, he stretched and spread his feet

Slowly, blinking against the harsh morning light, he squinted down his
naked body. There above his groin was his attractive wife's head
moving slowly up and down.

"Hum... good morning Josie."

She pushed thick brown hair from her forehead and without removing her
husbands prick from her mouth looked up into his eyes.

What he saw surprised him, the intensity within his wife's gaze was
filled with something he had not seen for some time. At least before
their daughter, Jasmine, had been born. Since that joyous time, both
parents were only trying to get through each day - staying a step
ahead of exhaustion.

Joel translated the look as pure lust for him. A lust that had been
lacking since their first child's birth. He did not question the
look, as they both may have been near-exhaustion they had also been
very horny. Any sexual contact between them in the last five months
had been simply rushed, purely physical affairs.

Josie closed her eyes again and savoured the delicious taste of the
man-meet moving in and out past her lips. She had not question the
desire that she had awoke too, but her slumbering husband next to her
seemed the natural outlet. It was something else, as well, something
primeval in the raw desire to submit to her husband, to feel his
pleasure. Than, and only then, she knew, would her own pleasure be

After a few minutes Joel understood that his wife was not going to
stop sucking him, but rather continue to the inevitable end. He
silently praised her, even as his hips moved gently up and down. It
had been almost a year since she had sucked him off to completion.

He allowed his pleasure to mount quickly, to feel his balls tighten in
their sacks and for his shaft to enlarge as if it could hold back the

Josie knew it too and lifted her face so that only her husbands cock
head was within her lips, as she felt him tense expectantly. The
blasts of sperm began to shoot into her mouth, upon her tongue and
down her throat. The salty come seemed to fill her soul with what had
been missing and, surprising to the young wife and mother, an orgasm
of her own was triggered.

Joel was staring down in amazement as his prick popped out of the
greedy confines of his wife's lips and pressed against the side of her
cheek. To a lesser degree, it continued to expel its contents upon
one side of her face so that the sight became obscene but very
exciting to the young husband.

With both adults panting, Joel was surprised to see his wife again
open her mouth and take his slowly decreasing cock back into her
mouth. With more venom and energy than when he had first woken, she
began to enthusiastically suck his prick.

It was like no other time in his life - she was fucking her face
violently upon his lap and he was surprised that she halted his pricks
descent. In fact, within only a few minutes, his cock again rose so
that it forced his wife's mouth wide.

This time when he attained his full proud phallus height, his wife suddenly scrambled up over his lap, aimed herself with the ease of
experience, and slammed herself down, piercing her body with his cock.

With the envelope of his wife over his dick, he was startled at how
hot and wet she was. Joel could never remember another time that she
had been so passionate, so god-damn hot!

With both hands upon his hairy chest, Josie began to frantically
moving her ass up and down over her husbands body - fucking herself

It took her by surprise, first waking to the burning desire in her
mind, heart and cunt and then exploding in orgasm without a single
touch between her legs. Now finally, feeling like her husbands cock
like never before - as if it was made just for her feminine sheath.
Never before had she felt such joy, and pleasure, with a man. Any
man, including her husband.

Emotions were rolling through her as she roughly fucked the man beneath her, wanting to please as well as feel pleasure. When she
felt lips upon one of her wide hard nipples, she quickly brought one
hand up to help feed her man.

Mothers milk squirted from her ripe bosom and overflowed her husbands
mouth, so that his lower face was covered in it. Seeing that, the
twenty seven year old mother leaned down and licked at the mess her
breasts had made, savouring her own sweet milk upon her tongue.

It was like she had never fucked until this moment, like she had never
tasted the sperm from the source till minutes before, never felt more
alive or so much a woman till this very second in time.

Joel could feel his wife's need to make him happy and it pleased him,
as it was a duty a wife should do he had always believed, yet he could
also feel her raw desperation for her own release. And that was a
duty for a husband to do, he had always believed.

Grasping both her wide soft hips, Joel suddenly rolled her over onto
her back and took over where his wife had paused. Knowing, but not
understanding, Josie's mood - he began to slam his body in and out of
her own.

It was loud and obscene - fucking at its best.

"Mom...?" She just stood there staring at him strangely - as if she
were starving and he a buffet. There was something else, as if she
were seeing her only son for the first time.

Perhaps she had a fever he wondered.

It was all very weird, he thought!

"Are you OK?" He saw the hand that held the door frame trembling. He
guessed her odd behaviour to be something to do with the particularly
loud fight his parents had late last night. "Wheres dad?" He was
usually up before his son.

Almost in a whisper she finally spoke after the minutes of awkward
staring, "I... love you Darren."

Strange thing to say, at least at that moment after the long pause.

What else could he say, "Do you want me to make you anything for
breakfast mom?" Darren was seated at the kitchen table with the
cartoon section of the newspaper and a bowl of raisins and oats.

Gail was not a large woman, small of frame and medium height, but her
bare feet thumped upon the tiled floor as she came to the edge of the
table. Swiftly she yanked the paper from her son's hand, throwing it
over her shoulder and pushing the half filled bowel of cereal to the
kitchen floor where it spilt in a great mess.

Stunned, Darren pushed his chair and himself away from the table,
which allowed his mother to stand directly before him. She leaned
back against the edge of the table, as if uncertain of her own
balance, while continuing to stare intently at her child.

Breathlessly she finally asked, "Do you love me Darren?"

"Of course I love you mom!" What he wanted to do was curse loudly at
the shock of his mothers appearance and actions.

Leaning toward her son she countered, "No... I mean... do you love
me!" In truth he had no idea what she was asking and was starting to
get a little worried at her odd behaviour.

"I want to make you happy Darren..."

She was oddly scratching her nails along the outside of her loose
summer dress, along the upper thighs repeatedly.

"... and its wrong...!"

"Mom...?" Maybe she had a fever?

She suddenly smiled strangely and squinted at her son, "... but don't
all little boys want to fuck their mommies?"

He had to have heard wrong, he thought immediately.

The words were out before she could regret saying them. And in
retrospect, she did not regret a single word. In fact her desire
level rose after she finally got the fateful question out, as if it
were the final hurdle to nirvana.

The pure raw passion of her body had caused her to forget the pain of
her husband leaving her when she first woke. When she did remember,
she only cursed him with fury at abandoning her in this time of
intense need. And a 'need' it was, as she had never in her forty one
years had she felt such a burning desire. Her fingers had quickly
found the centre of her passion and Gail had masturbated furiously.
After four fingers drove in and out of her sloppy wet hole, with
another two in her virgin rear passage, she heard her son downstairs
and the cock in her mind that had no face suddenly made sense - her
fantasy man, the man with the cock who would calm her erotic fires was
her own son. Her desire was causing tears of frustration as she
controlled herself not to run naked to the kitchen, but allowed her
fantasies to be that of her son.

Darren had not left her, abandoned her. Certainly he was a tall thin
'geek' but she was his mother and they were bound tighter than any
stupid marriage contract.

What, in fact, had happened was that the mother of one talked herself
into seducing her child. So that her standing before him, offering
herself, as she thought, seducing him with her desire, was natural and
definitely a need. Gail actually thought if Darren did not take her,
as a man does a woman, and use her in ways that her body had never
known with her ex husband, that she may very well go mad!

He watched stunned as his mothers fingers had stopped clawing her
upper thighs and were slowly lifting the hem of her knee-length flower
patterned loose skirt up her thin short legs. It moved ever so slowly
until it ended about his mothers waist - exposing her naked loins to
his virginal eyes.


"Mommy loves you baby." She held her skirt high for him, knowing that
her wet thighs and pubic hair could be seen and taken for evidence of
her sincerity.

"Where... where is dad... mom?" Darren found that he could barely
speak and his eyes were glued to the first real female loins that he
had ever witnessed. Though he never really seen his own mother as a
'woman' the sight of her pubic hair was nothing but beautiful to his
innocent eyes. It was a magnificent sight, and momentous.

"He left me last night." He tore his eyes up to stare into his moms',
surprised at the revelation.

What puzzled him most, though, was that she did not seem to care that
her husband was gone. "What happened?" Darren already knew, his
father and mom had been having loud arguments for years and he
personally knew that his old man was fucking anything female on two
legs for years including a tramp at his work.

Gail paused, not knowing how to answer her son - should she tell him
he truth that his father and mother no longer loved each other and
that his father had decided his life was not worth staying around for?

Then she realized it all didn't matter - only thing that mattered was
her love, or was it lust, for her son! She knew, without a doubt,
that she would do anything for him.

A shiver ran through her body which Darren saw.

"Mommy needs you baby."

Darren could smell his mothers lust, and could see the matted wetness
sticking to her curly pubic hair. There was even a small river of it
sliding down one inner thigh. Even though he was inexperienced with
women, he had done a lot of research on the Internet.

Gail was getting impatient - she thought her son's hesitation was
simply inexperience. "Should mommy suck baby's cock?"

Darren jerked his eyes back to his mothers, seeing a foreign seductive
look on her face. "You are serious?" A part of him still thought
this some joke, or a nervous breakdown from his father leaving on his
mothers part.

In fact, it just did not make sense to the fifteen year old geek.
Ostracized from his peers by both intellect and indifference. Women,
in his experience, just did not come onto him like this. The fact
that it was his own parent was beyond comprehension.

Like so many other times in Darren's life, when action rather than
thinking would have made a difference, he was over thinking the
situation. And he knew it.

Gail felt some of the certainty disappear with desperation and just a
little humiliation. Her husband had fucked anything that walked,
leaving his marriage bed cold and lifeless for years. Now, offering
herself so blatantly to her only child seemed as if it was about to
fail - she saw Darren's distant inward look. She had quickly thrown
on this loose dress and approached her son because Gail had considered
him the perfect cock to her cunt - the only man she could trust.

Darren saw the tears rolling down his mom's cheeks after she let the
hem of her dress fall.

After seeing his strangely cold eyes Gail's desperation kicked in and
she slowly slide to the floor before her seated teenage son. Between
kisses to his thin hairy knees she said, "Tell me what to do for you
Darren... I need you?"

Seeing her prostrate herself in such a foreign way almost won the
teenagers hormones over. Her lips were barely centimetres from his
virgin cock, now half hard beneath this sweat shorts.

Darren was starting to feel dizzy.

"Mommy will do anything for her baby!" Her head was moving higher on
his lap and he knew if his mom persisted, he would never be able to
deny his growing arousal.

"Mom?" She kept kissing and moving toward his crotch. "Mother!"

Reaching down, Darren grasped each side of his mothers small head in
his big thin hands and lifted her from his lap. Seeing her that
moment, his mothers face looked anything but desirable. Her eyes were
blurry with tears, both cheeks slippery wet with the same, her lips
and chin were covered in saliva, her hair a tangled mess and her nose
seemed to be running. But it was the desperation and the animal look
in her eye that was so awful to the boy.

Gail wrapped both her arms and thighs about one of her son's thin legs
and hugged him tightly as she sobbed and cried.

Darren stroked her messy hair and was surprised that his mother took
his fathers leaving so harshly - he had been threatening to leave for
months. Then he felt it, a slight movement on his mothers part, and
then the furry hot wet touch to the top of his bare foot. It was
beneath her loose skirt and could only be one thing.

Even as she cried her pain and anguish she began to hump her child's
leg, pressing and grinding herself into him. At each thrust her
misery was overwhelmed with the pleasure of the moment. Soon her lips
were again kissing the inside Darren's thighs.

Darren was simply amazed, excited and horrified.

It takes a full minute before he bellows, "Mom!" And roughly shoves
her away from his leg - just as if she were an animal doing the same
thing. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Gail landed upon her ass.

Instead of answer, the forty one year old grasped the one foot that
had already seen her brief desire and pulled it between her spread
thighs and beneath her skirt. In seconds she lets out a groan of
delight as she feels the big toe of her son's large foot enter into
her cunt.

Darren is beyond amazed, back to being stunned. Of course he knew
what she was doing with his toe but it was beyond his limited Internet

Gail began to chant, "Fuck mommy!" Over and over, as she rode his

Within the minute Darren's mom gasped out and froze every muscle in
her small thin body before a animal like screech escaped from her
lips. His toe was grasped firmly by hidden muscles as it felt like a
wash of hot water was flowing down his foot.

Of course it excited the boy but it also disgusted him - that the one
person he had thought incorruptible was indeed maligned, was
contemptible. It was perhaps the one moment in his life that he may
look back on to say what truly shaped him into a man.

Instead of collapsing, Gail allowed her body to relax and after
several seconds to catch her breath she again looked upon her child
with that rarely used seductive look she had given him earlier.
"Thank you baby for making mommy happy. Now its baby's turn to feel
good!" She reached, with both hands, toward the elastic band of his
shorts. The orgasm she had just had was the most powerful thing she
had ever felt, and it justified her incestuous seduction of her child,
but in her soul she knew it was only the beginning. She was his now,
body and soul.

"Get your hands off me slut!" A stab of agony gripped Gail's heart
with fear. "Take off your dress... only ladies wear clothing around
the house."

A spark of hope returned to Gail as she quickly unbuttoned the dress
and lifted it over her head, throwing it forgotten to the corner. She
felt her son's eyes on her small 'A' cup sized breasts and she wished
they were bigger for him. She knew her body was no teenagers, but she
was determined to serve her son with devotion and love that he will be
too tired to look any future young hard-bodied girls.

"Now crawl on your hands and knees up to my room!" He half expected
her to stand up and begin to scream at him, as she should he knew, but
she only began to slowly crawl out of the kitchen. Her ass moving
deliciously at every movement.

When she was gone, Derek looked down at his soaking foot and wondered
maliciously what he was going to have his mother do for him first!

John stood in the doorway to the kitchen, still holding his paper,
while watching is completely naked sister frantically searching
through the fridge for something.

"Looking for something sis?"

Her head jerked up from around the fridge door and looked into her
amused brothers eyes. Susan had thought there was no one home, her
sister in law having left early and her two nieces having left minutes
ago. She had only assumed her brother had done the same. But upon
seeing him, the search for a vegetable, or anything phallus shaped to
help her ease the burning desire between her legs, her rushed urge was
instantly forgotten - or at least redirected.

It was not the first time this brother had seen his sister naked, but
it was the first time since they had been teenagers. In fact, she
used to put on little strip and masturbation shows for her older brother - loving and craving his eyes upon her exposed body.

Susan closed the door to the fridge and said very frankly, "I need you
to fuck me John." Seeing him just then brought back that adolescent
desire as well as so much more than she had ever felt for another
person in her thirty six years. She had woke up feeling so horny,
that her fingers and then a thin candle next to her bed had not
helped. That was why she had been searching in the fridge, for
something bigger to ease her hot wet cunt. Only the initial sight of
her brother caused her to realize her desires were misspent - her
older brother was a living breathing cock, and there was no one alive
that she would rather fuck.

His only response, at first, was for his bushy eyebrows to raise in
surprise. Then he added, "Couldn't find a carrot or a cucumber

"Fuck me big brother?" She stood in the middle of the kitchen naked
before her brothers intense gaze.

Though she was double the age since he had last seen her naked, her
matured body was rather more beautiful than he could remember. It had
filled out with age, her legs were more shapely, she had better
definition between waist and hips, her breasts had expanded and
lowered only slightly, the nipples darker after childbirth and
breast-feeding and her eyes had lost any spark of teasing.

She was serious.

"Where do you want to do it sis?"

The one corner of her mouth revealed her satisfaction at his
acceptance - thankful that it was such an easy sell, as she had been
ready to beg for his favours.

"My bedroom?" It really made no difference to the divorcee - she
would do him on the front lawn if that was what he wanted. Already
her body was trembling in expectation.

He smiled lecherously, "I meant what hole!"

Her eyes widened and then she realized even that answer did not matter
to her. Susan remembered her older brothers fascination with her
bottom and she had spent years showing him her naked ass and she knew
what he wanted.

This time her voice was a little hoarse. "Anyone you want big
brother." Then she smiled out the corner of her mouth, "Or you can
fuck all three if you wish?" Susan's knees felt like they were going
to buckle at the sexual tension of the moment - from the desire she
felt for her brother.

Finally, "Lets go to your room sis." John let his sister take the
lead, watching her sexy ass move with each step. At first he was
teasing her while enjoying her nudity - then he just felt the taboo desire that he felt for her so many years ago.

Her room smelt like a cunt factory - Susan must have been on a
marathon of masturbation before she went downstairs, he thought.
"Take my clothes off Susan."

Her response was to smile hugely.

With trembling limbs, she quickly took her brothers slacks and golf
shirt from his body. Then knelt to remove his socks. Finally,
hooking fingers in the waistband of his boxer shorts, she pulled down
the final barrier to the object of her true desire. It sprang out as
soon as the shorts descended.

"God its beautiful!" She mumbled unintentionaly.

John chuckled at his sisters response. If she did not have the body
that she had eighteen years before, his had changed more so. Between
business lunches, no exercise and his wife's great cooking... he had
gained forty pounds and gone was the hard bodied teenage body he once

Her mouth did not hesitate, as soon as he had stepped out of the
shorts, and Susan was practically drooling as it first slipped between
her lips. Though not as large as her ex husband, nor the huge phallus
that she thought she craved, as she stole down to the kitchen for a
vegetable substitute - all that was forgotten now as she sucked her
brother with more passion he had ever known. She did not so much suck
it as fuck her face with his hard average cock.

Roughly he grabbed her by her messy hair and shoved his sister toward
the bed. She understood and crawled onto it, with her knees upon the
carpeted floor and her ass over the edge facing her brother.

John dropped to his knees behind his sister and pulled one of her ass
cheeks apart from the other - admiring the gaze. She was so wet, it
appeared to be bubbling from her cunt and had left her soaking from
the top of her tail-bone to her knees. His cock moved forwards with
confidence and sunk into his sisters well used and hot cunt effortlessly. He moved it around, enjoying this first intimate
joining of the two - but he had other plans.

Having used a single finger on her ass earlier, to discover if that
would help with her growing erotic craving, Susan's bottom was not
totally unprepared. That and the abundant juices she had, and there
currently was, coated her ass hole.

The head of her brothers small cock took the most effort, and he
grunted as he pushed painfully past her sphincter muscle. It felt, to
the mature woman, that it popped past the barrier and then she felt
the rest of him invade effortlessly into her bowels. It was not the
first anal fuck of her life, but there was something about this one
that made it 'magical'. As her brother held onto his sisters hips
roughly and pounded himself in and out of her body she realized her
own sexuality was building along with her brothers.

It took her by surprise, she had never enjoyed anal sex that much, and
she had been so energized earlier...?

Suddenly, two minutes after first entry, John let go a blast of sperm
into his sisters rectum. Susan felt it and it seemed to trigger off
her own explosion as an orgasm overloaded her senses and she started
to black out from the pleasure of it.

Minutes later, John was laying over his sisters sweaty back and
gasping to catch his breath - beneath him, Susan had not moved for
some minutes and he was a little surprised at her response. He had
been so rushed and anxious to fuck her ass and come, before she came
to her senses could denied him, that if she received any pleasure it
was totally unexpected.

Though, from experience with his wife, he knew it would take another
hour before his dick was ready to fuck again he wondered if Susan
would mind putting on a little show for him. Something like what she
did years before - fingering her own cunt while he watched. This
time, though, it will end with him properly fucking his younger



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