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Morning Dreams
By Imogen Anderson

The following story is a work of fiction that contains sexual themes.
If this offends you please exit immediately.

If you choose to read my story, please drop me a line at
I am new to the world of erotic writing and would appreciate any feedback.
Morning Dreams
By Imogen Anderson

The warm morning sun, streaming through the window. The birds
whistling in the trees, signaling the start of another day. I can feel
your sweet breath on my face, feel you stirring under the covers.
You lean in towards me and gently nuzzle against my cheek.
Slowly, I feel your hand working its way across my stomach.
Butterflies rise inside me as you touch my naked torso and move silently
up to my chest. You cup your hand over my right breast, massaging
it sensitively. My skin has goosebumps as you lower your mouth over my
erect nipple and lightly suck it.

You are now lying on top of me and turn your attention to my left
breast. Ever so sensually, you caress me and sweetly kiss my fullness.
My breath is deepening as your hands explore my body and you look up at
me as you work your way down, stopping briefly to plant little kisses
around my bellybutton.

I can feel the warmth growing below and my hips start to move in
anticipation of what is to come. You snuggle your way between my legs
as I welcome your attention. Gently you begin to rub your index finger
over my shaved pussy, my lips opening to your touch. First you
concentrate on my clit, touching it so lightly I can hardly feel you.
I begin to moan quietly as you start to pleasure me, dipping your
finger more deeply into me until you find the source of my warmth.

Carefully you work your finger into my wet hole, gently introducing
a second finger, then a third. My hips begin to move in time with
your movements, begging you to go deeper.

I nudge you and urge you to swing your legs up to me. You oblige
so that your glorious cock is now in front of my face. You begin
to flick your tongue over my clit as I stroke your cock, feeling it
grow harder and harder in my hands. I slowly take the tip of it
into my mouth, bit by bit wrapping my lips around you. You start
to gently push in and out of my mouth as I suck, swirling my tongue
around your shaft. Your tongue is in me, licking the length of my
pussy, tasting my juices. I can feel you tensing on top
of me as our bodies move slowly together in dual gratification.

We are both reaching climax as you climb off and flip me on to
my front. You kneel behind me as I too get on my knees, tilting my
dripping pussy up to you. You grab my hips tenderly and slide your
cock inside me. You start slowly, with each movement pulling yourself
out of me and pushing your way back in again. I bite my bottom lip and
close my eyes as I feel every inch of you, working your magic. You
maneuver your hips in a semi-circle fashion, ensuring every part of
my insides connect with your cock. As I moan quietly, your movements
become more urgent. Harder and harder you push yourself in and out
of me. Your hips bucking against my backside as you go deeper and
deeper. I can hear you grunting as you ram me, your perspiring
body leaning over me, grabbing my breasts, pinching my nipples. I can
hardly bear it, I can feel myself coming. My face in the pillow,
muffling my moans of sheer delight, I reach down and finger my clit,
helping myself to orgasm. I can feel that you too are so close now.
My internal muscles spasm, my orgasm so intense. I feel your body tense
against mine as your warm cum shoots deeply into me.

Suddenly I hear a noise, beeping in the background. Intrusive,
interrupting our beautiful scene. As I open my eyes, my alarm is buzzing
and I realise I'm alone.


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