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Midsummer 1

WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the fact
I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

Any comments, including constructive criticisms, would be most
appreciated. Please send to artemis55@hotmail.com

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep one
copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or reposting on a website,
other than the archive or Dejanews, or to a newsgroup requires my
permission first (but I'll probably say yes). This story should not, under
any circumstances be used to make a profit by anyone other than the author

REPOST NOTE: This was my attempt to write an orgy story about normal people
with normal lives.


Midsummer Night's Orgy Vickie Morgan

Chapter One

Rebecca finished loading the dishwasher and turned the kettle on. She
put her head round the sitting-room door to inquire if Tony wanted a cup of
tea, and received an affirmative grunt by way of reply. Passing the phone,
a message scrawled on the notepad next to it caught her eye.

"When did Natalie phone?" she demanded, annoyed that he hadn't mentioned
it before.

"What?" Tony asked without taking his eyes off the television.

"There's a message by the phone that Natalie called. You remember
Natalie, my old university friend? We shared a house? Natalie Robinson?"

"Yeah, of course I remember Nat. She called yesterday, said something
about it being time to catch up on old times," Tony said. "I wrote her
number down for you."

"Thanks for telling me," Rebecca grumbled. She set the tea to stewing
while she thought about returning Natalie's call. They had been such close
friends at university, almost inseparable. There had been three of them,
Natalie, Dawn and Rebecca. Everyone had called them 'The Three Witches',
partly fuelled by Dawn's eccentricities. They had vowed always to remain
friends but they had all gradually drifted apart over the years. The last
time Rebecca had spoken to Natalie it must have been over two years ago and
it was almost as long since she had talked to Dawn.

Rebecca smiled as she remembered some of the wild times they'd had
together. Then a thought struck her and she shot a worried look at the
calendar. Their last night together they had gone down to the beach and
built a big bonfire. They had sat around it through the night, drinking
and laughing. At some point Rebecca remembered Dawn making an outrageous

"Whatever happens, we have to meet up for the last summer solstice of
the millennium. We can't miss celebrating that."

"You're such a pagan," Natalie had told her. "It's just another day.
If you were chinese or Jewish or something it wouldn't even be the end of
the millennium."

"There's always something magical about midsummer's night," Rebecca had
said. "It never gets dark, just all purple and silver all night long."

"Of course it's magic," Dawn had insisted. "Come on, let's make a pact.
Whatever happens, wherever we are, we'll meet up and celebrate the last
midsummer's day of the century. Come on, swear."

"Ok, I swear I'll celebrate midsummer, 1999 with you two," Natalie had
said. "But I'm not cutting my thumb and doing the blood mixing thing, so
don't bother asking."

"Don't worry, I know how squeamish you are about blood," Dawn had
replied. "Rebecca, your turn."

"I swear I'll celebrate midsummer night with you two," Rebecca had said
obligingly. "How are we going to celebrate though?"

"Come back here, build another bonfire, have an orgy," Dawn had
suggested casually.

"What!" Rebecca demanded.

"An orgy, how else could we celebrate?" Dawn had asked innocently.
"What's up, not chicken are you Becca?"

"No, she's probably worried her boyfriend won't let her," Natalie had

"Hey, Tony doesn't control what I do," Rebecca had replied indignantly.
"Ok, an orgy it is. I'll see you both there."

What had seemed like a good idea at twenty-one didn't seem quite as
sensible eight years later. Rebecca couldn't believe that Natalie and Dawn
were actually going to go through with it. But why else would Natalie call
out of the blue, a month before midsummer's night.

Unsettled, Rebecca carried the mugs of tea through to the sitting room
and collapsed on the sofa next to Tony. He muttered some kind of thank you
when she gave him his tea, but his gaze never wavered from the television
screen. Rebecca sighed, resigned to his ways, and went back to worrying
about what to say to Natalie. There was no way she could possibly take
part in an orgy, but she had to come up with a good excuse. Natalie was
now a high profile and very successful lawyer while Dawn worked at a
natural health centre during the day and also taught at a local college.
In contrast, Rebecca just worked part-time on the tills at the local
Safeways. She didn't want to just refuse to go the orgy because she had
succumbed to middle-class morality. She needed a good excuse, but her mind
remained stubbornly blank.

She considered asking Tony for help, but he seemed totally absorbed by
the flickering box in the corner, as he seemed to be every night nowadays.
She didn't know when the subversive thought first crept into her mind, but
once lodged it refused to leave. She could just go. Tony wouldn't object
to her spending some time with her old friends. In fact, she would be
surprised if he even noticed she wasn't there until he wanted something to
eat. Slowly, a knot of excitement formed in her stomach. The thought of
attending an orgy was so strange, so exciting, so unlike anything that
normally happened in her humdrum, mediocre life.

Filled with determination, she went out into the hall, picked up the
phone and dialled Natalie's number.

"Hi Natalie, it's Rebecca," she said brightly.

"Becca!" Natalie's voice came clearly down the line. "Hello stranger.
How long has it been since we last spoke."

"Hello yourself," Rebecca replied, smiling just to hear her familiar
accents. "It's been too long. Although I was half expecting to hear from
one of you, considering the date."

"The date?" Natalie asked.

"Um, not long until the orgy date, is it," Rebecca said, hoping she
sounded more confident then she felt.

Natalie was completely taken aback. She frantically searched her memory
for whatever Rebecca was referring to.

"Yeah, I suppose its not that long," Natalie said cautiously. Then she
remembered: sat around a bonfire and Dawn making them swear to meet up for
an orgy on the last midsummer's night of the millennium. She couldn't
believe Rebecca expected them to go through with it. She wouldn't have
been surprised to be having this conversation with Dawn, but Rebecca had
always the sensible one. "So, you're still going to go through with it?"
she asked. "I thought Tony would have refused to let his little wife go
off to an orgy."

"Where do you get this strange idea Tony controls my life?" Rebecca
demanded indignantly. "Now, I presume you are organising the details. Let
me know what you want me to bring."

"Well the most essential thing is going to be men, don't you think,"
Natalie drawled. "How many do you think you'll be able to lay your hands

"Um, I'm not sure right now," Rebecca replied, wondering what she had
got herself into.

"Ok. I'm going to talk to Dawn, and then I'll get back to you nearer
the time," Natalie said briskly. "It's been great talking to you again,
Becca. See you at the orgy."

"Yeah, see you then. I'm looking forward to it," Rebecca lied.

Natalie gently replaced the telephone receiver and stared blankly at the
wall. She couldn't believe the conversation she had just had. If she had
known what the impulse to get back in touch with her old friends would lead
to she would have firmly squashed it. She had been feeling lonely recently
and she had thought a nice chat with Rebecca or Dawn would have made her
feel better. There was no way she could have admitted to Rebecca that the
idea of an orgy scared her silly. So her foolish pride had made her
pretend that she was blasť about the whole thing. Now her only hope was
that Dawn would refuse to go along and provide Natalie with a legitimate
excuse to cancel. It was a weak hope at best, but there was always a
chance that Dawn had become more sensible as she had grown older.

Natalie looked around her apartment. Everything was carefully chosen to
co-ordinate and be as tasteful as possible. Somehow, today it seemed
sterile and lifeless. Maybe something as crazy as an orgy was just what
she needed to spice up her life. She had just finished a long and bitter
court case between two hostile ex-partners, which had left her, tired and
disillusioned. If nothing else, it would distract her from work. And all
the magazines insisted that sex was a great stress-buster. She might even
be able to claim the expenses back against tax.

There was no time like the present, so Natalie looked up Dawn's number
and dialled it in. She had forgotten how bubbly Dawn was. Even her
'hello' sounded cheerful.

"Hi Dawn, it's Natalie."

"Nat! How lovely," Dawn cried. "I haven't heard from you for ages.
How have you been? Still being the super-lawyer?"

"Doing my best," Natalie replied, smiling despite herself.

"Oh you career women. You need to kick back and relax a bit," Dawn told
her. "I bet you don't even have a boyfriend."

"I refuse to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me," Natalie

"Haven't changed a bit," Dawn sighed. "So, to what do I owe the honour
of a phone call?"

"Well, Becca and I thought we'd better start making arrangements.
Wouldn't do to leave things to the last minute, would it?"

"Arrangements?" Dawn asked. "Arrangements for what?"

"For the orgy, of course," Natalie said innocently. "You hadn't
forgotten had you?"

"Orgy?" Dawn echoed. While she wouldn't have been surprised if some of
her friends had casually referred to an orgy, Natalie wasn't one of them.
Yet Natalie was talking as if Dawn should know what she was talking about.
If Rebecca was involved then it had to be something from university, the
three of them hadn't really been together since then.

"I thought you two wouldn't be wanting to go through with it, now you're
both all grown up and boring." Dawn said, playing for time.

"Well there's only one end of the century solstice," Natalie said
cheerfully. "And we have to keep our vows, even if we didn't sign it in
blood." Suddenly Dawn remembered, sitting around a campfire, making plans
for the future. Some crazy idea about having an orgy. She had a horrible
feeling it had been one of her crazy ideas. But who would have thought
that two such conventional women as Natalie and Rebecca would have been
prepared to go through with it. If they were up for it, there was no way
she could chicken out. She had a reputation to live up to, after all.

"All right, excellent," Dawn said. "How are we going to organise this?"

"Well, it's probably best if I handle it, don't you think?" Natalie
suggested. "You're not known for your organisational skills and Becca
isn't much better. I've got a couple of windows in my schedule, so I'll
check things out and let you know. Ok?"

"Sounds good to me," Dawn said. "Hope we can still get to the beach."

"First thing I'm going to check out," Natalie told her. In fact, I'll
probably go down this weekend."

"Sounds great," Dawn said. "It'll be a blast just for us all to get
together again. I take it you've been talking to Becca. How is she? I
thought she would have a whole horde of sprogs by now."

"She seemed fine. Still with Tony the Terrible, but no mention of kids.
You're right, it's been too long."

"The Three Witches meet again," Dawn said, just to hear Natalie's
reaction. Natalie had always hated that title and sure enough she gave an
indignant snort.

Laughing, Dawn put down the phone and wandered into her kitchen to make
a mug of camomile tea. She needed something to calm her down. It was one
thing to propose an orgy just to be outrageous, quite another to actually
plan and attend one. She wandered around her tiny cottage, lighting
incense sticks and dropping some lavender oil into a burner. As the
soothing aromas seeped into her senses, she let her mind drift back to her
university days. She had had such fun, and Rebecca and Natalie had been a
major part of that fun. She hadn't had any friends as close as since. She
just wasn't sure if an orgy was the best kind of a reunion.

Then she stopped and reconsidered. A few years ago, she would have
leapt at the idea. Maybe she was getting staid in her old age. After all,
she was thirty in less then six months, as her boyfriend had reminded her
just last week when he left her for a eighteen old. Of course, he had only
been twenty-one himself. Dawn looked at the box of his possessions that
were waiting by the door for him to pick up. It seemed that Peter didn't
even care enough about their relationship to bother picking up the things
he'd left behind. She just wished she could cut off her emotions as
easily. Somehow an orgy was looking more and more attractive. Doing
something wild like that might help her centre herself, regain some of her
youthful enthusiasm again. At the very least it would distract her from
moping around the house brooding about her love life.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, June 1999 E-mail artemis55@hotmail.com

This story is distributed free of charge for your entertainment. It
does take quite a lot of time and effort to write, type, edit and post a
story, especially a long one like this. All I ask is that you take a
couple of minutes to e-mail me, let me know that you've read this and
perhaps give some reaction. Thank you.

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