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Meyer's College Part 02 AFTER LUNCH


Meyer's College, a Div. of Southeastern University (Part 02)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum

WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language of an
adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so.
If you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in
these pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable.
Thank you for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
As always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my
This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not published,
posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other than
ASSM and ASSTR, without the express permission of the author. I intend
it for the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and dedicate it


The story picks after the Lunch break is over. The students have now
had an ample opportunity to discuss the morning's revelations, and
their reactions and decisions regarding them. Dr. Amy Thompson MD,
Psychiatry and a co-founder of The Program rises to address the group.

"Welcome back, everyone. It is now commitment time. Is there anyone
who wishes to 'opt out' of The Program at this time? No one? Is
everyone absolutely sure, before we continue?"

"Are there any questions?"

"I ask that you each now sign 1 copy of the rules you were given this
morning. It is a sign of your commitment, and a contract with each
other to abide by these rules, and participate fully in all phases of
The Program. When you are finished, please hand them to our assistant,

"Again, I bid you welcome. But now as colleagues and fellow participants
in this social adventure. It is an adventure, and we are in it together.
It has never even been attempted prior to now. What WE make of it is our
collective decision. Let's make it a good one."

"Tina, would you please assist me in passing out the room assignments
at this time. Thank You."

"Before we adjourn, although it's Friday, and classes don't officially
begin until Monday morning, I feel that it will be advantageous to The
Program if we have our first session this evening at 7 PM. Until then,
I release you, to do whatever you need to get done, to unpack, purchase
books and supplies, or just plain unwind from your first day."

"Remember, The Program has now officially begun. ALL RULES NOW APPLY,
including those regarding nudity. You should now disrobe, and you are
dismissed. See you all at Dinner."

With that statement, Amy untied the straps to her sundress. Allowing it
to flow to the floor, in a puddle at her feet, she revealed her sleek,
trim, 5'2" body in all it's glory, to the group for their inspection.
She had a deep golden, all-over tan and, other than her long auburn
tresses, was completely shaven,. She appeared to be about thirty-five,
approximately 102 pounds, with apple sized, perky breasts, and pink
upturned nipples topping small aureoles. She was extremely fit and
trim, with not an ounce of fat to be seen anywhere on her body.
Overall, a magnificent specimen of womanhood. Beth, Carl, and Tina did
the same before departing the room. Everyone else glanced around the
room, then began to slowly disrobe as well, prior to gathering up their
belongings, to carry to their new homes for the coming semester.
(pun intended!)

"Peter, I am still having trouble accepting the fact that my parents
volunteered me, for this Program!"

"Before this morning, I don't think anyone has seen me nude, other than
my doctor, since I was a baby. Everyone has always been so careful
about their modesty, even around the house. We always wore robes going
to and from the bathroom, and never even sat around the house in our
pajamas in the morning, or before bedtime."


And look Peter did!

She was simply a magnificent sight to behold. Platinum blond hair cut
in a modified boy's cut framed a delicate, oval shaped face, with
piercing blue eyes, a cute button nose, cherry red lips, displaying a
set of even, pearly white teeth and set into a wry grimace. Tall,
about 5'8", around 125 pounds, with softball sized breasts, topped by
erect, shell pink nipples set in quarter sized aureoles of a slightly
deeper shade of pink. From there her body flowed smoothly to a very
slightly rounded belly, curving gently as it traveled over her slim,
but womanly hips into the longest, shapeliest legs Peter had ever had
the good fortune to see.

Her ass was a glorious upside down heart shape, firm and uplifted. Her
bush was small, sparse, and neatly trimmed, and of a very slightly
darker shade than her tresses. It framed her delicate mons perfectly.
Her hair style may have been a modified boy's cut, but the rest of her
sure wasn't! The only mar to an otherwise perfect, light tan, were the
2 bands of white flesh, at her breasts and hips, revealing the usage of
a rather modest bikini.

"What do YOU think of all this, Peter?"

Suddenly gasping, her eyes widened, Linda began to softly, and
melodically giggle, as she brought her small hand to her mouth;
realizing for the first time what Peter actually thought of it.

He was sporting the longest, hardest erection of his young life! It
looked and felt to be about 2 inches longer and thicker around than his
usual 6 1/2 inches! Peter was wearing only an all over, head to toe
blush, of the deepest shade of crimson imaginable, as he realized what
Linda was looking at.

"Never mind", she whispered softly, "I can guess what you think of it!"

With that, Peter's blush deepened even further.

Linda then took the time to fully appreciate her roommate's body. Peter
stood about her height, was somewhat thin, but not bony, approximately
160 pounds, with short, neatly trimmed, brown hair, blue eyes, Roman nose
and pouty lips. He was clean-shaven, and then Linda realized, that was
over his WHOLE BODY! Then she remembered. Peter had mentioned earlier
that he was here on a scholarship, a member of the school's swim team.
No wonder, that's why he has such a sleek, compact body. Before he had
disrobed downstairs, she had thought that he was dressed somewhat
nerd-like. No matter, undressed he was quite pleasing to her eyes.

Linda looked up. Realizing that she had been caught staring at his body,
her blush quickly matched his in color and intensity.

Then they both began laughing, until the tears ran rivers from their eyes.
They reached out and embraced each other tightly, realizing that they
were both truly comfortable in each other's presence. They knew now that
no matter what was to come later (pun intended), they were friends.

"What do you say we go down to the pool?" Linda asked.

"You probably want to get in a workout, and I sure want to get rid of
these tan lines while I can."

With that, they both ran naked down the stairs, and out to the pool;
hand-in-hand, quietly giggling like young children.

Peter to swim laps, and Linda to even her tan.

Neither was in the least bit, any longer conscious, or bothered by
their nudity.

Michael and Kelly were quietly unpacking and arranging their belongings,
talking about nothing in particular. He suddenly realized that there
had been an unexpected lull in their conversation. Glancing up, Kelly
was wide-eyed, and appeared ready to crumble to the floor. Kelly wore
an expression of abject fear, a doe suddenly caught in the beam of
approaching headlights. Michael moved swiftly to her side, catching her
in his arms and guiding her gently to the side of the bed. He eased
Kelly down onto the bed and sat closely by her side, his arm softly
supporting her around her shoulders. Michael cradled Kelly softly,
placing her head gently upon his chest, all the while murmuring soft
words of comfort and assurance.

"It's okay, Kelly. I'm here. Relax. Everything's alright. Shhhhhh.
Don't worry. It's okay, baby."

All the while Michael was rocking her softly and gently in his arms like
a young child. He placed a soft, sweet, comforting kiss upon the top of
her head; not knowing at the time just how right that simple action was.

Kelly jumped, suddenly realizing that she was naked, and in the arms of
a naked boy. Michael held her firmly but gently around her shoulders as
she came fully to her senses. He reached over to the nightstand with
his other hand, and offered her a few tissues from the box that was there.

"Here, sweetheart, use these."

"It's alright, Kel. Relax. No one's going to do anything to you.
Don't worry. Everything's okay."

"Michael, I'm sorry. I'm better. Thank you."

"Look at me, I don't know what came over me. I've gotten your chest all
wet with my tears."

He looked. Kelly was around 5 feet in height, about 130 lbs. She had
short, curly, red hair; emerald green eyes; a small button nose; and
delicate red lips. They were set into a round face covered with abundant
light freckles. Oh those freckles! They melted his heart the first time
he had seen them. Her body was slightly on the plump side, but not fat.
It was as if her body hadn't had a chance to shed it's baby fat as yet.
Her breasts were about the size of half grapefruits. Not overly huge,
but Michael thought they were the perfect size for her body. Her pubic
bush was full, matching the color and texture of the hair on her head.
It was trimmed into a small, neat triangle pointing down to her shaved
labia. Her legs were short, but shapely, and she had tiny, delicate feet
that matched her hands, and the remainder of her body.

Startled, now it was his turn to jump. He suddenly realized that he had
been caught staring.
"Well, you did tell me to look, didn't you?" he joked, "So, I was looking!"

"I'm only a man, so I have been trained to take orders from pretty
women seriously."

He grinned ear to ear taking the sting out of his little Joke, before
he continued.

"Remember, I grew up as the only boy in a house with four sisters. My
father taught me early on that things would go much smoother around the
house, if we went along with what the women of the house wanted most of
the time. Unless it was something important, or for some reason we
felt strongly about an issue."

He grinned again.

"You're forgiven, Michael. I did tell you to look, didn't I?"

Now it was her turn to giggle. She lifted her head, and slapped him
gently on his chest for his joke. And what a chest it was! And she let
her hand remain there, her fingertips running softly through his curly
and abundant chest hair. She felt the firm, solid musculature under his
soft skin with her fingertips. How had she rated a roommate like this,
she wondered. He was an Italian god, built like Adonis!

Michael had a mane of dark, curly brown hair; soft brown eyes; Roman
nose; full and sensuous lips. He was clean shaven; with dark, olive
skin belying his Italian ancestry. He was tall and muscular, as a star
football player should be.

Boy was he tall! She remembered dreaming earlier this morning, when she
first saw him, that he would be the perfect height for her to rest her
head comfortably upon his chest. She remembered thinking, 'dream on girl,
what would a Dreamboat like that want with a plain-jane tub like you?'
Now here she was, and doing just that! Suddenly returning to the present,
she became aware that her other hand was resting casually on Michael's
thigh, inches from his glorious manhood!

When Michael realized that her attention was focused on his body, and
one particular PART of his body at that, his cock began to swell and grow
in appreciation at her interest. It soon expanded to its' full 8 inch
length and 3 inch girth.

"WOW!" Kelly exclaimed!

"Oops! Sorry!" Michael stammered blushing deeply.

"Don't be, it's gorgeous!" she replied.

It was her turn to blush.

"Did I just say that? Me, who hadn't even seen a naked man in the flesh
before today!" she exclaimed!

And then Kelly blushed even deeper at the realization of what she had
just admitted to Michael.

"I might as well get my full confession out in the open now. Then you
can go downstairs and request another, more closely compatible, roommate,
before everyone unpacks and gets settled into their rooms."

"Michael, I told you before, downstairs, that I was an only child. What
I didn't tell you was, that I was a virgin. Not just an ordinary virgin,
but a virgin who had never done anything. Never made love, never been
fondled, never made out, never been kissed, never even had a date, or
gone out with a boy before!"

She again began to sob uncontrollably onto his chest.

"My parents emigrated from Ireland. They are plain, hardworking folks,
who tried to make the best life possible for me. My father is a laborer
and my mother a seamstress. They worked hard all their lives, dreaming
that someday, their children would go to College, and become somebody,
and not have to work as hard as they did just to get by."

"There were complications with my birth, and my mother couldn't have any
more children. I became their only hope to fulfill their dreams. I
struggled hard all through school, to get the best grades that I could,
so that their dreams could be realized. I'm not the smartest person
alive, nor am I the best student, so I had to work a lot harder to
understand the work than most of my classmates. Besides, I'm not even
pretty, so the boys didn't even give me another glance anyway."

Michael started to interrupt.

Kelly placed her finger on his lips.

"Please, Michael, let me go on before I lose my nerve. It's important
to me, to tell you this."

Realizing the simple truth, that it was important for Kelly to continue,
Michael relaxed and remained silent.

"Southeastern has a good Education program, but so do a lot of other
schools. I wanted to go to a school in my hometown. The tuition was
cheaper, and I could live at home, making it even less expensive, and
easier for my parents to afford."

"They were relentless, demanding that I attend here, and that I be
enrolled in this program"

"I couldn't argue them out of it! No matter what, believe me I tried!"

"I didn't know what could be so damn important that I come here, and
they wouldn't say."

"I found out last night, before I left home to travel here, why they
insisted that I attend this school, and why they wanted me to be in
this Program."

"I sat through the introductory speeches this morning knowing, that I
was one the few, if not the only student there, who was aware of what
was going on."

"I was dying inside, not with anticipation, but with dread, knowing
what I was going to expected to do!"

"How was I going to go through with this program? And I knew that I
was the only person there who didn't have a choice. I simply did not
have the option of opting out! No matter what was to come, I had to do
it. I can't let my parents down. They worked too hard for me. It was
now my turn to reciprocate."

Michael could no longer hold it in.

"You're beautiful!"


"I said you're BEAUTIFUL!"

"Michael, I like you. You're honest. Don't spoil it now, by lying to me."

"I know that when you go downstairs, and request a new roommate, they
probably won't have one immediately available for you. I have no choice
but to sleep naked, in the same bed with you tonight. I have no choice
in the matter, I know that so don't spoil it by lying to me. You know
you'll have whatever you want anyway."

"You're beautiful!"

"Michael, . . . "

"Let me finish. I let you."


"You're beautiful! Not just on the outside, although you seem to have
a problem believing that, but also on the inside, the person you are is

"Kelly, you are a warm, caring, intelligent, yes intelligent, person.
Sure, you're a little shy, but we can work on that. You're outgoing
once you warm up to people, and that doesn't take you long to do."

"Relax, nothing we ever say to each other, or do with each other will
ever reach anyone from me. They will always remain between strictly
between us, unless you choose to reveal them. The only exception would
be, if something was life threatening to you, or someone else. Otherwise,

"I am not going downstairs and request a new roommate, the one I have is
better than I could ever ask for! Why would I want to change?"

"But you're a star football player, and extremely handsome to boot, why
would you want me...?"

"Because you're you, that's why, Kelly. I asked you to let me finish
before. Please, may I?"

"Okay, I promise, no more interruptions." (knowing full well that would
probably NOT be the case)

"Were you paying attention to Amy this afternoon? Or were you so worried
about tonight that you didn't hear what she had to say regarding coercion?"

"Michael, . . ."

"Uh, Uh, Uh, remember your promise?"

He placed a finger gently upon her lips before continuing.

"I'm not suggesting that you think I'm going to attack you in bed tonight,
and have my way with you. I'm not. And believe me, it has nothing to do
with your looks. . . .before you interrupt me again, Kelly. But it has
to do with me. If and when we do anything, it will be because you want
to, not me. Trust me, I will probably always want to."

"The coercion I'm talking about is between you and your parents. Uh, Uh,
Uh, remember both our promises? Nothing ever said between us will ever
go beyond us. You may need a gag to help you keep yours about not
interrupting. And lest you think I missed it, I did see your fingers

They both laughed and relaxed after the joke.

"I'm not saying you're forced to be here. What I am saying is that I
think, you are forcing yourself to be here."

"Okay, it's a given that your parents feel guilty that you never had a
social life in High School, and they think, probably with good reason,
that things would not have changed, if you remained living at home
while attending College."

"Somehow they heard of this new program, and decided that's just what
Kelly needs! They love you very much."

"Knowing you would fight it, look at your objection to just attending
Southeastern, they kept the particulars from you, while insisting that
it was the best thing YOU could do."

"I think that is about time that you stop forcing you to be here. I
don't think you will get the full benefit of The Program until that
happens. But the decision's yours to make in any case, the rest of us
can only help you do it."

"Yes, we will be in bed together naked tonight. Yes, I'll want to hold
you in my arms and cuddle with you. I will enjoy that more than anything,
and I don't think you'll object, seeing as how we've been doing just that
for the last hour or so."

That startled her, and she jumped. Then she understood. She was naked
in his arms, they were holding each other closely, gently caressing
each other. There was no sex involved, his erection had long since
deflated. What there was, was love, pure unadulterated love, nothing
else. When Michael realized that Kelly finally understood, he bent his
head down and softly kissed her on the tip of her nose, before pulling
back to look into her emerald eyes.

"I love you, Kelly. And I know now I'll grow to love you even more as
we get to know each other in the coming years."

And they kissed again, still gently but growing in intensity, before
they pulled back with a soft sigh, relaxing in each other's arms.

"I love you too, Michael."

"Michael, . . ."

"Yes, sweetheart."

She liked the sound of that.

"Could you, would you, help me . . . you're a football player and all.
. . .show me how to get in shape? I want to look my best for you, so
you'll be proud of me."

"Of course, I will do anything you ask, but not for that reason. Okay?
I already am proud of you, for the person you are! Sure, I'll help you
work out in the gym, if that's what you want. But what we really need
to work on is getting you some pride in yourself!"

They raised themselves to their feet, embracing lightly for another
short, gentle kiss, before making their way down the stairs to the gym.


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