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More to Lov3


More to Love - Part 3

She awoke slowly, enveloped in a warm, peaceful feeling. She wondered
where she was for a moment. She moved her hand and felt the hair on his
chest and smiled to herself.

Oh yes, they were at the timeshare. Together at last. She looked over
at him sleeping so soundly. God, what a wonderful man, she thought. How
did I ever get this lucky?

She gently moved her hand down to his cock and caressed it lovingly.
She quietly moved down between his knees and grasped his flaccid cock in
her hand.

She slowly sucked him into her mouth. Almost instantly, he started to
get hard. She bobbed her head up and down his now erect cock, swirling her
tongue around & around.

She heard him moan and looked up into his eyes. "God, what a way to
wake up", he said, smiling broadly. "Mmmmmmmmmm", she said, her mouth full
of cock.

After a few minutes, she removed his cock from her mouth and swung her
body around until she was straddling his face. Lowering her head, she
sucked him back into her mouth. He moaned as he reached up and grabbed her
hips, lowering her pussy onto his face.

He licked her long and deep, savoring the taste of her. She groaned
loudly around his cock, the vibrations causing shivers to run up & down his

He began to feel that familiar tingling in his balls and knew that if
she didn't stop, he would cum. And he didn't want to cum just yet.

He removed his mouth from her pussy and said, "Oh God Baby, stop or I'll
cum right now"! "mmmmmmmmmmmmm," she said, nodding her head up & down to
let him know that it was ok for him to cum.

"No Baby", he said. "I need to fuck you".

She lifted herself off of him and got on all fours on the bed.
"Mmmmmmmmmm - doggy style, huh?", he asked. He remembered her saying that
was one of her favorite positions.

He got on his knees behind her and slowly slid his cock into her tight,
hot pussy. They both groaned at the intense feeling.

He continued to push until he was completely buried in her pussy. He
then slowly withdrew his cock and started pumping in & out of her. "Oh
God", she moaned. It felt so wonderful." How could anybody not like this?"
,she thought to herself.

After a few minutes, she reached back and stopped him. "Is something
wrong Baby?", he asked with concern in his voice.

"Oh no, Baby, I want you to fuck me in the ass now!", she said.
"Really?", he asked, surprised but very excited. He had always wanted to
fuck a woman in the ass, but it was something his wife would never even
consider doing. "Oh yes", she said. "Now"!!

He removed his cock from her wet pussy and lined it up with her rosebud.
"Just go slow", she said. "It's been a long time". He rubbed the head of
his cock back and forth over her rosebud, lubricating it with the juices
from her pussy. Then he gently pushed against her until the head of his
cock popped thru the tight ring of muscle. "Oh God", they both moaned at
the same time. Him out of pure pleasure and her out of pain, mixed with

"Are you ok?" ,he asked. "Yes, don't stop", she said. He slowly pushed
his cock into her, inch by inch until he felt his balls slap against her
ass. "God, it's so fucking tight", he thought to himself. He looked down
at his cock buried between the cheeks of her beautiful ass and groaned
loudly. "God, what a sight", he said.

He remained still for a few seconds, letting her become adjusted to him
being there. He then slowly withdrew his cock until only the head remained
in her ass and then slid back into her.

He grabbed her hips and started thrusting in and out of her tight ass.
Slowly she started to move back against him, meeting his every thrust. The
pain was gone and had been replaced with pure pleasure.

"Oh sweet Jesus", he moaned. It was incredible! Better than anything
he had ever imagined. Hot. Tight. He could feel sensations he had never
felt before.

She ground her ass back against him, slightly rotating her hips.
"Aaarrruugghghghhg", he groaned. He started thrusting faster. "Oh God",
she groaned. "I'm going to cum". Her whole body tensed and trembled as
her orgasm overtook her.

He continued to thrust in and out of her ass, not wanting this to ever
end. She reached underneath them and gently squeezed his balls. "Oh God",
he yelled as he exploded in her ass.

They both collapsed on the bed, still linked together. They lay there
snuggled together for a long time, not saying a word.

"Wow", he finally said, still slightly out of breath. "Like it?", she
asked. "Oh fuck yeah", he said. "Good", she said. "Cause I have lots
more to show you", she said smiling wickedly up at him.

"Oh Jesus", he groaned, taking her into his arms and kissing her

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