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Moon Shadow


*ATTENTION: This story is copyright cat_slave 2001. Any of my stories may be downloaded for personal & private use at home --

-- *BUT* --

Reposting without express permission of the copyright owner (namely, *me*) is illegal and could, therefore, result in legal action. My stories are *only* intended for display at, and my personal web page. Thank you.

- cat_slave
This story continues after Moon Shine, continues the 'Moon' saga.*


A delicate hand slipped between the edges of the curtain. It was made
of thick velvet and surrounded the entire room in a sea of
disorientating patterns of red-on-black. Somewhere, behind the
unending folds a single paneled door allowed passage to and from the
bed chamber.

A slender female figure followed behind the hand and slipped within
the room. The fabric quietly rustled behind her as it closed. Her
eyes took notice of the figures in the room, before she bowed her
head in submission, waiting until she was noticed, as was her place.

In the center of the room, a trio of oriental vixens that seemed too
busy flesh-worshipping each other to take notice of anything else
lent an exotic atmosphere to the room. The female figure watched them
with a dispassionate gaze, though she'd had each of them between her
legs more than once in the last few years.

It was the waft of the air that caused the dark-haired man on the bed
to open his eyes. His strong hand wrapped itself around the lustrous
mound of blonde hair between his legs, and pulled upwards slightly.

Beyond the soft moans of the three women writhing on the floor in the
lustful pool of quivering flesh at the foot of the bed, the noise of
a quiet *slurp* put a wry smirk against the edges of the female's

The woman at the entrance watched as the man pulled the girls hair
much like a puppeteer would a marionette's strings, the blonde's wide
mouth gorging on his cock. The girl's eyes were hazed and her toes
curled as her body twitched with exquisite pleasure with each new
lick of the heated cock-flesh.

The man's smirk broadened as the female figure noted the body
language of the cock-feasting girl; obviously such duty had become
her life's purpose until the time came to dispose of her. Still, the
figure remained silent, though ever watching. It was not her place to

As if he knew her very thoughts, the man lifted his other hand, the
skin a soft hued gold color that seemed to have been bronzed by the
sun. He flashed her a disarming smile, charm floating off of him like
an intoxicating vapor.

She felt herself ease into relaxation.


The expectation in his voice hung in the air like a dangling weight
on its last thread.

"She escaped," was all she said. Nothing more was needed. And he knew
all truth, so casting blame would be pointless. Her presence and
stature proved her loyalty. She was not afraid.

"I see," the man nodded, almost unaware of the girl ravenously
devouring his engorged member. Casually, his index finger rose from
the closed fist as his unsettling eyes focused on her.

"It will not happen again?" There was a snap in his voice, a
challenge. It sunk in her gut like a falling weight.

"No, my Lord." She raised her eyes to meet his, in both pride and
submission. "It will not," she stated firmly.

He smiled again, and she felt the thrill of exhilaration. He would
allow her a chance to redeem herself.

Her head was parted from her body before it could even register the
pain across its eyes and lips. A spray of dark blood spewed forth
like a shaken can of beer being opened. The dark, viscous matter
bathed the assailant in its' glory even as the headless body
collapsed to the floor. The thick, absorbent carpet could not contain
the precious fluid as it slowly began to form a meandering 'S' shape
that crept towards the bed.

The head itself had hit the soft carpet with a soft 'thud', landing
near the writhing all-girl orgy. A foot from one of the girls kicked
it cleanly out of the way so a daisy chain could be formed, and they
eagerly went about pleasuring each other.

Another female clad in tight black leather stood behind the fallen
female corpse, having been roused from the dark corner between the
folds of the curtain. She, like the other before her, waited with
eternal patience.

"Find her," the man told her.

She gave him a curt nod and a swift bow. "Your will be done, My
Lord." She smiled hungrily at the thought of spilling blood again.
Taut nipples stretched the tight leather corset in heated arousal as
she brought the bloodied sword to her lips. Her tongue caressed the
sharp metal, her breathing increased as she licked her sword clean.
She gave the man an enraptured smile, then sheathed the sword about
her waist, and silently left.

He watched her turn and leave, appreciating the way the tight leather
thong so desperately tried to snuggle its way into her nether
regions; and especially the way those thigh-high stiletto boots
accented her legs. *Yes. She would get the job done. And enjoy it far
too much. That's what makes her perfect for this assignment.*

The blonde was given her reward - a rich splatter of cum surged
forth, filling her mouth, splashing across her face. The man's
attention returned to her, and he smiled. Pointing at the bloodied
corpse he promised softly, "Clean that up, slave, and I'll *let* you
feast again."

Not bothering to wipe the cream-colored goo off of her face, the
blonde happily bounded out of the bed to do the task set forth,
eagerly awaiting her reward all over again.


"Pick it up rookie," crackled the soft sound in my ear.

I muttered under my breath, "Bite me, Lieutenant," and flipped the
bird towards the window where sting-central was organized.

I stood on the corner, not even a half a block away from the hotel.
The saucy smile on my face was about as real on me as the rest of my
look. Grotesque high-heels, a mini-skirt most girls would blanche at
wearing, and what my partner had so affectionately termed a 'happy
nipple shirt'. I hated it, though I had to admit I looked quite like
the part of a 'hottie' in the getup.

A jet-black Viper pulled up and parked near where I was busy 'working
it'. Making sure to accent my bimbo-ism, I swayed my hips as I neared
the passenger window that was ever-so-politely being lowered for me.

Resting my fingertips on the hood of the car, I leaned forward just
enough so the perp-to-be could get a look at the goods that would
ultimately be landing him behind bars. My training allowed me to take
in the strangeness of the John rather quickly. The black trench-coat
was a norm just about everywhere, and the black-brimmed hat was a bit
unusual but not out of place. He was a bit small, but in a sexy sort
of way; that lithe slenderness that some associate with androgyny.
But what had really caused my brain to *ping* was the thick leather
gloves and the dark sunglasses in the middle of a warm summer night.

The thought slipped from my mind as easily as it had entered. So far
we'd landed twelve perps. I let myself chuckle a little bit as I
thought about how my sister, the supernatural freak, would've
handled this. The small laugh blended in right with my opening line,
and gave me an air of playfulness.

"What's up, sugar?" I asked in my best impersonation of the local
town bimbo. The Lieutenant had been right -- it *was* a good thing I
had taken drama in college. Otherwise, I'd be puking right now.

The man casually leaned across the seat and opened the passenger side
door. His thin lips smiled at me provocatively as he gestured with
his gloved hand for me to get in. I suddenly felt that sinking
feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that I'd experienced many times
before in similar situations. But I was a trained police officer, and
I knew that I had back-up if I needed it. "Whatcha want, honey?" I
asked smoothly.

The trick was to get the perp to commit to the crime before you
climbed into the car. I certainly had no intention of putting my
safety or the other officers' at risk by doing that.

Except ... well ... there was this quiet little nagging voice in the
back of my head that seemed to oddly coincide with the radio
confirmation in my ear. The static was difficult to hear, and I
could've sworn that Summer had taken over the Lieutenant's station at
the mike.

*"Get in. Go with him. I can't believe our luck. This perp is
our target. Bring him into the hotel."*

The words were odd, and they way they echoed in my head ... I thought
for a moment something might be wrong with the device. I couldn't
check it now without risking my cover, however. Why did everything
always have to break down in the field, I wondered to myself.

By scratching the back of my neck with my hand, I gave the signal to
my fellow officers above that we'd be joining them shortly. Then I
got into the car.

Again, I heard the soft crackling in my left ear as the tiny two-way
device muttered to me.

*"Play dirty. Do whatever you have to. Keep his interest in

Inwardly, I frowned, even as I could feel the reverberation of the
words bouncing around like rubber balls inside my head. I could just
see Summer having a laugh at my expense; not to mention all the
horrible names I'd be getting 'affectionately' called for the next few
months. I did my best to ignore it.

Smiling, I leaned over and blew lightly in his ear. My fingertips
slid down his smooth black silk pants. He was small in stature, thin,
and there *was* something ... unusual about him, I had to admit. If
we had met in a bar, I might've let him buy me a drink ... if he was
suave enough.

As I kissed his lower lobe I murmured softly, "I get special rates at
the Belmont, lover. A room full of toys, and a friend or two if you

The perp gave me a partial glance, almost as if he barely heard what
I said, but he pulled into the underground Belmont parking lot with
a self-satisfied smile.

*"I bet your cunt twitched with that smile."*

Even as the words rattled about in my brain, I coughed, and tapped my
mike lightly. What the *hell* was Summer trying to do to the sting?
Now it was going more than a bit too far.

He looked straight at me as he pulled into the parking ramp of the
Belmont. The grin was still on his face as his grin penetrated my
head. My cunt. I *felt* it. Just like Summer had said ...

I shook my head slightly, telling myself that when this was over I
*really* needed to call my ex up and see if he wanted to hook up for
the night. Obviously, it had been *far* too long.

*"Your cunt twitches with every smile."*

I tapped my left ear again, suddenly dizzy. I couldn't just hear
Summer's voice in my ear, it was *odd*. *Fucking odd*. I could *feel*
them in my brain.

I became dimly aware of the car slowing, and stopping through my fog
of confusion. He opened his door, and got out, moving around to open
my door for me.

I whispered quickly, harshly, while the opportunity presented
itself, "What the *hell* are you guys doing!?"

The crackling response was, "Where did you *go*, Jackie!? Shit, you
had us scared half to death! Get in here. Now!" Lieutenant's voice
was harsh, and the urgency of it brought my thoughts quickly back
into focus.

I swallowed hard. The Lieutenant was really *pissed*. I graciously
smiled back at my sexy perp as he opened the door for me, denying me
a chance to reply. "Thanks, lover," I purred quietly.

He only grinned at me.


I felt my knees buckle with the sudden rush of unexpected pleasure.
One arm caught, and supported me. The other slipped behind my too-
short-of-a-skirt, and pulled aside my panties. The roughness of the
leather glove pressed against my uncontrollable heat, and I couldn't
help it; I let out a soft moan of ecstasy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some weird Goth chick standing
near the edge of the parking lot in the shadows. All I could see were
her lips grinning at *me* and the vague outline of her features
underneath her wildly billowing cloak flapping in the breeze. I
shivered, my face glowing red in embarrassment, and I pushed him
away, breathing a bit harder now.

"Not quite yet, lover. Let's go get us a room first?" He nodded
briskly, but held up a finger in the typical 'wait' gesture.

Attempting to regain my composure, I wondered what it was he wanted
when I felt the unwelcome hand tug roughly at the elastic of my
panties, ripping them from my waist and thighs. The sudden rush of
cool air chilled my steaming folds in an oddly pleasurable way.
Taking a breath, I reminded myself why it was I was here. And I
*hadn't* given him permission to do that.

My first response was to just knee this guy in the balls, and take
him out with a submission hold, but with the Goth girl watching it
could blow my cover, and we'd lose the perp. Then the Lieutenant
would *really* be pissed. I sucked in an angry breath, then put on my
best smile as I stepped out of the panties. I couldn't wait to read
this guy his rights.

Lightly tucking my claimed unmentionables into one of his pockets, he
closed his gloved hand over my own trembling one and proceeded to
lead me into the hotel.

"Jackie!" I heard the static hiss in my left ear. The Lieutenant's
voice was very insistent, and I knew that he was getting worried
about me. "Let's wrap this up. You're in over your head."

I knew that once we'd entered the hotel, the sting's cameras were on
me. I'd be safe, and back in business. Then, maybe, he wouldn't be so
worried about me. I felt confident.

The hotel staff was under orders to let us use the room, and the
hotel clerk gave me a winning smile as I found myself guided by him
towards the elevator.


I nearly collapsed right there on the floor. It was as if my cunt had
a mind of it's own, quivering without needing anything to feed it. I
couldn't stop it. My legs felt shaky and my heel caught on the edge
of the carpet. I slipped and fell forwards awkwardly.

I heard a soft gasps behind me, a few appreciative murmurings, and a
few displeased mothers, who were probably busy covering their
children's eyes as my newly shaven snatch was spread wide open for
all to see.

Quickly getting up, I regained my composure. Red-faced from
humiliation and seething rage, I pulled my skirt down even as we
entered the elevator. This perp was going *down*.

It was time to take control. Forcefully, I shoved the perp against
wall of the elevator and hit the top floor. As the doors closed shut,
I gave him my sexiest smile. I pushed myself against him,

He grinned.


I swallowed, and tried to get my thoughts where they should be. On
the job.

He wouldn't stop smiling.


I bit my lip, tried to ignore the uncontrollable spasming of my cunt
that oddly coincided with each smile I saw. "So, handsome? What'll it
be?" I said, through ragged breaths. If I kept playing it cool, I was
sure my training could get me past this. It had never failed me

He just kept smiling at me.


I swallowed hard. "Let's see some money first, loverboy."

The grin widened.


*"Are we going to see some action, or what? Give us something
to go on, slut. Suck his dick. Fuck him. Do something. Don't just
stand there!"*

My head jerked. Between wondering what kind of sick joke my so-
called "friends" were playing on me and trying to keep a straight
line of thoughts, I was quickly beginning to lose my mind. What the
hell was Summer trying to do to me, anyways?

I thought I saw someone else in the elevator. The Goth chick, from
the parking lot? I looked around, frantically. *Nothing*. My senses
were starting to play tricks on me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I spun around with my hands raised in a
defensive stance. I wanted out.

He smiled.


The elevator suddenly stopped, jarring roughly.

I felt nauseous, dizzy, and the sudden cessation of movement was
enough to throw me off my feet.

I needed to get *out*. But all I saw in my head was that mysterious
face and those thin lips grinning at me with complete confidence.


I moaned. My knees buckled again. I fell forwards. My face went into
the carpet. It hit me. I gasped loudly when a huge shaft plunged into me, filling me to capacity. I quivered.

*"Take it like a good slut, Jackie. You really need to let
this perp nail you."*

I tried to shake out the insistent voice of the Summer, even as the
distorted words -- if they could be called that. *Impressions*. They
forced themselves into my head.

Images of grins, smiles, and laughter filled my head. Even the Goth
chick was grinning at me now. Things were so distorted I didn't know
what was going on. Distanced from myself I could hear a ragged moan
of pleasure coming from my lips, like I was in another room.

"... perp has to nail me," I pitifully agreed, thrusting back against
the exquisite pounding I was getting against my backside. My hungry
cunt would swallow the hardness from behind, then cruelly he'd take
it out. I was out of my mind now, eagerly accepting each thrust like
a brand-new present for a greedy child at Christmas.

The Goth girl leaned forward I could see her out of the corner of my
eye. She pressed her lips against my ear and whispered, in synch with
Summer's voice.

*"Cum for me. Now!"*

I couldn't help it; my body was no longer mine and I wasn't sure my
mind was either. I was a fallen branch caught in surging rapids,
helpless and unaware of where any of this was going.

I felt the perp slip out of me. A pair of sunglasses and a hat as
well a pair of gloves all hit the floor at the same time on the plush
carpet just in front of my face.

Swallowing, I turned around. I was angry and hurt, the feeling the
fog in my mind clear as the confusion slipped away with the ebbing of
the rocket orgasm I'd soared to.

There was no perp behind me.

Instead, a young *girl* stood before me, a huge dildo strapped to her
waist. It was slick with *my* juices. A haughty smile was in her face
despite the absent look in her eyes. It was as if she really wasn't
there. She just grinned.

*Twitch. Twitch.*

The Goth girl was behind her, licking the back of her neck and her
ears. She watched me with an almost undue fascination as she slid the
girls black suit pants off to reveal a pair of pristine white knee-
high socks that went remarkably well with the way her hair was done
up in pigtails.

I felt myself trembling even as I found myself crawling towards her
and her partner.

"Jackie! Jackie! Don't worry, we're on our way! We're getting the
elevator fixed right now. Oh, God. Jackie. Are you okay? Can you hear
me!? Jackie!?" I could hear the desperation of the Lieutenant's
voice. The echoes of concern behind him. His voice was hoarse, like
he'd been screaming for hours on end. My mind focused on the beacons
of sound, fixated on what I *knew* had to be real. I wasn't like

I gathered by the concern in the Lieutenant's voice and the rippling
aftermaths of orgasms I'd been raped. I could feel the dirtiness of
it. Something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. I again used the
Lieutenant's voice as a focal point of concentration to regain the
shards of my mind *back*.

Shrieking, I launched myself at the girl; the perp who had raped me.
A stupid *bitch* that had pretended to be a guy and who had used me
as a waste receptacle for some perverted fantasy. I swung desperately
in rage and agony at her ...

She only smiled.


... and wound up clutching at her breast, suckling as an eager infant
for milk, only my purpose was not feeding ... it was pleasuring.

The soft cotton of the knee-high sock brushed against my half-open
blouse. I felt it slide erotically over my hardened nipple. I trembled
again as I fell onto my knees. It was only appropriate that I clean
that huge, lovely dildo for her after all she'd done for me.

As I reveled in the sweet tastes of my own pussy I felt the thrills
of praise from the silent Goth girl as she stroked the lovely young
girls breasts from behind in synch with her stroking of my mind.
Murmuring my lust in a soft moan, I pushed my heat against the cool
buckle of her polished shoes that somehow I'd just not noticed before.

I wondered to myself as my head eagerly bobbed up and down over the
thick, cunt-soaked rubber, if she'd fix me and then rape me all over
again when I was finished?

...I certainly hoped so.


I woke up in the hospital a few hours later. Almost the whole unit
was by the bedside. A look of worry was on their faces and I could
tell my partner and a few others had been crying.

Lieutenant was holding my hand, and asked quietly, "Jackie ... what

My throat felt rough. I swallowed and tried to talk. My voice rasped
with hoarseness. I found it painful to talk. "Did they get

He frowned. I could see the myriad of emotions in his expression, his
eyes. He was wringing his hands nervously, unsure of just what he
could do to make everything better. "She got out of the elevator,
somehow. By the time we got to you, you were alone and unconscious.
The video surveillance went out ... we don't know what happened. We
were hoping you did."

I shut my eyes tightly. Tears spilled down my cheeks. "God," I
pleaded, "you have to catch them."

He frowned for a moment. "Her." Then he gave me a soft reassuring
smile. "Don't worry, Jackie. We won't rest until we do."



A knock on the light door frame caused the man to look up from his
desk. His liquid-like eyes squinted in faint disapproval. He closed
the manila folder that was laying on the ebony desk and turned off
the computer monitor. He murmured an almost inaudible, "Enter."

With a light wave of his hand, the naked female that had been dancing
to the soft melody piping in from the speakers fell to the floor,
knees to her breasts, fingertips spread wide, her long hair a carpet.
She would stay like that until he desired otherwise.

The doorknob turned and in she walked. Wordlessly, she closed the
door behind herself, then waited.

His eyes wandered up her thigh-high boots to the thong leathers she
wore about her waist and to the leather corset that her breasts
bulged against with their pressed flesh in an effort to escape their
imprisonment. He allowed himself a vague, almost dispassionate smile
before allowing his eyes to settle on a perfect golden-tanned face
and hard-set black eyes.


"She has withdrawn. It will be impossible to track her by our means.
She was a Hunter once too, as you well know, My Lord. I only caught
her scent."

He frowned, his gloved fingers tapping in a frustrated manner on the

"Take one of the Hungering with you. They'll find her scent, quickly

Curtly, the woman nodded. "As you will, My Lord."

He swiveled his chair around, as if dismissing her from his mind, and
faced the huge black velvet curtain that was draped over the windows.
The stern quality in his tone was like a smack across her cheek. "One
more thing."

"Yes, My Lord?" Her voice was unwavering as she watched the back of
the leather chair.

His eyes hazed over, the liquid in them spinning as he carefully
spied on the threads of her thoughts. "I have no place in my bedroom
for failure. Until you find her, and bring her to me, you are
ostracized from my collection."

Stiffening, her jaw locked and her fingers clenched, and for a brief
second she almost entertained the idea of challenging him. But she
knew what that would get her. The bloodied tear that fell from her
eye betrayed her. "Yes, My Lord."

"Close the door on your way out." He opened the manila folder again
and turned his attention to his other concerns.

As the door closed behind the woman there was a movement amidst the
curtains in the darkness to his left.

He smiled to himself, in an almost proud manner to the unseen figure
in the background. "Patience, my child. I allow her rebellious ways
for my own purposes. Have no fear, however. Your time will come."

He lifted his hand, and the dancer rose, to continue.

*I want to thank Simon bar Sinister for his unyielding diligence & passion to making not only this genre -- but also this website and forum a reality, EyeofSerpent for the inexhaustible patience, generosity, and ideas. Sara H for her love, support, understanding, and inspiration. Tabico, for her eloquence, darkness, and brilliance. trilby else for his in-your-face challenges, contributions, and support. Iago, for his undying support and question-asking. blankpage for open arms, open ideas, and generally making me feel good about my writing. Also thanks to Daphne, Deirdre, RC, JR Parz, and countless others for their contributions to the genre & inspirations. Thank you, all. You have all made this idea possible, and you've all made this idea come to life.

I hope you have enjoyed the first glimpse into my own unique creation. There is much, much more to come, both planned, and unplanned. Please leave your critiques, praise, bashing, ideas, or whatevers in my email:

The next story in the series will be Moon Light.



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