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Mixed Trebles


MIXED TREBLES by Mountebank

A young tennis coach discovers that, off court, mixed trebles is even
more fun than mixed doubles

At first John felt embarrassed at disrobing under the watchful gaze of
three fully-clothed women, but their smiles of encouragement and
complimentary comments about his body soon reassured him. Indeed, as he
pulled off his tennis shirt and let his shorts drop to the floor, leaving
him naked except for a pair of navy-blue briefs, he began to feel a
swelling sense of pride that was rapidly matched by a no less prominent
swelling within the pouch of his briefs.

Despite his tender years, he was far from being inexperienced, having
been introduced to the delights of sexual congress by his aunt on his
thirteenth birthday. A fleeting memory of that warm summer’s afternoon,
when she showed him the paradise that lay between a woman’s thighs, caused
his member to stiffen still further. Since then, he had enjoyed many girls of his own age and had often provided off-court ‘coaching’ to some of the
more demanding women guests at the tennis ranch. But this was the first
time, outside his masturbatory fantasies, that he had been with more than
one at the same time. And now he was about to take part not just in a game
of ‘doubles’ but in an even more novel three-on-one encounter!

Looking down across the broad muscles of his chest, he could see the top
three inches of his erect penis protruding impertinently from the
waist-band of his briefs. Nor did that cheeky extension escape the eyes of
the three women, who had ranged themselves in a semi-circle in front of him
to watch him undress.

“Oh, look girls,” giggled Josie shaking her golden-red hair free of the
head-band which had constrained it on the courts, “the handle of John’s
tennis racquet is sticking out of its case!”

Still laughing, she leant forward and touched the bulbous tip of the
penishead gently with her forefinger. Then, smiling down at the painfully
entrapped organ, she knelt and planted a delicate kiss on the tightly
stretched skin just beneath its head. A low moan escaped the young man’s
lips and, despite the confining nature of the elastic that pressed it
against his belly, his penis gave a small, involuntary twitch.

“I think it likes me!” Josie exclaimed, repeating the movement but this
time touching the frenum with the moist tip of her tongue. Again the stiff
member twitched, as if to confirm its agreement.

The other two ladies, until now mere spectators, sensed that the time
had come for them too to take a more active role in the proceedings. Marie
unbuttoned her flimsy blouse to reveal a lacy white brassiere that
struggled -- but failed dismally - - to contain the ripe melons of her
breasts. Reaching behind her, she unhooked it and released its precious

The dull ache in John’s testicles intensified when he saw the brunette’s
lovely breasts swing naked and free. Inside his briefs, his penis swelled
still further, almost threatening to snap the confining elastic. The skin
of Marie’s breasts was a delicious golden colour, the nipples a rich brown
that matched the hair framing her beautiful face. Already, the eroticism
of the moment had tightened the nipples so that they protruded boldly.

Marie reached up and untied the bow which held her dark, glossy hair so
that it cascaded onto her shoulders. The upward movement of her arms
lifted her breasts provocatively, as she knew it would, and she could read
the look of admiration in the boy’s face. Her black linen skirt soon
followed her shirt and brassiere to the floor. To John’s surprise, he saw
that she had not been wearing any knickers.

“I like to feel the air, cool between my legs,” Marie explained, in
answer to the question she read in his eyes. Now she was clad only in a
white lace suspender-belt and a pair of sheer, white stockings. Framed by
the wispy fabric of the belt and the two vertical straps of the suspenders,
her golden belly, with its deeply indented navel and dark triangle of pubic
hair, presented a delightful spectacle to her companions.

As John watched entranced, she ran her fingers through the silky hairs,
fluffing them up so that they stood out charmingly from her pubic mound.
Then, smiling at him, she bent her knees slightly, opened her legs and
separated the moist inner lips of her vulva with her fingers, showing him
her clitoris. As Marie had intended, the boy’s eyes were drawn, as if by a
magnet, to the inviting pink slit and the protuberant pleasure-bud nestled
within it.

“Would you like to fuck me?” she asked teasingly.

Aroused to the point where he could no longer trust himself to speak
coherently, the tortured youth could only respond with a strangulated groan
and an earnest nod of his head.

Kim, meanwhile, had been undressing, too. Her slim oriental body made a
pleasing contrast with the riper, European frames of the other two women.
Her breasts were small and pointed, and although her hips were boyishly
narrow, her buttocks were full and round. They were presented invitingly
to John when she turned her back on him and bent down to remove her panties from around her ankles. As she did so, John caught a tantalising glimpse
of plump lips and a hint of moisture between the satin-soft mounds.

Josie, unlike her companions, had stayed fully clothed. In her elegant
silk afternoon dress she remained kneeling before the man, like a
supplicant in church, while the others came and stood, one on each side of
him, to lean their naked bodies comfortingly against his broad shoulders
while they looked looking down at her.

A light breeze blowing through the lace curtains caught the perfume the
three ladies were wearing, mingled it with the hot female smell of their
bodies, and wafted its fragrance towards John’s nostrils.

“I think it’s time we saw the rest of this handsome thing, don’t you?”
said Josie, once more touching the exposed portion of the penis that stood
invitingly, only inches from her face. Kim and Marie smiled in agreement.
Then, as if they had rehearsed the movement, each reached out a hand and
slowly began to draw the briefs off John’s hips and down his legs.

He watched intently as the navy-blue material was peeled away from his
aching organ. Freed from its former constraint, it jutted out proudly from
the base of his belly and swayed menacingly as he stepped out of the briefs
and kicked them away with his foot. Its expansion had caused the foreskin
to draw back so that it was gathered behind the flared rim of the head.

Now that the briefs were gone, John could enjoy the feel of the breeze
from the open window playing on his naked testicles. To ease its cooling
passage around his overheated genitals, he parted his legs slightly so that
the heavy sac hung free from contact with his inner thighs. This had the
effect of thrusting his penis upwards and outwards, towards Josie’s waiting
mouth. But, sportingly, she declined to take unfair advantage of her
favourable position and withdrew slightly, rocking back on her heels.

Marie, it was, who with a shake of her dark curls seized the moment.
Joining Josie on her knees, she reached out and grasped the swollen organ
just beneath its head. Then, looking deep into John’s eyes, she formed a
ring with her thumb and forefinger and began to masturbate him tenderly,
using slow, deliberate movements. First she pulled the skin downwards over
the rigid member so that the sensitive area beneath the head was stretched
to the limit, and then she moved it back up the shaft, folding the foreskin
over the glans and allowing the pad of her thumb to rub across the frenum
as she did so. Rhythmically she repeated the motion, drawing a sigh of
pleasure from the youth. “Does that feel nice?” she asked needlessly, her
lovely breasts swaying in time with the up-and-down movement of her hand.

Before John had the chance to nod his silent agreement, Marie looked
over her shoulder towards Kim, while continuing to slide the skin up and
down on the rigid shaft. “Don’t you think this young man has a beautiful
cock?” she asked.

“Yes, good enough to eat!” laughed the young Japanese, who promptly
knelt down and took Josie’s place next to Marie, beneath the swaying
scrotum. “Let me taste him.”

Reluctantly, Marie ceased her movement and released her grip on John’s
masculinity so that Kim could bring it to her mouth. It stood there,
displaying itself, fierce and red from Marie’s ministrations. As Kim moved
forward to lick its length, the girls saw a clear drop of liquid emerge
from the narrow eye at its tip.

“Oh look, he’s weeping, poor thing,” cried Kim.

“A tear of joy,” said John, looking down proudly at the object of their
attentions. “He’s so happy, he couldn’t contain himself any longer.”
Despite the sexually charged atmosphere, he felt a delicious languor wash
over him and knew that, although he was highly aroused, he would be able to
contain his ejaculation long enough to impress these three beautiful women
with his self restraint.

All embarrassment now gone, his hand went to his sex and he began
fondling it lazily, making the transparent droplet at its tip shimmer in
the light from the nearby table lamp. Kim raised herself off her heels,
leant forward and gathered the liquid gratefully on the tip of her tongue.
Soon the coaxing motions of the boy’s hand brought forth a second droplet
to replace the first. With her forefinger, Kim smoothed it over the tight
skin of the glans, lubricating it and imparting a glossy sheen to the
purple-coloured knob.

“Please, Kim, I need you to suck it now,” John begged. To emphasize his
need, he thrust his hips forward at her, making the already prominent organ
stick out still further.

Kim smiled up at him and edged further forward on her knees to comply
with his request. Taking him tenderly in her left hand, she fed the top
three or four inches of the shaft into her mouth. The skin of the glans
felt silky smooth against the roof of her mouth, and her tongue caressed
the frenum, delighting in the pulse of pleasure that rippled through the
organ. Then her right hand came up to cup and support his scrotum, while
her left released its grip on the shaft and moved to grasp the boy’s
buttocks. She could feel the muscles there alternately contracting and
relaxing as he thrust his sex deeper and deeper into her mouth. John’s
hands held her head gently, almost as if he was blessing her for the
sacrament they were sharing.

Marie, until now largely a spectator, was not going to allow herself to
be left out any longer. She moved to stand behind the youth, hooking her
chin over his shoulder so that she could watch Kim’s mouth at work on him.
She slipped her arms beneath his and laced them round his chest. This
allowed John to lean back so that her heavy breasts were pressed against
his back. Supported in this position, he could feel their twin mounds
squashed lovingly against him while her fluffy pubic hairs tickled his
naked buttocks as he rocked backwards and forwards in the Japanese girl’s
welcoming mouth.

Josie, who had moved to one side to remove her clothes, remained
standing a few feet away so that she could take in and enjoy the entire
scene. Soon, like Marie, she was naked except for a suspender belt and

Josie’s need for relief had now become overpowering. So, submitting
quite shamelessly to the urgings of her body, she opened her legs, placed a
finger lightly against the bud of her clitoris and began masturbating. As
her hand moved gently to and fro against the tiny organ, the motion
transmitted itself to her naked breasts and caused them to jiggle

The sight of Josie’s breasts swaying as she groaned and brought herself
to a sweet little climax, coupled with Kim’s insistent sucking on his
penis, was almost enough to push John over the edge into orgasm. From her
position close behind him, Marie could sense this and knew that if she
didn’t act promptly he would soon fill Kim’s mouth with his semen. So,
gently but firmly she pulled him backwards. The movement freed his
erection with a jerk and made it slap wetly against his belly, the moisture
on it glistening in the lamplight.

“You mustn’t come yet, you naughty boy,” Marie scolded. “You can only
squirt when we tell you to.”

“But my balls ache so much,” John pleaded, supporting them with his
hand. “You make me want to do it. Look at my cock, ladies. Can’t you see
it’s almost at bursting point?” He squeezed his glans lovingly, opening the
little eye and giving them a glimpse of the pink interior.

“Yes, it looks ready to explode,” Marie agreed. “But wait a little bit
longer, darling, the sensation will be even better if you do. First let’s
all get on the bed together. You can fuck each of us in turn; then we’ll
let you come while we all watch.”

“Watch me come?” the young man asked. “You mean you want me to squirt
outside of you?” He groaned, anticipating with relish the moment when he
could just let go and allow himself to spurt his semen all over the naked
girls next to him.

“Yes,” Josie smiled, “that way we can see just how much you love us!
The more love-liquid you produce, and the further it squirts, the more
deeply we’ll know you care for us.”

“Well, I’ll try not to disappoint you,” John chuckled, still cradling
his aching testicles. “It feels as though I’m holding back Niagara Falls
in here. You ladies are going to get drenched!”

Giggling, Josie took him by the hand and led him to the king-sized bed
in the centre of the room, admiring the way his masculinity swayed from
side to side as he walked. The table lamps on either side of the bed cast
a warm glow on the soft sheets and piles of pillows and reflected off the
elaborate brass headboard. For John, the bed had become a stage on which a
theatrical performance was about to take place, with him as the principal

He stood there, slowly massaging his throbbing member, watching the
three girls as they arranged themselves gracefully on the bed. Through
some secret signal they had already decided that Kim was to be the first to
serve him. She knelt with her bottom presented temptingly towards him, her
back arched and her elbows resting on the headboard. Marie and Josie knelt
at her side, ready to assist John’s penis make its the penetration.

John took his position behind her and paused to savour the moment. He
smiled at Kim’s two handmaidens as they knelt, one on each side of him,
dressed so charmingly in their suspender belts and stockings. Their faces
were flushed. In Josie’s case, the excitement of her recent orgasm had
extended the pink flush to the upper slopes of her breasts, where there was
a light dusting of freckles. Her belly was pale and delicately curved and
at its base the curly tangle of her pubic bush was thrust forward, its
golden-red hairs catching and reflecting the light from the lamp.
Returning his smile, Josie moistened one of her fingers and slipped it
between the lips that could just be seen, pouting between her legs. She
withdrew it, wet with her fluids, and offered it to John. “Taste me,” she
instructed. Gladly the youth complied, sucking her finger into his mouth
and enjoying the salty, female taste of her intimate liquid.

On Kim’s other side, Marie presented an equally inviting picture. Her
nipples were hard and protuberant, and John could not resist leaning
forward to touch one with his tongue. Marie lifted the heavy globe in her
hands to bring it closer to his eager face and he gratefully sucked the
nipple deep inside his mouth. Her eyes closed as she felt a tremor of
pleasure run from her breasts down to the wet folds between her legs. She
moved her knees a bit further apart on the bed and, following the example
set by Josie, used a finger to explore the damp membranes that she found

Ready now to insert himself into the first of his three naked acolytes,
John brought his hands up and moulded the ripe flesh of Kim’s buttocks. He
ran his palms over the silky skin and delighted in their smooth resilience.
Then, taking one lovely cheek in each hand, he pulled them gently apart to
expose the tightly puckered pink rose of her anus and, below it, the soft,
wet flesh of her vulva.

While Marie bent forward to moisten his erection with her tongue, Josie
took over the task of holding Kim’s fleshy mounds apart. This freed John’s
fingers to touch and explore the delicate flesh that was now exposed to
him. With the tip of his forefinger he drew some of the wetness seeping
from Kim’s vagina, up and across the sensitive membrane of her perineum,
using it to lubricate the anal opening. Marie, who was holding his member
near its base, used it the organ to retrace the finger’s front-to-back
stroking movement, finally allowing the blunt head to end its journey
poised over the waiting anus.

“Which opening are you going to use?” she asked, looking up at John
expectantly and holding his lance ready to direct it at whichever target he

“I’ve never done it in anyone’s bottom before, “ John confessed.

“Oh, he’s a bottom-virgin, girls!” Marie giggled. “Then you have no
choice, my fine young friend. You have to put it in this pretty little
pink rear entrance here.” With that, she licked the head of John’s penis
again so that it was slippery with saliva. Then, holding its root, she
steered it towards its target.

Kim felt its wet, bulbous tip nudging insistently against the tight ring
of her back entrance. Hungry now to have it inside her, she gripped the
headboard firmly and thrust her bottom backwards, impaling herself on the
end of the massive organ. A low moan escaped her lips as the first three
inches slipped in, under the careful guidance of Marie’s attentive fingers.
For her part, Josie contributed by continuing to hold apart the Japanese
girl’s peach-soft buttocks so as to give the youth easy access and allow
him a clear view of the orifice he was possessing.

Resisting for a moment the urge to thrust still deeper and to move in
and out, John paused and studied the delightful conjunction of the male
organ and the female rectum: the dark mass of his pubic hair, the swollen
length of his shaft and the enchanting little hole into which he his glans
was thrust. His delight was shared by the two spectators, who had moved
still closer to watch the act of full, deep penetration. So close were
their two faces that Kim could feel their gentle breath cooling the fevered
skin between her buttocks.

At last, the eager youth could wait no longer and he succumbed to the
ancient instinct to ensheathe himself fully and move within the enfolding
orifice. This elicited a sigh of envy from the two watching women and a
more profound gasp of pleasure from the young girl in whose bottom he was

Tensing his buttocks, John began a steady in and out motion, delighting
in the feel of the tight ring of muscle at Kim’s anus sliding up and down
his member, from tip to base. Stimulating though the sensation was, he now
felt in full control of his own arousal, whereas every deep thrust between
Kim’s silky cheeks told him that he was bringing her nearer and nearer to
her climax.

Her two helpers could sense it too. While Marie supported Kim’s firm,
conical breasts and pulled lightly on their nipples, Josie’s inquisitive
hand had crept beneath the kneeling girl and was began playing gently with
her clitoris. The tiny love-bud was now so sensitive that a few further
taps from Josie’s finger were all that were needed to bring the young Japanese to a shattering orgasm.

As she climaxed, Kim’s fingers tightened on the brass head rail, her
back arched and her body shook with wave after wave of pleasure. It spread
outwards from the clitoridal bud between her legs to envelop her whole
body. Powerful contractions in her rectum milked the invading organ
deliciously so that John had to draw on all his reserves of self-control to
prevent himself from ejaculating.

Finally, her body spent, Kim collapsed flat on the bed, moaning softly.

“Wow...,” said John, withdrawing from her bottom with an impudent grin
on his face, “... another ten seconds and I’d have given her a spunk enema! I was on the point of coming, there.”

“Naughty boy! Remember what we said,” Marie exclaimed, wagging her
finger and smiling up at him. “No squirting until we tell you to!” To
emphasize the point she gently tapped her finger twice on the tip of his
swollen glans.

“It’s all very well your giving me orders,” John retorted, looking down
at his erect soldier. “Sometimes this fellow’s got a mind of his own. If
he decides he wants to come, there’s precious little I can do to stop him.
Still, at the moment he’s being pretty fairly obedient. But he says he
thinks it’s time now for him to make friends with a vagina.”

“Oh mine, please,” begged Marie, pouting. “The other two have come
already. It’s my turn now.”

“Come and sit over here, then.” John led the brunette to an upright
wooden chair, strategically placed a few feet from the end of the bed.
Josie, ever attentive, took a cushion from the bed and placed it on the
padded velour seat to make it even more comfortable for the two lovers.

The young man sat down and rested his back against the firm support of
the elegant chair, his thighs apart and his testicles hanging loosely
between them. For a few brief moments he stroked his hand up and down his
penis, proud to be able to masturbate in front of these ladies without
shame or embarrassment. They watched him keenly, enjoying his enjoyment of
himself. Then, releasing his aching shaft, John held his hands out and
drew Marie down so that she was sitting facing him, supported comfortably
on his thighs, her legs astride him. His hands held her at her slim waist.
Resting her forearms on his shoulders, Marie laced her fingers behind
his head and pressed her mouth to his, thrusting her tongue deep inside and
allowing him to suck it. Then, coming up for breath, she leant back and
supported her weight by placing her hands on his knees behind her. Her
dark hair fell back from her head in a glossy tangle. Her back was
slightly arched and this served to thrust forward the golden melons of her

John’s eyes were drawn to them and he felt his hands, which suddenly
seemed to have acquired a life of their own, move up to cup and fondle
their firm loveliness. They felt so heavy, so full. He wondered for the
hundredth time how it must feel to be a woman and to have two fleshy globes
suspended from your rib-cage, 24-hours a day. But it was clear from
Marie’s response to his caress that she in no way looked upon her breasts as a burden but rather as a toy with which to enchant her lovers.

“Do you think they’re beautiful?” she breathed in his ear, leaning
forward now.

“Perfect,” the youth replied, finding it difficult to tear his eyes, or
his hands, away from them.

“If you want to look between my legs, you can,.” Marie whispered.

Her bold offer commended itself to John greatly. So, shifting slightly
in the chair, he opened his thighs wider, which drew her legs further
apart, and looked down to study the beauty his movement had exposed.

Between Marie’s thighs, framed prettily by her stockings and garters, he
could see the silky curls of her pubis. Through the thicket of hair, the
outer lips of her vulva pouted so that the delicate folds of the moist
inner labia were just visible. With trembling fingers, he reached down and
parted the plump outer lips, exposing the pink inner membranes to his gaze.
While he held the lips apart with his left hand, he slowly ran the
forefinger of his other hand across the vaginal opening until it became
slick with her juices. Then with infinite gentleness he touched it to the
tiny protrusion of sensitive flesh at the front of her pleasure playground.
Pushing his finger lightly up towards her pubic bone, he succeeded in
sliding back the little fold of flesh that covered the clitoris, leaving
the organ swollen and exposed.

The delicious sight she presented to him might at other times have
brought John straight to orgasm. But he had now reached a high plateau of
sensation. His swollen stem and the twin-orbed semen factory suspended
beneath it were suffused with a dull ache but he knew that, for the time
being at least, he could hold back the torrent.

Marie, whose eyes had closed in pleasure at the manipulation of her
genitals, opened them when she felt Kim and Josie kneel down on either side
of the chair and rest their elbows on her wide-open thighs so that they
could study her intimate parts. She looked down between her breasts,
across the swell of her belly, and shared with them the imposing sight of
the erect male organ standing ready to enter her. As she watched, Kim took
it near the base and began to masturbate it skilfully. The slit at its tip
was now weeping a stream of tears, and these Josie spread in a lubricating
film all over the swollen, purple glans and the foreskin that was gathered
behind its flared rim.

“I’m ready now, ladies,” John whispered. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Yes, darling boy, we can see that,” smiled Josie as yet another bead of
clear liquid appeared on the tip of the youth’s penis. “It’s time to put
it in her now.”

Josie moistened the glans with her tongue, taking care not to disturb
the shimmering droplet, and then she and her beautiful oriental helper
moved to bring about the conjunction of the two lovers’ sexual organs.
While Josie held apart the outer lips of Marie’s vulva, Kim carefully
steered the massive member between the pink inner folds.

Marie sighed deeply as she felt its first few inches penetrate her.
Although her sexual arousal had tightened the opening, the slipperiness of
the man’s pre-ejaculatatory fluid, coupled with Josie’s saliva and her own
freely flowing secretions, meant that, despite its size, the head of John’s
penis entered her with little difficulty.

Now the brunette leaned back again and pushed down on the intrusive
organ so that about half its length was inside her. Poised like that she
waited for an instant to enjoy the feeling, then she swung her hips back a
fraction so that only the head remained within her.

Looking down between her breasts, Marie could see the diamond shape
formed by her open thighs astride John’s, and, bisecting the diamond, the
rigid shaft of flesh which joined their bodies. The rim of his glans was
just visible between the plump lips but the most of the head was nestled
comfortably inside.

Without deepening his penetration any further, John rocked gently from
side to side. As he did so, the upper surface of his organ rubbed lightly
against the pink clitoris that was poking its head out of the little sheath
of flesh at the front of her vulva.

“Oh, my God, that’s unbelievable!” Marie cried. “It feels so good when
you do that.”

“What, you mean this?” John asked, doing it again and knowing full well
what it was that she wanted.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Every little side-to-side movement of the young man’s
penis brought a fresh gasp of pleasure from the woman’s lips.

To add to Marie’s pleasure, Josie bent over and ran her fingertips from
the tightly curled pubic hair at the base of the phallus, across the upper
surface of the exposed portion of the shaft and onto the girl’s clitoridal
bud. There they lingered for a while, teasing the little organ with a
gentle rhythmic pressure. Kim watched this manipulation attentively, her
chin cupped in her hands, her elbows resting on Marie’s thighs.

For the man, the sight of this perfectly proportioned woman sitting
astride his thighs, his penis deep inside her, and her lovely body open to
his inspection, was almost too much to bear. Her lovely breasts, capped by
two deliciously erect nipples, stuck out at him, inviting him to fondle and
suck them. And her flimsy suspender-belt and stockings served only to make
her nakedness more shocking, more stimulating.

With a trembling finger John traced a line from the white band at the
top of her stocking, up the taut elastic of the suspender, which because of
her position was stretched, free of contact with her body, and onto the
lacy belt around her slim waist. From there it continued its journey, up
her rib-cage and on to the satin-smooth globes of her breasts. The ends of
her nipples were puckered into tight little brown cylinders that stood
proud from their pink-brown aureoles. His finger stroked first one, then
the other, teasing them into an even greater erection. Now he brought up
his other hand and pulled gently on both nipples at the same time, playing
with them and eliciting a shiver of pleasure from the woman. This turned
into throaty moan when he gathered the twin globes in his hands, squeezed
them together and sucked both nipples deep into his mouth.

“I want you deeper, John,” Marie breathed in his ear when she had
regained a little of her composure. “Put that beautiful cock all the way
in. Fill me to the brim.”

“Like this, you mean?” John asked, moving his buttocks on the seat so
that his member slid deep into her love channel.

“Yes, just like that.”

“Now shall I pull it out a bit?”

“Yes, but not too far. Ah, perfect. Ooh, look how wet I’ve made it!
Now push it in again. That’s it. Now pull it out again.”

“Mmm, that feels soooooo nice,” sighed John, sliding his bottom
backwards and forwards on the silk cushion as he thrust powerfully into
Marie’s slippery vagina. “It’s making my balls feel so tight and full.”

“Oh, poor things. Here, let me soothe them.” With that, Marie reached
down between her legs and tenderly cradled the testicles which were
swinging backwards and forwards in time with his thrusting motion.

“My, they do feel heavy!” she agreed. “Josie, won’t you help this poor
angel and hold them for a while?”

“With pleasure!” said Josie with a chuckle. She reached under his
John’s thighs and formed her palm into a cup that supported his scrotal sac
while still leaving it free to sway in time with his rocking movements.
She could feel a moistness there which had seeped out from between Marie’s
vulval lips.

For several minutes no-one spoke. For the man and woman engaged in the
primeval act of love, the savage sensations coursing through their genitals
had taken control of their bodies and robbed them of the power of speech.
For the two spectators, too, the rhythmic thrusting of the couple’s hips
and the accompanying sound of the chair squeaking beneath them, cast a
hypnotic spell that compelled them to watch in silence.

Marie’s breath was now coming in short, ragged gasps. Eyes closed, head
thrown back, and working her own clitoris with her finger, she finally
tipped over the edge into orgasm. “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!”
she sobbed, and pumped her hips frantically while her vagina squeezed its
guest in a series of powerful spasms.

Marie’s climax was the trigger that pushed John to the very edge of the
precipice and he knew he could hold back no longer.

“I’m ready to come now, too,” he announced in a voice that was supposed
to sound strong and confident but in fact shook with emotion. “Ladies,
please may I have your permission to squirt?”

“What do you think, girls,” asked Josie with a mischievous smile.
“Shall we let him?”

“Yes, I think he’s earned it,” said Kim. “It’s time to see how much he
loves us.”

The beautiful Japanese girl helped Josie lift Marie’s exhausted and
satiated body off John’s erection. As it popped out of the enfolding
warmth and wetness of the brunette’s vagina it slapped forcefully against
his belly and stood there quivering.

Marie leant back and once again supported herself by placing her hands
on John’s knees. Josie’s hand enclosed the slippery weapon, aimed it up
across the smooth curve of Marie’s belly and began a firm, purposeful
up-and-down motion. Eight or nine strokes were all that were needed to
induce a monumental spasm in the testicles that were still being lovingly
supported by Josie’s other hand. With a loud moan John began to ejaculate.

The tiny eye at the tip of his penis dilated as the ladies bent closer
to watch. The first two three jets squirted out powerfully, arching
through the air to land on Marie’s face and the upper slopes of Marie’s her
breasts. The onlookers gasped at the force with which the milky liquid was
expelled and they continued to watch in wonder as jet after jet fountained
from the little slit, spraying all over the young woman’s suspender belt,
belly and pubic hair. Josie was doing her best to direct the spurts onto
fresh parts of Marie’s body while Kim counted the number of separate
surges. But she lost track when, after the eighth spasm, the liquid emerged
in a steady stream that ran down the engorged shaft and drenched the slim,
elegant hand that was milking it. Finally, the penis delivered itself of
its last pearly drops and lay quiescent in Josie’s encircling fingers. The
cataclysm was over.

“Wow, that was magnificent!” said Kim in admiration, bending to dip her
tongue thirstily into a large puddle of semen that glistened in the valley
between Marie’s breasts. “I didn’t realize anyone could shoot as much
sperm as that. Maybe we should enter you for the Guinness Book of

“I did warn you that I was damming up Niagara Falls,” John replied with
a happy smile on his face. “After all, I had to produce enough for three
this time!”

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