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Midsummer 3


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the fact
I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

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appreciated. Please send to

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep one
copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or reposting on a website,
other than the archive or Dejanews, or to a newsgroup requires my
permission first (but I'll probably say yes). This story should not, under
any circumstances be used to make a profit by anyone other than the author


Midsummer Night's Orgy Vickie Morgan


Dawn was surprised to find that she was the first to arrive at the cliff
top. For a moment she wondered if she was had taken a wrong turn, but she
remembered this place well. Just as she was wondering if the others had
got lost instead, she saw Rebecca's little Fiesta bumping down the track
towards her. They hardly had a chance to hug each other before Natalie
pulled up in a battered estate.

"Nat, is that you?" Dawn asked in mock surprise. "What happened to the
little red sports car?"

"Safely in my garage, thank you," Natalie told her, giving her a hug.
"It's difficult enough finding room for my briefcase in my MGF, let alone
all this stuff. I see you still have the hippy mobile." Dawn gave her Mini
a fond glance. She had painted it bright pink with big yellow daisies all
over it.

"I could give your MG a paint job if you want?" she offered.

"I'll pass, thanks," Natalie said, laughing as she hugged Rebecca.
"It's so good to see you both."

"I know," Rebecca said. "Why have we left it so long?"

"I've no idea," Dawn admitted.

"Just life, I guess," Natalie said. "It goes so fast sometimes. We're
nearly thirty, you know."

"Don't remind me," Dawn said with a shudder. "Thirty sounds so grown up
and responsible."

"Has your life turned out the way you thought it would?" Rebecca asked.

"Pretty much," Natalie said. "If anything, I've done better then I
thought. Does that sound really arrogant?"

"Yep," Dawn told her. "It's true though, you've got a great career that
you work hard at. You deserve to boast a bit."

"How about you Dawn?"

"I don't know, I never actually imagined being thirty. I thought I was
going to stay twenty-five forever. What about you, Becca? I thought you
would have had a load of kids by now."

"Well, things change," Rebecca said evasively. "Come on, it looks like
it's going to take a good week to unpack Natalie's car."

"Yeah, Nat," Dawn chimed in. "I'm sure I can see a kitchen sink jammed
in there."

"I'm just prepared," Natalie said. "But Becca's right, we should get

"Ok, chuck us the rope," Dawn said. "You go down to the beach and Becca
and I'll lower everything down."

"Why am I going down?" Natalie asked.

"Because you're a wimp," Dawn told her. "I bet you got someone to help
you load all this stuff into the car in the first place."

"Maybe," Natalie admitted. "But I work out twice a week, look." She
rolled up a sleeve and flexed a muscle.

"Very nice," Rebecca said, laughing at her. "I still think it's best if
you and your designer muscles go down to the beach, that way you can
organise everything."

"All right, all right, I'll go down."

"Before you do, I brought some champagne to celebrate," Dawn said,
reaching into her car.

"You've even brought glasses," Rebecca said impressed. "I brought
something too."

"Your famous chocolate cake! With the rum fudge icing?" Natalie asked.
"I have dreams about that cake." Dawn popped the cork out of the champagne
while Rebecca handed out slabs of cake. They perched on the bonnet of
Dawn's car and looked out over the sea.

"To friendship," Dawn said.

"Friendship," the other two echoed.

They sat in companionable silence, enjoying their cake and wine. When
they had all finished, they started unpacking the cars and getting
everything set up. It took a couple of hours of hard work, but at last
they collapsed around the newly lit fire.

"Well done, Natalie," Rebecca said. "You seem to have remembered just
about everything,"

"Thanks," Natalie replied. "Can you think of anything we're missing?"

"Only one thing," Dawn said. "Something appropriate to wear.
Fortunately, I brought these." She produced a package with a flourish and
tossed a bundle of fabric at each of them. They shook them out to find
that they each had a long robe of thin white muslin. Down the edges, Dawn
had sewn a strip of intricately embroidered material. Rebecca had
intertwined leaves studded with flowers. Natalie's was a twisting stream
with occasional waterfalls spilling into small pools. Dawn had created a
river of flames for herself. They tried them on and found that the
material drifted and clung around them, providing a teasing glimpse of
their bodies.

"I can't believe you remembered all that earth, fire, water nonsense,"
Rebecca said, opening a new bottle of wine. "You'll be making us do that
ritual you made up again."

"What ritual?" Natalie queried, suspiciously re-examining her robe.

"Don't you remember?" Rebecca asked. "Well, I suppose you were pretty
much out of it that night. Last Halloween party at Uni', we all decided
that if people were going to keep calling us 'The Three Witches' we might
as well live up to it. We got all dressed up in weird costumes and we
danced round a fire and did this ritual that Dawn invented."

"Oh no," Natalie groaned. "I do have a faint memory of this. We were
the talk of the campus for weeks. How daft were we back then?"

"Hey, it's not that long ago," Dawn protested. "Come on, let's do it
again. It'll get you in the right mood."

"Come off it, Dawn, no way," Natalie said. Rebecca and Dawn scrambled
to their feet and pulled Natalie up.

"Come on, don't be so boring," Dawn insisted. "Pretend your twenty one
again." She began to dance around the fire, twirling and leaping.
Giggling, Rebecca followed her and Natalie reluctantly joined in. When
they were all out of breath, they came to a halt and formed a circle around
the fire, their arms raised and their hands palm to palm with their

"Earth, Water, Fire. Earth, Water, Fire. The elements of life," they

"I am Fire," Dawn declared. "Bringer of heat in the cold, of light in
the dark. Partake of my warmth." Dawn tried to hide her shiver at her
words. She wished she had someone to hold her and warm her in the cold
dark nights.

"I am Earth," Rebecca declared. "Provider of shelter in the storms, of
sustenance when needed. Partake of my fruitfulness." Rebecca couldn't help
sighing a little. If only she was fruitful as women were supposed to be,
as she wished to be.

"I am Water, I guess," Natalie said, feeling ridiculous. "Um, source of
wet stuff for cleaning the dirty, of liquid when you're thirsty. Partake
of my, er, water." Natalie wasn't sure about being water, but she had
accused of being a block of ice by various men several times.

"Oh Nat, you're really getting into the spirit of this, not," Dawn said,
shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, but I feel like a fool. Just how drunk was I at that
Halloween party?"

"Very," Rebecca told her. "You'd just broke up with Raymond."

"Just caught him in bed with two other girls, you mean," Natalie said.
"Funny to look back and remember how devastated I was. I thought he was
the love of my life, yet I can hardly remember what he looked like.
Anyway, whatever else, I've got this lovely robe. Thanks Dawn."

"Yeah, thanks Dawn," Rebecca echoed. "They're beautiful."

"My pleasure," Dawn said. "Hey look, a couple of cars have arrived.
Now I wonder if they'll use that rope we left for them or be all macho and
climb down without its help."

"I didn't think anyone would really turn up," Rebecca said, tension
making her voice shrill. "Whose silly idea was this, anyway? It's one
thing to suggest something as mad as this when you young and stupid, quite
another to actually do it when you're old and respectable."

"Hey, don't look at me," Dawn said. "I'd forgotten all about this orgy
business until Nat called."

"It wasn't my idea," Natalie protested. "I just rang you for a friendly
chat and the next thing I knew you had me arranging all this."

"What!" Rebecca exclaimed. "But I thought that was why you were

"No," Natalie told her, laughing. "I just didn't want to be the wimpy
one who backed you if you two were both up for it."

"I don't believe this," Rebecca said. "You're telling me we all went
along with this because we all thought the other two wanted to do it. How
daft is that."

"Well I was a bit surprised, I have to admit," Dawn said. "But as we
are here and everything is all set up, lets just enjoy ourselves."

"That's easy to say," Rebecca said, her voice shaking. "But how are we
going to do this? Just jump them as soon as they get near or what?"

"Calm down, Becca," Natalie said soothingly. "This is a civilised orgy
and we're in charge. We're going to give them drinks and chat for a bit.
Find a couple who take your fancy and lead them to your tent. When you've
finished with them, come back and get some new ones. Ok?"

"I suppose so," Rebecca replied. "After all, it's too late to run away

"Just relax, Becca," Dawn told her. "This is supposed to be fun. You
don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

The first arrivals were soon joined by several more. Dawn recognised a
few that she had invited, but she was more interested in the ones she
didn't already know. She didn't know where Natalie and Rebecca had found
them but they were all very attractive. As she talked and laughed she
could feel her body beginning to heat. Knowing why everyone was there
seemed to make even the most banal conversation exciting. The wine she had
drunk was spreading a pleasant warm tingle through her. Natalie and
Rebecca were chatting politely; Natalie looking poised and confident while
Rebecca nervously gulped her wine. Impatient to get down to business, Dawn
tucked her hands through the arms of a couple of men.

"Would you like to come with me?" she asked, lowering her voice
seductively. She led them towards the tent that she had been assigned.
She saw another man watching her and gave him a wink and an inviting smile.
He stood up and followed them.

Dawn dropped her robe and fell to her knees on the mattress, fumbling
with two zips at once. Eager hands replaced hers and within moments she
had three naked men in front of her. She lay back as a pair of hands
closed around her breasts and a mouth nuzzled against her nipples. A hand
trailed across her face and tangled in her hair, angling her head so it's
owner could plunder her mouth. She was vaguely wondering where the
remaining man was when fingers began stroking around her ankles. A warm
tingling sensation was beginning in the pit of her stomach and she sighed

The man kissing her left her mouth and began exploring her neck and
ears, finding the sensitive spots that made her shiver. The hands on her
legs were working their way higher and higher, leaving a trail of
sensitised skin that felt as if it was on fire. She gave a small moan of
protest as her breasts were abandoned as the man headed downwards. He
found her clitoris and began to stroke it. Dawn squirmed at his touch,
spreading her legs to make it easier for him to reach.

The movements of her lovers were becoming faster, less studied.
Fingertips were gently brushing across the tip of her clitoris and stroked
along her swelling lips. Every touch was generating more heat inside her,
melting her insides. The hands on her legs had reached the top of her
thighs where they pushed her legs even further apart, making room for his
head. Dawn gasped with surprise as his tongue darted out, plunging inside
her. It felt like a small flame, lapping up the wetness there. The man's
body overshadowed her face as he kissed down from her neck to her breasts.
Dawn reached up and wrapped her hands around his penis, feeling the warmth
of it throbbing against her palm.

The men between her thighs were working together. As one swirled his
tongue around her entrance the other plunged his fingers in and out, his
thumb rubbing against her clitoris. Dawn tilted her head and licked at the
balls swinging above her, stroking her hand up and down his penis. He was
caressing her breasts expertly, flicking her nipples with his tongue. When
Dawn began sucking his balls into her mouth he responded by sucking her
nipples. The fire inside her was now a raging furnace, rapidly spreading
through her body. The men were caressing her faster and rougher and she
was melting under them, her nerve endings fusing as she came.

Her orgasm only seemed to make her lovers work harder. The mouth moved
to her clitoris, probing along her folds as two fingers slid inside her.
Dawn tightened her grip on the penis, stroking harder as she squeezed his
balls. He gave a warning grunt, then came, spurting over her breasts. His
orgasm seemed to be some kind of signal to the other two. They rolled her
over onto her hands and knees and one entered her from behind as the other
knelt in front of her. Willingly, Dawn lowered her mouth onto his penis,
sucking and licking it. The man thrusting into her from behind pushed her
regularly forward onto the penis in her mouth. Dawn hardly had to make any
effort at all. Groping hands located her breasts, caressing and stroking
them. The fire was beginning again, and when a finger began teasing her
clitoris she climaxed again. The man inside came shortly afterwards,
allowing Dawn to sit back and use her hands as well as her mouth on the
penis in her mouth.

Dawn relaxed for a few moments until the tremors died out of her legs,
and then she went outside and collected some more men. Her rests between
bouts became longer and longer. She lost count of the number of orgasms
she had experienced or given. Eventually she just remained sprawled on her
stomach on the floor when the latest collection of men had left. Every
inch of her body ached with pleasurable exhaustion. She pulled a blanket
over her and closed her eyes.

She wasn't sure how long she had been dozing before she felt a pair of
warm hands slide over her shoulders. They began to gently massage her
aching muscles. Dawn gave an appreciative murmur and relaxed under the
soothing touch. The masseur worked his way down her back, over her bottom
and down the back of her legs. It felt so wonderful Dawn hardly noticed
when he flopped her over onto her back and began moving back up her body.
She lay supine and compliant under his ministrations. Gradually she became
aware that the massage was becoming less soothing and more arousing.
Tingles were beginning along the surface of her skin and she found that
when he reached her breasts she was holding her breath, waiting for his

He must have felt the change in her body, as he began tantalising her.
His fingers drifted all over her breasts but somehow managed to miss her
aching nipples. Occasionally he blew across them, making the erect nubs
even harder. Dawn gave a whimper and reached blindly for his head, pulling
his mouth to where she wanted it. He didn't disappoint her, but licked and
sucked and nibbled until she was gasping and moaning on the verge of an
orgasm. His nimble fingers found their way between her legs where they
caressed and coaxed her sensitive skin until she surrendered to an
explosive climax. While she was still shuddering he entered her, stoking
her internal fires until she came again.

Instead of leaving when he had finished, he rolled onto his back and
pulled her close to his side, pulling the blankets over both of them.
Curiosity won over exhaustion, and Dawn lifted her head and forced her eyes
open to take a look at her considerate lover.

"Rob!" she exclaimed, sitting bolt upright in shock. "What the hell are
you doing here?"

"I thought that was obvious," he said with a lazy smile. "Come back
here, I was enjoying cuddling you. You're very sweet when you're half

"You know what I mean," Dawn said indignantly, trying to gather the
blankets around her naked body. "How did you know I was here?"

"You mean you didn't drop those leaflets in front of me as an
invitation," he teased.

"No I didn't," she spluttered. "How on earth could you think that?"

"Well, I suppose I knew it was wishful thinking," he admitted, pulling
on a sad face. "I had to come on the off chance it wasn't though."

"Why?" she asked in bewilderment.

"Seemed like a good opportunity to get to know you a bit more
informally," he said, running his eyes up and down her body. She pulled
the blankets tighter around her, trying to ignore how sexy he looked lying
there half-naked with his hair all rumpled.

"But you don't like me," she pointed out. "Were you just after a quick

"No," he protested indignantly. "If that was what I wanted, I wouldn't
have sat on a cold beach, waiting for a load of men to finish with my
woman, so I could have a chance."

"Your woman?" she echoed. "I'm not your woman."

"I know," he sighed, looking mournful. "I thought this was a good
opportunity to try and get you to consider the post though."

Dawn gaped at him. "You despise me."

"No," he corrected her, "I think you're adorable. You, on the other
hand, are always too busy running around after all those young boys to even
notice I exist. And when you do notice me, it's obvious you think I'm
boring and conventional to bother with. So I though this might be a good
way to get your attention."

"Oh," was all Dawn could find to say. He reached out and firmly pulled
her back down besides him.

"Now then, how about you let me take you out for dinner next Saturday,
and we can see if we get on as well with our clothes on as we do without
them. Hmm?"

"Ok," Dawn heard herself say. "Aren't you a bit old for me though?"
Dawn asked, not protesting when he began to stroke her hair.

"I'm only 36," he informed her. "Perfect age for you." Dawn closed her
eyes and began to drift off to sleep again. She felt warm and cared for,
with her head resting on his chest and his arm around her. She would never
have normally considered getting involved with Rob, but maybe he was right.
It was about time she stopped dating boys and tried a man for a change.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, 1999 E-mail

This story is distributed free of charge for your entertainment. It
takes quite a lot of time and effort to write, type, edit and post a story,
especially a long one like this. All I ask is that you take a couple of
minutes to e-mail me, let me know that you've read this and perhaps give
some reaction. Thank you.


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