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Mother Finds Out


Mother finds out!
One afternoon at the pool, Jennifer tries to shock her
mother by explaining
what a 'ponygirl' is.

I'd just gotten out of the pool and was was being
flagged down my my mother who sat in the shade a few
feet away. Katie our pools teen aged lifeguard shot
me a smile, seeing my mom.

" Miss Corbitt - I think your mom's trying to tell you

"She's always *trying* Katie, but thanks. We on for a
swim later?
" I asked as she winked back.

"Sure thing Miss corbitt. I think your mom's getting
upset though. You'd better get over there." Katie
giggled a sympathetic shrug as I sighed, scurrying up
to my mother's side as she now laid
there, glaring through her plastic sun visor at me
with her finely honed disapproving smile.

" Somebody's suits ridding up. You're embarrassing

" How sweet of you to reminding me." I scowled,
reaching around to subtly pull the spandex back around
bottom cheeks, the upper ones crimson and
" Honestly Jen, your almost thirty years old and I
still have to-"

" Please don't start mother, not here, okay?" I
cursed, wrapping my towel protectively around me as I
plopped into a lounge chair next to her.
" Okay, okay. You don't have to snap. " My mom suddenly spied a
young woman across the pool, frowning. " Well, just
look at the silly girl's pony tale. It's not even a
real pony tale. Probably just one of the clip ons.
Look, it's colored blue, like these kids do now days.
Probably some silly disco fad. "

" Disco's thirty years old mother. Try grunge. "

" Oh as if you'd know. Your clock has way too many
miles to be acting like you're the hippest thing on
earth. " She sighed.

" Hipper than you." I said without looking up.

" Don't be snippy dear. It didn't work when you were
four and it's just as childish now. What could little
girl like yourself possibly know about what's hip in
today's world? Your only twenty nine for god's-"

"Twenty eight, thank you, and remember I'm the one
that lives with a woman."

"(groooown) Please - don't remind me. So what's being
a 'lesbian' got to do with being 'hip'? What do you
have secret 'hip' lesbian sex parties or something. "

" Possibly. " I flounced, desperate to piss her off
further. Her condescending smile made my ears go back.
" Don't be silly dear. You and Alex are...well, no
offense, but your hardly a wild couple anymore."

"Jesus - how would YOU Know mom? boy you take the
cake! Your totally clue less about people's personal
secrets. Like, take that girl over there, the one with
the streaked pony tale? "

" Yes?" My mother asked enjoying my panic.

" Well, You know nothing about her. She could be into
all sorts of kinky stuff. Anyone siting around this
pool could be." I said glaring at her.

" Yes, well maybe they all all fruits cakes. Who
knows, or cares. I'm just saying your embarrsing
yourself be pretending to be some fort of expert,
that'a all." mother replied, with a tiny hint of Ice.
" Well, first of all, I'm not some sort of sexual
expert, no. But you'll have to trust me mother. You
have no Idea of what people do. Don't get me started!
There's some kinky people that...well....I 'd better not
even get into it. You couldn't handle it - believe

" Don't be shy around 'me' honey. You can't shock me,
I was wiping your nose-"

" God I'm soooooo sick of that story!!! Okay, if you
MUST know, but remember. You started this....Mother,
there are actually certain weird people......." I said
drawing it out dramaticly as she peered at me

"....who actually like.....................being tied up. " I said
proudly, feeling weird to be saying this to my own

" That's is? Oh, Honey - I've read all about that.
That's what you meant? Strike one." mom giggled

"huh? Uh.....where'd you read about-?" I said, mouth
catching flies.

" Readers digest. Cautionary tales of addictions to
porno on the net. Some sad people also become sex
addicts over this silly M & M stuff I suppose. All
very ho hum if you ask me. "

" That's 'S & M' mother, and I'm talking about
something weirder. Even more perverted. " I intoned,
givng her my best dramatic and ominous look.

" Mom, there are certain men and woman to
dress up as..." I leaned closer dropping my voice a bit.
" ponies. " I smiled smugly.

Mother paused.

She waited a beat, then staring at me blankly.

I savored her stunned silence in victory as my poor
silly mommy sat there totally dumbfounded by her
daughter's little bombshell. Guess your little girl's
not so ho hum *after* all, is she mommie, huh???
Huh????I grinned to myself.

I'd normally feel kinda weird talking sex with my own
mother on a Saturday afternoon at the pool, but
somebody needed to knock her off her high horse,
<ouch> so to speak. Finally she manages a reply.
"You in a horsey suit, as in a costume? "
She asked with a straight face.

" What? No, not a horsey suit!!!! Jesus mom, how would
wearing a friggin' horsey suit be sexy? That's
just..stupid! "

" Well, the whole thing sounds stupid to me. But
that's what I thought of. You know what I mean? Like
in the circus with two guys in a fake horsey suit.
That sort of-"

" Yeah, yeah, I KNOW, but nothing like that! Okay?
This is serious stuff. " I said totally exasperated.

"Well, excuse me Little Mrs. Expert. So how Do these
mysterious Ponygirls dress, if I may ask?" My mother managed, barely hiding her mirth.

I was determinded to wipe that ammused little smirk
off her face.

" LOOK- these woman are mostly nude - okay? They wear
some high heels and maybe even something that makes
her feet look like little horses hoofs. The woman
might be pulling a cart another person's riding in or
even be wearing a bridal or bit, like a horsey..."

" A bridal? In their mothes? Your kidding."

I'm not. seen pictures on the internet."

" Jennifer - what kind of sites are you - "

Let's do that one another day, okay mom? The point is,
The ponygirl's butt is shoved up by the heels, her
back arched, boobies thrust proudly up into the air to
degrad her into a mockery of a human pony - all to
make a very sensual and humiliating experince for the
girl dressed as one. "

" That's horrible. Who in the world would find such a"

"All sorts mother. All sorts."

" My word. I can't imagine how something like that
would give somebody their jollies. I mean, what kind
of a sick man would force these poor and wives to
assuming the role of an poor dumb animal? "

" Some women enjoy it mother."

" Nope. I refuse don't believe that."

" Oh, this from someone who went through the sixties
no less? What happened to the all the acid you
dropped, mother dear?"

"I'm sorry, but any woman who enjoys having a stupid
bridle forced into her mouth deserves a whole Oprah
episode to herself and needs professional help!
Sucking on a metal bridal? It must hurt something
awful. Lord knows what sexual damage these poor things
have suffered through to wind up like this! And to
think your ogling their pictures over the net - jenny,
have you no shame??? "

"Oooohhhhh -MOTHER - you make me so damned FURIOUS!!!
Can't a woman have an 'alternative lifestyle' that's
different than yours without being labeled a fucking
FREAK, huh? CAN'T SHE??? For god's sake!!! Sometimes
I'm ashamed you're my own- "

" Calm down honey. Nobodies calling you anything, so
please don't take it so - " My mother paused, looking

"...jenny, what's this?"

"What?" I said, freezing.

"Here. on your tummy. It looks like some sort

" It's probably just the rubber straps from the lounge
chair. See?" I tried pointing to them with a plastic

Mom shot me a no-bullshit look.

" There chair has half inch straps jen. These are two
inch red marks. Why are there red marks aross your
body young mady? How long has this been happening...? "
Mother frowned, arms folded and peering at me like,
well, a mother.

" It's NOTHING mom, okay? And don't change the
subject. Where were we?" I tried, pulling my towel
back over myself as she pulled more of it away and
gasped, spying more of me for the first time.

" OMIGOD! your whole back is cris crossed with red ones! And here's more stripes across your poor fatty
thighs. Jesus their all over you - Jennifer Corbitt,
I demand to know, what's going on this instant! "

"It's PERSONAL, okay? As in, between consenting
adults, as in bed room matters I'd rather not discuss
my own friggin' mother, okay? Enough all ready! I'm
totally fucking embarrassed as it is!!! It's just a
burns. They'll will go away. Always does. Just...STOP
fussing over me, okay??? Geezz mother, I'm not
fourteen anymore!!!"

" Well obviously not! Jenny, is this some sort of M&M
business between you and alex? Tell me straight,
because your bodies health is a serious matter. Is
this some lesbian thing she's talked you into? "

Mother, I'm getting my KEYS and were OUTTA HERE in
five minutes if you don't DROP THIS RIGHT NOW-
okay???" I hissed, my horse throat quivering as my
eyes brimmed from the pure humiliation.

She seemed to weaken at seeing how upset I was, but
her face still showed conflict, biting her lip in

Oh sweet heart. I'm sorry. You can't help yourself,
can you? Your like.... I mean, before.... those girls you
describing wonder you were so defensive...." My
mothers eyes started to brim as I cats my eyes down at

the garnet next to the pool where we lay.


" Jennifer, tell me the truth. This stuff you've
gotten yourself into. It's all Alex's doing, right?

I said nothing as more tears streamed.

"Oh honey...not you? You actually..."

" Mother...please..." I whispered.

" This was your Idea, wasn't it? Being tied up? and
coming to the pool. You must have known I'd see. MY
jennifer, what in the world-"

I leaped up and raced across the clubhouse to the
outdoor ladies rest room desperate for escape,
the door behind me and looking it behind me. I looked
up to see little katie there, looking up in surprise

" Hey, are you okay Miss Corbitt?" Katie asked as I
sat down on a bench in the bathroom and plucked a

"I'm okay. It's mother. It's nothing Katie.
I'd rather not talk about it, okay?"

" I didn't really have talk in mind..." Katie said as
she smiled devilishly over at me and kicked her gym
across the floor next to me as a piece of a black
piece of duct tape rolled out of it and stopped at my

I picked it up, trying to stifle my sniffles before
the grinning teen.


A short time later My mother stood there as the
bathroom door finally unlocked from the inside as
pushed aside us both, making her way out towards the
exit, Ignoring both me and my mother. " Katie, is it
okay for me to... I mean how long should I..." I said
burning through my humiliation that my own mother's
were privy to this, my fading lust adding to the

" Get dressed. Leave the heels on. Their good practice
for your calves shortening, so you'll get used to
prancing around on your tippy toes, like a good little

Both my mother and I managed to help me get dressed

Mom said nothing about the high heels I had on, or the
new bright red stripe across my throat, wrists, and
ankles, all sticky from duct tape. My tears were fresh
on my cheeks though, and I couldn't hide the were
swollen places where the edges of my mouth and lips
looked bruised, as if a piece of metal had made it's
into my mouth.

"Jennifer. Are you..."

"I'm fine mother. can we just go home?"

Mom reached down and started to help me gather up the
pile of sex stuff off the bathroom floor, duct tape
my pony's tail which I prayed she may not have
recognized as such. mom then froze when she saw a
lying on the floor.

My bridal.

I felt a rush of shame pour over me. She didn't have
to say anything. Her silence was worse. "Do you want
your..." mom said, wanting more than anything not to
even touch the thing.

I nodded.

She made a squinted up face and picked it up, stuffing
it into our gym bag. I now had the little sun dress
walked in with on and felt more or less back to

" Alex doesn't know...does she?" mom asked.

" Please mother..."

" You can take off the heels now honey. She's gone."

"No mother I can't."

"Can't.....or wont?"

My eyes meet the floor and I shuddered in a sweet self
hatred as she looked bitterly disappointedly at me.
Then she suddenly reached for the draw string which
hung down from the neck of my dress.

"I suppose this is giving you some perverted little
jollies right now, isn't it?" mother sighed in disgust
as she prattled on, leading me to the car. " " My
word. I can't image what I've done to deserve such a
disappointment as a daughter. I thought your being gay was bad enough, let alone a.... Jennifer, are you
listening?" She asked jerking my draw string to gte my
attention as I pranced forward to keep up and nodded
my full attention, my legs mincing in little steps
behind my own mother as she prattled on.

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