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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Monday Memo [Part 1] - (NewsRadio > mf / mff)
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Chirpy Beth grabbed the monthly rating report off her desk and
briskly walked right into Dave's office without even so much as a knock.
She dropped the folder onto his desk and was about to leave when
something unusual caught her eye. Dave was just sitting there, not moving
at all, with a sort of dopey smile on his face. He didn't seem to be starring
at her, more like some point far off in the distance.

"What's up boss?" Beth asked walking over to Dave's desk.

"Huh? What? Oh no coffee for me thanks," Dave responded,
completely unaware of Beth's question.

Beth starred at Dave for a moment, trying to decipher the enigma.
Then she heard it. It was faint, no louder than someone taking a deep
breath. It was almost a gurgling sound, maybe a gagging sound. Dave
seemed to finally become aware of Beth's presence and seemed to tense
up. His eyes darted under the desk for a moment, clueing Beth in to what
the sound was. Pulling the desk towards her, Beth revealed Lisa on her
knees completely topless with Dave's cock deep down her throat.

Lisa retracted Dave's giant dick from her mouth and turned to look
at Beth. Beth wasn't sure of what to be shocked at the most, Lisa topless
on the floor, Dave pantless, or the amazing size of Dave's giant cock. It
had to be at least ten inches long, two inches bigger than any Beth had
ever had.

The three of them remained there, motionless for a good two
minutes; gazing back and forth at one another. Finally, Lisa rose to her
feet and wrapped her arms around Beth. She lightly pulled Beth towards
her and pressed her soft lips onto Beth's, kissing her deeply. After a
moment, Beth returned the gesture by gently cupping Lisa's B-cup tits.
They were so firm and round that it made Beth wet just thinking about

Dave just about lost it when he saw the two women kiss. Then,
when Beth grasped Lisa's gorgeous breasts, Dave could swear his cock
grew another inch. He watched as Lisa led Beth to the couch by the door.
Lisa sat down with Beth on top of her, planting kisses down Lisa's body.

Lisa moaned with delight as the spunky redhead planted her soft
lips down her body. She let her hand slip down to her pants where she
eagerly unzipped them. Beth reached Lisa's nipples and licked and sucked them for a minute. Lisa closed her eyes with pleasure as her sensitive
nipples got played with. She felt Beth's wandering lips ease their way
down between her tits and across her stomach. Beth came to Lisa's pants
and slowly slid them down.

Beth pulled Lisa's pants down, revealing a pair of silky pink
panties. She could smell Lisa's cunt and see the big wet mark on the crotch
of Lisa's panties. Lustfully, Beth yanked Lisa's panties down. Underneath
was a nicely trimmed cunt, glistening in the light. Beth got onto her knees
on the floor, spreading Lisa's legs before her. She teased Lisa at first,
lightly attacking her soft cunt with her tongue.

Dave sat in his chair still and watched Beth begin to lick Lisa.
Watching the two beautiful women go at it set him off. He needed some
action and he needed it now. Rising from his chair he approached Beth
from behind. He got onto his knees behind her and tucked his fingers
under the sides of her skirt. With one enormous tug he pulled Beth's skirt
down to her knees. He was left with one of the most gorgeous ass' he had
ever seen in his life. Dave grabbed the waist band of her light blue panties and pulled them down too. Her completely shaved cunt gleamed with
Beth's juices.

Beth felt the naked air on her cunt as she dove deeper into Lisa's
pussy. She struck her clitoris again and caused Lisa to moan. Then, she
felt her own cunt being spread open. Dave's tongue ran up her cunt three
times then stopped. She felt the head of his dick touch her soft, pink
opening. With one mighty thrust, Dave forced his cock inside of Beth's
tight pussy. He buried five inches in her and she cried out twice as loud as

Dave pulled his cock back until only his head remained in Beth;
before he thrust his giant cock back down Beth's tight snatch. His thrusting
had caused Beth to go farther in to Lisa's cunt, increasing her pleasure as
well. Lisa grabbed Beth's hair and pushed her in even farther as Dave once
again pushed his dick into Beth. He got eight inches into Beth and had her
moaning like there was no tomorrow.

Lisa orgasmed and gushed her wonderful juices out onto Beth's
face. Beth slurped them up while receiving her pounding from Dave. Lisa
collapsed onto the couch, panting. She let her hands wander to her nipples
as she began stroking and rubbing them. She saw the strain on both Dave
and Beth's face as Dave's cocked worked its way deeper into Beth.

Beth felt the monster bury its way into her again. Her cunt was
completely full yet Dave's cock worked farther into her. Finally, Dave let
out a massive groan, and Beth felt wave after wave of warm cum get
pumped into her. It began to leak out of her pussy as he continued
pounding her. Beth's clitoris gave way, and she too came. Her cunt grabbed Dave's dick and contracted around it.

Dave pulled his soggy dick out of Beth's cunt and she turned to
kiss him. She looked at her watch, saying she had to go and quickly got
dressed and left the office. Lisa remained on the couch and motioned
Dave over. He got up and walked to her, sitting down beside her. She
took his wet cock in her hand, gently stroking it, bringing it back to full

Lisa got down on her knees and wrapped her lustrous lips around
Dave's cock. She played with the head before moving down his shaft.
Dave was moaning in pleasure during every moment. Her tongue whipped
his cock while her saliva danced across it. She took six inches down her
hungry throat before she gagged and almost choked.

Dave grabbed the brunette's head and forced Lisa down farther on
this cock. Her hot breath and wicked tongue felt so great. Oral sex with
Lisa was the best he'd ever had. She knew just what to do to get her gooy

Lisa felt Dave tense up and hold her head down, his cock buried in
her mouth. He exploded into her mouth, pumping stream after stream of
sticky cum into her. Lisa locked her lips around Dave's cock and drank
down every last drop of his jizz.


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