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Archived Sex Stories



Middle School Innocent

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"You cheated, Missy Rogers, and I don't have a choice. I'm
going to flunk you." I watched as Miss Paladin marked a red
Failure across my term paper. She underlined it twice and
pushed it away in disgust.

I couldn't believe it. Three years in middle school,
nothing but top grades, and now this. What would I tell my

"If I fail English, I won't graduate, Miss Paladin."

"You should've thought of that before you plagiarized
another student's work. You hardly changed a word and now
you expect credit. Hah."

I didn't know what to do. What would everyone think and
what could I tell my parents? I started to cry and felt
like such a fool. I could have done the paper myself, but
it seemed so much easier to use the one my friend Lucy gave

"If there's nothing else, Missy, I think you should go home
and get ready for summer school."

I started toward the door resigned to my fate. I'd never
been in trouble in nine years of school and now this.
"Isn't there some way I can make up the work. Miss

"You had a chance and blew it. Now get out of here."

"Isn't there something ... Maybe extra credit work. I'll do
anything. Please, give me a chance."

"You don't mean it, Missy."

"I do. Please give me another chance. I made a mistake." I
started crying again and this time I almost lost control.

"All right then, stand here by my desk."

She walked to the chalk board and picked up her pointer. I
knew she wasn't going to use it to call attention to
something she had written on the board.

"You've done two things wrong, Missy. You thought you could
turn in someone else's work and get credit for it.

Swish. Crack.

The pointer passed in front of my petrified body. I wanted
to run when it crashed down on her desk, but I couldn't
move. My parents never laid a hand on me in my 14 years.

"The worst part is you thought I was too stupid to catch

"No, no. I wasn't thinking. I was busy and it seemed like a
way to catch up."

Swish. Crack.

The pointer vibrated as it hit the desk again.

"Quiet. It's too late for excuses. You need a few swats so
you'll be able to think more clearly. Pull up your skirt so
I can get at your ass."

I was afraid, but decided that a few swats would be better
than having to tell my parents I wasn't graduating from
middle school. I slowly raised my short skirt up until my
white panties were exposed.

"Tuck the skirt into your belt and pull down your panties."

She wasn't serious. She couldn't be. "What did you say?"

"You heard what I said. You're swats are going on bare
skin. Now get to it."

"I can't do it."

"Just what I thought, you said you'd do anything and of
course you really wouldn't. Well, get out of here I've got
better things to do than waste my time with you.

I froze like a deer caught in the highlights of a truck
coming down a country road. My skirt was still around my
waist as pictures of a ruined summer vacation, my
disappointed parents, shocked friends, and me, as the
laughing stock of Parker Middle School, flashed through my
mind. I didn't know who the girl was tucking her skirt in
her dress. She pulled her panties down as quickly as she
could to get it over with and they soon were down around
her ankles. Miss Paladin smirked as the white cotton
material dropped to the floor. I knew it was me standing
there blushing with my ass exposed to my English teacher. I
couldn't believe I'd done it.

"Much better. Now put your hands on my desk and don't bend
your knees."

I was bent over and my ass was sticking out for all to see.
I felt like a fool with my skirt around my waist and hoped
that I wouldn't trip over my panties now wrapped around my
ankles. What if someone came in?

Twack. Twack. Twack.

I cried out with the pain and felt heat coming from the
stripes laid across the fat part of my ass.

Twack. Twack. Twack.

She was working her way down my butt. Each blow exploded an
inch or two lower than the last. Tears were streaming from
my eyes. Nothing like this had ever happened to me.

Twack. Twack. Twack.

I screamed when the pointer lashed out against my upper
thighs. I wasn't ready for the pain.

"Stay where you are until I tell you to move." I could feel
her eyes on my tortured ass and knew she was admiring her
work. I felt relieved. It was over with and I'd been able
to stand my punishment.

"What a cute ass, Missy. Take off the rest of your clothes
and let me see what you look like."

"You already whipped me. Why do I have to take my clothes

"You'll take off your clothes because I told you to. Don't
screw things up now, off with the blouse."

Miss Paladin grinned as the first button came undone. The
teacher never took her eyes off me as I undid the next
button and the next. I knew I was blushing and could feel
my neck get hot as I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and
let it slip down my shoulders.

"Just drop your blouse on my desk, Missy. Let's see. I
think I'd like to see the skirt come off next."

She wanted a strip tease and was going to tell me how to
undress. Worst of all, I was doing what she said. My hands
went behind my back and I manage to unbutton my skirt. She
made me turn around so she could watch me unzip and pull it
down over my hips.

"Let the skirt fall to the floor. Now step out of it. Okay,
pick it up and don't bend you knees. I just love your cute
ass, girl. It's so yummy."

There I was standing in front of my teacher in just a bra
and shoes. It was horrible and yet for some reason I was
getting turned on. My pussy was wet and I could already
smell myself. I hoped she didn't notice.

It was unhook your bra, push a strap down, now the other
one, slip your arms free and let the bra fall on my desk.
Bend over and take off a shoe. Now the other one. Take the
jewelry off, too. The rest of my clothes were on her desk.
I was completely nude and tried to use my arms to cover up.

"Put your hands down, girl. I want to see what you look
like. Yes, that's right. Now turn around. And, come here,
right next to me."

Her hands moved toward me in slow motion. I could only
stand there and let her fondle my breasts without making a
move. breasts that already betrayed me with nipples
sticking out as if to beg for attention. She made me squirm
and then made me moan as her hand touched and squeezed my
plum shaped tits. Somehow she could read my body and knew
just what to do. I forgot where I was and who I was with. I
just knew I liked what was happening even when I felt her
pull my nipple hard enough to make me bend toward her. When
I got close she pressed her face into my other boob. One
hand continued to play with my breast while her mouth
sucked the nipple of my other tit into her mouth where she
nipped and bit it with her teeth. Her free hand played with
my ass and rubbed my smooth legs. She moved closer and
closer to my pussy. I spread my legs a little to give her a
chance to touch me, but she wouldn't do it. Near, near,
near, but no, no, no.

"You liked it, didn't you, Missy?" I couldn't answer. This
was all new to me. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted it to
go on. "Now it's your turn. I want you to play with your
tits and masturbate until I say stop."

As much as I wanted to do myself, I couldn't, not in front
of my teacher. Oh my god, not in front of anyone. I just
stood there burning up inside and feeling like a fool.

"Quit wasting my time, Missy. Get started or get out. Make
your choice now."

I waited as long as I could, but I knew I'd do it and
finally my hands took on lives of their own. I wet the
first two fingers of one hand and used them to tease my
nipples. I moved my hand over my breasts massaging them
while I tortured first one and then the other nipple with
my well-lubricated fingers. I could hear someone moaning
and after awhile realized it was me.

I noticed a hand between my legs. I didn't realize I'd put
it there, but it seemed to know what it was supposed to do.
My fingers moved over my swollen pussy lips tracing the
crack from the small tuft of hair that marked the start of
my cunt almost to the tiny brown hole at the end of the wet
highway between my legs. Back and forth. Back and forth.
Sometimes putting a little pressure on the secret place
that burned for attention. My thumb massaged my clit as the
rigid soldier tried to explode with pleasure. Back and
forth. Back and forth. Fast, fast, faster.

It could have been two minutes or it might have been two
hours. I didn't know. When I screamed out my passion, time
no longer had a meaning. My orgasm went on forever, but
ended much too soon. animal sounds and woman smells. Wet.
Wonderful. I was alone until it ended and then I saw her
looking at me. A lioness looking at a gazelle.

"You do that so nice, sweetie. Now all you have to do is
everything I tell you for the next three weeks and you'll
have an A in the class and your sins will be forgotten."

"Three weeks. You can't be serious."

"You're not free until you get an 'A' in my class. It's
three weeks until graduation and I can turn you in anytime
I want. It's only three weeks and then you have an 'A'. You
can do it, can't you?"

"Well, I guess, okay." I'd done something horrible in front
of her and couldn't think of anything worse so why not? An
'A' sounded good and I wouldn't have to explain anything to
my parents.

"Fine, just take these instructions and follow them to the
letter. Don't show them to anyone else."
It cost me all my baby-sitting money to buy the clothes and
I couldn't put them on. What would people say? A lacy red
push up bra. Tiny matching G-string. Mini-dress that just
covered my ass, and high heels. What 14-year-old girl wears
high heels to school? I could hardly walk in them. I
couldn't wear this stuff to school so I slipped the clothes
into my backpack and took off for school wearing my usual
school clothes.
"Don't let me stop you. You better get your clothes on
before a lot of other people see you naked." It was fat
Billy Johnson, the most disgusting boy in school, and he
caught me changing clothes in the alley.

"Turn around, Billy. Give me a break." I tried to pull up
my G- String, but almost fell over instead. I still wasn't
used to the Five-inch heels and had to steady myself
against the fence. Billy got a good beaver shot between my
legs and it didn't look like he was planning on turning
around in the near future. He wasn't hiding the tent in the
front of his pants either. How disgusting. boys can be such

I gave up and just put the clothes on as fast as I could.
Thank goodness no one else came along while I was still
dressing. I looked bad enough in the slut outfit my teacher
made me wear.

How was my day? Well, Mr. Barkalew, my first period
teacher, didn't notice my short skirt until almost two
minutes into the class. When he saw I couldn't cover
anything, he spent all his time trying to take a peek up my
skirt without anyone noticing. Everyone did, of course, so
the whole class started checking me out. He finally had to
sit down at his desk so no one would see he had a boner.

Second period was worse. Miss Selmont took one look at what
I was wearing and got pissed off. She made me stay after
and told me if I ever wore something like that to school
again, I could forget about coming to her class ever again.

It went on and on.

Finally it was the last period of the day. Time to let
Cindy Paladin see that I was following her instructions,
"to the letter." She pointed to a seat in the front of the
class and I had to sit there with my teacher checking out
my legs and a lot more. It was the most horrible day of my
life. Everyone in school knew Miss Goody Two Shoes changed
to a slut over night and they loved talking about me. It
didn't help that Billy Johnson told everyone he caught me
nude in the alley changing my clothes. This was only day
one. There were still 20 more to go.
"Miss Paladin, I can't do this. It's horrible. People were
following me around all day and you wouldn't believe what
some of the boys said to me. Billy Johnson saw me nude in
the alley changing my clothes."

"Ha, ha, ha. You're quite an attraction in that cute little
outfit. I can't see any reason why you won't be doing the
same thing again tomorrow unless of course you're willing
to do something a little more interesting."
A little more interesting? I never even French kissed a boy
and now I had to give three boys blowjobs everyday for the
next 20 days. I also had to get them to give me their under
pants to prove I did it. Three blowjobs a day until
graduation. I was standing in the alley near school trying
to get people interested in having me suck them off. The
first two boys looked at me like I was crazy and stepped
off as fast as they could. I was in trouble. If I didn't
get some action soon I'd be blowing guys in the bathroom
between classes. When the next guy came by I walked up to
him and while I was asking him if he wanted a blowjob, I
put my hand between his legs and felt his cock grow hard.
Fourteen-year-old boys don't need much encouragement. I had
his pants and briefs off and got my knees dirty giving him
the best 90 seconds of his life. I was feeling pretty good
as I finished number two until I noticed Billy Johnson
standing two feet away watching everything. I figured I
might as well blow him since he'd seen me doing the other
guy. Three pair of boys underwear, two briefs and one world
class size boxer from Billy. Well, I had my proof for
Cindy. 19 more days to go.
"It's already Friday and you've done so well, Missy." I did
well if it meant giving blowjobs to 12 different boys and
having to do Billy Johnson three extra times to keep him
from blabbing to the principal. I felt terrible, but at
least the weekend was coming up.

"I want you to come over and visit me tomorrow and stay the
night. Just tell your parents you're staying with a girl

There was more of course. I wasn't going to have weekends
off. My 21 days were going to be full.

"I want you to buy some new underwear, shoes and a dress
for tomorrow. I know you don't have any money, but I have a
way for you to get some."
There's a place in the Five Points area of Birmingham where
guys go if they want a girl.

A few slutty looking girls were standing near the corner
and one of them was me. The other girls weren't real
friendly, but didn't seem to care that I was working there,
too. Cindy told me I could get 5 or 10 dollars for giving
guys blows jobs and all I had to do was wait until someone
picked me up and drove me to one of the side streets. older
guys take longer than young guys and they always made me
walk back to the corner. When the second guy said $5 seemed
like a low price I upped my fee to $20 and still didn't
have any problems getting people to pay. I must have been
doing a good job because a few guys gave me tips. I was
able to knock off early when a guy offered me $50 to blow
him. He wanted me to call him daddy and tell him I loved
him. It was disgusting, but so was everything else I was
doing. I had enough money to buy the clothes I needed and
hurried off to the mall to make my purchases.
"How nice to see you, Missy." She acted just like I was
company and not someone she planned to mess with later.
"While you're in my home just call me Cindy. Your outfit is
perfect. "

Perfect. A leather mini-dress with a bustier underneath. My
five inch heels. Seamed nylons attached to garters and a
tiny black G-string. Just what every 14-year-old girl would
wear to visit friends. She was wearing a robe that was so
thin I could tell there was nothing underneath.

There was a chair in the middle of the living room. It
seemed out of place until Cindy explained what a table
dance was. I didn't understand why she wanted me to buy the
new clothes just to take them off five minutes after I
arrived, but decided I could do anything for the next 13

She sat on the chair.

The CD player blasted out some raunchy music and I tried to
dance to it. I must have been doing okay because Cindy
started hollering out rude comments and made some nasty
suggestions. It took a long time to get the leather mini
off. It was so tight that I couldn't pull it over my hips.
Cindy didn't seem to care as I struggled with the garment.
Finally it was off and she could see my bustier and
stockings. She liked what she saw.

She told me to pull my boobs out of the bustier cups. My
tits aren't that big, but I finally figured out how to do
it. I rubbed my breasts in her face and let her play with
them as I continued to dance around her chair.

Next, I climbed up on the coffee table and she used her
mouth to rip my G-string. She tore it up quite a bit before
she was finally able to strip it off. I was still wearing
adult clothes, but they weren't covering anything.

When she finally got my panties off, her hands snaked
behind my ass and she pressed my pussy into her face. I
never felt anything like it. She pulled my pubic hair with
her teeth and let her fingers spread my ass cheeks. Her
tongue started lapping my pussy and all I could do was
stand there and take it.

When her tongue found my clit, I almost fell off the coffee
table. Somehow I was able to hold on and felt her licking
my clittie and then she tried to suck it into her mouth. It
was so weird and wonderful. I was so into it. I didn't
notice her attack my asshole with something that felt like
a flashlight. Somehow she got it into me and fucked my
asshole while she ate my pussy. I heard that people did
this sort of thing, but never knew that I'd be one of them.

"Let's go into the bedroom and I'll show you some more
tricks." She threw her robe to the ground and I had a
chance to look at her slender body. Her tits we were small,
but very interesting. The rest of her body was slender, but
there was no mistaking she was a real woman.

The tricks she showed me were more than interesting. She
made me go down on her over and over until I finally got it
right. She ate my pussy and put her body over my face so I
could eat hers. It was hard concentrating on my pleasure
and her pussy at the same time. I must have done okay
because she had a major orgasm just when I did. She didn't
stop then and we must have gotten off three or four more
times each. I thought we were done, but I was wrong.

"You've never been fucked by a boy have you, Missy?"

"I didn't do anything until this week."

"I'll be the first then."

She turned around and had a great big cock strapped to her
waist and she was rubbing cream on it as she walked toward
the bed. I didn't think I'd lose my virginity like this.

The dildo moved up and down the crack of my pussy. Every
time she got to the place where it could go in, she teased
me and moved away. She kept it up until I was begging her
to fuck me. She surprised me when she did stick it in. I
thought it would hurt, but I hardly felt anything. Well,
nothing bad. She was on me fucking like there was no
tomorrow. First she popped my cheery and then she did
things to make me forget about the pain. A nice slow pace
at first, but she got faster and faster. Somehow she knew
just when it was right for me and maintained a pace that
brought me higher and higher.

Her hands were on my tits and her lips covered my face with
kisses. I couldn't move. All I could do was absorb the

A hard nipple pressed against my lips and I opened my mouth
to welcome it inside. I sucked her small breast into my
mouth and let my teeth bite her tit as it filled my mouth.

She had me on my stomach and I felt the power of her strap-
on as it crashed into my tiny asshole. It didn't hurt and
when she started thrusting in and out, I wanted more, more,

She kissed my neck and bit my shoulder. Kisses tattooed my
back and a tongue trailed over my excited flesh. I could
smell her. I could smell me. Her touch and the sounds. The
relentless in and out of the strap-on. I felt a fire start
from someplace deep in a secret part of my mind. It
exploded in a blast of orange and traveled to every nerve
in my body. It forced out a scream and I buried my face in
the pillow.

Cindy used my body and I felt like her possession. It was
always her and yet I wanted to be used to do anything. I
didn't care. She showed me something new and she needed a

She explored every part of my body. I learned how to give
pleasure and be used again and again. My drive was to get
her off and when she did, I echoed her lust with my own
"What do we have here?" Another woman was in the room with
us. She was fully dressed and seemed to be staring at my
nakedness. I tried to pull the sheet over myself, but
somehow I couldn't get covered.

"Missy, this is my roommate, Donna Alexander. Donna this is
Missy. The one I told you about."

I couldn't talk. I was making love with an older woman and
someone caught me. I waited to see what would happen next.

"Roommate, Cindy? Is that any way to talk about your lover?
You're being unfaithful and the only way to make it up to
me is to share."

Share. I found out it meant getting out of bed and standing
next to Donna as she touched every part of my body. She was
teasing me and I knew she wanted to get me excited again. I
tried to hold back, but the older woman invaded my body and
I lost control.

"My you're very wet, Missy." Donna had no problem pushing
two of her fingers inside my pussy. "Why don't you take off
my clothes so we can play together?"

Taking someone's clothes off is not easy when you can't use
your hands.

Donna turned her back and I tried to pull the zipper down
with my teeth. Just when I started to get the hang of it, I
felt the dildo from the strap-on slide up and down between
my ass cheeks. When I pulled some more. I felt a poke in my
asshole and I waited to be skewered. The zipper went lower.
A hand was between my legs. Unzip more. A finger was in my
pussy. Lower and the dildo slid easily into my asshole. I
tried to pull down the zipper as the two older women teased
my body with all the tricks they new. Finally the dress
fell away.

Donna didn't need a bra to hold her perfect tits in place.
She was wearing a tiny thong and stay up stockings. They
made me get on my knees and told me I'd be punished if I
let the dildo drop from my asshole. I used my teeth to pull
one side of her thong down and then did the same with the
other side. As I passed in front of her pussy, I could
smell her wetness. It was like a trap luring my young girl
mind into her lair. She made a sound. I was turning her on
and that made me feel good. Two older women wanted me.

She pressed my faced into her pussy and my tongue had no
problem finding her clit. I could taste her juices and
finally forced my tongue into her soaked cunt. I was so
into what I was doing. I kept after her and felt her heat
and heard her passion. It didn't take long and she moaned
her orgasm and filled my mouth with her pleasure. I felt
proud. Too proud. The dildo fell to the floor.

"Missy, I told you not to drop the dildo." Cindy was
standing next to me by then and I was very afraid. "You
keep ruining our fun. I think you're doing it on purpose."

I wanted to please, but somehow I couldn't. They tied me
spread eagle to the bed and took turns playing with my
pussy until I was ready to come. Just when I wanted to
explode, they stopped. Once, twice, three times and then
more and more. I felt teeth bite into my small breasts.
Mouths sucked red marks all over my bare skin. Hands
touched everywhere. I couldn't stop them and couldn't
resist. I kept getting higher and higher.

Suddenly they stopped.

"Please finish me off. I can't stand this any more." They
were watching me suffer and laughing. I didn't care. I had
to get off right then.

"Maybe we'll get you off if you do just what we say." Cindy
was just inches from my ear. Just as she finished talking,
she stuck her tongue in my mouth.

They kept teasing me and I agreed with everything they

"I'm a slut and I'll fuck anyone."

"Yes, I'll screw a dog. Get it for me now so I can come."

"Show me the pony you want me to blow."

On and on. I kept reaching the heights and they stopped. I
used to be a virgin and now I was an addict. I'd do
anything for sex and couldn't get enough. More, more, more.

They spread-eagled me on my stomach. A rubber ball was
jammed in my mouth and tied tightly behind my head. I could
hardly breathe. My long hair was wrapped in a cord and
pulled to the end of the bed. I couldn't move my head. My
body was trapped and unmovable.

The strap on dildo was jammed into my pussy. I felt the
flashlight pushed deep into my asshole. I could hear both
women laughing and saw Cindy get a camera from the night-
stand and start taking pictures of me. I couldn't do a
thing to stop her.

"Now as soon as Donna gets the video camera ready, we want
to watch you do yourself."

I was on my back again with one hand free. I couldn't wait
to get it between my legs, but when I tried, Cindy slapped
it away. When I felt the heat of the camera's lights on my
skin I jammed my hands between my legs again and went for
it. The rubber ball stopped me from screaming and moaning,
but there was still plenty for the sound track. I finally
came and almost passed out when the orgasm took my body.

They filmed me while I pushed the dildo into my pussy. The
camera caught the strap-on jammed into my asshole. I had
both of them going at the same time.

The camera flashed when I attached the clips to my nipples.
The pain was bad for a moment and then it felt exquisite.

I spread-eagled myself and didn't need ropes to enjoy every
blow from the wooden doweling they used to raise welts
across my back and legs. The pain was intoxicating and I
came again as the rod lashed across my body.

They filmed me begging to fuck them. I was on my knees with
my mouth pressed up against Cindy's pussy. Then it was my
tongue in Donna's asshole. I lay between them with a hand
on each pussy. There was a whip and a belt. A strap. There
was everything that I never heard of before and more.

I called my mother and told her I was having fun and would
be home a little late.
It was Monday and back to school. My pussy and asshole were
sore from all the new things that happened to them over the
weekend. My ass still had red stripes on it and I knew it
would be hard to sit in class. None of that mattered as
much as what I saw in the alley.

There had to be 20 boys standing around waiting for me in
the alley. I knew I had to go for it. If I tried to run,
they'd catch me in no time and who knew what would happen
then. Well, I'd have most of my underwear for the week so
at least that was something. Now I had a pillow for my
knees and a lot of lip gloss to reduce friction. I also
figured if I grabbed on to the guy's cock with one hand and
played with his balls with the other, things would happen
fast. I think it helped everyone to watch. I polished off
all of 'em in no time at all and walked off to school with
a backpack full of underwear.
"Hey, it's Blow Job Missy."

"What happened to your slut clothes?"

"Why not come into the Boy's Bathroom and give the rest of
us treat."

It went on all day. Even the dullest person in school got
the word and I was the number one topic of conversation.
The teachers seemed to know what was going on, too.

"Missy, I want you to stop by after school to discuss your
grade." Mr. Barkalew had the hots for me since seventh
grade. I knew what he wanted and didn't waste anytime
giving it to him. Well, at least he let me have his boxers.
The little clocks were kind of cute.

Miss Selmont was a different story. I thought I was done
for when she told me to stay after school. Instead, it was
just more of the same. She made me take off my clothes and
then climb under her desk. I went down on her while she
pretended to teach class. Social Science was never like
that before or since.

"Missy, you never had any problems in school, seventh grade
to present. What's gone wrong with you, little girl." Mr.
Jarvis was the Principal and also a member of my church.
I'd known him and his wife since I was a small and here I
was standing in front of him red faced and embarrassed
thinking about how I got there.

My trip to the principal started when Billy Johnson told me
he wanted a blowjob and unless I went into the boy's locker
room with him at lunch, he was going to tell the Principal.
I knew I shouldn't do it, but it was almost the end of the
second week and I couldn't mess up.

We turned the corner and there they were, 30 boys and three
Gym Teachers getting ready for a party and the party was
me. "No way can I blow all you guys during lunch. I'm out
of here."

When I tried to leave, Billy grabbed me by the hand and
made me stay. "Don't worry little Missy, I know how we can
speed things up."

I felt like a nudie dancer when I took off my clothes. The
guys were screaming and hollering. Even the Gym teachers
got into it. Billy Johnson pulled down his pants and lay
down face up on a bench. He made me climb on top of him and
pull his cock into my pussy. Who would have thought my
first time with a guy would be with someone as disgusting
as Billy? Who would of thought 30 people would have been

Billy was right. They did have ways to speed things up.
While Billy slammed into my pussy. Another boy turned my
head until I could see his dick in front of my face. Before
I knew what hit me, he jammed it into my mouth and was
fucking away. It was a good thing that Cindy and Donna
spent so much time reaming my asshole with all their toys.
I felt someone try to push his woody into my butt while the
rest of them satisfied themselves playing with my body. I
almost bit one boy's cock when my hole was invaded by
something long and hard. I thought I was doing as much as I
could until my hands got filled up with two more cocks and
I found myself taking on the guys five at a time. Every
time one guy got off there was someone else to take his
place. I'm pretty sure that some of them fucked me more
than once, but I couldn't keep track.

One of the boys waved to Billy as he was leaving and said,
"Thanks big guy. Best five dollars I ever spent." I
couldn't believe it. Billy Johnson was selling my ass for
five bucks a go.

I thought for sure I'd be caught with a mob like that, but
no. It's always the little things that get me.

When they were done with me, I just sat there on the bench
exhausted and didn't notice they stole all my clothes. I
waited until a boy came into the locker room and told him
I'd suck his dick if he gave me his gym uniform. I should
have waited for someone a little bigger than him. The
shorts were so small my butt hung out for all to see. The
tee shirt looked like a baby tee and made even my small
breasts look hot. Just before I was able to slip off
campus, Mr. Jarvis caught me.

"Missy, I've known you for a long time and I just don't
know what to say. You can't wear clothes like that in
school." He seemed to study my attire for a moment before
he finished his thought. "Let's go to my office."

All of the humiliation I'd been through was for nothing.
Mr. Jarvis would throw me out of school and then I'd be
ruined. I waited for the ax to fall.

"I'm going to let you off this once, but if you do anything
like this again, you won't graduate and I don't want to
hear one more complaint about your behavior from any of
your teachers."

Finally, I got a break. Mr. Jarvis was going to let me off
with a lecture. "Thank you Mr. Jarvis. I can't tell you how
much I appreciate this."

"Probably not as much as I'm going to appreciate you. Now
take off your clothes and lay down on my desk." All I could
think of was Mrs. Jarvis in church singing Rock of Ages as
her husband fucked me like there was no tomorrow.
The Saturday before Graduation snuck up on me. I was so
busy fucking and sucking every boy, girl, man and woman at
Parker that I forgot all about it. I just had to get
through the day and then I'd almost be done. Yah, I knew
she was going to force me to be nude under my graduation
gown. Well, a lot of people had seen me in less so letting
a few more see my nipples stick out through the flimsy
material of my robe didn't seem that bad. Knowing the robe
would outline my ass for all to see and that it was thin
enough to show off my legs when it got backlit didn't seem
that serious. I was almost done and then it was over.
Things that used to matter to me, no longer seemed
I was down on the corner again raising money to buy a
bikini for the swimming party Cindy was having Saturday
night. I also had to kick in with $200 to help pay for the
party. 15 guys later, I was off to the mall to do some
"Missy, what a cute suit. You should wear thongs all the
time." Cindy was always the gracious hostess. There had to
be 15 teen girls around her backyard pool wearing tiny
little swim suits and high heels. There were about the same
number of older women sitting on lawn chairs watching all
the young girls. I didn't like the feel of this and
wondered what was going to happen next.

"Attention ladies. Here is our newest girl and isn't she
cute." Cindy acted like she was introducing someone from
the neighborhood. "It's time for everyone to see what you
look like."

I never found out what happened to my bikini. I spent the
rest of the party wearing nothing but high heels. She made
me take off my suit in front of the women. They enjoyed my
discomfort and screamed when I finally stood before them in
nothing but my shoes.

Cindy made me walk in front of where the women were
sitting. As I tried to walk past them, a hand touched my
ass, a finger slipped into my pussy, my boob was grabbed,
my thigh caressed. I was getting aroused and the women
loved watching me suffer. I was being finger fucked front
and back. Mouths captured my small breasts. No part of my
body went unmolested.

I was almost going to come when I heard Cindy say, "Ladies,
how much am I bid for this cute young girl? Let's start at
a hundred to make it interesting and see what she's worth
for the whole night. 100, 150, 200, 225, 275 and finally it
ended when a woman bid $580 dollars. I'd been sold to
someone I didn't know and now I was sitting on her lap
while she fondled me.

The woman had me crawl under her dress and do her. She made
me play with myself while all the others watched until I
exploded. I had to give several of her friends hand jobs.
It never stopped until she finally said it was time to go
to her place.

"Make sure we have Missy back in the morning. She has to
graduate tomorrow." When Cindy said it the rest of the
party broke out laughing. I didn't care. There was only
tomorrow and then I was done.
The 'A' I got in English was all I needed to be the class
Valedictorian. I was required to make a ten-minute speech.
Normally these are very boring, but mine was quite

Spotlights pointed at me from every direction. I knew my
robe was thin, but didn't realize it was possible to be
back lit in every direction. After it was over, my friend
Lucy told me it looked like I was completely nude with just
a haze of color where my robe covered me. All the kids were
screaming and yelling during my speech.

I guess the teachers had the same view. When Mr. Jarvis
stood up to give me my award, he was sweating and his face
was red. I knew what that bulge was coming from the front
of his robe and couldn't believe it when he pressed his
hard on into me as he talked. He slipped his hand around my
waist and then let it slip down to fondle my ass. I could
hear some of the teachers and staff start to say things
about it, but the worst was yet to come.

The Principal kept talking and no one could understand much
of what he was saying. It didn't matter much because they
were very interested in watching him move his body against
mine. He was rubbing his swollen cock against me and didn't
seem to care who was watching.

When I saw my father jump out of his seat and start moving
toward the stage, I thought I should run away. Well, one of
those good news, bad news things happened next.

Mr. Jarvis exploded and covered the front of his robe with
cum. It must have been too much for him and he fell to the
ground. The heart attack was his second and he had to be
rushed off to the hospital. Somehow what he did was lost in
the moment and so I got off with just a stern lecture. I
guess my parents felt that me winning the Valedictorian
award was more than enough to offset any little problems
along the way.

My father thought it was nice when Cindy asked me over to
have tea with the rest of the honor graduates from Parker
Middle School. It seems that the girls I met at the party
Saturday were the ones she was talking about. I wondered
why girls always seemed to win the Academic Awards in
Middle School and now I know why.

"Missy, you looked so cute getting your award." Cindy
didn't sound sincere, but at least I was done with her.
"Come into the den. I want you to look at something."

The something turned out to be 15 photo albums and 30 video
tapes. They made me watch myself in the alley, on the
street corner, at the party and doing everything else that
got me into that room.

"Now, I won't be able to watch after you when you go to
high school." For a minute I thought Cindy was ready to let
me off the hook. "So, I'll expect you to bring me $500
every week until you graduate. If you miss even one
payment, I send the pictures and videos to everyone you

I didn't even argue. All I could do was to decide how much
time it would take to raise $500 and hoped I'd have time
left over to make some money of my own.
The End
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