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Monicas Reunion


Keywords: MF, rom Part: 1 of 1 Author: Knave of Hearts Title: Meeting

Monica's Reunion By (c)Knave of Hearts, 11 October, 1998 Introduction:
Jack and Monica have been friends for years. Their work separated them
about 5 years ago, sending him to one continent and her to another. It was
only recently that they'd been able to get in touch again. A chance
comment had led Jack to find her, they'd been working only a few hours
apart for the last few months. His call had come out of the blue and for
the first time in months, Monica found herself laughing. His sarcastic
jokes made her forget the hectic, often frustrating job she'd found herself

Jack picked her up after work and within a few minutes they had
reclaimed the lost years. Comparing notes on mutual friends, Jack
regretted the years they'd lost but Monica dismissed his concern with a
laugh and a light kiss on his cheek. After a light dinner, they'd gone for
a walk on the pier.

Arm in arm they'd strolled down its length, smelling the sea and
listening to the gulls squawk. They'd covered all of the prerequisite
small talk before and during dinner, so both were alone in their thoughts
as they reached the end of the pier. Watching the gulls float and dive for
scraps of food, Jack stood behind Monica, his hands on her waist.

Try as he might to keep his thoughts pure, he couldn't help remembering
the last time they'd been together. The memory of her firm body and lush
tits started his cock twitching. But that had been years ago and Jack was
afraid to ruin everything by pushing his luck and trying to jump back into
the sack with her too quickly. The Last Time: Monica tossed the gulls some
bread she'd brought from the restaurant. Holding her lightly against him,
Jack remembered their last meeting. The memory of the bare little hotel
room was almost five years old, but he found himself able to remember the
slightest details. He had been moving, living in a hotel for a while after
having closed the lease on his apartment. She had come over to say goodbye
and take him to lunch, a friendly gesture since they'd never actually

To their surprise, one thing had led to another and before either one
knew what was happening, they were both naked and in each other's arms. He
remembered the feel of her firm, tan body and held her closer. When he
thought of her standing shyly naked in front of him, he could almost smell
her pussy, it's smoothly shaven lips begging to be licked and kissed.

She shifted to throw bread at another group of gulls, moving his
swelling cock from her hip to the crack of her ass. The feel of her firm
ass and how he'd held it while they fucked doggy style, made his cock
quiver. The last time he'd seen Monica, he had enjoyed driving his cock
into her from behind. His hands had left red marks on her pale skin, stark
contrast with her tan flanks and back, as he used her hips to pull her onto
his stiff pole.

They'd fucked with a deep, desperate need. He'd bent her over and
entered her in a smooth, stabbing motion. Riding her like a wild bronco,
her tits had swung in time with his strokes. Grabbing her hips, he used
his leverage to push his thick cock deeper and deeper into her hot wet
cunt. They had fucked like animals, the sound of his balls slapping against
her bald pussy driving him on.

He smiled slightly as he remembered how the only thing that had made
them stop had been the next door neighbor pounding on the wall as they had
started for the fourth time. Back to Reality: She leaned back against his
chest and saw him smile. His touch had made her quiver. The feel of his
swollen manhood pressing against her ass reminded her of their last
meeting. He nipples tingled, yearning for his attention. She'd never come
so hard or so many times.

Turning toward him, she lifted her chin. As she'd hoped, her lips met
his. She felt as if all of her breath had suddenly left her body. They
pressed tighter together. She felt his hands trace her spine from her neck
to the cleft of her ass. Reaching behind him, she cupped his ass as a
signal for him to continue.

Their tongues fenced in a furious kiss. They rushed against each other
trying to erase the hunger of the years they'd spent apart. He crushed her
against him, wanting to feel her soft body meld with his. A dress strap
slid from her shoulder. Seeing the sinuous curve of her neck, he bent to
kiss it. The taste of her warm skin intoxicated him. Her contours led him
toward her lush bosom. Standing in the waning sunlight, he kissed the
slopes of her breasts and felt the heat of her body on his cheek. Back to
Her Place She pulled his head up from her breasts, eager to get to a place
where they could be alone. They got back to her apartment, barely able to
keep their hands off each other. Self-conscious as two teenagers, his
hands held her ass as if it might fall off. They laughed at themselves as
they walked up the stairs. Both realized that they were doing the same
thing now that they had done the last time they were together. This time,
however, there was no shyness. Only an anticipation of a reunion.

They fell onto the couch in each other's arms. Kissing her way across
his stomach, Monica fussed with the buttons on his pants. Fishing his
stiff cock from his pants, she licked her lips and put it into her mouth.
His dick was every bit as hard, long, and thick as she remembered. She
sucked him vigorously, none of the timid shyness she'd had the last time
was anywhere in sight. She just wanted to stroke and suck his smooth, hard
manhood before sticking it inside herself.

She soon had his cock as stiff as a tire iron. The delicious feel of
his soft skin sliding over rigid muscle made want him.

With every ounce of self-control he could muster, he gently lifted her
head from his lap. "I want to see you. Take your clothes off for me."

She stood and stripped for him. Time had not changed her a bit. He
relished the sight of her firm body and lush tits. Her hands roamed over
her body, unselfconsciously rubbing her aroused body, inviting him to make
her feel like a woman.

She wanted to fuck, but he wanted to please her as she has pleased him.
Setting her on the couch, he knelt on the floor, spread her legs, and ate
her pussy. She had carefully shaven her mound, leaving her pouty labia
bald and pale between her tan thighs. Not wanting to go too quickly, he
licked and sucked his way around her twat. She responded by gyrating her
hips, trying to put her swollen clit against his darting tongue. Figuring
he'd teased her enough, Jack placed his mouth over her erect clit, sucking it into his mouth gently. The suction pinned her clit in contact with his
tongue. Her hips bucked. He ran his teeth across her nubbin, holding her
down so that she wouldn't throw him off.

"No more... Fuck me... Fuck me now." Her voice was breathless, begging
him to fill her yearning void with his cock.

He spread her legs and placed the head of his cock into her sopping wet
hole. Monica groaned and lifted her knees toward her chest, inviting him
into her pussy. She was so wet his cock slid in easily. He started
fucking her in a slow, measured pace. Her cunt felt like warm butter,
enveloping him and trying to hold him into her depths.

He made sure to tease her as he worked his cock slowly in and out. The
feeling of her velvety pussy, clamping down on his manhood, made him want
to fuck her hard and fast but he knew he had to make this last. Pausing at
the apex of each stroke, he saw that she was close to coming. Her breath
was fast and shallow. One white-knuckled hand grasped the couch while her
other hand squeezed one of her nipples. He felt the muscles in her cunt ripple and her face flush. Her first orgasm of the evening had been quiet,
Jack knew that the rest wouldn't be. Her turn She loved the way he fucked
her slowly, teasing her while she came over and over again before he would
let himself come. Her first orgasm had been good but she knew she would
soon have another. His cock seemed to stay rock hard for such a long time.
Monica pulled Jack onto the couch. Sitting him down, she straddled his
lab. Her pussy dripped hot juice on his cock as she guided his cock inside
her. Slowly lowering herself, she felt his cock fill her insides. He
seemed thicker when he entered her from this angle, his cock pressing
against her erogenous zones differently.

The pleasure of her warm pussy consuming his cock washed over him. He
closed his eyes, feeling only his cock as it drove deep into Monica's tight
crevasse. Feeling his hips contact hers, he opened his eyes and saw her
two luscious tits inches from his face. He held her hips with one hand,
cradling her full breast in the other.

She rocked back and forth, feeling his entire cock slide up and down her
wet love canal. Monica groaned as it split her depths, sending jolts of
pleasure from her pussy. She leaned forward, making sure he had full
access to her tits. His lips sucked and nibbled on her swollen, sensitive

She felt him move his hips, pushing his cock against her G-spot. His
hands squeezed and kneaded her ass. He lifted her off his cock a little,
trying to make enough space for him to work his cock into her. She raised
up, letting his cock slide out of her until only the head was in, then sank
back down, impaling herself on his fleshy spike.

Faster and faster she bounced on his lap sliding up and down his hard
prick with abandon. She felt his hand on her ass, keeping her rhythm
steady and making sure she didn't sit up too far and dislodge his cock from
her dripping twat.

He's ready He feels his balls swell, ready to shoot his hot cum inside
her. Clamping her body against his, he rolls them both onto the floor.
Gently laying her onto the carpet, he spreads her legs and slams his hips
toward hers. She grunts from the impact, momentarily stunned by the change
in pace. Before she can recover, he starts fucking her forcefully.

The power of his strokes buries him inside her to the hilt. Their
bodies slap together in an animalistic rhythm. His hips move faster and
faster, pistoning his cock inside her beautiful body. Her tits shake and
roll as her body he jams her onto his cock. She cranes her head up to
watch him slide fluidly in and out of her hot snatch. Climax Her hips jerk
uncontrollably as her orgasm sweeps over her. Her world narrows to her
cunt and her muscles tremble violently. She tries to squeeze her legs
together, but he holds her fast, battling for the last few strokes that
will send him over the edge.

Before he can make it, she begs him to cum in her mouth. At this point,
he doesn't care where he shoots his load, but he quickly pulls out of her
and stands, hauling her to her knees. Grabbing his cock by the stem, she
squeezes his balls lightly while tasting herself on his cock. His balls
tighten and she shoves his cock into her mouth.

A flood of salty cum shoots into her throat. Struggling to hold himself
on his feet, he puts a hand on her shoulder. Feeling the power of his pent
up release explode from his cock, he makes sure to hold his cock as still
as he can, letting her swallow as much jism as she can. Afterward They
collapse onto the couch again, holding each other's sweaty body tightly.
Kissing her, he can taste his cum on her lips and tongue. She feels his
hands trace paths of fire along her skin. The stirring of his cock tells
her they aren't done with their reunion.


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