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MilitarySon II


Military Son II

Chapter 4

The first thing I did after I cleaned myself up was to go to the store
and get some lube. Dad was at the base working and would be home late. I
spent the rest of the day fucking myself on the chair. I can’t remember
how many times I came but I loved the feeling of being stuffed. Exhausted,
I fell into my bed and dreamt about cocks.

Sunday morning, I woke up to a burning ass. The sergeant major had
pulled the covers off me and was spanking me with the flat of his hand.
When he saw I was awake, he stopped.

“Twenty minutes, faggot, breakfast”

He left and I jumped in the shower, my morning hard-on getting in first.
Soaping up one hand, I found my asshole. My finger slipped in easily and I
fingerfucked myself. My other hand found my cock and I jerked it. I
panted and moaned. One finger wasn’t cutting it so I added two more. That
did it. I fucked myself with my fingers as I jerked myself off. Within
minutes, I shot my load against the wall. I had to let go of my cock to
catch myself from falling.

When I got back to my room, the SM (sergeant major) had left a pair of
bicycle pants for me. Holding them up, I noticed that the crotch had been
cut out so that my cock, balls and asshole would be exposed. I pulled them
on feeling more naked that if I wore nothing. Looking in the mirror, the
spandex showed off my muscular legs and tight abs. I found myself getting
aroused, seeing my cock and balls hanging against a sea of black. As I
walked to the kitchen, my cock slapped against my thighs

“You look good faggot, eat”

SM put my breakfast in front of me and left. I heard him banging around
as I ate. When I finished, I cleaned up and went into the living room. SM
had moved the furniture and “the chair” sat in the middle. It had changed
since yesterday. The arms had been removed and leather cuffs had been
added. But what had surprised me most was my impaler, my cherry taker. It
had been replaced. Instead of the stiff dildo, a lifelike phallus had been
attached. SM grinned and pushed a button. The dildo came to life. It
vibrated and shook. My mouth watered and my cock got hard. SM pushed
another button and a liquid shot out of the tip. I almost came then and
there. He pushed the buttons again and the cock stopped moving.

“Assume the position, faggot.”

In seconds, the cock was up my ass and I sighed. I had come to love the
feeling of being stuffed. This was no different; I felt so completely
full. SM attached my wrists to the leather bracelets. My legs were cuffed
at the calves and military goggles were placed over my eyes. The faceplate
was painted black so that I was blind.

I tested my bonds, which caused my asshole to rub against the dildo and
my cock got even harder. I was bound tight.

“No matter what happens, faggot boy, you are not to come” the SM

“Sir, yes, sir” I shouted, knowing that it was an impossibility.

My impaler sprung to life. It vibrated gently, massaging my bowels. I
moaned and moved my ass to increase the pleasure. I felt something brush
my lips and I opened my mouth. A cock plunged deep into my throat. It
took all my willpower not to come then and there. The cock withdrew from
my mouth but I didn’t close my mouth. I hungered for its return. I felt
its tip on my lips and I bathed it with my tongue. I tickled the piss hole trying to worm my tongue inside. This must have turned him on as the cock
found its way back down my throat. Over and over again the cock withdrew
only to find my throat again. I wanted to stroke myself so badly but my
hands were tied.

Meanwhile the phony phallus in my ass was doing its work. I felt the
vibrations intensify. My asshole spasmed, sending bolts of ecstasy thru my
body. The cock in my mouth was plunging faster and deeper down my throat.

I loved every minute. The cock in my ass created a hunger that was
being quenched by the cock in my mouth. The cock kept ramming down my
throat over and over again. Then it disappeared. Within seconds, I felt
liquid hit my face and knew he shot his wad. I could feel the come
dripping down my cheek.

I was frustrated. I wanted to drink it and feel it flow into my belly.
Instead, I fucked myself even harder on the dildo. I was going to make
myself come and damn the consequences. I bucked my hips back and forth as
I tighten my anus around pole. My breathing got faster and I felt the
familiar feeling in my balls. I was close. Fucking my self as hard as I
could, I reached the fucklust point. The only thing in the world was my
ass and the cock in it.

Out of nowhere, I felt liquid again, only this time, it roared into my
guts. The SM must have hit the button that made the phallus shoot. It was
too much for me and I unloaded my seed.

My hips pushed forward as spurt after spurt left my engorged cock. I
felt drained and slumped in my bonds.

“Stupid cunt, you’ll pay for that” the SM barked. I didn’t care. I
needed to get off and I did.

Chapter 5

Drained, I just sat there. I could feel the fake cum dripping back down
my gut. My limp dick jerked but didn’t have the strength to rise. The
doorbell ring and I heard muffled voices. Fear shot through me. I was
strapped to a chair, blind; a rubber cock up my ass and dried cum on my
face. I didn’t want anyone to see me this way. I struggled against my
bonds but it was no use. I sank into the chair and resigned to my fate.

I heard the shuffle of feet but no voices. My head was raised and a
tongue forced its way into my mouth. I couldn’t tell if the tongue
belonged to a male or female. I sat passively as it darted around my
mouth, exploring every inch. I could feel life return to my cock as the
tongue pulled away. I kept my mouth open hoping for its return but it
didn’t. Instead, it moved to my nipples. It bathed my erect nipple and I
moaned. Every so often, my nipple would be bit and my semi-hard cock
jerked. The mouth moved to my other nipple and the process was repeated. I
was moaned and my cock was at full staff.

I still couldn’t tell the sex of the person but at this point I didn’t
care. I wanted to touched; I needed to be touched. The last two days I
had been the giver and now I wanted to be the receiver. I was alternately
moaning and panting. The mouth left my tit.

“Please, don’t leave me like this”

I heard muffled laughter but the mouth didn’t return. Frustrated again,
I fucked myself against the rubber cock in me.

Out of nowhere, a palm slapped me hard on my cheek and my face rocked

“Nobody said you could fuck yourself” the SM barked. I stopped and
slumped back in the chair, defeated. The SM must have had pity on me as my
impaler came to life again, vibrating more intensely

“Oh, yes, that’s it, fuck me” I moaned. I heard real laughter this time
and thought what a slut I had turned into. It was only yesterday that I
was an anal virgin.

The vibrating stopped. “Noooo…, I need it, turn it back on.” The
response was another slap to the face. Stunned, I just sat there. For how
long, I didn’t know. My cock wilted

I heard the muffled voices again and the realization of my situation hit
me like a brick I felt so humiliated. Whoever it was, now knew what I was.
As if reading my mind, the SM barked:

“Name yourself, boy”

Sir, I’m a faggot slut, sir!”

Laughter broke out. I was, proud and ashamed at the same time; proud
that I could name myself and ashamed to do it in the presence of others.
Before I could analyze this any further the vibrating in my ass increased.
The rubber cock was hitting my prostate and my body was jerking like I was
a puppet on a string. The vibrating stopped and I slumped. Almost
immediately the vibrating was back and I was jerking again. This was
repeated over and over again. Someone was playing with me and I was
helpless. I was at their mercy. Not only that, the sexual energy in my
body was getting unbearable. My cock felt like granite.

Finally they had mercy on me and the vibrating stopped. Unable to stand
it any more, I fucked myself on the phallus, only to be slapped and told to
sit still. I was so frustrated and wanted to get off. In my mind, I
imaged that I was jerking off, hoping that I would get release. I was
almost there when I felt another slap across the face. Then I felt a body
straddle me and a hand grab my cock. This time I could tell that it was a
male as his cock poked me in the belly. I felt my cock touch skin and then
penetrate. I had into bite my tongue so that I would shoot my load.
Someone was sitting on my cock.

I felt thighs on my thighs and my cock went deeper in the ass. The cock
in my ass started vibrating again and I fucked back and forth. The ass on
my cock rocked with me and I heard moaning. As I fucked this unknown ass,
I felt a tongue in my ear. It moved in time to the fucking and I moaned
even louder. My head was turned and the tongue followed. A cock was
pressed to my lips ad I opened my mouth. In seconds the cock was down my
throat and raping my mouth. A hand held my chin in place as I was

I was crazy with lust. A cock was fucking my mouth while a cock fucked
my ass while I fucked some ass. I felt so used; it was glorious! The cock
in my mouth rammed so deep into my throat that I felt it in my belly. The
ass was now fucking me, I was toy! Each downward thrust, the anus would
tighten around my cock sending me higher and higher.

The vibrating cock had been turned to it fullest and was hitting my
prostate constantly. I couldn’t think straight. The mouth cock was
pounding me; the ass was pounding against me. I couldn’t take it any more
and shot my load. The orgasm was so intense that I passed out. I was to
never know what happened after that.

Chapter 6

When I awoke, I was in the basement and could see that it was dark thru
the windows. The goggles had been removed and I squinted into the bright
lights. A video camera was at the far end of the room and I was bound
again. This time spread out in an “X”.

“Evening, faggot, you are one hot slut. You missed the best part,” the
SM said as he entered. “I told you I would tan your ass if you came
without my permission. It’s punishment time!”

What did I miss? I wondered. I could only see dried cum on my body and
my asshole ached but didn’t hurt.

Meanwhile, the SM had picked up a ping pong paddle. It was one of those
old style ones that had sandpaper rather than rubber. Moving to me, he
pulled the paddle across my ass. I twitched as the paper sawed against my
flesh. He forced a cloth in my mouth and told me he didn’t want to hear a
sound. Biting down, I steeled myself.


I pulled against my bonds and bit down on the cloth. My ass sting but I
wasn’t in severe pain. In fact, I sort of enjoyed it.


Pain racked my body. Tears ran down my cheeks but what was most
surprising was that my dick got hard and I was breathing heavily through my


I came! Boy, did I come; my seed landed 10 ft across the room.

The SM laughed and put down the paddle. “No point in going on as you
like it too much”

I heard a rustle of clothes and felt his cock nestle between my stinging
ass cheeks.

“You’re one hot piece of ass, son and I need some” he cooed in my ear.

It was my dad not the SM. My dad was going to fuck me not the SM. My
dick stirred to life. I wanted my dad to fuck me so bad that I pushed my
ass against him.

“No baby, let me do the work, you just enjoy it” he whispered in my ear
as he licked my lobe.

Was he the one I fucked upstairs? I wondered. He was sucking on my
earlobe as his hands caressed my nipples. My hard dick turned to stone. I
wanted him to fuck me

Spitting out the cloth, I yelled “Fuck me Dad, Stick your dick in my
slutty hole”

He chuckled and rammed home. I sighed as his hard cock filled me. My
dad was fucking me but it was more like making love. His cock was sliding
in and out of me with any urgency; his hands caressed me gently; his lips
kissed my neck tenderly. The SM was gone and replaced by my dad. I was
hot. I had been fucked; now I was being made love to. But he stopped and
pulled out of me.


He shut me up with a kiss. Removing my bonds, he scooped me up and
carried me to my bed. Laying me down, spread my legs and got into position
to finish what he started.

“Yes, daddy, put your cock back in me, I need it so bad,” I moaned

“Such a slut” he said and rammed his cock home

I wrapped my arms and legs around him, pulling him down on me. I stuck
my tongue in his ear as he pounded into me. The lovemaking was gone but I
didn’t care. My daddy was fucking me and that’s all that mattered.

He picked up speed and I kicked him on the ass, wanting more. I was a
bitch in heat. I was his bitch, not the SM’s. The SM could order me
around but as the saying goes “My heart belongs to daddy”

Dad was getting close, I don’t know how I knew but I did. Letting go of
him, I grabbed my legs with my hands and pulled them as high and wide as I
could. I was giving myself to him. He buried his head in my neck and
fucked me even harder.

“Oh, daddy, fuck me, ram your cock into me until I feel it in my throat,
fill me with your seed.”

That did it; He reared up and fucked me as hard as he could. I felt his
jism race up my bowel on it way to my belly. I shot another load; this
time hitting my face. He fucked in and out of me a few more times and
collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and stroked his back
as his breathing came back to normal.

When he fell out of me, he pulled away and kissed me so deeply that I
got hard again. Pulling away, he was smiling and his eyes were shining

“You’re such a slut”

Yes, daddy, I am but I’m your slut!”

He kissed me again and left. I lay there in the afterglow, reveling in
my contentment and happiness.

As I fell asleep, it dawned on me that my daddy was a faggot too!

(More to come, hehehehe)

Tyler Thane


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