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Midsummer Party

Keywords: M+F+
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: On a Midsummer's Party

1993 2000 Knave of Hearts


Edward, Rene, and Monica went to a costume party hosted by a
friend of Katy's. The drive into the canyons was beautiful. The
house sat like a castle on a spur of rock.

Parking the car, the group walked to the door. Edward and Rene,
dressed like Romans, wore short togas and sandals. The warm
Arizona evenings made underclothing optional.

Monica came dressed as a cowboy. Wearing a fringed vest and
chaps over a bikini, Monica looked ready for more than a normal
masquerade party. More than once, Edward shot an admiring glance
her way.

Edward was pleased when Katy answered the door. She wore a
stretch body suit with fur panels over her crotch and breasts.
The ensemble was topped off by a pair of rabbit ears. She showed
Edward, Rene, Monica into the living room.

Inspired by the gorgeous living room, Edward and Rene toured the
house, admiring the plush rooms. Returning to the living room,
Edward and Rene looked into the back yard. Rene said that she
would go find Monica. Edward replied that he would get the
drinks and meet her by the pool.

Rene stepped on to the huge back deck. Deciding to walk around
the yard as she looked for Monica, Rene left the deck and walked
into the secluded garden. The moonlight over the blooms was
gorgeous. Rene trod softly along the path.

Suddenly, Rene stopped. She thought she had heard a noise.
Listening, she heard it again. Following a small path into the
shadows, Rene stopped, mesmerized by what she saw.

Monica was on her knees. In front of her stood a large, dark man
dressed in black leather. Rene recognized him as Henry, a friend
of Don and Katy's. Henry's hands held Monica's head gently to
his crotch. Monica was devouring his cock like a whore. Rene
had heard Henry's moans. Now that she was closer, Monica's
slurping noises became distinct.

His cock was huge. Monica's hand barely encircled it as she
stroked its shaft while sucking on its huge head. Rene, who had
a special weakness for large cocks, wanted a closer look. Monica
continued to suck the biker's cock, first licking around the
head, then trailing her tongue to his balls.

Sitting beside Monica's partner was another man dressed in black
leather. Rene did not know him, but became quickly interested
when he drew his large penis from his pants. He stroked his
thick cock as he watched Monica suck on Henry's cock. The size
and shape of the stranger's cock head entranced Rene. It looked
like a large plum.

Rene took a step toward the bench. She must have made a noise
because the stranger looked up. Seeing the desire in her eyes,
he got up from his seat and approached her. His cock stuck
straight out from his body. Rene's eyes followed it, almost in a
trance. He stopped and stood in front of her. Without a word,
Rene sank to her knees and began giving the stranger a blowjob.

The sheer size of his cock made it difficult for Rene to do more
than get the immense purple head into her mouth. Her hands
stroked the shaft, alternating strokes with soft caresses to his
balls. Leaving his dick head, Rene licked the stranger's shaft.
Concentrating on the underside of his dick, she lubricated his
cock with her warm mouth.

Sucking cock had aroused Rene. Her pussy was swollen, wanting
the thick cock inside her. She lay back on the soft grass,
spreading her legs in invitation. Rene's shaven pussy was stark
white in the darkened garden.

The stranger quickly knelt between her legs. His leather pants
felt slick and warm against the inside of Rene's thighs. He
placed the head of his cock against her pussy hole. Her cunt
expanded to give him access. He pushed gently. Slowly entering
her, his cock filled Rene. She cried out as he felt the huge
cock slide in and out of her pussy. She drew her legs up to her
chest, helping him penetrate deeper into her steaming cunt.

Both of them grunted as the stranger fucked Rene harder and
harder. A sharp, animal, noise signaled Rene's orgasm. She
pulled his hips tightly to hers as her pussy contracted around
the huge spike of flesh that was inside her.

Still gasping for breath, Rene watched as the stranger silently
stood and left the secluded garden spot. Finally catching her
breath, she also left, walking along the path that would lead her
back to the party.


As Rene went looking for Monica, Edward walked through the house
toward the kitchen. Entering the area that had been set up as a
bar, Edward looked through the ice chest for some wine. As he
bent over the cooler, he sensed someone else enter the room.
Standing suddenly, Edward knocked a drink from the newcomer's

Quickly apologizing, he recognized Kim, one of the neighborhood
college kids. Her blonde hair and athletic, tan, figure made it
easy for Edward to remember her. Her costume was unlike anything
he had ever seen her wear, however. Dressed in a leather bustier
and mini-skirt, her shapely legs encased in leather hip boots,
Kim looked more like a dominitrix than a young coed.

Edward wasn't through being surprised. As he went to retrieve
Kim's fallen glass, Kim locked a handcuff around his wrist.
Gently tripping Edward, she layed him on the floor. Locking the
other cuff so that Edward was secured to a table leg, Kim lay
down on the floor beside him.

"I've seen you in your back yard . . ." she said. "Plowing into
your wife with that big dick of yours. Let's see if you'll be
able to satisfy me."

With that, Kim knelt beside Edward's crotch. Lifting his
costume, she ran her fingers lightly over his cock and balls.
Using her finger-nails to tease him, Kim traced the blood vessels
in Edward's dick. His cock began to pulse. Taking his still
soft dick into her mouth, Kim buried her face into his crotch.

Her attention then shifted to his balls. She sucked one, and
then the other, into her mouth. The sensation caused Edward to
arch his back in pleasure. As his cock grew, Kim continued to
rub his dick over her face and breasts.

"Now that you're ready," she whispered, "time for me to have some

With that, Kim knelt over Edward, her shapely ass in his face.
She bent forward and resumed licking his dick, her pussy bare on
his chest. As she slurped and moaned over Edward's dick, she
tantalized him with her pussy. His dick was rock hard now, its
head a deep, throbbing purple. Holding his erect dick like a
joystick, Kim sat upright and leaned back, pushing her wet cunt
into Edward's face.

Edward's hips encouraged her to play with his dick as his tongue
burrowed into her hot, wet snatch. Moving his tongue along her
twat's slit, he stimulated her clit. This caused Kim to press
her pussy onto Edward's tongue.

Suddenly, Kim moved her pussy from Edward's face. Squatting
astride his thighs, she guided his cock inside her. Balancing
herself on his chest, Kim repeatedly slammed every inch of
Edward's long cock into her hot, wet hole. Her muscular legs
drove him deep into her cunt with every thrust. His hips rose to
meet hers on each thrust. Edward's hardness made Kim gasp with
pleasure and excitement.

Finally, Kim drove her cunt on to Edward's dick. Her face
contorted into a mask of ecstacy. Edward felt her muscles
tighten around the shaft of his cock. He came, reeling in the
release of his orgasm. The pair lay on the kitchen floor, Edward
still inside her.

After a few moments, Kim rose. Edward's deflated cock slid out
of her pussy, leaving a wet spot of spooge on his stomach. She
kissed him, unlocked the handcuffs, and, with a small smile on
her face, left.

After cleaning himself up, Edward walked into the living room.
Katy was sitting on the couch in her bunny suit, playing with
herself. Her right hand worked furiously, rubbing her clit. The
left pinched one of her large nipples.

Walking up to the couch, Edward said, "What you need is some
good, hard fucking." He took Katy's hand and stood her up beside
the couch. Reaching forward, he brought her face close and
kissed her deeply. Edward's hands cupped her large breasts,
feeling their weight. Her nipples were round and hard, standing
like pencil erasures from her tits. Katy moaned for more.

Katy felt for his dick. She cupped and slowly stroked his balls.
His cock started to puslsate against her belly. She pushed her
bald cunt against his leg, rubbing her clit on his thigh as she
became more excited.

Breaking their kiss, Edward whispered to Katy, "Suck my cock."

Sinking slowly to her knees, Katy sucked the entire length of
Edward's cock into her mouth. Deep throating his shaft, she used
her fingernails to tickle his balls. His hands held her head
steady as he fucked her mouth, feeling her tongue dance over his

Edward, his cock hard and throbbing, stopped Katy. Edward turned
her over. Kneeling on the carpet with her ass in the air, Katy
spread her knees to allow Edward easy access to her pussy.
Edward inserted his fingers into her pussy.

Feeling how wet she was, he grasped her voluptuous ass, placed
his cock head against her hole, and drove his cock into her to
the hilt. Katy cried out in surprise and pleasure as Edward
assaulted her with his thrusts. Gyrating his hips, he rubbed his
balls against her bare labia.

Katy grabbed a pillow from the sofa and placed it underneath her.
Seeing that she was ready, Edward started thrusting with slow,
sure motions. He made sure that the entire length of his cock
had slid out of her pussy before reversing direction and driving
himself hilt deep into her.

He picked up his pace. Edward kneaded Katy's ass cheeks, using
them to hold her and time her motions to his. He leaned forward
and grasped her large breasts, squeezing her nipples as he
continued to impale her on his dick.

Katy was becoming very vocal. She grunted in loud animal passion
with his thrusts. As her orgasm neared, she cried, "Don't stop!
Please come inside me!"

Spreading her knees wider, Edward drove his cock home. Fucking
Katy like an animal in heat, he felt his balls slap against her
pussy. Katy came seconds before Edward. Both exploded in wet,
searing blasts.

Collapsing on to the pillow, Edward lay atop Katy as both strove
to control their breathing.


Wandering back to the party, Rene stopped on the deck and admired
the back yard. She stood, gazing at the reflecting pool beside
the deck. Henry interrupted her reverie.

"Like a drink?" he said.

Her eyes roamed over his dark, football-player build. The biker
leathers were snug across his thighs and biceps. Most
importantly, his cock bulged in his leather G-string.

Putting her hand on his cock, Rene whispered throatily, "I have
something more exciting in mind than drinks and small talk."

Sitting on a nearby bench, Rene cocked one leg on to the seat.
Stroking her wet snatch with one hand, she invited Henry to eat
her pussy. His mustache tickled her bare skin as his tongue
wrapped itself around her clit. Rene held his head tightly to
her crotch, enjoying the feel of his mouth.

Henry's tongue separated her labia. Licking her slit, he heard
her groan in anticipation. He began sticking his tongue into her
pussy, fucking her with his face. Rene spread her legs wider,
allowing him to get closer to her twat. Her juices flowed from
her pussy, getting ready for his big cock.

Rene pulled Henry's face from her crotch. Kissing him, she stuck
her tongue down his throat and tasted her own juice. She reached
between his legs and released his meat from its G-string. A
momentary vision of Monica stuffing this huge cock into her mouth
flashed in front of Rene's eyes. Her lips parted, kissing the
throbbing head of Henry's penis. sucking the cock head into her
mouth, Rene's tongue flicked lightly along the underside of his
shaft. Henry's schlong was as long and thick as it had looked in
the garden grove. She held its pulsating length in her hands,
licking it like a huge sausage. Satisfied to see it sticking out
straight and hard, Rene turned around and knelt on the bench,
offering him her pussy from behind.

Henry pressed the large head of his cock against her pussy.
Rubbing it around her love hole, he smeared his cock with her
lubricating juices. He eased his thick dick into her. Holding
her hips so that he could control the tempo of their fucking,
Henry inched his cock into her excruciatingly slowly.

Rene groaned as his immense cock filled her. His large hands
held her still against her subconscious desire to impale herself
on his dick. At last he imbedded his pole in her pussy. His
cock stretched her twat, rubbing her insides with passionate

Henry reached around Rene's hips and placed a finger on her clit.
He started to slowly fuck her, letting his thrusts rub her cunt
against his finger. Their bodies slapped together with
increasing speed. Holding Rene's gyrations in check, Henry drove
her on to his cock.

Rene cried out and pitched forward as she came. She thrashed
around like a bronco but Henry held on, keeping his cock inside
her. Collapsing on to the bench, Henry came in Rene's pussy, his
warm seed deep inside her cunt.

Propping himself up on his elbows, Henry ran an appreciative hand
over Rene's flanks. His motions pulled his cock from her pussy
with a slight sucking noise. As she rolled on to her side for a
parting kiss, Henry cradled her small breast in his hands.
Giving her tit a squeeze, Henry got up from the bench and
retrieved their drinks.

As she and Henry sat and drank their wine, Edward walked through
the living room's double doors to the deck. Henry, thanking Rene
for the evening's activities, got up and walked into the house.

Edward sat next to Rene. Nuzzling his face into her neck, he
said, "We've been extremely naughty tonight." Rene murmured in
agreement, her thighs wet and sticky from Henry's efforts.

Rene, taking Edward by the hand, stood and left the deck.
Walking through the living room, they saw Katy on all fours.
Rene's garden stranger had his dick in her mouth while Henry
fucked her from behind. Whichever way Katy moved, a large cock
went inside her. The sight made Rene's tired pussy tingle.

Rene, spooge sliding down her thigh, left Edward in the living
room and headed for the bathroom. Removing her costume, she
turned on the shower. While the water heated up, she found
towels and soap. Climbing into the hot spray, Rene immediately
felt rejuvenated. The night had been a sexual roller-coaster of

Rene heard the shower door open and shut behind her. Thinking it
was Edward, she continued washing her face. As expected, hands
reached around and gently caressed her breasts. One hand
continued to lightly pinch and squeeze her nipples as the other
softly stroked her clit. Her eyes still closed, Rene luxuriated
in this gentle petting.

Leaning back against the shower's other occupant, the feel of a
pussy against her ass instead of Edward's cock surprised her.
Turning, Rene found Kim, a young neighbor, standing naked in the
shower with her. Kim's hands resumed caressing and fondling
Rene's body. Kim leaned forward and kissed Rene deeply. Their
tongues intertwined as Kim pressed her lean, taut body against

As they kissed, Kim's hand slid along Rene's pussy slit. Kim's
fingers softly parted Rene's wet pussy lips and entered the well-
fucked hole. Encouraged by Rene's moans, Kim's thumb pressed
lightly on Rene's erect clit, rotating in time with her fingers'

The pair leaned against the shower wall. Kim placed her pussy
against Rene and began rubbing her clit against Rene's pelvic
bone. Rene's nipples were hard as pebbles. Her breathing became
erratic. Her world had narrowed to the sensation of Kim's hand
on her crotch. Suddenly, Rene felt her pussy clamp down on Kim's
fingers. Her orgasm washed over her like a giant wave.

Weak from her orgasm, Rene knelt and gently parted Kim's labia.
Hesitantly, Rene placed her tongue on Kim's exposed clit. The
taste of another woman excited her. Rene kissed Kim's twat,
sucking the erect clit into her mouth. Kim, feeling the suction
on her erogenous zone, pressed her hips into Rene's face. Rene's
fingers entered Kim's tight, wet pussy. Finger fucking as she
tongue-stroked Kim's clit, Rene soon made Kim come.

Kneeling on the shower floor, Kim and Rene nuzzled each other.
Basking in the warmth of the hot shower, they sat in each other's


Edward watched as Katy slid and ground her pussy on the two huge
dicks. Her pendulous breasts swung in time with the men's
thrusts. Katy greedily sucked one large cock in her mouth.
Simultaneously, Henry slammed his dick into her pussy. After
several minutes, the trio came. Katy collapsed in the middle of
the living room floor, come dripping from her mouth and cunt.

Edward, leaving the orgy scene, started looking for Rene.
Entering a spare bedroom, he met Monica. She stood in front of a
full length mirror checking her costume and svelte figure. Her
erotic cowboy imitation consisted of only a dark string bikini
under a fringed vest and chaps.

Approaching from behind, Edward looked over Monica's shoulder at
the mirror's image. "Rather provocative. I'm sure Roy Rodgers
would have approved," he said trailing his hand from her neck
through the cleft of her breasts. Placing his hand on her flat
stomach, he asked, "Been in the saddle much this evening?"

Monica responded by suggestively rubbing her ass against Edward's
crotch. She craned her head back to kiss him as Edward's fingers
untied her bikini top. Her breasts, freed from their
confinement, stood proudly on her chest like two ripe grapefruit.
Edward brushed his fingers against her dark brown nipples,
feeling them stiffen at his touch.

As his tongue fenced with hers, Edward untied her bikini bottom.
Brushing his hand through her thick, curly black pubic hair, he
massaged her twat. They stood in the mirror, his arms around
her, stroking and stimulating her.

Turning around, Monica pushed Edward on to the bed. Lifting his
short toga, she gently, but insistently, tugged on his growing
cock. Licking his cock's pulsating head, Monica made sure his
cock was ready for her.

Edward rolled on to his side. Opening her legs, he bared her
snatch. He blew lightly on her pussy, sending a shiver along her
flanks. His tongue licked around her cunt, tasting her juices.
Paying special attention to her clit, Edward made Monica writhe
in excitement. Her legs clamped around his head as Edward ate
her to orgasm.

Feeling his tongue, like a jackhammer on her clit, Monica made a
concerted effort to make Edward come. While stroking his cock,
she sucked his balls into her mouth. His cock was long and large
but Monica managed to suck its entire length into her mouth.
Finally, as her body contorted with another orgasm, she felt his
balls stiffen. His cock thrust deep in her mouth as he shot his

Monica turned around and they lay on the bed nuzzling each other,
exhausted from the evening's activities. Edward fell asleep as
he lay in her arms.

Still in a haze of sleep, Edward felt a tickle along the length
of his dick. Moving to scratch his crotch, his hand felt a head.
Opening his eyes, Edward saw Rene between his legs sucking on his

"Wake up, sleepy head. I want some cock for the road," she said,
running her tongue around his dick head.

Involuntarily, his cock began to pulsate. Switching her
attentions, she ran her tongue down the underside of his dick.
She licked and sucked his scrotum, popping his balls into her
mouth like cherries. When his cock was pulsating and rigid, she

"Now it's my turn," she said.

Placing her pussy directly over Edward's mouth, Rene lifted his
head to her crotch. His tongue split her labia. Wrapping itself
around her clit, Edward's tongue made Rene's cunt spasm with
delight. He flicked her love button repeatedly, causing Rene to
grind her hips into his face. Not wanting her to come too soon,
Edward left her clit and began fucking Rene with his tongue. He
plunged his tongue into her hole, feeling her soft, slick cunt.

Rene gyrated and stretched, wanting more. At last she dismounted
Edward's face. She positioned herself over his cock. Using her
hand to guide him into her, she sank slowly down its length.
Edward placed both hands on her firm tits, squeezing her nipples
between his fingers.

Rene's back arched as she felt her insides fill with his huge
cock. She tried to control herself, wanting the pleasure to
last. Involuntarily, her thrusts became faster and faster as her
body sought release. Repeatedly, she slammed his entire length
into her snatch, gasping as the bulbous head of his dick pressed
against her womb.

An animal cry signaled her orgasm. Edward's hands grasped her
hips and violently impaled Rene on his dick as he, too, came.
Cradling her as she leaned forward to rest on his chest, Edward
held Rene's ass in his hands.

Murmuring into her ear, he said, "Come on. We have to go tell
our host what a lovely party it has been."

Originally written June 1993
Modified October 1996
(c) William J. Adams, 1998
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