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Misadventures of Lolly


The Misadventures of Lolly Lovelace, the beginning
(young, incest, anal, Mf, egg play, Ff, oral, mf)
by Demon bound

Foreword: I was doing something else, completely non-sexual, when
suddenly I got this line in my head 'Q: And what is the Punishment for
not doing your chores? A: Sodomy?' and then before I could write it
down, I flashed on the mother daughter egg swap. I just loved the idea.
I know, it's off the wall, but that's where this stuff comes from, my weird
dreams. I also just like the idea of a young, innocent, total slut, thus
Lolly was born, and may have other adventures, who knows.

Warning: My stories are for adults, of sound mind and interested
in sex stories. If you aren't, don't read them. I'm not
advocating or promoting anything and no real people are
represented. My stories may contain sexual situations you will
find offensive, I try to include content information in the
parenthesis after the titles, check those codes before reading,
they are pretty self explanatory. You've been warned about the
content, so if you read my stories the consequences are chosen and
borne by you. With that in mind, please take a walk on my
Darkside and cum.
begin story
"Lolly, dear, come here please" shouted Lolly's dad,
Wallace Lovelace.

"Yes Daddy." Lolly yelled down from her room. The precocious teen
came down the stairs from her room dressed for school in her
school uniform, as usual.

It was Monday morning, just before breakfast time, and
Lolly would need to be catching the school bus in a little more
than a half hour.

She stood in front of her father, who was loving but
strict, a little worried that she'd done something wrong, but she
couldn't remember anything. She assumed what her father called
the 'inspection' pose. Standing up straight, face forward, chin
up, shoulders back, hands behind her back. Her blonde wavy hair
was bound up in two pony tails to either side of her heart shaped
face. Her light blue eyes were wide and innocent. She smiled at
her father who smiled back. He looked her up and down, checking to
see that her white blouse was clean, and her school skirt was
pressed. He leaned down and checked that her socks were properly
pulled up and her black shoes were polished.

"And are you wearing clean panties, Lolly?"

"Yes, Daddy" said Lolly cheerfully

"Show Daddy, pumpkin."

"Yes, Daddy" said Lolly, dutifully lifting up her short plaid
skirt to show her father her white cotton bikini panties.

After several second, during which Lolly squirmed a bit, her dad
said, "Good enough, pumpkin."

He continued, "Now are you wearing a bra?"

"Yes, Daddy"

Wallace Lovelace decided to be thorough, no sense slacking, even
if he did trust his daughter. He unbuttoned the top three buttons
of his 13 year old daughter's blouse and brushed back the flaps to
expose his little girl's chest. Though only 13, she was very well
developed for her age. Wallace always supervised his daughter's
cloths shopping and he knew the bra she had on was a 'C' cup, but
it was actually a little too small now.

"You're definitely growing up, pumpkin. I'll bet you end up a
double dee just like your mom."

Lolly blushed and smiled, "I hope so Daddy."

Wallace ran a finger in under his daughter's bra strap and down
into the cup, incidentally caressing his daughter's young

"These are a little too tight though. Are they uncomfortable?"

Lolly shivered at her father's touch, "No, not much Daddy."

Wallace reached into his daughter's blouse and cupped one of her
breasts, "Well, you just let your mother know when this bra gets
too small, and we'll go shopping."

"Y-yes, Daddy." Lolly felt her nipple harden against her father's

Wallace tweaked Lolly's erect nipple affectionately, and
rebuttoned her blouse. He ruffled her blonde bangs.

He coughed and tried to look stern, "Now Lolly, there's something
we need to talk about."

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Who was supposed to take the garbage out last night, pumpkin?"

Lolly's heart sank, she'd forgotten, "M-me Daddy."

"I thought so." said her dad, "And this isn't the first time
you've forgotten, is it."

"No, Daddy, but it was really late when we got back on Sunday
night , and I was tired...I...I forgot, daddy."

"Now, Lolly, your mother and I don't ask you to do too many
chores, but you do need to contribute. It's important that we all
do our part to keep this family running. Your poor mother had to
take it out at 5:30 this morning, and, well, you know how the
garbage men are, she was out there nearly 20 minutes, almost
naked, and...well, we won't go into it, but I think you owe your
mother an apology."

"Yes, Daddy."

"And there is the matter of punishment as well. Now you know I
don't like to punish you kids, but there has to be discipline in a
family, or it falls apart. So. Do you remember the punishment
for not doing the chores?"

"I-I don't get my allowance?"

Lolly desperately wanted to get her allowance this week, since
there was a new 'Boyz Round the Block' CD out she wanted to buy.
But the alternative wasn't much better.

"Yes, Lolly, that's one option. Or?"

"S-sodomy, Daddy?"

"That's right,sodomy or allowance, which will it be my girl?"

"Oh, Daddy, but it hurts and I'm always sore for a long time..."

"Lolly..." broke in Wallace warningly.

"Oh, alright..." said Lolly in a very quiet voice, "Sodomy then."

Lolly said quickly, "But Daddy, could maybe Larry do it? I'm
really sorry, and I'll remember next time."

Larry, Lolly's older brother has a smaller penis than her dad, and
Lolly knew it wouldn't hurt as much.

Wallace looked at his daughter, considering, but while it was
always interesting to see brother and sister going at it, it just
wasn't possible.

"I'm sorry pumpkin, Larry had an early practice with the
basketball team. He's already gone to school, and I don't want to
put this off. It'll have to be me, but I tell you what, you can
give Daddy some head first to get it nice and slick."

"Yes, Daddy" said Lolly in a dejected little girl's voice. But at
least saliva was better than nothing. Usually punishments were
without lubrication, on the theory that punishment was supposed to

"Then it's settled. Grab that pillow over there, and we'll get
started. I don't want this to take too long, you might be late
for the bus."

Lolly went and got the pillow she used to make it easier on her
knees. She sighed, it wasn't that she didn't like anal sex, it
was more just that she didn't like getting punished, and Daddy was
so *big*, and when it was a punishment he didn't go slow or easy.
She knelt down in front of her father who was smoking his pipe,
watching, but letting her do all the work.

"All right, dear, unzip me and get it nice and wet."

"Yes, Daddy."

Lolly expertly unzipped her father's trousers and stuck one of her
delicate hands into the fly. She fumbled with his boxers for a
bit, but finally managed to get the shaft of his penis out through
his zipper. Even half flaccid as he was right now, the cock in
her hands was nearly 8 inches long. Lolly didn't want to be late,
so she popped the head right into her mouth and started licking.
She made a oval of her full lips and bobbed her head down on his
length, her blonde ponytails bouncing with the motion of her head.
She licked and slurped and jacked with her hands, using all her
considerable skill to get her father hard. In just a few seconds,
the half inflated cock was fully erect, more than 9 inches long,
and filled her mouth almost to the point of straining her jaws.
But Lolly knew what to do, and soon the large bulbous tip was
slipping past her tonsils to slide down her relaxed throat. Momma
had told her that she was the best natural cocksucker she'd ever
seen. Lolly liked giving head. There weren't many situations
where a 13 year old was in charge, but a girl with a man's cock in
her throat usually got what she wanted.

"Oh Lolly, you're good. Yes, that's very nice. You are Daddy's
little cocksucker aren't you?"

Lolly bobbed her head and smiled around the big cock in her mouth,
"Yea', 'ahdy" she tried to say.

Now Wallace Lovelace put his hands on his daughter's head, and
pulled her down on his cock, fucking her throat. Lolly never
gagged as the long shaft pushed visibly into her throat, not even
when her lips came to his pubic hair, and she could feel his balls
slapping against her chin through the material of her father's
trousers. Wallace puffed away at his pipe as his daughter
deepthroated him.

As father fucked daughter's throat, feet pattered down the stairs.
Little 10 year old Brenda Lovelace casually wandered down the
stairs, idly taking in the sight of her father's cock disappearing
into Lolly's mouth. Brenda looked on a bit enviously, since she
couldn't do what Lolly was doing. She just wasn't big enough yet,
and Daddy wouldn't even let her try.

"Hi Daddy, hi Lolly...what ya doing?"

Wallace took the pipe from his mouth, though he kept pumping away
at Lolly's luscious mouth, "Never you mind, Brenda-bear...go on
into the kitchen, Momma has your breakfast for you."

"Ok, Daddy...bye bye."

Brenda wandered into the kitchen. Wallace called after her, "And
don't forget your eggs, dear, you need your protein!"

"Yes, Daddy"

When Brenda was gone, Wallace pulled back at his daughter's head,
pulling her reluctantly off his cock, which she gave up only with
some actual physical force on his part, and with a pop as it
slipped from her lips.

"Oh, Lolly, you bad girl, you almost made me cum. That's not
going to get you out of your punishment, dear."

"No, Daddy" said Lolly contritely, but it had been worth a try.

"Now I want you to stand up and get ready, then lean against the
stairs there. You can grab onto the dowels there."

Lolly did as she was told, pulling down her panties and tucking
them in her waistband, then she rolled her plaid skirt up in back,
and tucked that in too. Then the blonde nymph spread her legs
widely apart, turned her bottom to her father and, bending over at
the waist, grabbed the supports of the stair guard rail. She
tried to relax, but she was a little tense, knowing what was to

Wallace took a moment to take in the sight of his daughter's
heart-shaped ass framed in her school uniform skirt. He could see
a few wisps of pubic hair, even though he knew her mother shaved
most of her pubic mound, leaving just a cute little triangle of
blonde above her little slit. He could clearly see her slit,
slightly red and swollen and just a bit moist, indicating she
wasn't as reluctant as she wanted to appear.

Her little cunt was a tempting sight, and he almost decided to
just fuck her the normal way a father fucks his daughter, but it
was his responsibility to bring her up right, and that meant
punishment when punishment was due.

So, taking his pipe firmly between his teeth, and his cock firmly
in his right hand, he quickly positioned the head of his cock at
Lolly's tight little anal star. Then taking firm hold of her
hips, he lunged into her with all of his considerable strength.

"Aaah! Oh God! Daddy, no! It's too big!" Lolly screamed in pain.

"Please Daddy, stop, I'll be good, really I will!"

Wallace drove into her hard, burying a good 4 inches on the first
lunge, not without some pain on his part as well, though he was
sure this was one punishment that truly hurt her more than it did
him. With expert brutality he plunged into his daughter's ass,
burying inch after inch into her rectum, never letting her get
used to what was already in her, but just pulling back a bit and
lunging deeper still. Lolly screamed piteously, begging, crying
and whimpering, but it was for her own good. Besides, his little
girl's ass was hot and tight and just too good to stop.

"Wally?" the voice of Lolly's mom, Wanda, came in from the
kitchen, "Is everything all right in there?"

"Yes dear." said Wallace as he changed his grip from Lolly's hips
to grasp her hanging tits so as to give himself better leverage to
get into her colon. "Lolly's just a bit vocal today, but we're
almost done."

To prove his point, he pulled himself deeper into her guts,
twisting and mauling her breasts, perhaps just a bit harder than
fatherly discipline required. Lolly never stopped yelling,
calling for her mother to help her, screaming that she was dying.
Wallace might have believed her and backed off a little, but she
was bucking back against him with every stroke, forcing him in
harder and deeper. He didn't doubt she was in pain, but Lolly
seemed to like a little pain. Some times he thought she did
things wrong on purpose just to get punished, but what could a
father do. Well, there was one thing...

"Oh, my god pumpkin, your ass is so tight. You really are Daddy's
little slut, aren't you. Do you want my cock in your ass, Lolly?
Do you want Daddy to fuck you?"

"Yes, Daddy, yes, fuck me...hurt me Daddy...tear up my ass with
your big cock Daddy...please Daddy, cum for me....cum in my ass
Daddy...fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!"

Lolly's screams were still loud and pain filled, but now her
passion was also evident. She bucked and rotated her hips. She
leaned farther forward so that her shoulder rested against the
steps in front of her, so that she could reach down between her
legs and stroke her throbbing clit.

Wallace stroked into her fast and hard, filling the stairway
landing with the sound of flesh slapping and gasps and moans. It
was only seconds later that he gritted his teeth against the stem
of his pipe, groaned, and buried his cock one last time in his
daughter's ass.

Lolly felt his boiling hot jism shooting up into her lower
intestines, and it drove her over the edge too. She screamed out
her painful orgasm, until she collapsed, momentarily exhausted, as
her body shuddered and jerked, and her ass milked at the shaft
still buried completely in her ass.

Wallace pulled out of his daughter's poop shoot with a wet pop. He
turned his daughter around and gave her a hug.

"There, there...all done, pumpkin...hush now, you're all right."

He gave Lolly a warm, open mouthed kiss, tonguing her pearly white
teeth and probing against her pink tongue. With his pipe in one
hand, he reached down with the other, and pulled the dress out of
her waistband, gave her ass a squeeze and a pat.

Lolly sniffled, and wiped a tear from her eyes. She'd cum, but it
had really hurt. She wished Daddy was just a little smaller, at
least when he fucked her in the ass.

"Now you go up, and get cleaned up. we can't have you walking
around school with cum running down your thighs, can we now?"

"No Daddy" said Lolly with a trembling smile.

As Lolly went up stairs, she could hear her father asking her
mother for a bit of a cleanup, and her mothers inevitable 'of
course dear' in reply.
Lolly came down a few minutes later, her face washed, panties back
on. No sign of her recent punishment visible except for a very
careful movement to sit at the breakfast table.

Wanda Lovelace was bustling around the kitchen in her usual
morning outfit of a very short, loosely tied robe. The robe was so
short, the underside of the globes of her mother's ass were
visible, and the robe was so loosely tied that every time she
leaned over, Wanda flashed the world with her magnificent 38
double dee breasts.

Little Brenda was sitting in front of a half finished bowl of
cereal, spoon in hand, regaling all who would listen with some
never ending story of what happened on her favorite tv show. This
was rather pointless, since every one in the family always watched
TV together and had all seen the rather silly kids show that
Brenda favored, and was now describing for maybe the 5th time.

Wallace Lovelace was paternally murmuring, 'mm hmm' occasionally,
and mostly in the right places as he read his paper.

Wanda turned back and served Lolly her breakfast of cereal, a
grapefruit with sugar, and some yogurt.

"Now Brenda, you haven't finished your eggs, drink them up now."

"Yes, Mommy" Said the 10 year old. She picked up the small juice
glass with a small amount of a clear viscous substance in it,
tilted back her head, opened her mouth, and let it run down onto
her tongue. She swallowed, with an exaggerated sigh, and opened
her mouth to prove to her mother that she'd swallowed it all down.
"All gone!"

"Good girl, Brenda, now you can go watch cartoons for a few
minutes before it's time to go to the bus."

"Yippee" cried Brenda, running into the living room to plop down
in front of the tv for the rare treat of getting to watch it

All was quiet and domestic as Lolly and Wallace leisurely finished
their breakfasts.

Lolly was feeling a bit in need of reassurance.

"Momma...I'm sorry I forgot the garbage last night."

"It's okay, Baby. But that darned garbageman had already past
when I noticed so I had to go chase after him. The man is just
absolutely a pig! He wouldn't come back until I gave both him and
his assistant a blowjob, and his assistant always wants to cum on
my tits, the nerve. So I had to take a shower when I got back in,
and your father was almost late into the bathroom over it."

"Oh" said a crestfallen Lolly.

"Oh dear, don't fret, a little head never hurt anyone, and it's
not like I haven't blown the man before. Now you just eat up, you
need to keep up your strength to try out for the junior varsity
cheerleading squad."

"Yes, Momma."


"Yes, Lolly dear?"

"Would you help me with my eggs?"

"Oh dear, that can get a little messy...haven't you already,
changed once today?"

"Please, Momma, please? I'll be real careful not to miss any!"

"Well, alright dear, we'll be careful not to get it on your
uniform this time."

Lolly smiled happily. Every morning for as long as she could
remember she had drunk raw egg whites at breakfast. Mostly, she
did it as Brenda just had, quickly and with little show or fuss.
But on special occasions or just when anyone wanted it, she and
her mother would make a production of it.

Now Wanda went to the refrigerator and came back with two water
glasses and three eggs.

"All right dear, who should start?"

Wallace looked up, deciding that this was more interesting than
his newspaper.

Lolly smiled and puffed out her chest a bit, "I will!"

"okay, dear, but be careful now."

"I will be"

Wanda took the first egg, and carefully cracked it, moving to
stand behind her daughter who stayed seated at the table. Lolly
tilted back her head. Wanda broke the shell into two parts.

"Ah, almost spilled it"

She carefully separated the insides into two parts. In one was
the egg yoke, yellow and unbroken, in the other, pure egg white.
This she slowly poured into her daughter's open mouth, making sure
that Wallace got a good view. Then she poured the half with the
yoke into Lolly's mouth as well. Lolly closed her mouth and
leaned forward, taking one of the water glasses and carefully
spitting out just the yoke, retaining all of the egg white, then
she spit the egg white into the other glass.

Lolly leaned back for the next egg, mouth open again. This time,
Wanda broke open the egg in the same way, but instead of pouring
into Lolly's mouth, she slurped up both halves with a flick of her
wrist, as if tossing off shots of tequila. Then picking up the
glass with one yoke in it, she carefully spit out only the second
unbroken yoke. Then leaning over Lolly's open mouth, she
carefully spit the clear egg white into her daughter's mouth.
when a few drops missed her mouth and dribbled on her chin, Wanda
quickly leaned down and lapped them back up with her carefully
extended tongue.

Wanda kissed her daughter, long and lasciviously, with open mouth
and tongue lashing tongue. The kiss got deeper, then Wanda
slipped a hand down into her daughter's blouse to cup a breast,
and with her other hand she lifted her own breast out of the
almost open front of her robe, bringing the nipple to Lolly's
mouth. Lolly willingly sucked in the long nipple, running her
tongue over the tip and biting gently.

"mmmh, hmmph" coughed Wallace, insistently.

Wanda looked up, her eyes opening for the aroused lidded position
they been in when she started to get carried away.

"Oh...sorry dear...lost in the moment."

"Yes, well, she does have to get to school."

"Yes, Dear."

Wanda gave Lolly the egg white glass, and Lolly spit the egg white
she'd been holding in her mouth the whole time carefully into the

"Good girl. Now one to go.'


Wanda quickly broke the last egg, slurped the halves into her
mouth, then she poured the egg whites from the first two eggs in
as well. Now with the yoke of one egg, and the whites of three in
her mouth, Wanda maneuvered around so that her daughter's upturned
face was nestled between her prodigious breasts. Lolly cupped her
mother's breasts to either side of her face, her small hands
overflowing with tit flesh. Wanda now started letting the egg
white dribble out over her lower lip, down her chin and onto her
chest, where the waiting Lolly eagerly lapped it up as it hit.
Now she swallowed the runny stuff as her mother dribbled it out,
until at last no egg white was left.

"Oops" said Wanda, suddenly, "I bro' the yo'" she said.

"Ah well, lovey, no one's perfect" said Wallace with a smile.

"Tru'. Ah guess she's go'a have yoke this mor'ing 'oo"

And Wanda let the slimy yellow egg yoke dribble out of her mouth,
down in a sticky mess to her breasts. Wanda spread the goo to her
breasts and rubbed it on her nipples before she let Lolly start
licking it off. Lolly turned around in her chair with her back to
her father as she licked and sucked up the mess from her mother's
big tits. Where she was sure that Wallace couldn't see, Wanda
reached down under her daughter's skirt, and stuck a finger around
the leg band of her daughter's panties. That finger quickly found
it's way into Lolly's pussy, and stirred around until Lolly's
usually vocal orgasm was carefully smothered by the nipple in her

When mother and daughter got done with their playful ritual, it
was time to go respectively to school and to work. Though Wanda
was a writer and her work was a home. So Brenda and Lolly ran off
together for the school bus and Wallace kissed his wife, felt her
up for a while, and went off to work.

He was a little worried though. Wanda seemed really worked up
today for some reason. He wondered if it was safe to leave her
alone when she was this horny. Oh well, she was an adult after
all, she could take care of herself.

And when the house was empty except for Wanda, she went over to
the side door and opened it.

"Butch...come here boy!"

The neighbor's big German shepherd scrambled through the loose
board in the fence...


Lolly got on the bus and Brenda went off to sit with her little
friends. At the next stop, Bobby sat down next to her. He looked
around at who was sitting near them, grinned, and unzipped his
fly. None of them would tell, they were all friends of Lolly's.
Lolly grinned back and obediently put her head into Bobby's lap
and took his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth. It took less
than a minute before Lolly got her first cum load to swallow.
This was much better than egg whites.

end story


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