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Meyer's College Part 04 OUR FIRST CLASS (REVISED)


Meyer's College, a Div. of Southeastern University (Part 04)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum

WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language of an
adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so.
If you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in
these pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable.
Thank you for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As
always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my work.
This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not published,
posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other than ASSM
and ASSTR, without the express permission of the author. I intend it for
the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and dedicate it accordingly.


Dr. Amy Thompson strolled into the recreation/TV room and glanced
around at her class.

"Good evening. I'm glad everyone remembered to come."


"At least we're off to a good start. I wanted to meet with you tonight
for a sort of a 'break the ice session'. I realize that most of you
have met at least a few of your fellow classmates over the course of
the day, but we think a more structured introduction is in order here."

"You are each going to introduce yourselves. As I call your name, come
up, turn all the way around once, place your hands behind your back,
and tell us a little about yourself."

"Michael, would you please start us off tonight? "

Michael walked to the front of the room next to Dr. Thompson, turned
around as requested, placed his hands behind his back, and began.

"Hi, I'm Michael Russo. I'm a freshman Business major, and plan to
minor in Pre-Law. I'll be the starting quarterback for the Rebel's JV
football team this year, and hope to get some varsity playing time as
well. My hometown is Dallas, Texas. I'm the youngest child in our
family, and have four sisters. Even though I've received a full athletic
scholarship, I also have a part time job at the Junior High School,
assisting their football coach, to cover my other expenses."

"Thank you, Michael, for your introduction, but I have a few other
questions for you. How old are you? "

"I'm 18. My birthday was just last week."

"Very good. How old were you the first time you had intercourse? Also,
who was it with? A girlfriend? A relative? A friend? A prostitute?
Please be specific without naming names please."

"I was 15, and it was with a friend of one of my sisters."

"How often do you masturbate? And when did you first do it? "

"I don't know, Amy, I really don't do it very often. I guess I was
probably around 13 the first time I did it though."

Thank you again, Michael, you can be seated."

"Linda, it's your turn."

Linda stepped forward, turned around, placed her hands behind her back,
and faced the class.

"My name's Linda Simpson. I'm also a freshman. My major is in History,
and I plan on continuing on to obtain my Masters in Education. My
dream is to teach at the High School level after graduation. I'm an only
child, from a small town south of Boston, where my father is Pastor of
our local Church. I've taught Sunday School there for the past two
years. That's where I discovered I had a love of teaching."

"Okay, Linda, same questions as Michael. When did you first have
intercourse? Who with? How often do you masturbate? When was the
first time you did? "

Blushing Linda admitted, "I'm still a virgin, I first started
masturbating when I was about eleven or twelve, and I do it usually
about once a day." her face getting an even deeper shade of red.

Amy continued calling of each of them, alternating between the boys and
girls, until she came to Billy. Billy stood, walked to the front of
the room, put his arms behind his back, and did a pirouette.

"Hey y'all. My name's Billy Wilson. I'm from Macon, GA., where my
parents own a grocery store. I haven't declared a major as yet, but I'm
thinking about Sport's Medicine, seeing as how I play football and all.
I'm a fullback on both the JV and varsity teams. And before y'all ask,
I'm an only child. I lost my cherry to a neighborhood chick down by the
creek. She was 14, I was 12. Seems to me I musta been born
masturbating, and do it all the time!"

With that, the whole class broke up. Even Dr. Thompson joined in the
laughter. Soon it was Kelly's turn in front of the class.

"Good evening, everyone. My name's Kelly O'Rourke. I'm an only child,
from a small town in upstate New York. Like most everyone else, I'm
also a freshman. My major will be Psychology. I'm a virgin and I've
never masturbated."

Amy looked at her rather skeptically, "You've never masturbated? Not
even ONCE? What did you do after you returned home, from a heavy
make-out session on a date, to relieve your tension? "

Kelly replied ashamedly, "I've never been out on a date with a boy."

Shocked, Amy replied softly, "I'm sorry, Kelly. Please forgive me my
insensitivity. I honestly didn't know. I certainly didn't mean to
embarrass you."

"It' okay. It's probably why mom and Dad want me to be here."

"I think you're right, Kelly, and I think you'll do just fine."

Soon, all the students had taken their turns introducing themselves
except Peter and Keiko. Peter rose from his chair, and strode to the
front of the room.

"I guess it's my turn. My name's Peter Tardonico, from White Plains,
New York. I'm the oldest in the family, with one brother and two
sisters. Thank God I was offered a scholarship to come here, I needed
to get away from the little brats! I'm on the swim team, and my major
is Pre-law. I'm sort of a preppy nerd, who went to an all boys High
School, so I didn't lose my virginity until a couple of weeks ago. It
was a kind of mercy killing, a cousin of mine didn't want me to go off
to college still cherry, so she took it. Oh, and yeah, I almost forgot.
I guess I masturbate 3 or 4 times a week or so. I can't remember when I
first started doing it, but it must have been a long time ago!"

Shaking her head Amy replied, "Peter, your timing and sense of humor
will do you well in the Courtroom. Last, but certainly not least,
Keiko, come up front and introduce yourself to everyone."

My name is Keiko Mitsumi, I'm from Tokyo, Japan. My Father, Momma and
I moved to the San Francisco two years ago. I have no brothers or sisters.
My major is Economics. My Momma sent me here to learn the new American
ways of doing things. I am also a virgin, but I like the feel of the
water jet in the hot tub; the way it hits my body. Amy, is that
masturbation? If I don't use my hands? "

Amy smiled. "Yes, Keiko, that is also a form of masturbation. You'll
learn many others here very shortly."

"Thank you all for sharing with us tonight."

"Your grade in this class, as I mentioned earlier, will be based solely
upon your participation in class and related outside assignments. You
will each begin and maintain a Daily Journal, detailing your experiences
while in the program, your reactions, and the reactions of others to
those experiences."

"It will serve two purposes. First, it will facilitate our evaluations
of you, your growth, and The Program in general. However its' primary
function, will be serving as a permanent record of your growth and your
experiences, for you to reference later in life. It is our wish that
The Program will be only the first step, in a life long quest for that
growth and knowledge."

"With that said, your first assignment will be to remain nude at ALL
TIMES until after Monday's class. Any questions?"

Michael quickly raised his hand and spoke up, "Dr. Thompson, I mean,
Amy? Billy and I have a problem. You told us we were not to let the
requirements of The Program interfere with our other responsibilities
and obligations?"

"That is correct."

"Billy and I have football practice tomorrow and Monday. We can't
practice in the nude, it would be dangerous. We could get seriously
injured if we did."

"That brings up a very valid point. The requirements of The Program are
not to interfere with the requirements of your other responsibilities,
but neither are they intended to place you at personal physical risk
while performing those activities."

"We hope that you will always act prudently and responsibly, now and in
your future life. If common sense dictates that you take certain safety
precautions, it is your responsibility to yourself and others to do so."

"For example, we are not suggesting that you attend a Chemistry Lab,
without the proper attire. (ei: lab coat and protective apron)"

"I agree with you, there is a definite risk of personal injury, if you
participate in football practice while nude. So yes you may. . . no,
let me rephrase that, you WILL wear your pads, uniforms, and other gear
during practice. . all times."

"However, to make it fair for everyone, and so no one thinks that I'm
playing favorites, we'll add a special codicil to YOUR assignments."

"Michael, you and Billy will plan, shop for, and prepare Sunday's dinner
meal. You can ask for help from anyone else, in the planning and
preparation. We have an account at the supermarket in town, so you
won't be responsible for the monetary end of it. But it will be your
sole responsibilities to do the shopping for the necessary foodstuffs."

"But, we'll be NAKED this weekend!" Billy objected.

Amy agreed softly, "Yes, you will be naked, Billy. Won't that be fun?"

Stunned, they were not sure about THAT PART of it. But, they realized
they had little choice in the matter anyway. So, they nodded their
heads in reluctant acceptance of their assignment.

"Class dismissed."


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