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Meyer's College Part 06 SATURDAY MORNING


Meyer's College, a Div. of Southeastern University (Part 06)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum


WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language of an
adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so. If
you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in these
pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable. Thank you
for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As
always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my work.

This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not be
published, posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other
than ASSM and ASSTR, without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the author. I
intend it for the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and dedicate it



Billy grinned down at the petite young girl asleep nude next to him.
Keiko's head was nestled lightly in the crook of his muscular arm; her firm
right breast with its tiny nipple pressing into his chest. Keiko's shapely
leg was thrown casually over his in her sleep; her warm, moist cunt caressing his thigh. His right arm was draped protectively over her back.
What a nice way to wake up! He cupped her tiny right breast in his large,
meaty hand, squeezing it gently, tweaking her nipple to erection between
his fingers. Kissing her softly on the top of her head, he cooed into her
ear, "Mornin', Babe. Ready for breakfast?"

Stretching luxuriously Keiko replied, "Mmmmm. . .that feels good, Billy.
Good Morning. Yes, I am hungry. . . Ummmm. . . What time is it?"

"6:30. . .I know it's early, but we gotta boogie, Babe. Practice starts
at 8 o'clock, and Coach'll give me shit if I'm even a minute late. I told
Michael we'd meet up with him and Kelly in a coupla minutes, go to
breakfast together."

"We don't have to go to the cafeteria, I can cook breakfast downstairs."

"Thanks for offering, Keiko, maybe you can do it next time. . . But
y'all can't do it today, 'cause there's no food in the kitchen yet."

"Okay. Give me a few minutes to dress, then I am ready."

"Can't do that either, Babe. Remember our assignment?"

Keiko sprung up, gasping in horror, suddenly recalling their assignment.
Billy was absolutely right. Amy's first assignment for them was to remain
totally nude until Monday night's class. She wasn't prepared for this.
She had just gotten used to being nude around the here. Now she had to go
out in public nude! Deep down she knew it would eventually happen, but
this soon? Oh, God.

"Don't sweat it, Keiko. The cafeteria don't officially open until 8
o'clock on the weekends. They're only opening early for the teams that
have morning practice, so there won't be many people there. 'Sides,
Michael, Kelly and I'll be there too. Y'all got nuthin' to worry about,


The walk down the hill onto the main campus was uneventful. The four
naked teenagers reached the cafeteria without encountering anyone along the
way. However, that was to soon change. Pausing at the door to the
cafeteria, they could hear the distinct murmurs of conversations held
inside. Here goes nothing. Michael reached for the handle. The door
suddenly burst open, disgorging two of their fellow teammates.

"What the fuck?" exclaimed one of them.

"Jesus Christ Russo. What the fuck are you and Wilson doing running
around bareass?" asked the other, "Well hellooo, lovely ladies. I Didn't
see you hiding behind these two gorillas. . . Hey, you're naked too!"

"That's enough shit outa you, Wheeler!" seethed Michael.

"I was just admiring these lovely ladies, Asshole. So, why are y'all
running around naked anyway?"

"It's a class assignment. . ."

"Don't give me that shit, Russo, classes don't start until Monday."

"That's true. On the main campus they don't, Jonesy, but ours' started

"And you expect us to believe your homework assignment is to run around
bareass? Yeah, right! Wait'll the other guys hear about this. C'mon,

"Well, the shit's gonna hit the fan now, Michael," commented Billy.

"Don't sweat it, Billy. They'd have seen us like this in an hour
anyway. Let's go in and eat."

Billy wrapped his arm around the shivering Keiko, "C'mon, Babe, you can
do it. You'll see."

With his arm protectively around her, they entered the cafeteria.
Gradually all conversation in the room stopped, as the four classmates
proceeded along the serving line.

When Kelly reached the end of the line, the cashier looked up and asked
her in amusement, "You forget sumthin' this mornin', Chile?"

"Oh shit! Yeah, my money! Michael?"

"Got it covered, Honey." He turned to the cashier, "Please, bill these
four trays to the football team, Maam. I promise I'll straighten out with
Coach for the girls' meals later."

Looking over their trays she answered, "Don't worry 'bout it, Chile. I
figure the team can afford it. A sparrow'd eat more than these two anyway.
What with all you animals put away, Coach'll never notice a coupla more
bagels and two orange juices on the tab. So, why's y'all nekkid anyway,

"We all attend Meyer's College. Our first assignment was to remain nude
until Monday night. You'll probably be seeing the rest of the gang during
the day today."

"Chile, does your momma know 'bout this?"

"Know about it?" he laughed, "Our parents are the ones who signed us up
for 'The Program'."

She just shook her head, "Well, I'll be."

Another server said, "Louise, girl, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Wait
'til that Human Sexuality class gets goin'."

Louise asked, "I suppose y'all are part of that too?"

"In a way I guess we are. Southeastern is endeavoring to remain the
number one University in the country in the field of Human Sexuality.
HS-201 was only the first step. Meyer's college is the second phase of
'The Program'."

The other server came over to introduce herself. "Chile, I'm Carmen,
this here's Louise. If'n y'all ever get hungry, and don't got your money
with you, come through the line an' see us. No sense starving 'cause y'all
ain't got no place to carry your stash."

"Thank you, Carmen, Louise, for your kind offer. It's a pleasure to
meet you both. I'm Michael. This is Kelly, and Keiko, and that's Billy
down on the end. We'll definitely keep it in mind, in case we ever need
your help."

"You do that, Chile."

Carmen turned to Kelly and Keiko, "Y'all got fine young men there,
Ladies. They was raised right. Every morning they smile, they say 'Good
Morning' to each one of us. They want sumthin' they say 'Please' and
'Thank you, Maam.' The rest of them bums ignore us or say 'Gimme dis or
gimme dat'. Don't you let those two get away now, y'hear?"

Kelly beamed, "Thank you, Carmen, you're very kind. We only met them
yesterday, but I think you're right about these two monkeys."

Billy jostled her playfully, "Hey. Get it right, Girl. It's

Still laughing, they found a quiet corner to eat their breakfast. As
the other diners realized the four were unconcerned about their nudity, the
room began to settle down, and conversation returned to normal. Well,
somewhat normal anyway.

Kelly asked, "What's your schedule for the rest of the day, Michael?"

"Practice from 8 to 11:30. Lunch 'til 1. Then practice again from 1:30
to 4. Oh yeah," he grumbled, "Then Billy and I have to go grocery shopping
for tomorrow's dinner. After that I guess we'll get to eat Supper."

"How are you guys gonna get to the grocery store?"

"Shit. I didn't think of that, Honey. . . Billy, do you think anyone
has a car we can borrow?"

"Hell, we can ask around, Bro." he replied doubtfully, "But I don't
think anybody will, once word gets out why we need it. Worst case, I guess
we got the big white taxi."

"You really wanna ride the bus naked?"

"I don't wanna be doin' any of this, Bro. But I don't gotta choice now,
do I?"

"None of us does. Looks like you and I are probably gonna be riding the
bus this afternoon. How 'bout you two? What're you girls doing today?"

Kelly replied, "I'm planning on keeping a low profile, Michael. Unless
anything comes up, I'm spending the day back at the College, working on my
tan around the pool. At least 'til Dinner, then I guess I gotta go
somewhere to eat."

"C'mon then. Billy and I'll walk you back up the hill. Then we gotta
get to practice. We'll meet you back at the college later, and go to
Dinner together."

As they got up to leave Keiko remembered, "Oh no, Billy! I have to stay
here! The Bookstore ran out of the Calculus books yesterday. They were
going to have a few shipped in by Federal Express overnight. To be sure I
get one, I have to be at The Bookstore when they open this morning. I need
that book for class on Monday morning."

"Don't worry, Guys. We'll be okay. You two better get to practice,
I'll wait here with Keiko. We'll get her book, then walk back to Meyer's.
Plan on meeting us back there later, after your shopping trip."


Although inwardly cringing at the thought of remaining exposed in
public, especially without Michael's reassuring presence, outwardly Kelly
tried not to show her fear, to be strong for Keiko. On an impulse, she
reached up and gave Michael a chaste kiss on the lips, before they turned
to walk away. Already a small crowd was forming near The Bookstore's
entrance, composed primarily of incoming freshmen and their families,
eagerly awaiting its' opening. As the two young girls approached, they
immediately became the focal point of the crowd's attention.

Looking around nervously, Kelly said quietly to Keiko, "C'mon, let's get
in line, so we can get this over with. The sooner we get back to Meyer's,
the happier I'm gonna be."

The crowd's mood grew blacker with each passing moment.

"Look, Mommy, look! Those girls are naked!" exclaimed one young boy around seven years of age.

"You get over here and turn around," she demanded yanking his arm, "Look
the other way."

"You should be ashamed of yourselves!" yelled out another, as a small
group of the enraged parents began to gather around the two naked girls.

"How dare you walk around like that, you brazen hussies!" hollered
another one.

Tension mounted as the menacing crowd closed in around the girls. Kelly
and Keiko edged nearer to each other for protection.

Her fear intensifying, Kelly began giggling uncontrollably, "Keiko, I
don't believe it! She called us 'brazen hussies'!"

In spite of her own fear, and visibly shaking herself, Keiko could not
help but join her friend in the giggle fit. Finally able to gasp out,
"What is a 'brazen hussy', Kelly?"

"Damned if I know exactly. I've only heard it used in old black and
white movies! Guess we'll have to look it up later on," Kelly replied
still giggling.

Just then, a small boy about three appeared and diffused the mounting
tension, by coming over and shyly tapping Kelly on her bare hip.
Reflexibly Kelly squatted down to be at the little boy's height, unmindful
of the show she afforded the gathering crowd, "Hi!" she greeted him
cheerfully, "My name is Kelly, and this is Keiko. What's your name?"

"Adam," he replied shyly, and after a brief hesitation asked. "Did you
forget to put your clothes on this morning?" Then he bashfully admitted,
"It's okay, sometimes I forget too."

Kelly reached out her arms embracing the young boy warmly, "Thank you,
Adam. I love you. You made it all better."

"But I thought I had to kiss you to make it better? That's what mommy does."

"In that case, I guess you're just gonna have to give me a kiss then,"
Kelly grinned.

Adam reached up, lightly brushing her cheek with his lips. "Hey! Don't
cry, Kelly. It's okay."

"Don't worry, Honey, they're happy tears. Thank you for making it all

A very concerned young woman approached, carrying an infant in her arms,
visibly relaxing when she spotted her little boy. She called out, "There
you are, Adam! mommy was worried about you. You shouldn't run off like
that, Sweetie."

His face brightened, "Hi, Mommy! I'm sorry. This is Kelly and Keiko.
They forgot to put their clothes on this morning, but I told them it's
okay, sometimes I forget too."

She turned to the two naked girls and offered them her hand, "Hi, I'm
Ann Reynolds. Thank you for looking after Adam. He usually doesn't wander
off like this."

Kelly took the offered hand, embracing it warmly, "Glad to meet you,
Ann. But, you've got it all wrong. We weren't looking after Adam, he was
looking after us! A coupla people over there were giving us a hard time,
and Adam came over to comfort us."

"I made it all better!" Adam beamed.

"He sure did," added Kelly tousling his hair lightly, "He's our knight
in shining armor."

"I'm so proud of you, Adam!" Ann exclaimed before turning her attention
back to the girls. "You must be in Amy Thompson's Human Sexuality class. .
. But I thought classes didn't start until Monday?"

"Actually we go to Meyer's College, and ours started yesterday. Meyer's
is a new addition to the University this semester; it's co-chaired by Amy,
along with Carl and Beth Walker."

"They got married? That's fantastic! They made such a great couple!"

"You know Carl and Beth?"

"Sure do! My husband Steve, Beth, Carl, and I were all in Amy's first
Human Sexuality class." she reminisced, "Boy, was that a lot of fun!"

"Why don't you guys join us? We gotta pick up a textbook for Keiko
first, but then we can all walk back to Meyer's together. I'm sure they'd
all love to see you again."

"Wish I could, Kel, but I've got a load of things to do today. Alright
if I take a rain check?"

"You're welcome anytime! Bring Steve and the kids along too. We've got
a great pool, and I'm sure they'll enjoy it. We're just up the hill, in
the old Alpha Omega frat house. Do you know where that is?"

"That's a great place! Sorry I can't stay longer, Girls, but I have to
hurry and pick up Steve's handouts from the print shop; then put these two
munchkins down for their morning naps. I'll stop by and see you soon
though, I promise. I'm awfully glad we met. Good luck. . . and have fun
with your assignments," she added winking.

The chance meeting with Ann and her family put both girls at ease. It
wasn't until Keiko squatted down to retrieve a Calculus book from the
bottom shelf, that they were again reminded of their nudity. Hearing a
loud crash, their eyes were drawn to see another student standing nearby. A
mixture of textbooks and supplies were scattered at his feet, his mouth
gaping wide open, with his pockmarked face wearing a mixed look of surprise
and shock. Unabashedly, he was staring at the lovely sight afforded him by
the young girl's widespread thighs.

Wickedly, Keiko realized hers was probably the first pussy he'd ever
seen. In spite of her fear, her nether lips began to engorge, spreading
open like the petals of a delicate flower. A fragrant dewdrop began to
form, glistening at the mouth of her vagina. Her nipples grew and hardened
to the size of pencil erasers due to her increasing sexual excitement.
Forcing herself to remain in such an open and vulnerable position, she
raised her eyes and smiled up at him.

"Uh. . .Uh. . .Sorry," he stammered, blushing deeply, fumbling with his
books. His eyes never flickered from the wondrous sight before him.

"Don't be. . .I'm not," Keiko replied softly, still not making a move to
change her position.

After what seemed an eternity, but was in reality less than a minute, he
mumbled, "I gotta go." Still juggling his textbooks and supplies in his
arms, he fled quickly down the aisle towards the registers at the front of
the store.

Kelly gasped, "Keiko you're terrible! I can't believe you just did

"Neither can I," she replied, still shaking, "I was scared. But at the
same time, it was also very exciting," she admitted, blushing deeply.

At the register they encountered another unexpected problem.

"I need to see your student ID in order to bill your scholarship
account," the cashier informed Keiko.

"Oh, no!" she cried, "I didn't know I would need it. . . and I need the
Calculus book for Monday. What can I do?"

"Maybe I can help," they heard from behind them.

Turning they were overjoyed to see a familiar face, "Carl!"

"Maam, I'm Carl Walker. Here is my ID. These girls are students of
ours at Meyer's College. Is my personal guarantee that she is in fact,
Keiko Mitsumi, sufficient? Or is there something you'd like me to sign for

"Thank you Dr. Walker," she replied returning his ID, "If you would be
kind enough to sign here, where it says 'form of ID', for our records, I
would be grateful. Thank you again, Dean Walker."

"Have fun, Ladies. See you back at the College."

"Bye, Carl! Thanks!"

The cashier turned to Keiko and Kelly, and said conspiratorially,
"Something I found helpful when I took Amy's Human Sexuality course, were
these wrist pouches over here. Originally designed for joggers, they are
just large enough to carry your keys, ID, and a little money. They really
come in handy when you don't have a pocket to carry anything. How about I
put them on your accounts as well?" With a wink she added, "I think we can
safely classify them as a 'school necessity' in your situation. What do
you think?"

Kelly replied, "Thanks, that'd be great!"

Giggling and chatting merrily about their experience, they made their
way back to the College.


Meanwhile, Michael and Billy having just reached the locker room door,
were set to enter. Grabbing the handle, Billy commented dryly, "Well. .
.here goes nuthin', Bro."

The door creaked open and a hush instantly enveloped the room. Michael
and Billy were the last of the team members to arrive, and the others were
prepared for their entrance. Those players who were not present earlier in
the cafeteria, had already been briefed by their teammates. The sudden
silence, followed by their loud jibes, immediately drew the Coach's
attention; and had him bounding from of his office. A long shrill note
blown from his whistle quickly restored order to the ensuing pandemonium. A
glance around the room told him all he needed to know, Jones and Wheeler
were at it again! Barely good enough to make the taxi squad, they would
never be major contributors to the team's success. Thank God they weren't
on scholarship, and would finally be graduating this year. They just
weren't worth the trouble they caused. But, fortunately for them, until
now they hadn't given him a solid reason to cut them either. Until now,
that is. Jealousy over losing their back-up slots to the two freshmen may
be pushing them over the line this time.

"That's enough! Will someone please tell me what's going on?"

"These two queers are parading around campus bareass. . ." started

"Yeah. And claiming it's a 'class assignment'," finished Jonesy.

"It is!" replied Michael.

"Bullshit!" shouted Wheeler.

"Bet you it ain't!" Jonesy added.

Billy answered his challenge, "Bet you it is!"

"You're on!" they replied in unison.

Coach finally saw his spot and took it, "Enough! Let me get this
straight. Russo, you and Wilson claim you have a class assignment to
remain nude? Until when?" he asked. (already knowing the answer thanks to
a 'heads-up' phone call from Carl the day before)

"Monday night, Coach" replied Michael.

"And Wheeler, you and Jones here bet them that it wasn't true?"

"Damn straight, Coach. Can you believe that bullshit?"

"And what are the stakes of the bet going to be?" asked the Coach.

"How 'bout fifty dollars?" suggested Wheeler.

"I've got a better idea, Coach. Since they like to parade around
bareass, make 'em stand on the sidelines nekkid for next weeks' game!"
challenged Jonsey.

"Yeah! Great idea, Guy! Right on the fifty yard line for the whole
game!" added Wheeler.

Michael answered, "And if we're right, how about you two dickheads have
to remain nude until Monday night, just like Billy and I? With all the
same rules we have to obey applying to you too."

"You're on, Asshole," replied Wheeler and Jones together.

Coach asked, "So we have a challenge and it's been accepted?"

"Yes, Coach," the four cried in unison.

"And it's been duly noted and witnessed by the entire squad. I'd like
you two to write your schedules down on paper for me, from now until Monday
night. And be specific."

"What for?" Wheeler asked beginning to worry a bit.

"Just do it! And hurry up. . . we haven't got all day, Ladies!"

As Coach attached them to his clipboard he told them, "Thank you. For
the record, Wheeler, you and Jones lose. Michael and Billy DO have a class
assignment to remain nude until Monday night. Dean Walker called me
yesterday morning to apprise me of the situation in advance. I have both
of your schedules here, from now until Monday night. At the end of
practice this morning, hand your clothes over to the trainers. You will
remain naked at all times, except during football practice, until Monday at
7 PM. The only exceptions allowed by the guidelines given with their
assignment, are instances where your personal safety would be placed in
jeopardy. Looking over your schedules I foresee no such situations,
therefore I will allow no exceptions. And you will both stick exactly to
these schedules, with no deviations from them of any kind."

"But, Coach. . ."

"There aren't any buts, Wheeler. You two dug your own holes, now lie in
them." Then he added, "If you or Jones don't do everything EXACTLY as
you've written on your schedules, you're cut from the team. And that's
final! Now suit up, Ladies! Let's go, People, we got a practice to run
here! Let's go! Let's go!"

Finally, he thought to himself. He turned and headed for the practice
field, whistling and smiling broadly.


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