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Meyer's College Part 05 AFTER CLASS


Meyer's College, a Div. of Southeastern University (Part 05)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum

WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language of an
adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so.
If you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in
these pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable.
Thank you for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As
always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my work.
This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not be published,
posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other than ASSM
and ASSTR, without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the author. I intend it for
the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and dedicate it accordingly.


Billy asked, "Can y'all stick around for a couple of minutes? We need
to talk about Sunday, while we're all here."

Michael agreed, "Good idea, Buddy. Grandma taught me to cook a few
simple things when I was a kid. If it's alright with everyone, I'm
thinking, maybe a salad, some ziti, sausage, meatballs, and fresh
garlic bread. Does that sound okay to everybody?"

Linda asked, "What do you put in your sauce?"

"Well, it depends on what I can get fresh at the market. But I usually
use Italian sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green
peppers, basil, oregano, parsley, garlic, a little red pepper flakes,
wine, Romano cheese and carrots. Oh, and tomatoes of course."

"I don't want to be a bother or anything, so I'll have the salad and
garlic bread. I'll be fine."

"You're not being a bother, Linda. We want everyone's input, that's
why we're here. Is there something you don't like, or can't eat?"

"It's okay, I was raised a vegetarian. So, don't go crazy just for me."

"Hell, that's easy. It's not a problem. I'll just leave the meat out
of the sauce, and cook it separately. We'll set aside some of the
sauce after it's finished cooking, and add the meat to the rest. That
way we'll have both kinds, and no extra work."

Kelly asked, "You put CARROTS in your sauce?"

"Yeah. A lot of my family are diabetics. So instead of sugar, my
Grandma used grated carrots to take the acid out of her tomato sauce."

"Oh, I've never heard that before."

"Anybody else? No? Great, easier than I thought."

They broke up to return to their rooms, Billy and Michael remaining
behind to finalize their list.

"I'm glad you can cook, Michael, 'cause I sure can't. Aren't you
worried about shopping nekkid tomorrow though?"

"Worried? Hell, I'm scared SHITLESS!"

"You don't show it."

"I'm just not gonna give 'em the satisfaction of finding it out. Did
you catch the look in her eyes, when she gave us the assignment?"

"Nah, I was trying to slide under the rug at the time," Billy replied.

"Everybody was sitting there kinda relaxed, figuring on sticking around
HERE all weekend. I mean, being naked around the group isn't such a big
deal any more, is it? WE were the only ones that had to leave here,
right? WE have football practice in the morning."

"Yeah, right."

"So now WE have to be the first ones out in public, and off campus too.
She wants to see if we've got the BALLS to do it."

"Son of a BITCH!"

"Yeah. . .ain't it though."

"Shit. . .let's go see what we're gonna have to pick up tomorrow
afternoon. With a list, maybe we can make it fast."

Michael began looking through the cabinets, "Yo, Billy."

"Yeah? What's up, Bro?"

"Get a load of this. The cupboard's bare, except for the dishes!"

"What do y'all mean, bare?"

"Just what I said. I mean there's nothing here. . .no food, Guy!"

"I'm not trackin', Michael."

"We had grilled burgers for lunch and pizza for dinner, right?"

"Yeah, Carl said the kitchen help didn't start work 'till Monday."

"That's only part of it. Looks like the food's not gonna be here 'till
Monday, either."

"Ya mean. . .?"

"Yup, the jokes on us. The only thing in the 'fridge is ketchup,
mustard, relish and onions. Oh yeah, and two dill pickles. Everybody's
gonna have to go to the cafeteria, or into town, to eat tomorrow, or
else go hungry!"

"Shit, wait 'till they hear 'bout this!"

"What do you say, we NOT TELL them, Billy, let them find out tomorrow?"

The light dawned, "Michael, y'all are one, EVIL, Son of a Bitch!"

"Ain't I though?"

Laughing, they went to join their roommates.

Carl asked, "When do you think they'll figure it out?"

"Probably not until the morning," answered Amy.

"I think you're wrong about that," suggested Beth, "I just passed Michael
and Billy in the hallway. They were headed towards the kitchen with a
pad; probably to make up a shopping list. The cat's going to be out of
the bag a little early, I suspect."

Carl mused, "I wonder if they're going to say anything?"

"I don't follow you, Sweetheart."

"Just an idle thought, that's all."

Tina turned on the tape recorder and Amy began, "Let's recap so far. . .

1.) We sprung 'The Program' on them this morning and gave them the
list of 'The Program' rules and requirements.
2.) They were given the opportunity to withdraw from 'The Program'.
3.) Everyone elected to remain.
4.) They stripped, and spent the afternoon naked around the
College; becoming comfortable in each other's presence.
5.) This evening, we gave them their 'First Assignment: Total
Nudity for the Entire Weekend', to stretch their comfort zone.
6.) At this point, they're probably still relaxed, figuring they'll
spend the whole weekend around here. I don't think anyone's
planning to venture out this weekend; except Michael and Billy,
that is.
7.) We assigned the 'First Special Assignment' to Michael and Billy.
That should push THEIR envelope more than just a little bit!
8.) Tomorrow morning, at the very latest, the others will realize
they will ALL have to, at the very least go onto the Main
University Campus for meals. It shouldn't be TOO bad, most of
the other students won't be arriving until Sunday afternoon.
9.) Michael and Billy don't seemed thrilled at the prospect, but
I'm SURE they'll fulfill their assignment. They'll go grocery
shopping, naked tomorrow afternoon.
10.) Since they'll be eating Sunday Dinner here, it won't dawn on
the rest until Sunday night; they'll be spending ALL DAY Monday
NAKED on the Main Campus, during registration etc., in front of
the entire student body."

"Oh, I almost forgot. . .I wonder when Linda will remember she has to
teach SUNDAY SCHOOL this weekend? You remembered to call Reverend
Whitman, didn't you, Carl?"

"It's all set, Amy. He seemed pretty comfortable with the idea. He
planned to contact all the parents today, to get their consent. If any
objected, he's made special arrangements for their children to attend
another class on Sunday morning. He was only concerned about one or
two parents anyway."

Beth said, "Well, it looks like everything is on schedule. How about
a soak in the Hot Tub before we turn in?"

"Sounds good, Darling. Join us, Amy? Tina?"

"Love to."


"I think I'm going to go take a nice hot shower, Peter."

"Want some company?" he asked hopefully.

"Sure, why not?" she giggled, "Grab a couple towels."

As she headed for the showers, Peter lagged behind to admire his
beautiful roommate. Although her platinum blond hair was trimmed in a
modified boy-cut, there was nothing boyish about the rest of her. Linda
was tall, about 5'8", around 125 pounds, with softball sized breasts,
topped by erect, shell pink nipples, set in quarter sized aureoles of a
slightly deeper shade of pink. From there her body flowed smoothly to a
gently rounded belly, curving as it traveled over her slim, but womanly
hips into the longest, shapeliest legs he'd ever seen. Her ass, heart
shaped, firm and uplifted. Her bush small, sparse, and neatly trimmed,
just a shade darker than her tresses; it framed her delicate mons
perfectly. The two narrow bands, of formally white flesh at her breasts
and hips, were tinged pink after exposure to today's afternoon sun.

When she turned her head, checking to see if he was following; he gazed
into her piercing blue eyes. She smiled, her cherry red lips parting to
reveal a set of perfectly even, pearly white teeth.

"Are you coming?"

"Right with you, Lovely Lady."

"I'll wash your back, if you wash mine," she giggled.

"You're on, Gorgeous."

"Start the water, I'll be there in a sec. Uh, would you please, uh,
turn around, Peter?"

"Little shy are we, Linda?"

"Please. . .I've never done it with someone watching before."

"Okay, THIS time, but I would like to watch!"


"Maybe I am. I've never seen a girl pee before, but just the thought of
it turns me on."

"Well, at least you're honest about it. . .Maybe next time, okay?"

"Okay." He turned around and started the water running, masking the
sound of her urine stream. He heard the toilet flush, and shortly
thereafter, felt the touch of her soft hands lightly on his shoulders.

"Hand me the soap, Peter."

Her hands gently worked the suds into his smooth skin.

"That feels terrific."

"Relax. You're all tense, let me work the kinks out."

As she rubbed him with the wash cloth, she felt the firm musculature of
his sleek, compact swimmer's body under her fingertips. Peter stood
about her height, and weighed around 160 pounds, with neatly trimmed
brown hair, brown eyes, Roman nose, and pouty lips.

"I know WHY you shave your body, Peter. . .It cuts down on the drag.
But HOW do you reach your whole back? You must be part contortionist to
manage that without cutting yourself to ribbons."

He laughed, "Naw, nothing quite that exotic. We pair up, and then take
turns shaving each other's backs. Thank God, I won't have to do that
anymore, now that I've got a pretty lady to do it for me. There will be
a small price however. I'm going to demand EQUAL TIME, and shave you."

"That won't gross you out?"

"Gross ME out? No way! I'm looking forward to it!"

Adding more soap to the washcloth, she dropped to her knees. She began
slowly soaping his legs, starting at his ankles and working steadily
upwards, until she reached his tight ass.

"Do a good job," he teased.

"Don't worry, I will. Turn around."

"Oh, wow," she gasped, Peter's hard-on inches from her face, "It's

She began to examine his erect member, its' size a testament to the
stimulus provided by her glistening body. Hesitantly she reached out
her hand, her fingertips gently caressing its' underside. Tracing the
path of the pulsing artery, from its' origin near his balls, swollen
with the massive load generated within; to the tip, where a small drop
of pre-cum was slowly beginning to form. The soft texture of his skin
in sharp contrast to the steel-like hardness of the member it sheathed.

Tentatively, she stuck her pink tongue out. Touching its' tip to the
growing drop of clear liquid, she drew it back into her mouth, savoring
its' salty taste. She wet her lips, and then parting them slightly,
bent forward and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, bathing it
gently with her tongue.

"You don't have to do this, Linda," moaned Peter.

She raised her head just enough to reply, "But I want to, Peter, I've
never done anything before, and I have to learn. Please, teach me?"

"I've never had a blow job before either, so we'll be learning together,"
he moaned, "but you must be doing it right, 'cause it sure feels great!"

Smiling, she brought her head back down, and began to suck his cock back
inside her hot mouth. After a few moments, she began to experiment,
drawing him deeper into her mouth, until she began to gag. Panicking,
she pulled up abruptly, accidentally raking his prick with her teeth.

"Ouch! Watch the teeth!" Peter exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, Peter, it was an accident!"

"What you were doing to the head felt fantastic, you don't need to sword
swallow my whole prick to make me feel good."

She giggled, "That's what THEY DID, in the video Cara's father had
stashed in his closet."

"But those were porn stars. . ."

"No, they weren't. Cara's mother and their next door neighbor did it
to her father on the tape!"

"You and your girlfriend watched a HOME video of her parents and her
next door NEIGHBOR having SEX?"

"Yeah, what a CHARGE!"

Peter muttered, "And you called me a pervert!"

"Yup," she grinned, before lowering her head, and resuming her oral
ministrations on his cock.

She must have paid close attention, because Peter could find no fault
with her technique. After being aroused all day, by the sight of fifteen
sexy, naked women, Peter knew he was not going to last long. Within
minutes, he felt the load begin to churn in his balls. About to explode,
Peter attempted to pull back. But Linda held her mouth on his cock,
grasping his ass tightly in both hands to prevent his withdrawal.

"I'M CUMMING!" he yelled, trying to warn her.

Still Linda refused to relinquish her lip lock on his cockhead. He
released the first spurt of hot cum onto her tongue. Frantically she
began to swallow, it was all she could do to keep from drowning in the
viscous liquid. Wave after wave, it poured from his manhood. Not
wanting to loose even a drop, she began to suck harder on the head of
his prick. The added stimulation causing Peter to let loose with yet
another fresh volley of sperm laden fluids. It was no use, regardless
how fast she swallowed, her mouth began overflowing with his load, the
excess leaking around his prick. When he stopped cumming at long last,
Linda released him from her oral grasp. As he pulled free, she swallowed
hard one final time, before licking her lips and washing his softening
prick with her hot tongue.

Linda rocked back on her heels, as Peter placed his face under the water
to clear his head. They came out of their orgasm induced trance, only
to be startled by the sudden sound of applause. Looking up in shock,
and blushing in embarrassment, they saw ten of their friends staring in
wide-eyed amazement, at them from the shower room entrance.

"WOW!!! That was your FIRST TIME? That must be some home video."

"Forget about the Farmer's daughter, they should be writing about the
Preacher's daughter!"

"Take a bow, Honey, that was AMAZING."

"I hope you've got that tape with you, I'd like to take THOSE lessons."

"You'll GET them, and probably will be GIVING them, shortly as well,"
they heard from the rear of the group.

Spinning around the students realized Amy, Carl, Beth and Tina had also
witnessed their sexual performance, and its' aftermath.

"But they are right," Amy continued, "I would love to use you as aides
in some of my classes. We'll have to wait, see what I can work out."

"Show's over, folks," Carl said, "Let's pack it in for the evening."

Grabbing her by the arm, Linda pulled Amy aside.

"Amy, I can't. . .," she started.

"Sure you can, and lots more, you'll see. But, don't worry about it now.
Go to bed and get a good nights' sleep, we'll talk again in the morning."

"Okay. Good night."


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