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Mike Lawanna Becky Me

Mike, Lawanna, Becky and I
Chapter 1 The bike ride.

{m/f, masturbation with a twist, voy}

By Typoman

Edited by Typoman

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Larry Sanderson

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A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They
might contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the
brainchild of my fertile imagination.
If you like to read stories like mine then more power to you! However,
if you find yourself seriously contemplating abusing an innocent minor,
then go seek help. Our children are our future. Donít start (or
continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with the tale.

It was the summer of 1968 when my parents bought the new house
across town in Mesa, Arizona. They call it Mesa although you would
never even think of the city as any higher in elevation than the rest
of the metropolitan area. There is one place though where the height is
evident, and that's at the very southern edge. It's only about fifty
feet higher than where the land drops off into the Salt River
watershed. The township of Lehi is to the south , then after that is
the usually dry Salt River and the Indian Reservation.
We were one of the first few families to buy the select few lots
that were right at the edge of the bluff. The places at the bottom of
the hill were around five acres of land. They were a mixed bunch of
people that lived in those ranchettes. Some of them were really well
kept while others looked like trailer trash lived there.
School had just let out for the summer when my parents and I moved
into our new house. I had just completed the eighth grade at another
school that was now 20 miles away. With all my friends so far away, I
was one lonely kid for almost a month.
I did manage to talk my dad into buying me a motorcycle though.
After watching all the fun that the other kids were having, I just had
to get one. There was an irrigation canal that ran along the bottom of
the Mesa. It had dirt service roads that were on each side of the
canal. Not only could I have a blast climbing the side of the mesa on
my bike, I was able to make friends with the other kids that had bikes
too. They showed me how to ride my bike all the way out into the desert
without driving on the paved road and getting hassled by the cops.
I took a little heat from my folks the first few times I took off
into the desert. They didn't want me going so far away and for such
long periods of time, even though I told them that were other kids
around if I got hurt or my bike broke. I finally talked them into
letting me show them where I was going. That way they could find me if
something happened and they needed to know where I was. After that,
they gave me their reluctant blessings. It took a couple of days for me
to realize that I was pretty much out from the protective eyes of my
parents for most of the day.
Most of the other kids had real dirt bikes and often I had to eat
their dust because my old Honda 305 dream just couldn't keep up with
them. There was one kid named Mike Barnes who was an outcast from the
group. The others called him a faggot, but I befriended him anyway. He
had a mini-bike that was pretty lame and he acted a bit odd at times.
I have to admit though that my first reason for hanging around him
was his three sisters! His sister Susan was almost 16 and would be
going into High School in the fall. She was always bossing everyone
around, including her brother Mike. What made her bossiness all
worthwhile was the fact that she had one hell of a body. The next
oldest sister's name was Janet. She was 12 and had a real sweet
disposition. Her tits were just large enough to notice if she wasn't
wearing baggy clothing. The youngest girl's name was Lawanna, age 10. A
name like hers doesn't mean anything unless you live in Mormon country.
Yes, Mike's family was of that faith. Lawanna was a cute, outgoing
girl. She would hang around Mike and I whenever she got the chance. At
first I had no use for her because she was so young and had no tits. I
made Mike get rid of her so we could go out riding without being
Their ranchette was one of the shabbiest places in the area. It
had at least five junk vehicles that looked like they had been pushed
out of the way and abandoned. There were all kinds of weeds and even
some tumbleweed on their property. The house they lived in was still
under construction and apparently had been for the last five years. His
father owned an electrical company and was building the house in his
spare time, which was almost non existent. It didn't look like it, but
their family definitely had money. They had lots of great things for
kids to play with. There was a large above ground swimming pool and a
trampoline. Their house was situated towards the front of their
property so their back yard was huge. There was even an enormous
Cottonwood tree that had one hell of a tree fort up in the branches.
Lawanna managed to tag along with Mike and I more and more as time
went on. I must admit that I king of liked her because of her
pluckiness. There were times when Mike had to let his sisters use his
mini bike so we had to stick close around his house until they grew
tired of riding. The seat was pretty small on Mike's bike, but there
was just enough room for Lawanna to fit.
I let her ride with me a couple of times but I got such a hard on
that I was afraid she would notice. She rode behind me the first time.
The little girl wrapped her arms around me and laced her fingers
together, resting them right in my lap. It about drove me crazy to have
a girls hands laying loosely against my erection. Any time that I would
hit a bump or stuff like that she would tighten her grip. Lawanna never
said anything or acted like she felt it so I told myself that she was
too young to know what it was. The next time I was smart, or at least I
thought it was a good idea to have her sit in front of me.
I forgot to mention that Lawanna preferred to wear dresses. Her
mom always made her change into pants and put on shoes when she rode
with us. This particular time however, Lawanna had on a dress. She was
out by the canal playing with some other kids and she saw us coming. We
were waylaid, Lawanna stood in the middle of the road and waved her
arms to get us to stop. Mike and I told her that were going to the
climbing hills us but she still wanted to go. It was a day or so after
this that I recalled the smile and the slight gleam in her eyes when
she asked to ride on my bike. I had her sit in front of me, confident
that I had found the solution to my erection problem. I caught an
immediate woody but I figured her butt wasn't touching me so things
were still cool. After about a mile her butt was nestled right up
against my cock. My hands had to hang on to the handlebars so I
couldn't just reach down and scoot her forward like my conscience
wanted me to do. After a while I glanced down I noticed that I could
see the sides of her legs and even a little of her panties. The
bouncing action of riding had worked the back of her dress all the way
up to her hips. That was when my hormones took over and over ruled both
my conscience and fear of discovery. I even chuckled to myself thinking
how red her face would get when she eventually discovered how exposed
she was. Instead of steering away from the bumpy places in the canal
access road we were riding on, I started purposely riding over them.
There's no need to explain the mechanics of bumps and a panty clad
butt rubbing against the erection of a teenaged boy. Did the plucky
little girl get scared and tell me to stop steering towards the bad
spots on purpose? Her giggles were all that I needed to tell she liked
it. In no time Lawanna and I had left Mike and his mini bike in our
dust. His top speed was about only about 20 miles per hour while my
Honda 305 dream was a road bike. It was never made for the dirt, but on
a flat road it could run like a striped assed ape! The 305 dream and
305 scrambler vibrated like crazy when they went over 35 miles per
hour. That was the reason why they could be bought dirt-cheap. Nobody
wanted them after the better models came out.
I had been doing almost 50 miles per hour when I learned about
speed, washboard roads and motorcycles. I was heading into the last
curve in the road and to my horror my bike didn't respond then I tried
to turn. It just kept going straight ahead. I let off the throttle in
the nick of time and the tires finally grabbed the road. I made the
turn in the nick of time. Lawanna didn't even know that the two of us
had almost ate it big time. In fact she was having one hell of a lot of
fun. About 5 miles earlier I had picked up speed and left her brother
eating our dust. I was doing about 35 miles per hour when Lawanna
leaned forward and grabbed the handlebars where they went into the
triple tree clamps. To a biker, what Lawanna did was to "Tuck down".
When she did that it meant that my cock was no longer rubbing against
her lower back, it was now nestled between her butt cheeks. I tucked
down on top of her and opened the throttle. Lawanna soon stopped
giggling, but when I slowed down she told me to go faster. It wasn't
long after I had picked up speed the first time what might happen to
me. I realized that if I kept it up I could easily end up creaming my
I'm that sure you guys can recall back to your Jr. High and High
school days when you heard that some poor kid had creamed his jeans.
It's a boy's worse nightmare. Getting caught with a boner is nothing
compared to being a jean creamer, a filler of underwear. For me, the
jean creamer was Nathan Bray. He was making out with Patty McBride and
ended up with a load of goo in his undies. I'm sure Nathan never
breathed a word about it. Maybe Patty just told only one of her
girlfriends about the incident, but that was all it took. The very next
day at school everyone knew about it. Nathan was called "Creamer"
behind his back and at times to his face.
To save myself from being branded as a jean creamer for the rest
of my life, I decided to slow down.
Lawanna wanting none of that said, "Faster Charlie! Go faster!"
It was the biggest decisions that I had to ever make.
There were several factors to be considered. First was the Lawanna
1. She asked me to go faster
2. The little vixen wiggled her butt when she asked me.
3. It was POSSIBLE that she was too young to know that I creamed my
jeans if was stupid enough to actually do it.
4. There were only panties, blue jeans, and underwear that separated my
cock from her butt.
5. Her pussy was right under her butt. My mind extrapolated that out
and came to a conclusion. My balls were right under my dick! Butt +
pussy & dick + Balls = Balls against pussy!
Next came the other factors to be considered.
6. After all, an orgasm IS an orgasm Right?
7. Underwear has been known to contain sperm long enough to allow the
victim to sneak off somewhere and get rid of the incriminating evidence
before it can soak through to the pants.
8. There will be enough dry cloth left in an average pair of underwear
to wipe up the mess once they have been despoiled.
9. Being an only child, my name was NOT written in my underwear! If the
evidence is discovered later on it cannot be connected to me.
10. Speed + time to get to the climbing hills & Horniness + Hormones +
Contact from girl instead of my hand = Very strong possibility of
orgasm, probably just before arrival time.
11. Lawanna's brother Mike might find out about my jean creaming.
12. Mike is Lawanna's bigger brother.
13. Mike is not big enough to kick my ass.
14. If I were in mike shoes, I'd be pissed off enough to kick anyone's
ass if they did that to my baby sister.
15. An orgasm IS an orgasm!
16. Jean creaming although humiliating would be the closest I've come
to actual sex!
17. An orgasm IS an orgasm RIGHT?
18. Did I mention that an orgasm is an orgasm?
All those factors were carefully weighed, then after less than a
second I opened the throttle up, you know the rest of the story.

Well okay I might as well confess.

Just before that last curve I had made a quick calculation. I was
getting dangerously close to coming. I figured that if I sped up I
might make it to the turn off and am able to slow down before I came. A
few seconds later, it dawned on me that my cock was a self-serving
liar! My cock has it's own agenda and that is to deliver sperm. Whether
in my underwear or inside a pussy to procreate the species, To a cock
it doesn't matter. I was right at the point of no return when I
realized that Lawanna and I were about ready to die! That rush of
adrenaline is what saved me. I forgot about my cock and did whatever
was necessary to save our collective asses! I saved my life! I saved
Lawanna's life! I was NOT a jean creamer!
When we stopped at the base of the climbing hills, Lawanna leaned
back against me and let out a big sigh. Her cheeks were flushd and she
was breathing kinda heavier than usual. Hell both of were in the same
condition, but mine was from fear.
Lawanna said, "Wow Charlie! That was the best I ever had. Thanks!"
Lawanna put her arm around me and nestled her cheek into my chest.
When she sighed, my mind was clear enough to put things into
Alarm bells rang in my head. "WAIT A MINUTE! Think about this for
a minute Charlie!"
The vibration of my motorcycle must feel pretty good to a girl.
Hell, girls sit on their pussies don't they? That's why she leaned
forward! When I went faster the vibration increased and made it better
for her, especially since she only has panties between her pussy and
the seat of my bike! Now she's got a glow about her and she's even
breathing kind of funny! SHIT! The little vixen thanked me for making
her come! GAWD does she really think I know that she did what she did?
NO! If I was a girl and did something that nasty right on front of
a boy I'd be embarrassed as hell. Lawanna was only thanking me for
giving her a fast ride. Get your mind out of the gutter Charlie!
Lawanna brought me out of my reverie, "Charlie?"
"Yeah Munchkin?"
She giggled, "You called me Munchkin! I like that!"
"What? Oh yeah I guess I did. It kinda fits you. Munchkins always
go about their jobs happy and singing, just like you do."
"I need to tinkle Charlie!"
"Okay. Go ahead, I won't look."
"Not here! Take me over to those trees over there okay? Please?"
I started up my bike and drove us over to the trees. Shortly after
that was when it hit me. I left my bike running and scooted back so
that she could go and do her business. When Lawanna stood up she leaned
forward to swing her leg over the bike, I knew that I was gonna get
some eye candy. Sure enough when her leg came up I was looking directly
at the crotch of her white cotton panties. Her legs had opened wide
enough for a gap to form between the crotch and her legs. I caught just
a hint of pussy lip but my attention was drawn to something else.
Lawanna's panties had a big wet spot right where her pussy hole was!
Lawanna had already gotten off the bike and was looking at me
strangely. I told myself that she's thinking that I'm gonna try to
watch her while she pee's. I may be a pervert but.....
"I'm scared of snakes Charlie! Could you come with me? You gotta
turn your back when I tell you though."
"Uh, okay I guess I can do that Munchkin!"
I shut the bike off and set it on its kickstand. When I swung my
leg over my bike I noticed the wet feeling inside my underwear. Lawanna
took my hand and led me over to the tree and had me turn my back to
her. To the tune of Lawanna's tinkle splash I looked down with great
trepidation. Nothing had soaked through as of yet.
My vision blurred with my tears. I was a creamer of jeans. MY
jeans! To make matters worse I didn't even get to enjoy the good
feeling that would have at least made jean creaming worth the shame!
Lawanna grabbed my hand. "Thanks Charlie! I seen a snake once when
I was looking for a spot to tinkle and ever since I been scared."
"Hey Munchkin, uh.....I gotta go too! Will you be okay here while
I'm gone?"
"Can I sit on your bike? The snakes can't get me there!"
"Yeah, Sure. I'll be back in a bit okay?"
Fortunately for me there was a patch of Creosote bushes nearby. It
was big enough to conceal me too. I had to take my shoes off in order
to get my pants off and shuck my creamed undies. That's not an easy
feat to do while standing. My erection had never gone down since
Lawanna had climbed on my bike. When I finished getting dressed I found
a large rock to hide the evidence. I went ahead and left another
deposit of my goo in my undies while watching Lawanna as she waited for
me. I figured that if I had to get rid of them, I'd at least make it
End of Chapter 1

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