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MilitarySon I


Military Son 1 (b/toy, m/b)

Chapter 1

“You a faggot, boy?”

That’s my dad. Whenever he gets embarrassed or doesn’t know how to deal
with something, he reverts back to him military training. He’s a lifer,
sergeant major in the services.

I jumped to my feet and stood at attention. Only this time, my pants
were around my ankles and my hard dick pointed right at him. He had caught
me jerking off to a male/male movie I had downloaded from the net. He must
have been embarrassed as he wasn’t mad

“Sir, I don’t know, sir,” I snapped at him, still at attention.

“What do you mean, either you are or you’re not!” he snapped back at me

“Sir, permission to speak freely, sir?”

“At ease, “he said, shedding his sergeant major role and returning to
being my dad. Pulling up my pants, I moved to the bed and he, to the chair
I just vacated. Patiently, he waited for me to begin.

Taking a deep breath, I began by saying that over the last few years,
beginning as a sophomore in high school, I found myself less and less
attracted to girls and more attracted to boys and that when I screwed some
girl, I seem to be going through the motions. Each time I kept asking
myself “is this all there is?”

I paused and he nodded for me to continue. It was only recently that I
wondered if I was gay. I told him of the incident where this girl wanted
me to fuck her in the ass. As I entered her, my cock got so hard that it
felt like concrete. On top of that, I got so full of lust that I turned
into a crazy person ramming my cock in and out of her butt. I didn’t last
long and had the best orgasm ever. The girl told me that I was the best
lover she ever had. It meant nothing to me. I was reliving feeling my
cock in her ass. She spread the word that I was a great assfucker and
girls were falling at my feet wanting me to fuck them in the ass. I did a
few but as I fucked them, my mind changed them into men and my cock turned
to steel. As I orgasmed, in my mind, I saw a hand jerking a cock and
shooting its seed. I always felt drained afterward. I never felt like
that in my life. After that, I started downloading male videos and
masturbating to them. My orgasms were not as intense as assfucking but
they far better than any pussy orgasm I had. So to answer the question “am
I gay” the answer is probably but I don’t know for sure.

I stopped and took a breath. I felt so much better getting that off my
chest. Dad just sat there, any minute I expected the sergeant major to
reappear. I wasn’t disappointed either

“Soldier, you will report to the basement at 0900 hours where we will
determine whether you are a fagot or not. Understand” he barked

Jumping to my feet, I saluted him as I yelled “Aye, Aye, Sir”

He marched out of the room leaving me at attention but before he
disappeared, he said in his dad voice “Either way, son, I will still love
you” and he was gone.

I fell back on the bed, exaltation running through me. Dad was a pretty
cool guy once you got past the bluster. Maybe mom never did and that’s why
she left. Still, dad was going to help me find my way. I didn’t have to
go any further than my own house to find out if I was gay. I had no idea
what dad had in mind and he’d never tell me even if he was tortured. I
pulled my dick out and fantasized about what he planned. I fell asleep
with my limp dick in my sticky hand.

Chapter 2

The alarm clock woke me at 0800 hrs sharp that Saturday morning. I was
excited and nervous at the same time. Knowing that dad would be in his
military mode, I put on a pair of military shorts and nothing else. Dad
wasn’t in the kitchen when I entered. I didn’t know where he was but knew
that at 0900 hrs he would be in the basement waiting for me. I was trying
to keep a tight rein on the anxiety I felt. I did pretty good but seem
overly clumsy as I made and eat my breakfast.

At 0858 hrs, I headed to the basement where I found dad dressed in a
military t-shirt and shorts. There was a video camera mounted on a tripod
and as soon as I entered, I saw a small red light go on. There was also an
armless chair with a dildo attached to the center of the seat.

Coming to attention in front of dad, I saluted him again

“Sir, reporting as ordered, sir”

“At ease”

I relaxed my muscles but still straight and tall.

“Today’s exercise will determine whether or not you are a fagot” he
began. “I have set up a camera to verify your completion of certain parts
of his exercise. (“yea, right, you’re a horny old man,” I thought, you’ll
watch it later and beat off to it)…exercise in three parts. The first will
determine if there is a need to continue. The second will further explore
the possibility and the final part will ultimately determine whether you
are a sissy fagot.

Let’s begin part 1, you will have 5 minutes to determine whether you
like sucking cock or not. If you don’t, the exercise will end and we will
have an answer. If after 5 minutes, you determine that you do, you will
have 20 minutes to bring me to orgasm. If you do not bring me to orgasm in
that time and still want to continue then at some future date, we will
revisit this exercise until you mastered it. Do you understand?”

“Sir, Yes, sir” I barked coming to attention, my dick beginning to tent
my shorts

“On your knees, boy”

I dropped to my knees which brought my face inches from his crotch. He
dropped his shorts exposing his limp dick. My mouth watered and my dick
got hard.

“Begin” he barked as he hit his stopwatch.

I had never been so close to a cock before. The head was mushroomed and
purple in color. Behind the head, I could see veins running its length.
Tentatively, I reached out and cupped it in my hand. It was warm and I
found myself breathing a little heavier. I kissed the tip like I would
someone’s cheek. I wasn’t repulsed. but I hadn’t expected to be. A
craving rose in me that I never felt before. I wanted to taste it, to make
love to it with my mouth…

“Time” he shouted, a little more forceful than needed, I could tell that
this was turning him. Jumping to my feet and standing at attention, I

“Well, boy, do you want to continue?” Her demanded, excitement creeping
into his voice.

“Sir, yes, sir. I want to suck your cock and make you come!”

Both our dicks sprang to attention, my in my shorts, his, straight out,
waiting for my mouth

“You will now have 20 minutes to bring me to orgasm using only your
mouth. You will not touch yourself at all. Is that clear?

“Sir, yes, sir”

Leaning against the wall, he nodded and clicked his watch. In seconds,
I had his cock in my hand and was stroking it a few times. At that moment,
nothing else in the world mattered except this cock. Using my tongue, I
lapped at its head. Surprisingly, dad moaned. His moan excited me more. I
took just the head in my mouth and bathed it with my tongue. It felt so
natural and right for it to be there. As I realized this, I shot my wad
into my shorts and moaned around his cock. Without thinking, I engulfed as
much of him as possible. When he hit my throat, I gagged and drew myself
off. Undeterred, I sucked him back into my mouth, only this time, I
relaxed my throat. His cockhead smoothly entered my throat and I took all
of him in. My nose hit his belly and I basked in the correctness of what I
was doing. I held him in my throat as I bathed his stock with my tongue. I
felt as if cocksucking was the most natural thing in the world. I felt
whole and complete. I backed off his cock only to take him fully again.
Each time I embedded him in my throat; the feeling of completeness returned
and disappeared when I backed off.

“Time” he moaned but I continued to suck. He grabbed my head and pulled
me off.

“Son, you disobey an order again and I’ll tan your ass” he said with a
smile. He had enjoyed it as much as I did.

Pulling his shorts over his still hard cock, he barked “Attention”:

I jumped to my feet and stood before me. He noticed the wet spot on my
shorts and scowled.

“It appears that you made the next part more difficult, should you wish
to continue, do you?

“Sir,yes sir!”

Chapter 3

“Very well, in this part of the exercise, using only the dildo, you will
make yourself come. You will have one hour to do so and can not touch your
cock with your hands. Also, the dildo can not be removed from the chair as
it is securely fastened. The camera will be recording your actions and
should it be found that you did not follow the rules, you will be severely
punished. Do you wish to continue?”

Sir, yes, sir”

“Very well, begin.”

With that he went upstairs closing the door behind him. The red light
on the camera blinked at me so I knew that I was being recorded. Looking
around the basement, it was pretty bare except a table and the dildo chair.
It was quite obvious that in order to make myself come, I would have to
fuck myself on the dildo

The moment of true had arrived. It was one thing to suck a cock but was
another to impale myself on a phony dick. Is this what I wanted? What
were the alternatives? I asked myself. The alternative was to go to some
bar and get picked up by a stranger who would shove his cock up my ass.
That was unacceptable. I needed to know if what my gut told me was true.
With a sigh, I dropped my shorts and moved to the chair. It was one of
those old oak chairs with arms that had been built when things were made to
last. Then there was the dildo. It looked so real. It had a mushroom
head and there were veins running the length. It had a flat base which was
attached to chair. Giving it a wack, it bent and snapped back straight up.
I pulled on it as hard as I could but it wouldn’t budge.

It was time. In all the movies I downloaded, guys always greased up
their cocks before sticking it in. Looking around, I didn’t see luve.
There was no way I was going to sit on that thing without any lube. The
only thing I had was my saliva. Kneeling, I spit on it but that was
enough. Sighing, I took the thing in my mouth and bathed it with my tongue
trying to get it as wet as possible. As I sucked on the phony dick my cock
got hard and imagined that I was sucking dad’s dick again. With one hand,
I played with my asshole, trying to stretch it. Nothing ever went in just
came out of it. My cock jerked but I didn’t make any progress open it up.
With reluctance and determination, I positioned myself to be impaled.
Holding the dildo with one hand, I lowered myself until the head touched my
asshole. Easing myself down further, I felt it enter me. There was slight
pain and I held myself in that position until it passed. Forcing myself
lower, more entered me until it hit resistance. The pain had increased but
it was a pleasurable pain. Lifting myself off, I tried again. Once more I
hit resistance. I kept trying to ease it into me but the resistance
remained. Meanwhile my cock was as hard as rock and found myself enjoying
the feeling of being anally entered.

The only way to get past the resistance was to force myself on it.
Going easy wasn’t go to do it. With just the head of the rubber cock in my
ass, I grabbed the arms of the chair and rammed myself down on it. The
pain was intense and I leaped off it. My eyes teared from the pain. But
in that split second, I felt pleasure. I can’t describe it any better but
the dildo in my ass felt great!

Lubing it again with my mouth, I forced myself down on my impaler. This
time there was no resistance and it slipped into me. The pain wasn’t as
intense but was still there. As I lowered myself further, my cock got even
harder and a warm feeling in my belly. When I had taken the whole thing
into me, I felt so full and felt the need to shit. I sat there for a long
time, the rubber dick embedded deep in my ass. My cock was leaking and I
knew that I could get use to this. Taking deep breaths, I moved my hips
back and forth. All the nerve ending in my body came alive and I started
to pant. Lifting myself partly off my cherry taker, I started to fuck
myself. I repeatedly lifted myself off and slammed down forcing impaling
cock deeper. I was panting like a dog in heat and a feeling I call the
“fucklust” took over. My total being was in my asshole. All I could feel
was the rubber cock sliding in and out of my hole. I fucked myself harder
and faster. The fucklust getting more and more intense. There was nothing
else in the world except the cock and my asshole. I squeezed my anus
around the dildo and the fucklust soared. I rammed myself as hard as I
could on the cock. I loved the feeling of having something up my ass.
Pulling myself completely off my fake lover, I impaled myself as hard and
as deep as possible. When my ass hit the chair, my seed shot out of my
cock, landing many feet away. My cock continued to spasm as I fucked
myself. Spent, I collapsed into the chair, my eyes closed, and the hard
cock still in me.

“Son, you ok?

It was dad, concern permeated his being. Opening my eyes, the first
thing I saw was his crotch. His dick was hard beneath his shorts and I
wanted so much to suck it into my mouth.

“Fuck me, dad, I want you to be the first to fuck me.” I moaned

Even though I wasn’t looking at his face, I knew he was stunned. Even
still, his cock jumped in his pants.

Helping me off my impaler, he carried me to the table and lay me face
down. I heard him drop his shorts and then felt his cock touch my hole. I
spread my legs wider to give him access. I wanted him to fuck me. Ever
since he pulled me off the chair, I felt so empty.

With one thrust, he filled me with his cock. I felt his balls slap
against my ass. I moaned and pushed my hips back to get more of him into
me. He fucked me in true military faction. No frills just long hard

“Boy, your ass is mine wherever and whenever I want it” he barked
returning to his military posture. He was fucking me like a wild man. If
I went without sex as long as he had, I would probably be doing the same

“Sir, yes, sir, whenever and wherever sir” I shouted and I meant it too!

We didn’t talk anymore, we just fucked. His cock was longer and wider
than the chair’s and I loved it. I matched his thrusts by raising my hips.
It felt so good. The fucklust had returned. It was my ass and his cock.
The pleasure of his fucking touched every part of my body. I couldn’t get
enough. Over and over again he pounded into me. He was panting and my
cock was again hard. All too soon he reared up and rammed one final time
into me, shooting his juices into my belly. This pushed me over the edge
and my cocks spewed it seed for the second time. My hips fucked the table
as he continued to fuck me. Exhausted he pulled out of me

“I guess you have the answer now?” He said, returning to his dad role.

I slipped off the table and took his limp cock in my mouth. When he was
clean, I looked up at him and said

“Anytime, Anywhere”

(End of Part 1 - as always comments suggestions welcome)

Tyler Thane


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