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Monica Blonde And Dumb


Monica: blonde And Dumb

By H. Grant

Monica Harris closed her math book and sighed lazily. This homework
assignment was so stupid. How could anyone possibly figure out those
problems. The very fact that she had even attempted to sit down and do her
homework was a rare occasion in and of itself. Monica was 17 years old and
very lazy. She hated school and couldn't wait to graduate. Unfortunately
for her, graduating from high school seemed like a remote possibility. She
was getting D's in most of her classes - despite the fact that she was
taking the easiest level courses. What made things worse was the fact that
she didn't hang out with the type of friends that encouraged such earnest
school efforts either. Most of her friends were cheerleaders or classmates
of hers that resided in the same (easy level) courses. Monica didn't seem
to mind though. She would find a way to pass - just as she had done
throughout her previous years in high school. She always seemed to make it
by the skin of her teeth, and so she wasn't worried.

Monica was definitely not the brightest bulb in her school - and the
boys and teachers knew it. Instead, her assets lay elsewhere - mainly
between her legs. She was indeed a gorgeous and voluptuous teenager. Her
tits were the size of melons and her hair was platinum blonde which seemed
fitting considering her mental capability. She had a nice figure that was
shaped like an hourglass. A slender torso and soft round bottom with all
the right curves in all the right places complimented her sexy appearance.
At 119 pounds, she was indeed a site to behold. Monica was well aware of
her gorgeous looks and was quite proud of them. She knew she wasn't going
to get by on anything else in life, so she did her best to apply the
perfect makeup and where the sexiest clothes whenever possible outside of

Monica especially liked dating boys. They were always nice to her when
she opened her legs and let them play around inside her panties. Monica
had learned very early on that when she let boys have their way with her,
she became more popular and boys treated her better. On the rare occasions
when she wasn't in the mood and said no, she was rewarded with a cold
shoulder and lack of attention for the rest of her date. Monica wanted
desperately to be liked and given lots of attention, and the easiest way to
receive such rewards was to behave like a good girl and let the boys have
fun with her.

Indeed, Monica was definitely the trashiest slut of the school. Her
reputation for easy access circulated quickly during her years in middle
school and was fully formed by the time she had entered high school as a
14-year-old freshman. It was understood by almost everyone that she "put
out" on the first date, and usually within the first hour.

Monica sighed again and got up from the kitchen table. She put her math
book back into her school bag and withdrew her cell phone. Maybe Robbie
would be home by now. Football practice usually ended by 5:30 and it was
now 6:15. Robbie was one of the many boys in a long list that had shown
interest in her. She had dated practically all of his friends and now she
decided she would give him a try. After a few moments of wishing and
wondering why she never had a steady boyfriend, she decided to give him a

"Hi Robbie it's me - Monica." She cheered into the phone in her sexy,
high-pitched bimbo voice.

Within an hour, Robbie pulled up in his beat up Mustang and honked the
horn. He didn't feel like coming to the door. Monica skipped out wearing
a jet-black mini-skirt and a black leather jacket to match. Her platinum
blonde hair was caked with hairspray and her lips were painted fire engine
red. To add to her slutty appearance, her eye shadow was completely
layered on in thick fashion and the rest of her makeup was pretty much laid
on in similar fashion.

Monica had grown accustomed to dressing this way when she went out on
dates. She knew boys loved the way she dressed and especially her makeup.
Whenever she dressed like this, she found that boys were more attracted to
her and gave her lots of attention. This was what she craved the most -
and so she dressed and behaved accordingly.

"High there! (giggle)." Cheered the hot blonde tart as she slammed the
passenger door shut."

Monica knew that boys enjoyed her bubbly and giggly nature. Trying to
act intelligent only scared them off. Besides, she knew in her dim little
mind that she wasn't smart anyway, so why fake it?

"What's up baby?" Asked the young football jock.

Robbie was also 17. He was one of the starting tackles on the varsity
football team and the size of his arms was a dead giveaway as to his
physical prowess. Despite his athletic disposition, he was a lot smarter
than people gave him credit for. Unfortunately, he used most of his
intelligence for mischievous activity. To add to this negative aspect in
his persona, he was also a sexual pervert. Though only one of his friends
outside of school knew of his dirty fetishes, many of his common friends
already knew he was addicted to the Internet.

Tonight, Robbie had a special plan to satisfy his special cravings, and
it involved his personal friend in a nearby town who just happened to share
the same interest. His friend's name was Allen - a 21 year old college student who had competed against him in football throughout his freshman
year. Even though they were initially adversaries on the playing field,
Robbie and Allen had become very close through various acquaintances
outside of school. It was only though casual conversation during an
evening of drinking that Robbie had admitted to Allen in private what he
really enjoyed doing to girls - if given the chance. It must have been
blind luck that Allen managed to keep his mouth shut about it, but it was
also a tremendous coincidence that Allen later confided to him when he was
sober that he enjoyed almost exactly the same thing.

Unfortunately for the both of them, they were still too young to have
enough money to pay an escort or a hooker to allow them this pleasure -
especially this type of degrading activity, and so they had to rely on
devious thinking to come up with an alternate plan. It was for this reason
that Robbie had picked Monica as the target of their special evening, and
it had taken careful wooing of Monica to get her interested in him. Now
the time had come, and Monica was sitting next to him in his car. All that
was required now was the usual "treating her out to diner and a movie" and
some careful and tactful wording to convince the dumb blonde to allow these
types of advances - especially since there were two of them and only one of

"So Mony, where do you want to go for diner?

"Oh any place is fine Robbie, I'll go wherever you wanna go." Replied
the cheerful blonde cunt in submissive fashion.

"Just pick a place." Insisted Robbie trying not to get too impatient
with his stupid blonde prize.

"OK. Let's go to Burger King." Replied Monica remaining cheerful and
bubbly as ever.

The two of them ate a rather large meal at the local outlet, and then
decided instead to play pool at a nearby hall. It was during the course of
this portion of the evening that Robbie began to lay into her with some
carefully designed conversation.

"Say Monica. Have you ever really thought about having a REALLY good
time? I don't mean stuff like this...but like...other stuff you know.

"Like what?" Smiled Monica - believing she knew exactly what this young stud wanted.

"Well I got this friend named Allen. He's a really cool guy and all,
and he's got this special type of stuff that really makes you
feel...well...totally awesome inside.

"You pot?" Asked the dumb blonde smiling mischievously - as
if she already had some experience in such matters before.

"Well not exactly." Replied Robbie looking around the pool hall to see
if anyone else was listening closely. "It's better stuff. Much stronger
and totally impossible to find. He got some of it overseas when he went on
vacation with his folks. Very expensive stuff, we're talkin' premium
quality here."

Monica had indeed done Marijuana twice before during parties, but she
had never done anything stronger - until now. Her mind was already made
up. She had always wanted to date Robbie. He was so strong and handsome.
And he was once of the most popular guys in her high school. Dating him
was a dream come true and she didn't want to disappoint him.

"Sure Robbie, I'd love to...but...we'd better be careful and all." She
giggled nervously.

"We'd better talk outside in the car where it's safe and private."
Insisted Robbie looking around again. "I've got to explain some things to
you first."

The two of them paid their pool fee and headed outside. Once inside the
car, Robbie's persona took on a much more serious tone.

"Monica. Before we go any further, I want explain a few things to you
about Allen and what we're going to do tonight."

"Uh huh...(giggle)" Replied the air headed bimbo.

"First of all, I'm sure you know how much of a privilege it is to go out
on a date with a guy like me. I don't want to sound egotistical, but you
have to admit I choose the girls I go out with very carefully. Being seen
with me would be a big boost toward your reputation at school."

Monica knew he was right. Being seen with the great Robbie Miller would
be a tremendous accomplishment for her. All her friends would be jealous.

"I...I guess you're right and all..." She stammered trying not to sound

"And let's not mince words Monica. Your reputation isn't exactly that
great when it comes to boys is it? I mean your gorgeous and attractive,
but... well I guess you know what I mean..."

Monica knew exactly what he meant. Deep down she felt a little
embarrassed to be confronted by reality like this. To be openly confronted
by the fact that she was indeed the school slut - and almost everybody knew
it. She decided not to answer him; instead she just nodded her dumb little
head meekly.

"I want you to know that I don't mind your reputation at all - in fact
it turns me on. You want to make me happy don't you Monica - for the sake
of your reputation and what I can do TO it - or FOR it, depending on how
this date turns out."

"Yeah... I guess so Robbie. I wanna make you happy. Really I do."

"Then you won't mind if I...test you out so to speak. To see if your up
to my standards." Continued the devious jock.

"No not at all." Smiled Monica trying her best to appear calm.

"Then relax and push the seat down." Said Robbie. "There are a couple
of things I'm going to do and questions I'm going to ask of you. It's not
often that I share this special drug with anyone. And I think Allen would
also like to know if you're... eager to get in on the fun."

Monica took the hint and tried to relax. It all felt so weird - yet so
exciting at the same time. Dating Robbie wasn't just a thrill, it was also
turning out to be an adventure! As the seat went back and she lay still,
Robbie reached over with his hands and began to unzip her leather jacket.

"I'd like to explain what Allen and I prefer in a girl - if we're gonna
share our secret stuff with you Monica." He stated as he reached a sweaty
hand underneath her jacket and cupped one of her massive boobies through
her cheap shirt.

Monica closed her eyes and let him play. She wanted him to like her,
and so she licked her cherry red lips sexily and moaned slightly.

"Ooohhh what kind of stuff is it?" She asked between gasps of nervous
sexual pleasure.

"We like to call it 'Sweet Dust'. Cause it makes girls like you nice
and sweet."

Monica giggled and opened her eyes.

"But I thought I WAS sweet!?!" She managed to smile sexily.

"I know Monica. And you definitely are a sweet girl. But this stuff
will make you a little sweeter, a little nicer, and... a little"

"What do you mean more sexy?" She asked - a little surprised. "I
thought I WAS sexy."

"Indeed you are Monica. But...let's just say that Allen and I want a
special kind of girl...a very special kind. You don't mind if Allen and I
BOTH have a little fun with you tonight do you Monica? I promise no one
will ever know about it. It will be a secret."

Monica opened her eyes again and chuckled slightly.

"Uh huh (giggle) it better be! Cause I've never been with TWO guys before."

"You understand if you cooperate with us and show us a good time, your
reputation as my steady girlfriend will be sealed. You want that don't you

"Yes...yes Robbie I do..." Monica sighed and closed her eyes again.

"Spread your legs a little wider Mony. Let me see how much you want to
date me?" Commanded Robbie in a slightly more authoritative voice.

Monica spread her legs a little wider. Her cheap black mini-skirt rose
a little higher revealing a slight hint of red thong panties. Monica
moaned slightly as she felt Robbie's hand slide down from her breast toward
the bottom of her mini-skirt. Then it slipped underneath and wormed its
way upward toward her panties. Suddenly, Robbie cupped her panty-clad
cunt. But his touch wasn't one of tenderness or respect. It was rough and
angry, and Monica couldn't help but give a slight yelp.

"Shhhhh...Monica. It's all right. I'm just testing you to see if
you're the right girl for us tonight.

"I'll do whatever you want Robbie. Just tell me what you want...I'll do
anything if it'll make you happy."

"The way you're behaving now Monica. That's exactly the kind of girl we
like to date."

"Like what?" Stammered Monica - trying to remain calm as she felt her
panties being pulled to the side and a finger being inserted.

"We like a girl to be...nice, cheerful, and submissive Monica - just as
you are now. Only we want to enhance and increase those qualities."

"Wha...what do you mean Robbie?" Asked Monica as she began to feel a
little nervous.

"You're trembling Mony. Try to relax. You're going to have a great
time with us if you learn to explore a kind of sex that is unfamiliar to a
lot of girls, but very enjoyable and addictive if you give it a chance.
I'm sure you're tired of the same old boring sex aren't you Monica?"

Robbie did have a point. She was indeed getting bored with the same old kind of sex that most of the boys gave her. Not that it wasn't pleasurable
to her - she enjoyed sex immensely. However it had gotten a bit redundant
after a while. For once, she was being offered something different.
Something new. Something exciting!

"What kind of stuff we gonna do tonight Robbie?" She smiled as she began
to cream some simple-minded pussy goo onto his finger.

"We're going to turn you into a REAL woman tonight Monica."

Robbie chose his next words carefully, yet he had to be direct and
honest with her.

"Don't take offense to this Monica, but we like girls who are just like

"What do ya mean Robbie?" She asked in a dreamy sexy voice.

"You know...kind of stupid...not very bright. We hate girls who talk a
lot on dates. You know... the kind that chitter chatter a lot. We like a
girl to be quiet and submissive - and especially obedient. We think you're
just the kind of girl for us Monica."

Monica thought about what he had just said. It was very insulting, and
she was beginning to feel a little scared.

"I...I don't think I can do this for you Robbie." She stammered trying
to fight off tears. "It's just...(sob)...I just feel so...dirty...I...I
don't think I can act that way for you."

"Don't worry Monica. After you take some of this special drug, you
won't even worry about it anymore. I promise, you will have an awesome
time if you just learn to relax and let things flow. Do you trust me?"

"I..(sob)...I guess so Robbie. I just want you to like me." She
stammered again feeling nervous as ever.

"Then do what we ask of you Mony. When we get to Allen's apartment,
just relax and let things flow. We'll take care of the rest. I promise
you'll have a great time." He lied.

Monica managed a smile as Robbie leaned over and kissed her full on the
lips for the first time. He slid another finger into her twat - which was
beginning to become moist and slick again under his touch. He was so
strong and powerful - so handsome. How could she ever have doubted Robbie.
He was one of the most popular guys in high school. Without even thinking
another thought, Monica slid her tongue into his mouth and began to slide
it around. Her French kiss was sensual and full of passion - and so dirty
at the same time. Robbie's prick began to throb in his jeans. He had to
get this cunt over to Allen's fast, before his cock would change his mind.

Robbie withdrew his fingers from Monica's now sopping cunt. It was
coated with thick girlie cream and smelled heavy and musky.

"There's one more test for you Monica before we head over to Allen's."

Monica smiled and slowly nodded her head. She wanted desperately to
remain in Robbie's favor - no matter what the cost.

"I want you to close your eyes and open your mouth now Monica... that's
it...I want you to be a sweet girl and open up...that's want to be
popular at school don't you Mony...that's a good girl... open up and close
your eyes."

Monica smiled dreamily and opened her stupid little mouth for him.
Within seconds, she was greeted by the salty taste of her own vaginal
juices. The stench of her shameful sluttish odor engulfed her senses as
Robbie's slimy fingers invaded her mouth causing her to gag slightly from
disgust. But it was only momentary. Robbie told her to close her mouth
around his fingers and suck like a "proper" girlfriend should. Soon,
Monica became used to the taste and began to relax again into her natural
slutty rhythms. After a few more moments, her tongue began to dance
circles around his fingers - lapping up the smelly residue like a
submissive pet from his digits and swallowing them instinctively. Monica
was indeed a natural submissive. The only thing keeping her from being the
perfect "blonde pet" was her survival instincts and her nervousness - all
of which would soon be erased upon her first injection that evening.

When they arrived at Allen's apartment, they were greeted by a very tall
and muscular young man.

"What's up Rob?" he greeted the younger teenager. "I see you have
brought over a new pet."

"Indeed I have." Replied Robbie. "She's a real cutie too. And don't
worry; this one won't be any trouble for us. Her name's Monica."

Monica bowed her head in shame. They were talking about her as if she
wasn't even there. Robbie hadn't even bothered to introduce her properly.
Feeling very insecure about herself, Monica followed the two boys into the
main living room of Allen's apartment and sat down on the edge of an old,
beat up sofa.

"You got the stuff ready Allen?" Asked Robbie as he continued to ignore

"Sure do." Replied the college student. "But I think we should get
Monica out of her jacket first. Though I must admit, I love the black
leather look."

Robbie turned to Monica and spoke to her for the first time since
entering the apartment.

"C'mon honey. Take the jacket off and show Allen the goods. He wants
to have a closer look at you."

Monica lowered her head and began removing her jacket - revealing her
trashy top underneath.

"Ah yes...she's definitely got a nice pair on her." Allen observed.

"I think we'd better give her a dose, she's looking mighty
uncomfortable." Said Robbie.

"Is it gonna hurt?" Asked Monica.

"Not a bit sweetheart." Replied Allen still eyeing her tits through her

"What's gonna happen to me?" Monica shivered nervously.

"Don't worry Mony." Soothed Robbie. "In a few moments, you won't even

Allen smiled at Robbie and winked. Then he withdrew a hypodermic needle
from small bag and withdrew a sticky looking serum from a nearby shelf.
Monica looked at it nervously - her white trash mind not knowing the
seriousness of what was going to happen to her. She remembered what Robbie
had hinted about in the car. She was going to become an "even better
woman" as a result of this stuff. She tried to relax herself as she
watched Allen inject the needle into the crystal clear serum and load the
needle. Suddenly Robbie's hand clasped her mouth from behind and a strong
arm held her firmly. Monica squealed and tried to escape but it was no
use. Robbie was just too strong.

Next thing Monica knew, Allen was bearing down on her with the needle
and shoving it into her arm. The pain was excruciating and Monica let out
a host of girlish whimpers and squeals as the serum of sweet submissiveness
entered her main artery. Monica's head began to spin as she became only
dimly aware of the strong arms that clasped her mouth and held her tight.
Her thoughts became a blur as her feminine instincts began to take hold in
a primitive way. Her smelly clitoris began to grow inside her vulva while
a host of slimy girlie juices began to flood her vaginal cavity and exit
into her panties in steady rivulets of gooey cream. Her pants and shirt had been removed and the two young men found themselves staring at the
exposed crotch of Monica's worthless panties. A large damp patch had
engulfed the entire frontal area of her panties and a little bit of girlie
cream leaked out onto the sofa. They had released Monica entirely and
watched her begin to moan and thrash on the couch.

Monica slowly opened her eyes to a new world in front of her. Two
handsome studs wear leering at her in fixated fashion. An intense feeling
of lust and engulfed her very being. She tried to put the pieces together
only to find that her thoughts were absent of any sort of verbal or
cognitive context. Even the slutty motions she was making with her body
were no longer her own - rather they were involuntary and uncoordinated
muscle movements that were aimless in purpose and intent. Like and infant
on her back, her bodily movements were random and without purpose and could
easily be controlled by another - much stronger human being. The sounds
that emulated from her mouth were not words, but merely giggles, babbles,
and coos as these two distantly familiar young men took hold of her and
carried her to an empty recreation room that had been elaborately prepared
by Allen for her eventual arrival.

Robbie and Allen carried the brainless thrashing blonde into the room
and lowered her on to a large plastic sheet that had been placed on the
floor. Gently, Robbie guided Monica's head onto the floor as a bit of
girlish drool escaped her slutty lips and dribbled down her chin.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say this cunt needs a bib." Joked Allen
as he unzipped his pants and withdrew a humongous cock.

"ahhahhha...oooohhh...oooohhhoo ha ha ha ha..." giggled Monica
uncontrollably as another spurt of female cream oozed out of her vagina and
into her waiting panties. The entire front of her underwear was now
completely soaked with submissive womanly goo and it smelled salty and
musky to the boys. She looked up at Robbie and watched in wonder as he
removed his jeans and boxer shorts and stood above her with his cock
throbbing. Then she looked to her other side and saw another huge penis
dangling menacingly from Allen's waist. The two boys kneeled down on
either side of her and took hold of each of her thrashing legs. Gently
they hoisted them upward and held them together firmly. Monica's bottom
looked luscious, round, and inviting to the boys and it smelled of damp,
musky pussy goo that had dribbled down into her dark brown anal cavity.
One of Monica's fingers found it's way to her mouth somehow and she began
sucking on it like a brainless child. Another pile of drool escaped her
lips and dribbled down her chin and onto the plastic carpet.

Robbie and Allen took a hold of each side of her cheap, white trash
panties and slowly began to pull them down and up her legs. Revealing her
soft, fleshy piss hole - the hairs of which were literally matted down with
wet, girlish slime.

"She definitely looks like she wants it doesn't she." Said Allen with an
evil snicker.

"Yeah. I told you she wouldn't be any trouble. She's a good lil'
cunt." Observed Robbie as he ran a finger along the slimy contours of her
slippery gash.

"Think she sucks good cock?" Asked Allen as he repositioned himself in
front of the babbling teen's face.

"Dunno. Best to give her a try though." Replied Robbie as he inserted
the first of several fingers into her wet and waiting cunt. "In this
state, I'm sure she'll be a perfect natural."

"How bout' it Monica? You gonna be a good little pet for us hmm?" Allen
directed his comment at the writhing teenybopper in front of him.

"oooohhhh...goooo..." Monica moaned - unable to comprehend the question,
let alone what she was trying to say.

Allen took Monica's finger out of her mouth and forced her hand to the
side of her writhing body. Then he pressed his fat cock against her slutty
lips and let it dangle. It was clear that Monica enjoyed sucking on
things. It was as if she had been reduced to a state of infantilism. Her
moist, trashy lips parted easily and the thick piece of meat slid inside -
mashing itself against her eager and waiting tongue. Drops of pre-cum
oozed out of the thick shaft and dribbled onto her taste buds.

Monica was overcome by a salty taste in her sweet mouth. At the same
time, she felt her girlish womb stretch to the limit as the last of
Robbie's five fingers entered her gushy cunt - culminating in the form of a
huge, relentless fist that began to hammer itself in and out of her vagina.
This was initially painful. And Monica let out an innocent, high-pitched
bimbo squeal while Allen's fat throbber continued to mash itself all around
the inside of her slutty mouth.

"Squoooosh...squishhhhh...squoooosh..." Went the large fist as it bored
into her womb - causing it to stretch to the limit and making her even more
loose and trashy for her future "boyfriends" to enjoy.

"Awwwww...eeeeuuuuuuu...oooooieeeawwww..." The stupid slut squealed as
both of her openings continued to expand and contract with the motions of
both cock and fist.

"She looks like she's having lots of fun Robbie." Cheered Allen as he
rammed his cock farther down Monica's throat - causing her to gag and emit
a large pile of drool down her chin.

"Yeah. She definitely wants it." Replied Robbie. "Just listen to her
squeal in ecstacy!"

The two boys settled down into a smooth rhythm. First Allen's cock
would bore itself into Monica's sweet face. Then, as it was exiting,
Robbie's fist would enter her moist and inviting cunt. Her sweet, candy
scented pisser was now stretched comfortably to the limit and the pain had
completely subsided.

Like two humongous jackhammers, the boys plowed their weapons into her
writhing body - causing it to stretch and contort into extremely perverse
ways. Piles of girlish drool had escaped onto the plastic carpet as
Monica's face was continually used for target practice. Suddenly Allen's
cock erupted into her stupid face - and a huge coating of sticky slime
greeted her tonsils in streaming rivulets of smelly sperm.

Everything was a blur to Monica has she was savagely raped in ways that
she would have never consented to had she known what was in store for her
next. In addition to affecting the frontal lobes of her brain, the drug
had made every inch of her body tingle with extreme sensitivity. This was
precisely what made her laugh uncontrollably when she felt a penis inside
of her.

Even her arms and legs were sensitive. When the first spurts of urine splashed against her arms, breasts, and legs, Monica was barely aware -
only that it tickled her immensely. Her whole body began to smell like
piss and she could barely identify which of the boys was peeing on her at
any given moment. Some of the pee splashed against her face and forehead.
Another stream coated her slutty vagina walls.

The boys watched as the young teenybopper writhed uncontrollably has the
golden liquid splashed and dribbled down her body - turning her into a
golden goddess of pleasure. Her cunt had been stretched wide open by
Robbie's fist - so much so that it only remained half closed when he had
withdrawn his hand. This allowed Robbie to spray his fowl urine inside of
her - spraying her urethra and inner womb with the evil liquid.

When they had finished peeing on the dopey teen, Robbie secured her head
with both of his powerful hands while Allen lowered his buttocks over her
sweet inviting face. What happened next would change Monica's self-esteem
forever. The giggly tart stared up into what looked like beautiful budding
brown hole. Slowly it began to open - and it's precious gift peak out in
anticipation of landing on her sweet face. The long, squishy blob of poop
took on a life of it's own as it took notice of Monica's stupid smiling
face it's warm and welcoming demeanor - an open invitation to come down and
pay a visit toward her sweet slutty lips. Eagerly, the log inched and
oozed it's way out of Allen's bottom and the first traces of smelly shit
slithered onto Monica's giggly face - just above her nose.

Then it came...a large - long burst of mushy feces began to disperse
itself on all corners of her teeny face. A small brown slither rested
itself onto her left eyelash. Another found it's way onto her pouty lips.
The biggest pile of stench rested itself on her once rosy cheeks and at the
center of her nose forcing her to open her mouth to breath. Allen was
waiting for this and he quickly aimed the rest of his brown assault into
her open mouth. The bitter fowl waste slowly entered the slut's mouth and
mashed itself along her gums and teeth - eager to explore the wonderful
world of her precious throat.

Another log of BM wedged its way inside of her mouth pushing the
existing poop further back toward its intended destination. Finally,
Monica gagged and began to swallow the soft smelly mush. Down it went into
her stomach - poisoning her insides and turning her into a stuffed animal -
filled with dirty poop! Her breath had become hideously fowl and full of a
poop stained odor that would turn any man off - except Robbie and Allen.

After he had finished depositing his brown gift inside of her, Allen
helped Robbie secure her legs up in the air. Then they took a miniature
speculum and stretched her cunt wide open once again. While Allen held her
legs up, Robbie squatted down and placed his anal opening directly over
Monica's outstretched cunt. Slowly, a long steamy pile of filth began to
protrude outward from Robbie's brown opening and slither downward like an
evil snake. Within moments, it quickly began to worm its way inside
Monica's piss stained cunt. Layer upon layer of filthy brown squish seeped
into her sleazy vagina and began mixing with her slutty womanly juices -
turning her into the perfect "poop whore."

The two boys stared at the stupid slutty teen lying on the floor beneath
them. She looked much more attractive to them this way - she even SMELLED
more attractive. To Robbie and Allen, a young woman couldn't look more
beautiful than Monica did in this state. The stupid young blonde looked
much more pretty and accommodating this way - very little vocabulary (a
trait that both boys found un-necessary for a woman to have). Instead, her
mouth and cunt were covered in shit and piss - restoring the two orifices
to their original purpose: toilet receptacles for men to enjoy!

Monica became aware of what happened much later. She had awakened by
the woods near her house covered in the filth. Having little memory of
what had happened the night before, she resigned herself to sneak in and
get cleaned up as soon as possible.

The next time she was in school, everyone avoided her - including her
girlfriends. Robbie and Allen had taken pictures of their "date" with her
and anonymously distributed them to the key gossipers in the school.
Monica's reputation had not been enhanced as Robbie had promised her.
Instead, it had been ruined. From that day forth, the only time Monica was
approached for a date was when some sick weirdo asked her out - a weirdo
who knew of her reputation and actually looked forward to having the same
kind of sick "date" with her that Robbie and Allen had. But Monica was so
starved for attention, she began to accept these types of advances -
performing those kinds of dates in order to satisfy her need for company -
any kind of company.

Her reputation has a female toilet had now been solidified. Soon she
began receiving phone calls from strange men outside of high school - men that were twice her age and wanted to make her into a model and take
pictures of her. The men she encountered were of the sadistic variety -
caring very little for what she had to say. Their only interest was to tie
her up, plug her mouth, and degrade her while taking pictures. Monica
accepted this because she made more money performing for these men than she
ever would doing any other kind of job. After all, becoming a professional
submissive for $50 bucks an hour was great money - at least in her stupid
little mind.


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