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Meyer's College Part 01 INTRO


Meyer's College, a Div. of Southeastern University (Part 01)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum

WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language of an
adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so.
If you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in
these pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable.
Thank you for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As
always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my

This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not be published,
posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other than ASSM
and ASSTR, without the express permission of the author. I intend it for
the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and dedicate it accordingly.



I realize that this is a departure from the norm, but before I begin I
would first like to thank Frank McCoy, author of "On Meyer's Campus"
for his inspiration and permission to expand upon his work. If you are
not familiar with it, I highly recommend that you read it, as it really
acts as a prequel to my story.

Other authors I wish to thank, and works that I recommend highly for
the reader's enjoyment are:
"The Harrad Experiment" by Robert Rimmer
the "Karen Naked in School" series by Karen Wagner
the "Beth Naked in School" series by peregrinf
both "Carl Naked in School" series by peregrinf
the "Keiko Naked in School" series by base212
& the "Human Sexuality" series by Knightwolf

By all means, it is not necessary to read all these works prior to this
story. But since they are all favorites of mine, they WILL help the
reader follow my train of thought more easily as the series unfolds.

With all the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, again I hope you enjoy
reading my story.


This story takes place on the campus of Meyer's College, a division of
Southeastern University. It is named in honor of Jacob Meyer, without
whose endowment and foresight, the college would not even exist. Dr.
Meyer was a member of the original Masters and Johnson sexual research
team in the mid 20th Century.

The co-founders of the college are Dr Elizabeth Finch-Walker, MD,OB/Gyn
and Sexual Dysfunction; her husband Dr Carl Walker, MD, Psychiatry; and
Dr Amy Thompson, MD, Psychiatry.

Both Beth and Carl were original class members, of the first course
given at Southeastern University in the field of Human Sexuality, HS-201.
It was taught by their colleague, and college co-founder, Dr Amy
Thompson, MD. Other classmates of theirs are also Professors at Meyer's,
and Southeastern University, and will be introduced as the story unfolds.

The setting is a recently vacated and renovated mansion on a hill,
overlooking the main section of the Southeastern University campus. It
formally housed the Alpha Omega fraternity, and became available due to
declining interest in fraternity life at the end of the 20th Century.
The building is two stories, approximately square in plan, with twelve
bedrooms on the 2nd floor around the building's perimeter, surrounding
two staircases and a communal bath-shower room in the core. Each bedroom
is designed to house two occupants. The 1st floor consists of a kitchen,
a community dining room, 2 quiet study rooms, a recreation/TV room, a
gymnasium, and office/treatment rooms for the Staff. An Olympic sized
swimming pool in the rear garden rounds out the facility.

We now pickup the story in progress. The group is assembled in the
recreation/TV room, Doctors Walker and Dr Thompson have just finished
introducing themselves, and given their credentials to the assembled
students. Carl is speaking.

"We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, the initial
class here at Meyer College. We realize that most of you are wondering
what you are doing here, and why you are a separate entity, yet a part
of Southeastern University."

"Eight short years ago, Southeastern undertook the challenge of turning
out the highest trained group of graduates in the field of Human
Sexuality. It began by offering one of the first, and certainly the
most trailblazing of courses ever offered in the field, Human Sexuality,

"Beth and I were both members of that class."

"It was taught by Dr. Thompson."

"It is still on the curriculum today. Little has changed. It is still
taught and attended in the nude. It remains a 'hands-on' course, where
class participation in the subject matter, is the primary basis for
determination of grade. But it was not enough. It was determine by the
Board of Regents, that we needed to expand into a full curriculum."

"You are the result of that decision."

"Most of your parents are products of the 60's and 70's. Those that
are not have most certainly been highly influenced by that time period.
Some have even taken Dr. Thompson's course here at Southeastern."

"Your parents submitted your names for consideration for this program.
They felt that it was advantageous for YOU to attend. But the final
decision is ultimately yours. We realize that most of you were kept in
the dark by your parents, regarding the particulars of The Program."

"We agreed. We felt that it was necessary to get the most reliable
results from the battery of tests and exams that you were subject to.
They are now complete. You have been chosen and are now here, whether
or not you remain is your choice. You are all legally adults and have
the right to choose whether you continue or not. If after this initial
orientation discussion, you choose to opt out, no ill effects will
befall you. No one will think anything less of you. You will simply
be transferred into the mainstream University. Your position will then
be offered to an alternate student on the waiting list."

"If there are no questions so far, I am going to turn over the floor to
my wife, Beth, the other Dr. Walker."

"As you see in the handouts, both Carl and Amy are Doctors of
Psychiatry, I am also a Doctor. My specialties are OB/Gyn and Sexual
Dysfunction. All of your medical needs can, and will be taken care of
right here in the house. Our offices and the treatment rooms adjoin
this room."

"As Carl has already mentioned, please call us Beth, Carl, and Amy.
Carl and I aren't that much older than you, and we ALL prefer the

"If you haven't already noticed (fat chance of that), there are 24
students here, chosen for the initial phase of The Program, evenly
divided among the sexes."

"There are twelve bedrooms upstairs. For anyone delinquent in Math, that
means two students per room. (Laughter around the room) Your room
assignments have been based upon computer analysis of the personality
exams you were administered prior to your acceptance into The Program."

"Your room assignments will be given to you this afternoon, after the
morning orientation program has concluded, and after you have had a
chance to discuss your decisions with one another, over Lunch in the
next room."

"We don't want your decisions to be based in any way upon who has been
assigned to be your initial roommate. That is why we will not give out
the assignments until after your decisions have been rendered. We need
you decision based solely upon your wish to participate or not. Anything
else would simply not be fair to the others. If your initial roommate
is not compatible for one reason or another, you both will have two weeks
to find a compatible choice among the others, otherwise the initial
pairing will remain for the balance of the semester."

"Each room contains one closet, one dresser, one Queen sized bed and two
nightstands. These furnishings have been chosen and sized as such for a
specific reason. The reason will become apparent to everyone in a
moment. . .The assignments will be one male and one female per room."

(a collective gasp....followed by a low undercurrent of discussion can
be heard among the students attending)

"We don't expect, nor do we ask that you remain monogamous with each
other. We just ask that you remain as an occupant of ONE ROOM for the
entire semester. After all, how can you learn about relationships, if
you don't allow the opportunity for one to develop?"

"At the end of the semester, we will re-evaluate where we stand. Any
questions so far? Good. To continue..."

"Now for the house rules. You will each receive two copies. One copy
will be signed by each of you, and kept on record as proof of your
commitment to us, and to each other, that you willingly agree to abide
by these rules."

"A legal contract among us, if you will."

"Remember you are all adults. If after reviewing and discussing the
rules with your peers at Lunch, you find that you are unwilling or
unable to agree to them, you will be dropped from The Program without

"However, it is a one way street. Once you opt out, you are out, there
is no returning to The Program at a later date. There will be NO
EXCEPTIONS on this point. Is that understood? It is extremely
important that there are no misconceptions at this juncture. Good!"

"Nudity will be REQUIRED while on the PREMISES after this afternoon. It
will be OPTIONAL ELSEWHERE on the campus and in the town. The ban on
nudity has been lifted in this jurisdiction."

"Remember, nudity is required here, this means you will also be sleeping
in the nude. One boy and one girl to the bed (at least only one of each
in the beginning) and we do expect there to be sexual contact. The beds
are large enough to accommodate two or even three people comfortably, but
not large enough to allow the occupants to hide from one another."

"As in HS-201 no one will be forced to participate in anything not of
their own free will. However, continued lack of participation will
cause you to be dropped from The Program; for the good of The Program,
yourself, and the others in it. It will not be arbitrary, and discussions
with us will occur and ultimately, a warning will be given before action
is taken. This Program is for your benefit and this thought should remain foremost in your minds."

"I repeat, being dropped from The Program is not to be taken as a
punishment (in most instances, that is), but rather an action taken, both
for the good of the individual and the collective good of the other participants. We realize that this Program is not for everyone, hence
the battery of tests you all endured. We also realize that no bank of
exams is infallible, and that accommodations will need to be made as time
goes on. An example of this is your opportunity to opt out today, before
we even begin."

"Nudity is required of you, not of your visitors. For them clothing is
optional and the choice remains with them at all times. For everyone's
safety I am going to repeat again for the record, coercion is unacceptable,
and won't be tolerated at any time, either among participants or guests.
It is a two way street on this point. If it occurs, criminal action will
be instituted immediately. Is this perfectly clear? Good!"

"The last house rule is that unless you are attending class, you are
participating in an extracurricular activity, engaging in a sexual act
with the partner(s) of your choice, or in bed for the night; you should
remain here, in the common areas. The bedrooms are not to be used to
hide in, nor are the other areas of the campus and town, so that you
are not exposed to others. I expect that this will become a moot point
very shortly, as everyone becomes comfortable with one another."

"This is a program of participation, treat it as such and everyone will
benefit the most from their experiences while you are here at Meyer's."

"Also, the requirements of this program are not to be allowed to
interfere with the obligations that you have in other courses, and any
extracurricular activities that you may be involved with. This is the
same rule that has been adhered to from the beginning in HS-201, as
have most of the other rules."
"I don't want us to come across as authoritarian, with lots of rules
and regulations. We just feel that if we can all agree from the start,
what is required and what is expected, of each of us, then we can all
relax, and maximize this learning experience and growth together."

"In all honesty, we can really sum up this entire orientation session
EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FOLLOW NATURALLY'. But we aren't sure how many of
you would have understood this without the preceding introduction."

"Now if there are no questions, it's time for lunch. I don't know about
you, but I'm starving. All of this talking has made me hungry! Let's eat!"

Suprisingly, everyone opted to remain. Even the one girl who seemed
genuinely shocked that her parents would have volunteered her for a
program that required nudity, and expected sexual contact, virtually
from the start. In our original class in Human Sexuality, HS-201,
approximately 1/3 of the class opted to not return for the second
class. I anticipated that, at the least, there would have been a couple
of students to bail out here, even if the initial selection process kept
the numbers down.

Let's hope this bodes a good beginning.



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