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MilitarySon III


Military Son III

It was Monday again and time for school. After the weekend, my whole
world looked different. I woke up horny and needing cock. Dad had the day
off and was sleeping in. I hurried down to the chair. Dried cum had
sealed my anus, forcing me to push down harder to get my morning lover up
my ass. I sighed as my cheeks touched the chair seat. I felt so full and
content. My cock begged for attention. Sitting back I stroked myself,
replaying the weekend’s exploits. Before I knew it, I was panting and
ready to shoot. I tightened my anus around my impaler and stroked myself
as hard as I could. Within seconds, I shot my load and collapsed into the
chair. I tore myself off the chair and cleaned my lover with my mouth.
When I was finished, I kissed the head, telling myself, I would see it
again soon.

Taking a quick shower, I was off to school. As usual my best friend
Brian was waiting for me outside. Today he looked different. I never
realized how handsome yet at the same time pretty, he was and my cock
twitched. I wanted him. He lived next door with his dad who just happened
to be a captain and my dad’s boss. He never told me anything about his
mother and I never asked. Still, I was bursting at the seams wanting to
share my weekend experiences with him. He was my best friend and we shared
every until now. As we walked to school, I let him do most of the talking.
I was fighting with myself over telling him or not. As we were about to
head to our separate classes he mentioned that he had seen the video and I
was one hot slut. Before he ran off he cupped my ass and told me to be at
his house right after school. I was stunned and shocked. Not because he
had seen the video but because he grabbed my ass. I got an instantly hard.
All day, I could think of nothing else but Brian. I constantly had to
cover my erection as I walked the halls. The day finally ended and I ran
all the way home. I dropped my books and sprinted over to Brian’s.

“Have a seat, I’ll put on the tape” he said as a greeting.

I sat down on the sofa feeling anxious and excited. Did he want to fuck
me or I fuck him or was he going to blackmail me. I didn’t know. The tape
started and he sat so close that he was almost in my lap. On the screen, I
saw myself strapped to the chair wearing those goggles. My erection came
storming back and tented my pants. Brian had put his arm around me and was
licking my ear. It felt so familiar and I knew that he was the one who
used my cock. The tape proved me right, I watched the screen mesmerized as
Brian unbuttoned my shirt and played with my nipples. My cock wanted
release so I unbuttoned my pants and stroked it.

“You’re such a slut” Brian whispered in my ear, giving it another lick.
“Take off your pants” he cooed. Without thought, I stripped off my pants
and went back to stroking myself. On the screen, Brian’s dad was feeding
me his cock as Brian fucked himself on my pole. Meanwhile, on the couch,
Brain had found my hole and was fingerfucking me.

“Stop touching your cock,” he commanded and my hand flew away from my
rigid pole. His fingerfucking was getting to me and I was moaning. He
stopped the tape and the screen went dark. I wanted to be angry that I
hadn’t gotten to see what happened after I passed out but his fingers in my
ass pushed everything else out of my mind.

“Fuck me,” I moaned, “I need to be fucked”

Brian laughed and pulled his fingers out of me. I slid my ass over the
edge of the sofa preparing to be taken but I was surprised. He pulled a
dildo from a drawer and rammed it past my lips and down my throat.

“Suck it, get it ready” he snickered

I gagged as he pulled it out and pushed it back in. It was huge. It
must have been 4 inches in diameter. I had to stretch my mouth as much as
possible to take it. His fingers found my hole and again and I was ready
to fuck anything that came along.

Pulling his fingers and dildo out of me, he smirked at me. I wanted to
tear his clothes off and rape him. I needed to be fucked and he had done
it to me. I noticed that there was a suction cup on the end of the phallus
which he wet with his tongue and slammed in onto the empty coffee table.
It rose like a missile and I didn’t have to be told where to put it. I
pulled off my shirt and grabbed the rubber cock. Within seconds half of it
was up my ass and I sighed. It was much larger then my cherry taker and I
had to ease myself down slowly to take it all.

“Oh, god” I moaned as my cheeks touched the table. I was so full that I
was sure that the rubber dick was going to come out of my mouth. I sat
there enthralled. It felt so good. Brian had stripped off his clothes and
taken me in his mouth. I thrust forward forcing more of me down his throat
which shot bolts of pleasure from my ass to my brain. Brian pulled off my
cock and pushed me back so that I was supported by my hands. He climbed
into my lap and sat down on my cock with ease. Then he kissed me.

“This is a dream come true” he said breaking the kiss. “I fantasized
about you since the day we met. I almost came in my pants seeing you bound
to the chair.” He kissed me again only this time his tongue seemed to be
everywhere. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back with the same
intensity. Sometime during the kiss I fell in love with him. Our tongues
battle each other to a draw. We pulled away and stared into each others

“I think I love you Brian”: I blurted out. He laughed and said “I love
you too. Now shut up and fuck”

And fuck we did. I lay back with the rubber cock deep within me and let
him moved up and down; my throbbing cock burying itself deeper each time. I
fucked back by bucking my hips upward as he thrust downward. We fucked
slowly until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Grabbing him around the waist, I
rose up, carrying him with me. The dildo was so deep in me that it was
still embedded in me as I stood. Brain grabbed on for dear life as I moved
to the couch. Letting him down, I spread his legs as wide as possible and
fucked him in earnest.

“Fuck me” he screamed kicking me in the ass. He kept hitting the dildo
which made me fuck him even harder. I was in the zone. There was just me,
the cock in my ass and my cock in his ass. Nothing else mattered. The
pressure in my brain was intense and getting worse. I was pounding in and
out of him seeking release. When I felt myself ready to come, I pulled
out. Grabbing his head, I forced my cock down his throat and fucked his
face as hard as I fucked his ass. I tensed and shot my load. He gulped as
fast as he could but still some of my goo dripped down his chin. Even
though I just shot my wad I was still horny. Dropping to my knees, I
sucked his cock down my throat. I tasted myself and it turned me on even
more. My mouth became a vacuum. I suck with so much pressure that I was
sure that his cock was going to be ripped off his body. He tensed and I
sucked as hard as I could. As soon as I felt the first drops of liquid, I
swallowed whole, letting his boy come flow right to my belly. I sucked him
until he was soft then I kissed him again. I let his tongue clean my mouth
of any leftover boy goo and collapsed in his arms. He stroked my head and
licked my ear. We were content.

“Well, well, what have we here” I hear an amused voice say. We didn’t
have to see who it was, we knew. In unison, we snapped to attention.

“Who are you?” Brian’s dad, the captain ordered

“Faggot Sluts, sir” we yelled in unison, “and proud of it sir”, I added.

He chuckled and then said, “Go clean up for dinner” and as an
afterthought, “Danny, leave the dildo where it is”

“Sir, yes, sir,” I responded as we scampered up the stairs, holding
hands as we went.

I was a faggot slut in love with another faggot slut. What could be

(To be continued)

Tyler Thane


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