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Moon Shine


*This story is copyright cat_slave 2001. It may not be reposted anywhere
else outside of the EMCSA without the author's consent. Thank you.

I could feel the hard-thumping heavy music pounding in my ears,
resonating through the floor. It was a living, pulsing thing that swept
over the strobing club in a lust-inducing haze... just like the cock that
gorged my dripping cunt again and again as I drove myself down on it.

The orgy of sexual heat on the dance floor disguised as dancing was the
perfect stimulus, and the perfect distraction. Cory always had such wicked
ideas. The primal bumping and grinding of couples and threesomes made our
liaison of me on his lap seem but a trifle to be discarded. The
uncontrollable moans of lust that slid out of my lips were drowned out by
the deafening industrial rock.

Our table was mostly hidden in the darkness, just like his piercing cock
that was currently reducing my mind to orgasmic cinders was hidden beneath
the tiny little pleated schoolgirl skirt he'd begged me to wear. My hard
nipples slid in their freedom against the white silk blouse I wore. The
scream of the guitar vibrating through the speakers seemed to be alive in
my body, vibrating, and my own outcries of pleasure created a perfect

There were a hundred people around us, maybe more, all swaying and head
banging. All drinking, and laughing, all of them bumping and grinding.
And in plain sight of all of them, we were *fucking*.

I opened my glossy eyes and watched the crowd ignore our primal unison.
I shifted my calves, savoring the soft feel of the silk stockings that rode
up to my thighs. Then, squeezing against him harder, I lifted myself and
then drove myself down again atop his rock hard cock. Beneath me he
trembled, and I felt the wake against my inner walls.

I bit my lip, staving off orgasm. This *had* to last as long as
possible. I leaned against him, and whispered against his ears in a soft
warm breath, "I'm not letting you off *that* easy, my beautiful Fuck God."
Squirming on his lap, I pressed my lips against his neck kissing the flesh
there and smiling. I was going to torture him, and myself, before I let
either of us off the hook.

I whispered, "How do you like *this*?" As I suddenly squeezed my pussy against his dick. He squirmed back. It was *heaven*.

He moaned softly, and I kissed him, opening my eyes to get the rush
again of the people watching us. I'd never felt anything like it before.
It was better than any rush I'd ever had, and I knew I was an exhibitionist
junkie for good.

Slowly, teasingly, I pushed my hips into his, our sexual heat seething
like a furnace out of control. My vision was blurry through my slitted
eyes. I focused on two girls, who were interlaced almost as tight as Cory
and me. My pussy twitched against his cock again, and I drove myself down.
His fingertips bit into my thighs harder, trying to force a pace. Of
course, I wouldn't let him.

Playfully, I squirmed against his hardness again, not lifting myself up
just yet. I licked my lips, and whispered, "Ready to cum, lover?"

He gulped a nod, and I prepared myself to finally finish off the ride of
his life.

I turned my eyes to watch the dykes again. I wanted them to see us.

As I pushed my hard tits into his chest, I saw that they were gone. But
my eyes caught something else instead. Sitting across the room there was
this really weird chick calmly drinking a cup of red wine in an almost
druid garb. The dark hood was pulled over her head, obscuring almost her
entire face and what part of the robe was opened revealed only more black
within. Despite the color, she clearly looked out of place in the middle
of an industrial-pumped bump-and-grind drugged up goth club. And she was
*watching* us. Me.

She smiled at me, and I had the odd sensation of being appraised, like a
piece of jewelry, or a car. It made my toes curl. The lights around her
seemed to make her milky skin glow with a soft almost halo-like light. Her
dark hair cascaded down her back, across her shoulders. Lifting the dark
red glass of wine to her lips she sipped slyly then licked her lips.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her. The sight of her was more than just
an intoxicating drug. I felt... *unworthy*. Through the haze of
everything else, I could see her impossibly clearly, right down to the warm
depths of her forest-green eyes. I could hear the music of the club,
distantly. The fog of people around Cory and I was forgotten. The only
thought I held for that singular moment was *Goddess*.

I felt my hips still against Cory's. I felt him push up against me,
trying to finish himself off. In the distance, somewhere, Cory was whining
in my ear for me to keep going. But I was stuck in a dream, caught in her
sight like a deer against bright headlights.

I was waiting for her to run me over.

She took another sip of her wine, and seemed to contemplate me for a
long moment. Almost indifferently, she crossed her legs slowly, her hand
swirling the cup of wine in her hand in the fashion of the snobbishly rich.
Then, she winked at me, as if we shared some secret common bond. My whole
body flushed, hotly. Her lips moved, and I *felt* her voice in my head.

*Orgasm. For me. Now.*

The voice made my whole body quiver, and I obeyed, joyously, and
heatedly. I rocked against Cory in primal need to get off, and he joined
me against my lustful insistences. I screamed, caught in the ultimate
bliss of the perfect orgasm I'd never had, until now. My whole body was
one singular muscle, quivering and clenched in the throes of passion.

As the waves subsided, I slumped against Cory, and dreamily looked over
to where the woman was. She, too, was gone, only the mist of her words in
my brain as proof I'd ever seen her.

"God, Trinn," he husked, holding me tight. I was still watching the
spot where she'd been, until he wriggled beneath me, and I felt my inner
walls pulsing again. I swiveled my eyes back to him. That brilliant
lopsided smile creased his lips that I'd fallen in love with. "That was -"

I knew how it was. I was there. I didn't have time, or need to hear
him restate it. I needed answers.

"Did you see her?" I panted heavily, cutting him off. Anxiously, I
shifted off his lap so he could fix himself up; and so that I could search
for some semblance of proof that I hadn't been hallucinating.. Perching on
his knee, I craned my neck over the crowd, trying to find the strange

He frowned, "See *who*?" The tone in his voice suddenly held a slight
tone of bitterness. "Were you lusting after some other guy? Was someone
was watching us?" I felt his body twisting and turning, trying to determine
if we were in trouble.

I blinked, and glanced at him, matching my eyes to his. Coyly, I
smiled, pressing my fingertip into his chest. Leaning forward while I
licked my lips, I purred, "Why, the woman who was watching *me*. *Fuck.
You*. That's who. I think she liked it more than we did, stud." Grinning
in the wonderful afterglow of slutdom, I slid off his knee.

Cory chuckled allowing the thought to pass. The male ego was generally
quick to be riled, and easy to appease. Cory's was no exception. "Someone
was actually watching us? No, I didn't see her. Wish I had though.
Could've invited her to join in," he joked.

I smirked back at him, not even bothering with a response.

He slid out of his chair, making to leave with me. After all, our
business was done here. I, however, wasn't ready to leave just yet. I was
hot, and sweaty, and dirty, and I felt the sudden urge to clean up.

Teasingly, I tapped on his chest again. "One minute, stud. Your little
vixen needs to go to the little girls room," I said. Playfully, I rubbed
my polished buckle shoe into the marbled floor and looked at him with sad
puppy-dog eyes. That always got him.

He nodded, "Don't be too long, little girl," he teased. "I'm going to
be keeping you busy all night." He gripped my backside, and kissed me
fiercely. I felt my legs melt against his god-given ability to play the
best damn game of tonsil hockey. I was reluctant to pull away, but the
need to go there was too strong. I *had* to get to the bathroom. Now.

I felt my cunt twitch again. Biting my lower lip in expectation, I
nodded. "I know." My eyes darted around, before I pushed myself on
tiptoes, husking low under my breath, "How about the park this time?" I
twirled, letting my skirt fly up briefly and giving everyone in the club a
quick peek at my assets, winked at Cory, and trotted off. All he could do
was stare at me in wonder. I knew he was counting his lucky stars at
managing to grab such a find as me. I was *hot*. Horny. And I knew it.

I bounced into the bathroom on a sexual high. A couple of the girls grinned at me as they pushed past. I heard hushed whispers, and caught one
of them pointing at me out of the side of my eye. Had they been watching
too? I felt my cunt starting to drip again, fresh dew. Something
compelled me to grin back at them.

"Hey there, little girl," I heard someone behind me say. I glanced over
my shoulder, to notice a leather-clad girl in dominatrix gear heading my
way. She suggested, "You've been very naughty, haven't you?" Her eyes
roamed up my knee-high white stockings, and the rest of my schoolgirl
getup. Getting hit on by other women in clubs like these wasn't anything
new; and I was well aware of how attractive the whole schoolgirl fetish was, to both sexes. I decided to answer nicely this time. After all, I
*was* in really good spirits.

I turned on the faucet, and splashed some water over my face to cool
off, and collect my thoughts. Answering her, I nodded with excitement in
my voice, "Oh, yes. Very naughty," I agreed. "But sorry. I only play for
the other team. Not my own."

She sucked in her breath, and I watched her in the mirror as she traced
the outline of her nipples that protruded against her leather corset. "Too
bad. I could've shown you a *much* better time than he did." The sound of
the crop smacking into her open palm was enough to make me jump. She
flexed the tough rubber handle between her hands, eyeing my reaction.

So she'd been watching, too. I squeezed my thighs together. I wanted
to ask her what she saw. I wanted to ask her how hot we were together,
what she felt. I wanted to know if she thought I was good enough. I wiped
my face off with a paper towel, choosing not to. I knew where those
questions would lead.

I grinned, nervously, remarking quietly, "No thanks. Maybe next time."
I took a slow, calming breath trying to purge my sex-driven brain of its
need for the pleasures of the flesh. Tightly, I squeezed my thighs
together and I was dimly aware of her watching my bare ass that my
too-short skirt was exposing as I leaned back down to get a quick drink of
water. For some reason, I didn't try to pull it over my bottom. I didn't
stand up. With trepidation, I watched her reflection in the mirror.

As she slipped past me, I felt my ass *sting*. I jumped, of course, and
couldn't help but yelp. As I rubbed my sore bottom, I was vaguely aware of
being very randy again. How many in the club had seen us? Had they *all*
been watching? My brain was beginning to melt against the heat of the
thoughts, of all their eyes on us. The water wasn't doing any good.

I wanted to rush out, and fuck Cory all over again. Right there. On
the dance floor.

My toes curled in the polished little buckle shoes. I slowed my breath
down, and splashed some more water on my face. I had to cool down, before
I went out there and got us both arrested. Doing it in the back of the
club was one thing. In the middle of the dance floor, well, that was
another thing altogether.

Taking several slow breaths, I finally began to get a hold of myself.
At least long enough until we got to the park, I told myself. And everyone
could watch us all over again. The thought of sitting on a park bench
while some prude and his rich bitch rode through the walkway in a
horse-drawn carriage watching us hump like fuck-starved bunnies was quickly
starting to work me up again.

I grabbed a paper towel, and wiped the cool water off my face. When I
looked back into the mirror to make sure I still looked as hot as I felt,
... I saw *her* again. The Queen. She looked even more regal, now,
almost akin to a huge eagle, poised and ready to attack.

She was standing right behind me.

I was frozen with fear, and heat. I hadn't heard her come in, and the
sight of her had sent my heart pumping furiously. She was smiling
beautifully, sexy-red lips brilliant against her creamy skin. My nipples
tightened. What was she going to say to me?

Slowly, her lips moved as she leaned over. I felt the soft touch of her
gloved hands against my shoulders. I didn't dare turn around. If I did,
I'd ... I was terrified of what I'd do for her. My skin prickled. I felt
the trickle of my lust leaking down my thighs. The bathroom stank with my
scent of sex. Her words branded themselves in my brain.

*Orgasm. For me. Now.*

Like a puppet on its owner's command I collapsed to the floor as my
pussy quivered and spasmed, sending the burst of the orgasmic rush to every
pore of my body. Somehow, every fiber of my being, everything I was -
arms, fingers, shoulders, toes - everything was connected to my red-hot
cunt. I felt the rationale thoughts of my mind being melted away into the
pot of her desire. My body was boiling. I was nothing more than a pool of
sexual heat, and I moaned my desire for the world to hear.

And suddenly, the feeling was gone. My body was cold, barren. I had
control of myself again, and I tried to piece everything together.

*I will see you soon, child.*

The words woke me up to the reality around me and I could hear again, as
if by magic. The laughter of the other girls in the bathroom sent my
cheeks burning red. I was splayed out on the floor, pinching my own
nipples, and my little catholic-schoolgirl skirt was hiked up well over my
stomach. Slowly, I removed the fingers I'd thrust into myself.

The Dominatrix merely grinned, "You *sure* you don't want to go home
with me honey? I'd train you to be a good little bitch. I've never seen
anyone fuck themselves with such need." She pushed the riding crop against
my fire, sending me moaning again. I felt like a whore, a fucktoy, and
everyone was turning me on as easily as a light bulb.

The shame of it all burned my face. But I was randy again. They were
watching, and everyone that would come in would pool around in a slow
circle. No one was leaving. I could hear their degrading whispers. They
were staring. I felt their eyes on me. Their stares were like fingers in
my brain, pushing me down into that pit of undeniable pleasure again. I
could feel the brunt of their focus in my nipples, against my clit,
breathing on my lips.

The leather-clad Domme slapped my swollen cunt with the crop lightly,
"Well, speak up, you little cunt," she cooed at me. I swear I saw her wink
at the woman plaguing my thoughts.

I tore my mind away from the link it had with my cunt, and slowly
managed to shake my head. "N-no," I stammered, still lying on the floor. I
wasn't a lesbian. Cory was waiting for me outside. I had to leave. I
just ... I couldn't work up the will to move, just yet. That was all. "I
need to-"

She leaned over me, "You need to *what*?" She asked, grinning. "Cum?"
She pressed her hand against my sopping wet cunt, and squeezed. I could
feel the reality of the situation slipping past my grip.

Vaguely, I heard the door open. "Jeanette! Get in here! No - forget
that! You *have* to get in here. Check this out. You'll *love* it." The
other women were busy cheering the Domme on. We were a show for them.

More girls were watching me. I heard myself whimper. I shook my head,
slowly, unable to formulate the words. She'd leave, if I asked her to - I
knew that. But she wanted to put on a show. She wanted me to be her star.
I swallowed, forcing myself to ask her.

I took a deep breath, "Please-" I paused. *She* was there, again.
Standing against the wall, holding a cup of dark red wine. She swirled it,
almost uninterested. A slender brow was arched in my direction. The other
eyes were fondling me. I writhed, my own sight fixated on the Druid Queen.
No one else seemed to notice her. She was beyond them.

"Please *what?*" The Domme pressed, gliding a finger across my trembling
lips. I couldn't see her. I could only see- ...

The Queen smiled at me, and slipped over towards the Domme, who was more
than happy to wait for my answer while she mercilessly twisted my taut
nipples. Cupping her slim gloved hands around the leather-clad Domme, I
saw the hood of the robe fall forward even more, and heard the faintest of
whispers. No else seemed to see.

I watched the Domme shiver in delight above me. Through the pitch
black, I swear I saw the Queen's lips move, in my fevered illusion.

*Beg her. Now.*

The words resonated in my brain. They reverberated, over and over, and
over. Were they her words? Or were they my thoughts? I didn't care. My
needs and my sexual fire were the same right now, and it simply needed to
be sated. I knew what my releaser wanted to hear.

"Please ... Mistress?" I begged, arching my hips into her touch. I
felt the heat of shame set my nipples on fire, as the crowd watching only

I lost myself, there. Her fingers twisted my nipples, as I wallowed in
shame and fire, just for permission to *see* her pretty pussy. She teased
me, with her fingers, her boot, her crop, anything she could find to rub
against my hungry lips, and lure me that much closer to the brink of

I burned, knowing that the Queen was behind all this, that she was
praising the Domme for humiliating me in front of a crowd of sex-starved
strangers. She perched behind the woman like a bird of prey. The woman
who pushed me further and further, with the Queen whispering in her ear,
the dark gloved hands roaming over the woman's body luxuriantly. Somehow I
knew the only way to have those hands touch me was to submit even more.

The Domme - my Domme - pulled open the laces of her tight-fitting corset
that kept her from getting arrested for indecent exposure. I licked my new
Mistress's cunt eagerly as soon as I saw it. It was automatic,
instinctual. I kissed her feet. I rubbed my cheek against the slippery
stockings that her flawless legs were encased within like an obedient,
adoring puppy dog. At her bidding, I *eagerly* crawled on the floor,
begging each and every girl in the circle who was utterly transfixed at my
wantonness to let me lick *her* cunt, too. I lost track of how many lips
and clits my swollen lips and tongue teased and pushed to orgasm, each time
jealousy squeezing at my own cunt, yearning for all that I brought to them.
Tears stained my red cheeks, just like the honey that dripped out of my
needy cunt. All of it was to come. Just for permission, for the ability,
to come. All the while, She was watching me. And that was all that really

Finally, the stain of pussy juice all over my face, my blouse, covered
my entire body. Groveling to my Mistress, I was granted that release. As
my body quaked with the primal emotion that surged through my blood, I
heard Her, laughing at me in my head.

Again, everything was suddenly clear. I looked around the bathroom, and
saw only the laughing and pleasured faces of my voyeuristic fans. I didn't
even know which ones I'd licked and which ones I hadn't. Everything was a
blur. But I knew what I had done. Tearfully, I pushed myself up, and ran
out of the bathroom to the snickering of the other girls, and the protests
of the Domme. Only the sound of my own quavering sobs was able to save me
from becoming her new slave girl. I ran out of there for my *life*.

I slammed right into Cory. "Trinn?" He asked, frowning. He covered my
breasts by pulling my shirt closed, and buttoned it slowly. Gently, he
tapped my skirt down. I could feel the weight of everyone in the club on
us. I didn't want to leave.

A parade of grinning women exited soon after me, offering their
congratulations to me at my performance. I shuddered in pleasure, and
horror against Cory.

"What's going on?" He demanded. I could sense his impatience, and
suddenly I was aware of just how long I probably had kept him waiting. I
bit my lip, hard, realizing that I had completely forgot about the guy
who'd been everything to me in the last three years of my life.

"Who the hell are you?" I could sense the jealousy in Cory's voice. The
accusation. I looked up to see the Mistress that I'd just given myself to.
My heart froze. My cunt leaked.

She smiled at me, ignoring Cory completely. "Are you okay?" There was
gentle concern in her voice, and I felt the need to explain to her she
hadn't hurt me. I thought I saw a movement of black behind her.

Somehow, I found the energy to nod. I licked my lips, "Y-yeah," I said,
trying to laugh. It didn't work. But I did my best not to break down,
right there. "I just, ...,"

*Really needed to be a good little slave to you. Thank you for teaching

"...teaching me." I blinked. Had I been speaking? I didn't remember
saying anything, but everyone around us seemed to be almost laughing. I
felt the shame creep into my cheeks again. My head whipped around, trying
to find the Queen; but I had no luck.

She grinned lecherously, and Cory looked utterly dumbstruck. "Trinn?"
He asked again, shoving me around to face him. He shook me twice, "What
the hell is going on?"

The Domme just chuckled, sensing that she'd hooked me into her sordid
little lifestyle. I was nothing more than a chalk mark on her victory
board, another successful conversion for her side, and a submissive piece
of ass for her to play with. I couldn't deny how much that made my cunt smolder.

As she wandered off to go find more prey, she mused, "You're welcome.
You ever want to do that again, I'm here all the time, little girl." She
spanked my hot bottom, as she slipped past. I could only watch her leave.

I had to bite my lip, hard, to keep from asking her to take me with her.

Cory almost went after her, but his attention was more focused on the
look of shame, and shock. He desperately shook me again, commanding my
attention. "Trinn. What the *fuck* is going on? Talk to me, dammit!"

I looked at him, and wanted to talk to him. I wanted to beg him for
help. I wasn't a dyke. I wasn't a cunt-licker. I loved cock - the more
the better. But, the same fingertips were pressing on my mind,
manipulating my brain, and I was helpless to stop it. I could *feel* it. I
felt the shiver up my spine. Almost fearfully, I glanced around the club
for the vision that had haunted me, that had dominated my thoughts.

I opened my mouth. I exhaled, so that I could speak the words.

Again, I glanced around the club. It wasn't like She would be difficult
to find. I didn't see her, at all. My head was beginning to clear, and it
was all starting to make sense. I wasn't going insane. Heaving a soft
sigh of relief, I tugged on Cory's hand. "Let's get out of here," I urged.
He didn't budge.

Pointedly, he asked me again, "What the *hell* was that all about?"

"Someone slipped some ecstasy into my drink, I think," I muttered
quietly. It *was* the only rational explanation, after all. It accounted
for everything that evening, my sensitivity, the visions; all of it wrapped
neatly up in a bundle. It wasn't too hard to convince myself of the fact,
either. "I need to get out of here, Cory. I need you to take care of me
until this is over." Anxiously, I wrung my hands together, looking at him,
pleadingly. I wasn't sure what else I would do, and he really was the only
person around I could trust.

He nodded, frowning. Immediately his eyes went towards the girl who'd
turned me into a cunt-slurping puppet of desire. "Alright, Trinn. It'll
be all right. We'll get you out of here." He kissed my cheek lightly,
hugged me, and then carefully led me out of the club.

I closed my eyes, tasting the freedom of my own thoughts again. It
scared me that it felt so empty, and that tucked under the protective arm
of Cory, I still felt so unsafe. I couldn't get rid of the odd sensation I
was nothing more than a mouse to a cat.

*Opinions, ideas, suggestions, and any comments are welcome and should be
sent to This is the first part of the Moon story arch; the next chapter will be entitled 'Moon Light'.*


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