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Midsummer 4


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the fact
I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

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appreciated. Please send to

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copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or reposting on a website,
other than the archive or Dejanews, or to a newsgroup requires my
permission first (but I'll probably say yes). This story should not, under
any circumstances be used to make a profit by anyone other than the author


Midsummer Night's Orgy Vickie Morgan


Rebecca's stomach wouldn't stop churning. While she had fantasised
about an orgy, now she was faced with the reality she was terrified. She
had secretly thought that Natalie and Rebecca would have found it as
difficult as she had to invite men. But somehow they had managed it, and
now it seemed like there were hundreds of them here, even though there
could only be about twenty. They all seemed very pleasant, but they were
here for one reason only. Their eyes kept running over her, assessing her
body beneath her flimsy robe.

She was grateful for all the hard work she had put in over the past
month. She had gone to the gym three times a week and forced herself to go
for a run every morning and to do a hundred sit-ups every night before she
went to bed. Tony had made no comment, just giving an enigmatic smile as
he obligingly held her ankles. Several sun-bed sessions had given her a
golden tan, and a trip to the hairdressers had resulted in blonde streaks
and a new hairstyle. She tried to smile and act confidently, but her hands
were shaking as she drained her plastic cup of wine. She saw Dawn heading
off into her tent, escorted by three men. Panic gripped her. If Natalie
disappeared too, she would be left all alone with all these men.
Desperately she grabbed the hands of the two men she was talking to and
pulled them towards her assigned tent.

She fumbled with the buttons on one man's shirt, avoiding looking him
directly in the eyes. He kicked off his trousers and pushed the robe off
her shoulders. She tried not to flinch when he grabbed her breasts. He
sank to the floor, pulling her down with him. The other man was already
naked and he reached for her too. Her robe had completely disappeared and
she felt exposed and vulnerable. The certainty that she couldn't do this
swept through her. It felt wrong for so many reasons.

She just didn't know how she was going to get out of the situation she
had got herself into. These two men were expecting sex, and outside there
were many more expecting the same. Desperation made her made her brain
work at double speed. She managed to manoeuvre both men onto their backs,
and wrapped her hands around the two hard penises jutting up at her. She
stroked them both vigorously, bobbing her head to enclose each one in turn
in her mouth. She worked as hard as she could, doing everything she could
to make them come. One soon obliged her, but the other man kept trying to
touch her. She licked and sucked him, squeezing his balls and caressing
him every way she could think up. Eventually he came, splashing over her

She managed to disguise her distaste and to evade his still groping
hands. Rebecca grabbed her robe and a handful of the tissue Natalie had
thoughtfully provided. She swiftly left the tent and ducked round behind
it before anyone noticed her. She wrapped her robe tightly around her body
and walked away from the tents and the firelight. She felt so pathetic.
She couldn't even enjoy herself at an orgy. She seemed to make a mess of
everything recently. Her job wasn't the most exciting in the world and her
husband seemed to have lost all interest in her. Tears of self-pity inched
down her face as she trudged through the sand.

Suddenly a dark shape detached itself from the black shadow of the
cliff. Rebecca gave a small scream before she recognised Tony.

"What happened?" he demanded. "Did someone hurt you? Tell me who and
I'll kill them."

"What?" she asked, trying to gather her startled thoughts. "What do you
mean? What are you doing here? How did you know I was here?"

"I came to keep a eye on you of course," Tony said. "Did you really
think I'd let you go off to an orgy with a load of strange men on your own?
I remember this beach from Uni' and of course you left all those useful
maps in case I'd forgotten the way."

"You mean you were just going to stand here all night just in case I
needed you?" Rebecca asked softly.

"Well, yes," he admitted, slightly embarrassed. "Seems like it's good
job I came. Who's upset you?"

"No one."

"Come on, love," he said. "I can see you've been crying. You hardly
ever cry."

"It was nothing to do with that lot," Rebecca told him. "I just found I
couldn't do it. I'm such a failure."

Tony shook her gently. "Don't be silly. Why on earth would you think
you're a failure?"

"Oh Tony, look at me," Rebecca cried. "I can't do anything a woman is
supposed to. I can't enjoy an orgy. I can't make my husband happy. I
can't, I can't, can't even have children. What kind of woman can't even

"Oh darling," Tony sighed, holding her close as she sobbed. "Why
haven't you talked to me about this?"

"Because I knew how upset you were," Rebecca said, clinging to him.
"You know you've always wanted a big family. After the doctor told us you
became so distant."

"I didn't know what to do or say," he admitted. "I was upset, but so
were you. Then you became so depressed and I was so worried about you, but
everything I said seemed to be wrong. I wasn't exactly keen on this orgy
idea of Natalie's, but it was the first time I'd seen you excited about
anything in over a year."

"I couldn't believe you didn't try to stop me," Rebecca said. "It felt
like you didn't care what I did at all."

"Oh, I cared," Tony said vehemently. "But if this is what it took to
get you back to yourself again, I thought it was worth swallowing my
jealousy for once."

"Oh Tony, I've been so unfair to you," Rebecca wailed. "Can you ever
forgive me?"

"Hey, don't start crying again," he protested. "We can sort this out,
as long as we're together, nothing else matters."

"I don't deserve you," Rebecca sniffed.

"I know, you deserve someone much better and richer," Tony joked. "Hey,
I got a smile. I know it's not the way we planned to have kids, but we can
try all those artificial conception methods the doctor mentioned and
there's always adoption."

"Would you mind going to the infertility clinic with me?"

"Of course not. We could look into fostering, as well," he suggested.
"Hey you're shivering, lets get you somewhere a bit warmer."

"We might as well use my tent," Rebecca said. "If we drop the sides
down, I'm sure no one will disturb us. Come on."

They settled down in the dimness of the tent, cuddled together under the
blankets. Tony smoothed Rebecca's hair back from her face and dropped a
kiss on the tip of her nose.

"Have I mentioned how beautiful you're looking tonight?" he murmured.
She turned her head and pressed a kiss on the palm of his hand. He gently
caressed her cheek and she reached out and pulled him closer. His hard
body pressed against her soft contours, and she clung closer. She slipped
her hand inside his shirt as their lips met. They paused for a moment,
savouring the kiss, then began removing each other's clothes with an
urgency that they hadn't displayed in months. He kissed every inch of skin
he uncovered, branding her as his with his mouth. Shivers began in her
limbs as she pulled him on top of her.

He gazed into her eyes as he slid inside her. She wrapped her legs
around his waist and arched her back, feeling him settle deep inside her.
The tremors were spreading throughout her whole body, epicentred on the
sensations being created by his hardness thrusting regularly into her. The
tension rapidly built inside her, twisting her body under him. Then Tony
stiffened and came, his seed spreading deep inside and triggering an orgasm
that shook her uncontrollably. Tired by their exertions and emotions, they
fell asleep in each other's arms.

Natalie was so busy making everyone welcome, she didn't notice Rebecca
and Dawn disappear. When she looked up and realised they had gone, she was
faintly surprised that they had got started so soon. Several men were
looking at her expectantly, so she gave them a slow smile and beckoned them
with her finger. She sauntered over to her tent, casually shrugging off
her robe as she entered. She dropped to the mattress and propped herself
up on an elbow to watch the men strip off their clothes.

Within moments they had joined her. She lay back as their hands reached
out, caressing her body. She ran her hands appreciatively over muscled
arms and chests covered with varying thicknesses of hair. There were so
many hands touching her, stroking her, fondling her that she felt as if she
was floating in a sea of sensations. One of the men obviously worked out
regularly, he had one of the best bodies Natalie had ever seen. She ran
her hands over his chest, scratching her nails gently across his skin. She
leant over him, licking at his nipples. She crawled over him, running her
hands over his taut stomach and closing them around his already erect

Pleasure washed through her as she lowered herself onto him. She sat
up, leaning back against the man behind her. His hands cupped her breasts as he nibbled on her neck. She trailed her hands over the men knelt
besides her, gripping a penis in each hand as she raised and lowered
herself. Another man stood in front of her and pulled her head down
towards his throbbing erection. She gave it a long lick before sliding it
into her warm wet mouth and sucking. She was melting inside, producing a
flood of moisture that trickled down between her thighs.

The man behind was helping her ride the man under her. The man in front
must have been extremely turned on by the scene in front of him, as he came
quickly. Natalie swallowed and licked it all up, and then twisted to lick
across the head of each of the penises gripped in her hands. Ripples of
pleasure were spreading through her as the friction against her sensitive
skin increased. The man under her gave a grunt, then grabbed her hips and
held her still as he thrust once, twice into her, then collapsed with a
sigh as his climax finished.

Natalie crawled off him and onto one of the ones she had been fondling.
She gave a moan as she impaled herself on him. The man behind had moved
with her and he stroked his hands across the curves of her bottom. She
leant forward offering her breasts to the man she was riding and he obliged
by attacking her nipples with his mouth. A tidal wave of pleasure swept
through her as she came. The feelings had hardly ebbed, before another
wave of pleasure took her. She was lost in a sea of ecstasy, not really
paying attention to anything apart from the delightful sensations she was
drowning in.

She was on the edge of another orgasm when a finger was unexpectedly
inserted inside her. After the first shock, she was surprised to find that
it added to her pleasure. So when she felt his penis replace his finger
and push gradually inside her she didn't try to resist. She wasn't sure
what to do, but the two men inside her took control. They grasped her body
and moved her to suit themselves. Sometimes they thrust together, other
times alternately. It took a few moments for Natalie to adjust to the
sensation of being so stretched and filled, but gradually her muscles
relaxed and she began enjoying herself again. The remaining man knelt in
front of her and she managed to slide him into her mouth.

As one man came, he was speedily replaced by a fresh one. She was moved
around to accommodate the desire of the men currently pleasuring her. As
the night went on, she found that her orgasmic capacity seemed unlimited.
She went from her hands and knees, to laying on her back, and back to
straddling a man. She had men come in every available part of her body.

Eventually the stream of men dwindled, then dried up entirely. Natalie
staggered out of the tent into the light of the rising sun on unsteady
legs. Dried sperm caked her skin and hair. She made her way to where the
stream ran down the cliff face. She stood under it, enjoying the shock of
the cold water. She couldn't believe the night she had just had. Her body
ached in places it never had before and she felt satiated from the top of
her head to the tips of her toes. It was if she had made up for the
drought of sex over the last few years in one night. She hadn't had to
make polite conversation or worry what effect have sex with this particular
man would have on her reputation and future working relationship with him.

The stream wasn't really making much headway in cleaning her, so she
waded into the sea. She felt really good, more relaxed then she had for a
long time. She decided then and there that she was going to date more. To
stop refusing offers of dinner because of her work commitments or because
the guy didn't suit her image. There was the trainer from her gym who was
always asking her out and the reporter who kept chatting her up. She
always turned them down, but now she wondered why. The mention of Raymond
earlier had started her thinking. She hadn't thought about him for years,
but she wondered now if finding him cheating on her had affected her more
then she realised. She had developed the habit of keeping her distance
emotionally, never getting too involved so that she would never get hurt again. Looking back now she recognised she had deprived herself of so
much. Well, that was going to change. She would spend no more time then
necessary on her work, no more long hours of overtime, but instead would
make time to enjoy herself.

She made her way back to the fire, throwing some fresh wood on it. Half
dressed men were sprawled everywhere, some of them snoring. Rebecca
emerged from her tent and picked her way over the recumbent bodies in her
path. She dug around in a cool box and produced a packet of bacon, a box
of eggs and a frying pan. Natalie grabbed a spare blanket and rubbed
herself dry. She went into her tent to get her robe, and when she came
back to the fire she found Dawn busy making coffee.

"Well you look pretty pleased with yourself for someone who's been at it
all night," Dawn said, handing her a cup.

"You two look pretty satisfied too. Did you have a good time?"

They both gave secret smiles but didn't reply. Dawn gave a lazy
stretch, then linked her hands with Natalie's and Rebecca's, raising them
in the air.

"So when shall we three meet again?" she intoned solemnly.

Dawn thought about Rob sleeping peacefully in her tent. He seemed to
want to have a real adult relationship with her. She had never had one of
them before and she was going to need friends to talk about it with.

Natalie considered her new resolve to start dating and having fun. It
would be nice to have friends to talk to and tell about her experiences.

Rebecca thought about the long talk she had had with Tony. It wasn't
going to be easy going through all the adoption and infertility procedures.
She was going to need friends to talk with, to help her keep things in

"Soon!" they all said together.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, 1999 E-mail

This story is distributed free of charge for your entertainment. It
does take quite a lot of time and effort to write, type, edit and post a
story, especially a long one like this. All I ask is that you take a
couple of minutes to e-mail me, let me know that you've read this and
perhaps give some reaction. Thank you.


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