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Meyer's College, a Div. of Southeastern University (Part 08)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum


WARNING: This story will contain situations and explicit language of an
adult nature and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so. If
you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in these
pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable. Thank you
for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As
always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my work.

This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not be
published, posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other
than ASSM and ASSTR, without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the author. I
intend it for the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and dedicate it


5:45 AM The alarm finally sounded, putting an end to the longest eight
hours of my young life. I tossed and turned restlessly most of the night
worrying about this morning's class. I didn't settle down until Peter
wrapped me tightly in his arms and spooned closely behind me, crooning
comforting sounds softly in my ear. God, I love that boy! We only met the
day before yesterday, and it already seems so long ago. So much has
happened in such a short time! I slapped at the alarm clock hoping to
silence it before it woke him up. He deserves to rest for being such a

"Morning, Darling."

Shit, too late. "Morning, Peter. Why don't you go back to sleep, you
don't have to get up this early today."

"You sure you don't want me to go with you? I will if you want me to."

"Thanks, but we both know you can't do that. It wouldn't be right, it's
part of my assignment, not yours. But, you're a sweetheart for asking
anyway. Now, go back to sleep."

That's the reason I love him so much already. I kissed him warmly
before padding naked down the hall for my shower. I wanted to take extra
special care with my preparations this morning. I was raised to always
look my best for Sunday Morning services. After all, Daddy is the Pastor
of our local Church, and my appearance is a direct reflection on my

As I brushed my teeth, I began processing the last 48 hours. My God,
has it really only been 48 hours? So much has happened since I arrived; it
seems so much longer than that!

A freshman here at Southeastern University, I am majoring in History,
and plan to continue on with my studies until I earn my Masters in
Education. I discovered my life's dream while teaching Sunday School at
our Church during the past two years. I hope to teach at the High School
level once I graduate.

When I was accepted at Southeastern University, mom and Dad insisted
that I enroll in a new division that was forming here this year, Meyer's
College. But, they wouldn't tell me why. It turns out Southeastern is
striving to remain the number one University in the country, in the field
of Human Sexuality. Meyer's college is the second phase in the endeavor.
I'm still having trouble believing that my parents insisted I join 'The

MY PARENTS?. . .Before last Friday, no one, other than my doctor, had
seen me nude since I was a baby. Everyone was always so careful with their
modesty around my house. We always wore robes going to and from the
bathroom. We never even sat around the house in our pajamas. We were
always fully dressed. But, thanks to them, all that has changed for me

boy has it changed! Just take a gander at this morning's schedule.

7:00 AM Breakfast with Rev. and Martha Whitman

8:00 AM Attend Sunday Church Services

9:00 AM Teach Sunday School Class

What's so unusual about that, you ask?

What's unusual is, I have to do it all starkers! That's right, People,

The first class assignment Dr. Thompson, Amy, issued us on Friday is to
'Remain naked until Monday night's class'. We have to do everything we had
already planned, or are required to do until then, totally nude. No
exceptions. Well, almost no exceptions. They only exception she's
allowing, is if being naked would put our personal safety in jeopardy.
Examples Amy gave us were Chem. Lab and Michael and Billy's football
practices, where appropriate protective gear are to be worn at all times.
Before she made the assignment, Amy had us write our weekend schedules down
in detail, so we couldn't welch. Unfortunately for me, none of my tasks
falls into that category.

Embarrassment doesn't count.

I'm a born procrastinator, but I can't dilly-dally too long this

I don't think I'm vain, but I AM proud of my looks. I wear my platinum
blond hair in a modified boy's cut because it requires so little
maintenance. Other than shampooing, a little brushing and a quick combing
usually suffice. In addition, I've been told it frames my oval shaped face
well. Good genes have also provided me with piercing blue eyes, cherry red lips, and a lightly tanned, clear complexion. All of which happily also
require little or no make-up. Lucky for me. Since I hate make-up anyway,
I usually go without. God even blessed me with a nice set of even, pearly
white teeth. I'm tall and slender, about 5'8", and around 125 pounds.
That's about it for what the world sees.

Well . . . used to see, anyway. Not any more! Not after Friday!

Since I'm forced to dispense with clothes entirely this weekend, I took
a few minutes to examine the rest of me. Not bad. Not perfect by any
means, but not bad either. My breasts aren't huge, they're about softball
sized, but are tipped with tiny, erect, shell pink nipples set in
quarter-sized aureoles of a tad deeper shade of pink. From there my body
flows smoothly over a very slightly rounded belly, curving nicely as it
travels over slim, but womanly hips and down what I think is my best asset-
long, shapely legs. My ass is an upside down heart shape, firm and
uplifted. My bush is small, sparse, neatly trimmed, just a little darker
than my tresses. My roomie, Peter, thinks it accents my delicate mons just
perfectly! It should even lighten up to a perfect match with a little more
exposure to the sun. The two bands of white flesh I once had at my breasts and hips, flesh previously covered by my modest bikini, have already almost
blended into the same light tan that covers the rest of my body. A couple
more days around the pool should take care of that too. All in all,
nothing to be ashamed of.

Peter was snoring softly when I returned to the room. Quietly, so I
wouldn't disturb him, I picked up my outline and the notes for my class;
putting them into my back pack, along with money for the collection plate
and my pocket comb. I kissed Peter gently, grabbed the keys to my bike
lock, and headed downstairs. It's so quiet, no one else appears to be up
and around yet.

Unlocking my bicycle, I took a deep breath. It's a gloriously sunny
day, and the temperature's already started to rise. It looks like it's
going to be another scorcher later. But until then, it's a good morning
for a bike ride. Pedaling through the campus gates, the full reality of my
situation finally hit me. I am now completely naked and out in the 'Real
World'. No longer am I in the protected environs of the campus. I am
scared to death, yet surprisingly I'm also giddy with excitement.

For probably the first time in my life, my senses are fully alive. I
can feel the sun warming my back, smell the aroma of the yellow pines
lining the roadside, and I can hear the birds chirping their early morning

The back and forth motion as I pedal the bicycle, soon settled the
narrow seat between my pussy lips. The vibrations, created by the
unevenness of the roadbed, are now transmitting directly through the seat
to my clit. My arousal builds with each passing block. The final shudder
of the bicycle, as I came to halt in the Rectory driveway, brought me over
the top, to a delicious mini orgasm. I gotta remember this for the future.
It has definite possibilities!

Dismounting, I shakily climbed the wide porch steps and rang The Rectory

'Aunt Martha' greeted me with a warm hug at the door, "Linda! It's good
to see you, Dear. It's been so long! Let me take a look at you. My
you've grown so much! You're so beautiful! I thought Jonathan was pulling
my leg when he told me you were coming to breakfast and Services naked this
morning. You know what a tease he is. But you ARE naked! Come in. Sit
down, Dear. You've got to tell me all about it, while we wait. The old goat is still upstairs getting dressed. He's just like your Dad, that's
why they get along so well. You'd think they were movie stars or
something, always have to be dressed just so before anyone sees them. Can
never just relax in old clothes. No, not those two. Sit down. Sit down."
All that without coming up for air even once! I forgot how 'Aunt
Martha' prattled on.

Before I could answer, 'Uncle Jonathan' joined us in the den, "Good
Morning, Sunshine!" and then he added in his best Freddy Prinze imitation,
"Looookin' Gooood!"

I don't know what anyone ever saw in that show. Personally, I think
it's insulting. Maybe it's a generational thing.

"Good Morning, 'Uncle Jon. . .Rev. Whit. . .Oh, hell. What DO I call
you now that I'm an employee?"

"Well, 'Uncle Jonathan' was alright before, Honey. Why don't we leave
it at that? And I kinda like it too!" He added with a grin, "Besides,
you're not really an employee, because I'm not paying you anyway. Now come
over here and give your 'Uncle' a big hug. I've missed you, Sunshine."

His gentle bear hugs feel as good now as they ever did! Safe, just like
my Daddy's.

"Employee. . .volunteer, that doesn't really matter. But, are you sure
about this, 'Uncle Jonathan'? I'm scared. If you don't want me to do
this. . ."

"Of course I'm sure. You've been teaching Sunday School for your Dad
for almost two years now, why shouldn't I be sure? Don't worry, Linda,
everything is going to be okay. You'll see. Just be yourself and you'll
do just fine today!"

"You KNOW I'm not worried about the teaching part. It's just that I've
gotta do it NAKED! I'm scared! I don't know if I can do it!"

"Sure you can. Now come on. 'Aunt Martha' made some of her world
famous Cinnamon Raison French Toast and fresh squeezed orange juice for
breakfast. I seem to recall those are some of your favorites. Let's go

They ARE some of my favorites, and everything IS as good as I remembered
from previous visits.

As we finished clearing the dishes 'Aunt Martha' asked me with a knowing
wink, "Do you want to freshen up a bit after your bike ride, before we walk
over for services?"

I don't know how she did, but somehow she just knew! Some day I'm going
to get up enough courage to ask her.

A short shower, a few quick passes of the comb through my hair and I was
ready to go. Well . . . as ready as I was going to be today anyway.

I thought I would just slip quietly into a seat in the back pew, but
'Aunt Martha' would have none of that. Holding me by the hand as if I were
a small child once again, her head held high, she proudly escorted me up
the center aisle, taking her usual place in the front row.

I could feel everyone's eyes on me! I began to shake. I wanted to run

As we knelt, she squeezed my hand and whispered softly, "Relax. Close
your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask for God's help. Everything will
work out just fine, Dear."

My shaking stopped, but I knew everyone was still staring at me! How
could mom and Dad do this to me? Why didn't I just opt out of 'The
Program', when I had the chance on Friday morning? Since I'm not a
quitter, now I'll have to see it through to the finish. I can't worry
about the future right now.

"Lord, please give me the strength get through this weekend."

Amazingly I immediately began to relax, comforted by the words of
familiar hymns and prayers.

As he concluded his Homily, 'Uncle Jonathan' said, "We're now at the
point in the service where I usually turn the mike over to the
congregation, for any announcements or special requests. Before I do that
today, I have some of my own to make."

"First, I would like to welcome the newest member of our congregation,
Linda Simpson. Linda is the daughter of two very dear friends of Martha's
and mine, the Reverend Raymond and Hilary Simpson. She is sitting in the
front pew with my wife, Martha. . . Linda, will you please stand?"

"For the benefit of those of you way in the back, or who may be legally
blind, yes, Linda is naked. Linda is REQUIRED to be here today naked.
Required? What do you mean REQUIRED to be naked?"

"A little background. Linda is a student in the newest division of
Southeastern University, Meyer's College. Meyer's is Phase Two in
Southeastern's endeavor to remain the number one college in the country in
the field of Human Sexuality."

"The first assignment given to her class on Friday evening, is to remain
totally nude until tomorrow night. I know, you're asking yourselves, 'I've
never heard of such a thing.' That may be so. But amazingly, it's true.
The Dean of Meyer's College, Dr. Carl Walker, thoughtfully phoned me on
Thursday morning, to inform me of Linda's upcoming assignment, and clear
any objections. Yes, that is correct, Folks. I learned of her assignment
24 hours before she did. The reason he called leads directly to my second
announcement today . . ."

"At this time I would like to offer a warm welcome to the newest member
of our Sunday School faculty, Linda Simpson. Linda will be in charge of
our 12 to 14 year old Junior High School class, and YES, she will be
teaching her class this morning nude. After talking to Dr. Walker on
Thursday, I phoned the members of the Church Board, and the parents of the
involved students, and obtained their prior consents."

"I am telling you this now because I feel it's best to get this out in
the open, right from the start. I don't want to hear there are rumors
floating around town, about what may, or may not be going on here. Linda
is extremely qualified and has over two years experience teaching Sunday
School classes. She is working towards her Masters in Education, and plans
on teaching at the High School level upon graduation. She has my full
confidence, and the full confidence of the Church Board and the parents involved. We're all thrilled she's joined our faculty."

"Now a special request. . . Will everyone please kneel, and join with
me in prayer."

"God, we ask for Your blessing, Your help, and Your guidance, on behalf
of Your humble daughter, Linda. Please grant her the knowledge, strength
and courage to complete the tasks placed in her path, for all the days of
her life. Amen."

"Please be seated. Are there any other announcements or requests at
this time?"

The rest of the service remains one big blur. I know what would have
been said and when, but I can't remember any of it. The next thing I can
recall is standing in the receiving line between 'Uncle Jonathon' and 'Aunt
Martha', at the rear of the Church after services; and receiving
congratulations and warm welcomes from the congregation.

Maybe our prayers were heard. I don't know. The only thing I do know
is that I no longer feel scared and self-conscious about my nudity.

Relaxed and spiritually refreshed after the morning service, I looked
over my new Sunday School class. You could hear a pin drop! I wish I had
a camera. The expressions on their young faces are priceless. Obviously,
their parents have not prepared them ahead of time about what to expect
this morning. Interesting. I can feel a dozen pairs of eyes boring onto
every surface of my body, quietly absorbing all its naked details. Evenly
split, six boys and six girls, the class is loosely scattered all around
the large classroom. Seated in desks neatly lined up in military
precision, six rows of six. I wonder if there's a smaller, less formal
room we can use. I'll have to remember to ask 'Uncle Jonathan' before next
week. In the meantime, this one will suffice. At least there's some space
up front, and a nice soft carpet on the floor.

Grinning, I greeted them cheerfully, "Morning, everybody."

Even as stunned as they were, they replied in the singsong voice
familiar to teachers everywhere, "Good Morning, Miss. Simpson."

"Come on guys, give me a break. I'm not much older than you are. I
only turned eighteen a couple of months ago. How about you just call me
Linda? Please?"

Giggling merrily, they replied brightly, "Morning, Linda!" One of the
boys quickly adding, "Why are you naked?"

So much for subtlety!

"I'll get to that in a minute. But first, come up here, let's all sit
on the floor. And, Guys, ditch the jackets and ties. Okay? Let's get

With that said, I plopped down onto the floor, and crossed my legs
Indian style. Although I can feel the rough texture of the carpet on my
bare ass, and twelve sets of eyes fastened intently to my nude body, I
don't feel 'turned on'. The feelings are sensual, not sexual in nature.
The confusion must show on my face.

Before I could continue our conversation any further, the first boy piped up again, "So why are you naked, Linda?"

Unsure of their reactions, I gave the class a brief synopsis of Meyer's
College that I thought they were capable of understanding, and explained
the rules of our first class assignment.

"Kewl," he replied simply, the rest nodding their heads in agreement.

"But isn't it wrong to walk around naked?" asked one of the girls.

"I'll answer all your questions the best I can, but you guys are going
to have to help me get to learn your names. So please introduce yourself
before you ask your question. Okay?"

"Sure, Linda. I'm Brenda. Isn't it wrong to walk around naked?"

"If you asked me that only one week ago, I'm not sure how I would have
answered your question," I answered, "But, why?"

"I don't understand. Why what?"

"Why is it wrong to walk around naked, Brenda?"

"Everyone knows you're not supposed to."

"Oh. You still haven't answered my question, Brenda. Why is it wrong?"

" 'cause everyone says so, that's why!" she replied, exasperated by my

"If everyone jumped off the roof, would you?" I can't believe I said
that. I hated it when my mother used that argument with me!

"No, 'course not!" she replied.

"Does everyone here agree that it's wrong to be naked in public?" I

"Hell no! Oops, sorry, Linda. I'm Jason. And no I don't think there's
anything wrong with being naked. 'Nude is not lewd'."

"I'm sorry? Come again, Jason?"

He repeated, "Nude is not lewd. It's a Naturist saying. The human body
is always beautiful. But just because it's naked, it doesn't necessarily
mean that it's lewd or pornographic. It can be . . . But it doesn't have
to be"

"Oh! . . . I've just never heard it put that way before."

Brenda asked him, "So, Jason, you don't think there's anything wrong
with walking around naked in public?"

"No, not at all. We do it all the time at our house and at the camp.
We're Naturists, nudists, if you prefer. I can speak only for myself, but
I'm more comfortable without clothes than I am with 'em on. What about
you, Sis?"

"Sure am, Jas. You know I hate it when Summer's over and we have to get
dressed for school again. Oh, sorry, Linda, I'm Karen."

"I don't believe you. You two saying you'd strip right here, and it
wouldn't bother you at all?" Brenda asked.

"No big deal," he answered with a shrug.

"I don't believe you!"

Without a word, Jason pushed off his loafers and socks, stood,
unbuttoned his shirt, unzipped his pants, removed them, and tossed them
onto the desk behind him. I glanced over at Karen who had already removed
her sundress and panties, and had done the same. They resumed their
previous seats cross-legged on the carpet. Both of them had beautiful,
deep, dark tans without the least trace of a tan line, and appeared to be
nonchalant and very comfortable in their nudity.

"It seems we have an obvious difference of opinion here." The class
chuckled. Brenda just sat there with her mouth open, not believing what
had just occurred.

Genesis will have to wait for another time. This class is going in
another direction today. I sure hope Uncle Jonathon doesn't get mad at me,
or worse yet, get into trouble for it. Oh well, here goes nothing.

"Okay, Brenda, it seems everyone, even here, doesn't believe it's
necessarily wrong to be naked in public. Do you have any other reasons?"

"Well, isn't it?"

"I don't know. What do YOU think? Is it? Anyone else?"

So began the most interesting and animated discussion I can ever
remember occurring in a Sunday School class. Before we knew it, the hour
was up, and I dismissed the class until the following week.


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