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Meyer's College, a Div. of Southeastern University (Part 07)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum


WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language of an
adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so. If
you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in these
pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable. Thank you
for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As
always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my work.

This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not be
published, posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other
than ASSM and ASSTR, without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the author. I
intend it for the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and dedicate it



Just as Billy predicted, ride availability dried up as soon as their
teammates learned of the reason. Some of their teammates withdrew their
offers in retribution after Wheeler and Jones lost their bet, however most
did it solely to maximize the freshmen's embarrassment. After all what do
upperclassmen live for, if not to haze the frosh? Realizing they would
need both arms to carry the groceries, the boys opted to leave their gym
bags in their lockers. Consequently, they had nothing to hide behind,
while waiting for the MARTA bus to arrive. Downtown traffic came almost to
a standstill as the rubberneckers slowed to view the unusual sight.
Catcalls, blaring horns, and risque comments came at them from all

"Shit, Billy. I hope that bus gets here soon. I feel like I'm in a
fish bowl."

"I hear that, Bro. I'm feeling kinda stupid myself, standing here
nekkid with my wallet in my hand."

Unfortunately for the boys, the first two busses to pass them were
already overloaded with Saturday evening commuters. They were to remain on
display for almost thirty minutes, before a bus with available space came
along. As it was, the driver almost continued on when he spied the boys waiting naked at the bus stop. The other passengers crammed tightly
together in an effort to avoid touching the nude teenagers. It was as if
they had the plague or something. Standing room only, they were forced to
place their wallets in their teeth, spread their feet wide apart and hold
the hand rails above their heads, against the herky-jerky, stop-start
motions of the bus. Unable to even object, their nude bodies were totally
on display and at the mercy of their fellow riders. One younger woman took
the opportunity to caress Michael's inner thighs and reach up between his
legs to cup his balls and stroke his cock to a massive erection.

Licking her lips lasciviously she commented, "My aren't you a big one!"

Blushing a deep shade of crimson, there wasn't anything Michael could do
to prevent her fondling his genitals. Seizing the moment, the elderly lady
in the seat behind her subjected Billy to the same treatment. Slowly it
dawned on the boys, this is the type of sexual harassment girls have been
forced to endure over the years. Wordlessly at the first opportunity, they
fled from the confines of the bus, even though still a number of blocks
from their destination. That sense of fear and helplessness was not
something they would soon forget, nor wish on even their worst enemy. The
bus pulled away from the curb, resounding with the jeering and catcalls of
its' passengers. Still shaking from the experience, they collapsed on the
bus stop bench covering their heads with their hands. After a five minute
break to compose themselves, and allow their tumescent organs to return to
their normal size, they resumed their trip to the supermarket on foot.

"I don't care if we gotta lug the groceries all the way back to campus,
I'm walking if I can't sit on the next bus," Billy declared somewhat
forcefully, "I ain't goin' through that shit again. I never thought I'd
object to a handjob, but that bitch was old enough to be my Grandma."

"I hear you. Let's get this over with as quick as we can."

Grabbing two empty carts from the corral, they made their way into the
supermarket. A checker, about to object to their nudity while in the
store, reconsidered seeing the look of grim determination on their faces.
To speed things up, they each took half of the grocery list. Michael would
get the meats, cheeses, and pasta, while Billy was in charge of procuring
the vegetables, salad fixings and herbs. Rendezvousing in record time back
at the registers, they reviewed their individual shopping lists to make
sure they had everything. They didn't want to have to come back. It's a
good thing they did, neither had remembered the bread, an oversight Amy was
not liable to allow them. Guaranteed she would hold them to the menu,
without substitutions. Unless they had a good excuse- like the poor
quality of an ingredient. While Michael waited in the line, Billy jogged
over to the bakery section to get the eight loaves of fresh bread they

Self-conscious at being the center of attention, the line seemed to take
forever. Time seemed to be traveling in slow motion for the naked
teenagers. Was it only their imagination, or was the checker going slower
to maximize their discomfort? Why did the manager take so long to respond,
when she called for their charge authorization? Finally! They were done
and able to make their way to the bus kiosk for the return trip back to the
safety of their campus.

Michael breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank God that's over! And at least
this stop's partially enclosed, so we're not totally on display."

They had already allowed three busses to pass them by, and were about to
reject number four when the driver opened the door, "If y'all wanna ride
tonight, you better climb aboard. This is the last run for the evening."

Shit. They forgot it was Saturday, MARTA shut down early on the
weekends. Reluctantly, and in spite of their earlier resolve, they climbed
aboard the bus. The fifteen block walk back to campus carrying their
groceries, was more than they wanted to attempt. Placing their bags on the
floor in front of them, they stoically grabbed the handrails, grimly
preparing to endure the return ride. The gods were with them. Other than
a few miscellaneous rude comments, for the most part they were ignored on
this trip. In addition, since the final run was cut short, and the campus
was located near the end of it, they were even able to sit down for a
portion of the ride.

When they were the last remaining passengers on the bus, the driver
turned and asked them before proceeding, "Boys, I gotta know. Why are
y'all running around nekkid? And why the hell didn't you wanna ride my

After the boys related their earlier experience to him, he shook his
head in sadness, "You know I was against this program when it came up a
bunch a years ago. But if two boys as big as y'all can get accosted by a
mob on a public bus, just for a little nekkidness. We need it bad."

To demonstrate his newfound support, and since it was his last run of
the day anyhow, he dropped them off in front of their door, even helping to
carry their groceries to the front porch. Hearing the bus' arrival, some
of the other students came out as they approached the door. Declining
their offer of a cold drink for his kindness he allowed, "My Missus
probably wouldn't cotton to me sittin' around with a bunch a pretty young girls." Adding with a wink, "Especially pretty nekkid ones."

Thanking him again, the gang gathered up the groceries. Carrying the
bags into the kitchen to put away for the evening, they bombarded Michael
and Billy with questions regarding their recent experience. The noise
level of their conversation drew Beth out of her office. Seeing their
obvious distress, she quietly, but firmly, suggested, "I think Michael and
Billy need a little time to process what they've just gone through, Guys.
Why don't you give them a little space, and we'll discuss it in class
Monday night. Okay?"

Grumbling a little, the others reluctantly agreed and began to disperse.

She added for the boys' benefit, "Michael? Billy? If you need to talk,
I'll be here all night. Don't forget, we're all available for you to talk
to, at anytime. Okay? That goes for the rest of you too. Remember,
anytime, day or night."

Billy replied, "Thanks, Beth, I appreciate that." And then added
grinning, "But what I really gotta do right now is eat!"

The others rapidly agreed, and in an amazing show of solidarity, all
twenty-four nude students traveled down the hill to the cafeteria, en mass,
for Dinner.


Michael, Kelly, Peter, Linda, Billy and Keiko found an empty table in a
quiet corner, where they could relax and enjoy their evening meal. Looking
around as she placed her tray down on the table Kelly remarked, "Michael,
aren't those the two guys that gave us grief this morning?"

Glancing over to where she was indicating he replied, "Yup."

"They're sitting there naked!"


"Do you know why?"


Frustration finally got to her. She punched him sharply in the upper

"OW! Hey that hurts!" he complained while rubbing his arm.

"As well it should," she replied indignantly, "Now cut the crap and tell
me what's going on!"

Chuckling he replied, "They lost a bet this morning."

"And?" she questioned.

"And they have to remain naked until Monday night at 7 PM."

Punching him in the arm again she growled, "Grrrr! Michael, you're
exasperating! Billy, will you please tell us what's going on?"

Choking in an attempt to control his laughter he answered, "Gladly,
Darling." And proceeded to fill them in on this morning's confrontation and
the subsequent bet in the locker room.

"Thank you, Billy! At least there's one gentleman at this table."
Producing laughs all around, with a hug and kiss on top of her head from

"Seriously, Michael. Is this gonna cause you problems?" she asked him
genuinely concerned.

"Don't worry about it, Sweetheart. (She liked the sound of that!)
They're just jealous because we took their number two slots away from them.
This is just a convenient excuse for them. To be quite honest, they aren't
very good. And we're backing up two All Americans. Billy and I probably
won't be seeing much Varsity playing time this season anyway."

"If they aren't very good, then why are they still on the team?" asked

"It's simple. Everyone knows when you have a winning team, it's easier
to recruit quality players. But it's also true that when two of the team
members are All American in their freshman year, it's almost impossible to
recruit top quality prospects for their positions for the next couple
years. Nobody wants to go where they are almost guaranteed to sit on the
bench for most of their college career. It's better to go somewhere else
and get a chance to play regularly. That's why those two made the team."

Peter gave them a puzzled look, "I'm not following your reasoning,
Michael. You've explained why they're here. But that still doesn't answer
the important part of the question. If it would have been smarter for you
guys to go somewhere else, then why the hell did you come here?"

"It's simple really. Believe it or not, this is the perfect spot for
us. It's unusual for freshmen to start anywhere where there's a good team.
John and Paulie are now seniors. Billy and I have the opportunity to learn
a lot from them this year. Coach'll give us a little playing time as
varsity subs, we still get to start for the JV team, and we'll be much
better prepared to take over our positions as the Varsity starters next
season. Besides," he added with a grin, "Once our parents heard about 'The
Program', they pushed us into coming here. . .just like yours did," drawing laughter from all around.

Linda interjected, "Guys, I'd love to continue this conversation all
night, but I've got to get back to Meyer's. I have a Sunday School Class
to teach tomorrow morning at 8 AM, and I need to prepare for it."

Reality hit her like a brick. "Oh God Nooooooooo!" she wailed, "I've
got to get back and call Rev. Whitman. I can't teach my class tomorrow,
I'll be naked!"

Peter cradled her head to his chest said soothingly, "Don't worry,
Honey, it'll be alright. You'll see."

Now in a somber mood, the two stood up quietly and stacked their trays.
Linda proceeded directly to the office when they arrived back at Meyer's.

Knocking on the office door she asked, "Beth, can I use the phone?"

"Sure, Honey, use the one on Tina's desk." Sensing that something wasn't
quite right she continued, "Is there a problem?"

"I just remembered I'm scheduled to teach Sunday School tomorrow. I
need to call Rev. Whitman. Hope it's not too late for him to get a

Before she could respond, the phone was answered at the Rectory.

"Rev. Whitman, it's Linda Simpson. Sorry to bother you so late."

"No bother. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Is it too late for you to get someone to take over my class for

Pretending ignorance regarding her predicament, he asked with concern,
"What's wrong, Linda? Are you sick?"

She considered briefly taking the easy route, but her upbringing and
Beth's proximity precluded that. "No, Sir. I have a conflict between my
schedule and my school work is all."

"Unfortunately I'm afraid it's too late, Linda. I couldn't get anyone
on such short notice. Since we both know you don't have classes on Sunday,
what's the real problem?"

She wasn't prepared for the entire conversation, much less his direct
question. She was so embarrassed. Rev. Whitman was an old family friend.
He went to the Seminary with her Dad. She didn't know how to broach the
subject of her nudity or 'The Program' with him. Could he possibly
understand? How would he take it? However, she couldn't lie to him
either. She began hesitantly, "Well, you know I go to Meyer's College, it's
a new division here at Southeastern University. Uh. . . Um. . .There are
a few different things about Meyer's I think you. . .uh. . .ought to know.
. ."

His heart went out to the young girl. He couldn't continue the charade
with her any longer. He interrupted asking her gently, "Does it have to do
anything with the fact that you're required to remain nude this weekend,

She reddened in shame. Thank God they were on the phone, she couldn't
have done this face to face. Amazingly he knew her secret! "How do you
know about that?"

He admitted to her, "Carl Walker called me yesterday to discuss it. I
can assure you, we don't have a problem. I'm blessed with a very liberal
congregation here at St. Luke's. However, I didn't want to jeopardize
your parents' friendship after all these years either. So after he hung
up, I phoned your dad. I was amazed to find out your participation in 'The
Program' was their idea. He's always been such a stick in the mud. He
said he hadn't mentioned it to me earlier, because this possibility hadn't
occurred to him. He continued to surprise me when he laughed, wished me
'Good Luck' and informed me it was my problem, I would have to deal with
the Church Board on my own. There just might be hope for that old fuddy-duddy after all. After a bit of hesitation, I phoned the President
and the other members of the Board to get their input on the matter.
Unanimously, they responded positively to your nudity. But to be
absolutely certain, I called all the parents involved, to get their
consents as well. Amazingly, only one father started to object, but he
backed down quickly when his wife enthusiastically gave her permission. So
you see, Linda, there really isn't a problem."

"But I'll be naked! How am I going to do it?" she wailed.

"I've known you all your life, Honey. I'm confident you can do it.
Don't worry about it, it's no big deal. Tell you what. Come over for
breakfast with Martha and me like we planned. We'll talk about it some
more then. I'm sure it won't feel so overwhelming after a good night's
sleep. We'll see you at seven. Night, Honey."

In a daze, she continued to stare at the dead receiver for what seemed
like hours, before returning it to the cradle.

"Want to talk about it?" Beth asked her softly.

Sinking back into the desk chair Linda hesitantly replied, "I guess. . .
I can't believe they all knew, and no one called to tell me!"

"Don't blame them, Honey, it's our fault. We asked them not to. It's
the same as with your participation in 'The Program' itself. We felt if
you knew about it too far in advance, you'd only make yourself sick
worrying about it. Your mom agreed with me. That's why no one told you.
Frankly, I hoped with everything else that was going on, you wouldn't
remember until you woke up tomorrow morning, and it was too late to worry.
What reminded you anyway?"

"Things have been moving so quickly around here, I forgot to prepare my
lesson plan. When I remembered I still needed to do that, the rest
occurred to me as well."

"Why don't you go and do it now, Linda. If you need to talk later, or
before you leave in the morning, I'll be here. Okay?"

"Thanks, Beth." Standing up, she accepted Beth's hug, before making her
way back to her room, still in a daze.


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