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Mother Knows Best

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"Katie, don't cause Dr. Malinov any trouble you hear. He's been my
doctor for over ten years, and I don't want you acting stupid."

Most of the time, my step mother's voice sounds so sexy that men just
stand there with their tongues hanging out. When she talks to me she's
sounds shrill and nasal.

After she married my dad two years ago, she told me to call her Dora
Lee and not mom. She didn't want anyone thinking she could have a
daughter my age.

She is probably the most beautiful woman in this part of West Texas.
She's also the meanest. I don't like her and I don't like the way she
treats me or my father. I'm sure she only married my dad because he's
so rich. Not too hard to guess why daddy married her.

At first, I thought it would be kind of nice having a mother just ten
years older than me.

I was the only girl on my dad's ranch at the time and really didn't
have anyone to talk to about those 'personal things'. I thought we
could be close. I was eleven when she married my dad. After two years I
know better.

"You're 13 now and its time for you to start seeing the doctor regular
like. Only way to protect yourself against female problems."

Oh, did I mention that my step mother is not well educated. I think she
majored in Cheerleading at Stanton Central High School or something
like that.


West Texas can get 'hot'. I'm used to wearing jeans and tee-shirts
during the summer months. Shorts would be more comfortable, but I had
to stop wearing them. Gets real embarrassing when the boys make fun of
me. Calling me Daisy Duke and everything. Real embarrassing.

Girls want to have boobs and stuff. They just don't want to be the
first. And, at 13, they sure don't want to have 'way more' than anyone
else. I'm still not used to having titties that jiggle when I walk. I
try to do everything I can to hide them.

Today, though, I'm kind of dressed like a ten year old girl on her way
to church. I feel like a fool.

Dora Lee said that refined young women dress when they go out. 'No one'
would consider going to a doctor or any other professional person
looking like a field hand.


Dora Lee carried a pile of new clothes as she came through the door.
She showed up in my bedroom about two hours before we had to leave for
the doctor's appointment.

She stayed in my room to 'help' me dress properly. I got very
embarrassed when she watched me take off my clothes. I had to take off
everything since she even brought me some new 'dress' underwear.

The little girl dress she gave me has a cotton belt that ties in the
back. Yuk. The patent leather shoes have short one inch heels. Double
yuk. I'm used to wearing cowboy boots. These dressy little shoes hurt
my feet. Look real dumb, too.

The white gloves end at my wrists with some sort of a lacy frill. Look
just like the gloves the Texas A & M Drill Team girls wear. Touch
anything and you get dirty.

The new underwear is something else. I don't see the point in wearing a
bra and never do. The one she got me is far too small. It makes my
boobs push up and stick way out. I bet they will jump right out of this
thing if I move too fast.

Never wore silk panties before so these are kind of interesting. The
front covers everything okay, but there's not enough material in back.
My butt hangs out on both sides. Good thing no one will be seeing
anything once I'm dressed so no use complaining.

Couldn't figure the garter belt thing out at first. I asked Dora Lee
why I had to wear it. She said something about refined women should
always wear stockings when they go out. Seems like pantyhose would be
easier to manage, but I keep my mouth shut.

The garter belt got all messed up when I tried to put it on. Dora Lee
helped me get it right. She pulled the garters inside my panties and
told me it would be easier to take a piss if I wear it like this. Makes
sense I guess.

She helped me put on the stockings, too. Seemed kind of funny. She's a
woman. I hate her and yet, when she smoothed out the wrinkles in my
stockings, I started to get 'tingly'.

It was a real shock when her hand slipped from the stocking and
accidentally touched my pussy. It seemed to stay there for just a
second more than it should have. Funny.

The 'tingly' feeling got even more intense when she used her hand to
smooth out the wrinkles on the back of my panties. She seemed to be
checking out my butt while she was doing this. Took her a real long
time for such a small amount of territory. Didn't know what to say so I
just stood there and squirmed a little.

She said she would help me put makeup on. Wow. I'm not usually allowed
to wear anything other than a little bit of pink lipstick. She is using
her own stuff to fix my face - eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, blush and
bright red lipstick. Neat!

There is a full length mirror in my room. I can see just how good I
look as I stand in front of it. The makeup gives me hot look. Maybe a
little 'tarty', but who cares. I have natural blond hair. It's thick
and wavy and comes to just below my shoulders. My girl friends can't
stand it when they find out I hardly have to do anything to keep it
looking this good.

My dad says I have an angel face. He calls me his little angel
sometimes. Davie Farlough told me he thought I was 'beautiful'. Well,
what does a 17 year old boy know anyhow? I try to ignore him when he
talks like that.

I'm tall for my age at 5' 7". Now that I'm growing, a 110 pounds
doesn't look too bad on my slender frame. Dad tells everyone that I'm
starting to get a little meat on my bones. It makes me turn red when he
says things like that to his men friends.

The underwear is sort of cute now that I can see myself in the mirror.
My boobs look interesting and almost seem to be saying "grab me". I may
just do that later.

The garter belt and silk panties make my hips look rounder than usual.
I've got very long legs and they seem to get a lot attention from the
guys. The nylon stockings seem to make them look even more interesting.
Wonder what Davie Farlough would say if he could see me now. Kind of
pleased with myself. I sort of look like one of the ladies in the
magazine my cousin Billy showed me awhile back.

Too bad I have to ruin the whole look with this stupid dress, gloves
and shoes. I hope 'no one' sees me wearing them!


I look up when the nurse steps out of the back room. She is 'very' nice
looking. Her snug uniform seems a little tight and doesn't leave much
to the imagination. The hem of her dress stops six inches above her
knees. She has nice looking legs and I guess she likes to show'em off.

"You must be Katie," she says to me with the kind of insincere smile
women in these parts are famous for. "I'm Nurse Marlo", she gushes,
"Doctor is ready for you now. So why don't you come this way."

I always thought of nurses as old ladies in white dresses with little
hats on their heads. Nurse Marlo is quite different. I learn a lot
walking behind her.

Besides wearing a skirt that barely covers her butt, her white heels
seem to be three or four inches high. I don't think they're very
practical for office wear. Although, the effect is quite interesting. I
look down and wish my heels were a little higher.

Her uniform has a zipper running all the way done the front. It's
pulled down enough to let me see both her tits peeking out from a lacy
bra. Nice view!

I notice Dora Lee pick up a magazine as I follow Nurse Marlo into the
examination room.

The nurse introduces me to Dr. Malinov. He seems like a nice guy.

Doctor Malinov is about my height which is typical for men in this part
of the country (short). He's not bad looking, but pretty old. Must be
at least 50. Maybe more.

"Well howdy Katie. I understand that this is your first 'female check
up'. Don't worry darlin. I know these things can be embarrassing, but
I've examined hundreds of young ladies in my time. I'll try to make it
real easy for you." Sounds just like my dad talking.

He mentions that my mother wants me to have a complete physical exam.
He says that he will explain everything as he goes along. I'm relieved
when I find out that Nurse Marlo will be staying in the room.
Everything seems okay, but for some reason I start to feel a little


Here I am sitting on the examination table with my legs crossed. The
skirt is pulled up a little above my knee, but nothing indecent.

The doctor asks me to pull up my dress a little more so he can check
out my knee reflexes. He taps his hammer on my knee a few times. My leg
pops right up so I guess everything is okay.

He asks me to cross my legs the other way. When I do, my skirt rides up
a little bit more. The hem is above the top of my nylons now. I can see
a garter where it attaches to my stocking. Doc doesn't seem to notice
though, so I just leave it alone. Once again he taps and looks. Writes
some stuff down on my chart when he finishes.

"Okay, Katie, we need your exact height and weight next." He tells me I
will only have to take off my dress since he doesn't want to embarrass
me. I hesitate at first, but Nurse Marlo says, "Hurry up Katie, we have
a lot to get done today."

They both look at me expectantly as I strip off my dress. I guess the
doctor has seen lots of women in their underwear in his day. Doesn't
make me feel any better to know it, though. Kind of unusual taking my
dress off in front of two people I just met.

Nurse Marlo points to a hook on the other side of the room. She says to
hang my dress up so it won't get wrinkled.

I walk all the way to the other side of the room. I walk quickly when I
start to feel their eyes on my back. They seem to be watching every
move I make.

I have to stand on my tip toes to reach the hook. When I reach up, I
feel my panties slipping into the crack of my ass. They probably can
see everything while I try to hang my dress! How embarrassing! I walk
back to where they are standing. They both watch me as I come toward
them. I knew that Dora Lee was wrong when she made me wear this stuff.
The looks I'm getting now just reinforce the feeling. I hope the doctor
doesn't think I'm loose.

Nurse Marlo has me take off my shoes and gloves next. "Stand up on the
scale now girl and don't move till I'm done." I step up and get on the
scale facing the wall. The doctor is sitting behind us and writes more
stuff in my chart.

It takes her a long time to adjust the weights on the scale. I'm
getting a little cold standing here in my underwear. Oh no! My nipples
are starting to get hard. Hope no one sees them sticking out from the
front of my bra. The nurse finally gets it right and announces that I
weigh 110 pounds. No news yet.

"Okay you can turn around now Katie." She pushes my chin up and says,
"Stand up straight and arch your back girl. Don't move now while I see
how tall you are." She has some trouble adjusting the device and I'm
feeling like a dope standing there with my chest out and hard little
nipples pointing right at the doctor. Finally she looks over at him and
says "5' 7 on the button". Glad that's over.

I slip my shoes back on and walk over to the where the doctor is
sitting. He tells me its time to find out how my heart and lungs are
doing. I'm looking for the stethoscope but he just puts his ear up
against my back. He listens for awhile and writes something down. He
puts his ear on a couple more places, but I can't really see what he's
doing back there.

He has me turn around and does the same thing in the front. Seems kind
of funny having a grown man put his head against my boob. Somehow my
bra strap slips down while he is listening. Sure is lucky that my
boobie doesn't poop out! It would be sooo embarrassing.

I'm standing here in nothing but my underwear and shoes! I feel so
'uncomfortable'. The doc is talking about breast cancer. It's something
I should know about, but it's hard to concentrate when I feel like,
well, I don't know what! "The best way to make sure nothing serious
happens is to check yourself out regularly," he concludes.

Take off my bra? I'm not ready for this! He is going to show me what to
do and seems quite professional. This is so embarrassing! No man or boy
has seen my boobs since they got big. Well, except for my cousins of
course. That's just skinny dipping and it really doesn't count. I'm
trying to figure out how to tell them I'm not taking my bra off when I
hear Nurse Marlo say "Hurry along now Katie. You're keeping the doctor

Oh well. Guess I'll get it over with. I reach back and slowly unhook my
bra. I try to hold it in front of me while I pull down the straps. I'm
going to hide for as long as I can. Finally, it's off and I'm standing
there with my hands covering my boobs. Nurse Marlo puts my bra on the
examination table. I'm kind of nervous having my underwear so far out
of reach.

The doctor has me stand facing the full length mirror. I have to take
my hands away from my breasts so he can see everything. Oh gawd! He's
right behind me looking at my boobs in the mirror. Nurse Marlo is
checking me out from the front. I feel very weird looking at myself
standing there - 'topless'. Nurse Marlo seems way too interested. Guess
they know what they're doing. I hope.

Doctor Malinov says it's important to check for lumps. I'm not too sure
what he means, but it doesn't matter since he is going to show me just
what to do.

I straighten up as his hands cup my tits. No one ever touched my bare
boobs before. He slowly starts massaging my breasts. He is very
thorough and moves his hands all over. It takes a long time. Wow. I try
not to show that his touch is getting to me. This is a 'medical exam'
after all.

While he is showing me how to check myself out, I start thinking about
school. Once a month, the school I go to has a dance. Seems like every
boy I slow dance with gets a hard on about one minute after the music
starts. I always pretend I don't notice. Guess grown men have the same
sort of problem. I can feel his hard dick pressing against my ass. I'll
pretend I don't notice.

Nurse Marlo is watching all of this.

She finally says that she knows a better way for me to examine myself.
She tells me I need to get my breasts ready first. "It's a lot easier
finding a lump when your breasts are sensitive, Katie." I can feel the
'tingly sensation' big time now. I think I'm getting wet between my
legs. I'm too busy being turned on to really understand what she's
saying so I just mumble something when she finishes talking.

Next thing I know, she puts her index finger and thumb into her mouth.
She kind of sucks on them while I watch her. Then she starts gently
squeezing and pulling on my nipple. Wow! The wet fingers make it more
interesting than usual. I'm getting very turned on and its hard to
stand up. I don't see how this really helps with the examination, but
don't say anything because it 'feels so good'.

She wets the finger and thumb of her other hand and plays with the
other nipple next. Wow, this is really something. I didn't know my
little nips could stick out so far or get so sensitive. Hmmm. No one
ever mentioned that women can turn each other on like this. She sure is
getting through to me. Guess I learn something new everyday.

The doctor doesn't seem to notice what the nurse is doing or my
reaction. He just continues to massage my boobs.

"Don't you feel it's easier to check things out this way, Katie". I
have a hard time answering. She's still pulling and rubbing my nipples.
I'm afraid that I will let out a big moan if I open my mouth.

"Why don't you give it a try now girl", says the doctor. He's talking
to me in a professional way, but it's hard to take him seriously with
that tent sticking out from the bottom of his lab coat. By this time
the nurse is standing in front of me, too. They both watch me as I
first wet my fingers and then play with my nipples. Next, I try to
massage my breasts. I don't get everything right so they help by making
suggestions for me to do this or that.

I'm very turned on at this point. I try not to show it because this is
a 'medical exam'.


They both watch my progress very carefully. I want to do my best. When
I'm just about ready to have an orgasm, Nurse Marlo says, "That's
enough for now, Katie dear. You can stop practicing." I kind of feel
lucky that I didn't come in front of them. I usually make some noise
when I get off and they would know for sure. On the other hand, it's
kind of frustrating to get so close and not finish. Guess I've got some
business to take care of when I get home.

The doctor explains that I need to have a pap smear. He tells me about
the procedure and why I need to have it done. I don't like the idea of
having some man rooting around in my private parts, but I guess I've
got to do it.

He has me take off my panties and hop up on the examination table.
Nurse Marlo says for me to put my feet in the stirrups and move my butt
toward the doctor.

I've never been so humiliated!!

My legs are spread apart and the doctor has a clear view of my pussy. I
push forward until my butt is almost hanging off the end of the table.
I can feel my asshole get a little cold so I know that it is also fully

Don't feel like saying what happen after that. The way they were going,
I thought they'd be bringing out picks and shovels next.

The doctor finally announced that the pap smear is done. He gave the
nurse something and she walked to the other side of the room. Not sure
what she's doing over there.

I am ready to get off the table when the doc gently pushes me back
down. "Katie, you need to know how to do a vaginal examination
yourself. girls get just as many problems down 'there' as they do with
their breasts." He sort of pats/squeezes one of my boobs when he says
this. I'm kind of shocked, but I guess he doesn't mean anything by it.
He tells me he will show me just what to do. Nurse Marlo comes back
then and lifts my legs up and spreads them apart. She puts them back in
the stirrups and asks my to move nearer to doctor.

Doc puts some KY on his finger. At first, his finger just moves up and
down the hot pink slit between my legs. He then tries to push it into
my tight little hole. My pussy resists at first, but finally gives up
and in it goes. The finger starts slowly moving in and out of my hot
little box. I'm squirming around on the examination table by now. My
mood quickly changes from embarrassment to lust. He already has two
fingers in and is trying hard to get a third one in there.

One of the fingers on his other hand starts to rub my clit. Seems very
unusual, but also nice somehow.

Nurse Marlo is watching everything.

After awhile, she says she has a better way to do this. I hardly hear
her since I'm just about ready to cum. The doctor stops what he is
doing just before I get off. I'm so frustrated now that I almost put my
finger down there and finish the job myself. Somehow I get back in
control and don't make a fool of myself.

"Let me show you what I mean, Katie." She puts her open hand on my
little blond bush and slowly moves it down toward my asshole. She
almost gets there before she pulls back. I do feel her long finger nail
touch the rim of my asshole. Interesting feeling. My pussy starts to
sense some pressure from her middle finger as her hand changes
direction. Her finger parts my pussy lips as it heads back to where it
started. Wow. Now her hand starts moving back toward my asshole, but
this time her middle finger slides ride into my pussy nice and easy.

Her other fingers are still moving down my pussy lips. I feel the
knuckle of her middle finger on top of my clit now. She starts moving
her finger quickly in and out of my pussy. She is using her whole hand
to get me going. Seems like she is touching everything at the same
time. Wow, this is more than I can stand. I start squirming and bucking
real hard. The doctor must have a real interesting view. But, I don't
care about that now.

She turns me on much more than the doctor. Wonder why that is?

Once again, I am ready to orgasm when she makes me stops. Talk about
being frustrated! It takes several seconds before I can hear the doctor
talking. He is saying that I need to practice what he showed me, and by
this time, I can't wait to start.

He tells me to practice both examinations at the same time. "This will
speed things up for you when you check yourself out at home, Katie. You
have to do this twice a day from now on so you can find any small
problems before they get to be big ones."

I'm going to practice now.

My fingers slip out of my mouth and start playing with my nipples. One
of my hands slides slowly down to my pussy. I try out the new technique
Nurse Marlo used. Wow, this is great.

When my nipples are real hard, I caress my breasts trying to examine
myself. I feel my nipples starting to get a little soft. So, I wet my
fingers again. My nipples quickly get hard when I start to pull and tug
at them just like Nurse Marlo did a few minutes ago. I develop a little
rhythm moving my hand from my mouth, to my nipples, to my boobs. I kind
of forget why I'm doing this, but it feels more than real nice.

My other hand is busy, too. I try to do what Nurse Marlo showed me. My
hand moves down toward my asshole. I don't pull back when I get there.
My finger does a little exploring before my hand start dragging it back
up toward my bush. I slip one, two and then three fingers inside my
pussy. I slowly move them in and out of that hot little box. My hand
starts moving faster and faster.

I'm going to come now! What - noo. Before I can get off, I feel someone
pull my hands away from my pussy and boobs.

I almost scream in frustration until I feel something slide into my
burning pussy. That's better. When it starts moving in and out I notice
that it is 'much' larger than a finger. I look up and find doctor is
fucking me.

This seems like a terrible way to lose my virginity, but I don't care
for some reason.

A couple of the older girls at school said it would hurt the first
time. Maybe it did for just a second, but then everything felt great.
Still does. Guess all the horse riding at the ranch paid off.

By now I'm very frustrated and only want to get off. I start fucking
the doctor back as best I can. I put my hands on the table and try to
get some leverage. It feels real good when I push into the doctor
meeting his thrusts with everything I have.

I'm really into it now. Suddenly, I feel hands squeezing my tits. Nurse
Marlo wants to play, too. She really seems to know what she's doing!

When I feel the nurse's lips kissing and sucking my nipples, the
'tingly' feeling explodes in a massive orgasm. I let out a loud moan.
My whole body seemed to shake and I lose all track of time.

The doctor must like what he sees. He gets off about one second later.
I feel my pussy filling up and hear a slurpie sound coming from between
my legs. The doctor is still pumping away, but not as fast and hard.
I've seen plenty of animals fucking on the ranch and know he is pretty
much done for now. I just want to lie there and feel good about myself.


Finally, I'm able to stand up. I look around for my clothes, but don't
see them anywhere. Some 'stuff' is running down my leg.

Doctor Malinov and Nurse Marlo are both looking at me and smiling.

Now that I have more time to think, I feel I should get out of there. I
ask for my clothes and look for something to use to clean my leg. Nurse
Marlo says she will get my things, but tells me I have to watch
something on television first.

There is a large screen television set in the corner of the room. The
nurse walks over and turns it on. She adjusts the controls of the VCR
sitting on top of the TV. I hear the video tape start to rewind. I
still want to clean myself up and leave, but wonder what could be on
the tape.

When the VCR stops rewinding, the nurse puts it in play mode and stands
back away from the set.

I can't believe it!

It's me on the big screen. I'm getting fingered and fucked by the
doctor. Anyone watching can see that I am really turned on and enjoying
myself to the max. No one would believe this scene has anything to do
with a medical exam. I am the star of the show. I can see every
expression of lust and pleasure that crosses my own face. I hear every
animal moan and grunt. Funny how the doctor and nurse never seem to get
in a position where they can be identified.

I watch the television and see Nurse Marlo join in. I know it's her
even though her face is buried in my chest. This is the most
embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. Still, I find myself
getting turned on a little.

While I watch the TV, Nurse Marlo slides her hands down from my
shoulders and on to my breasts. I just look straight ahead at the tv
and can't seem to move. She starts caressing me tenderly and I feel
everything starting up again.

The replay of my orgasm is something to see. I can't believe the person
on the screen acting like a complete animal is me!

Nurse Marlo's fingers are moving slowly toward my pussy. I am ready for
something real nice when the doctor suddenly says, "Enough of that. We
have some things to talk about."


The doctor seems to be leering at me. "Katie, you have to remember to
be a lot more discrete when you act like a slut. No telling who might
have a video cam running."

"Can you imagine what would happen if a tape like this got into the
wrong hands. Your reputation would be ruined girl. Not a good thing to
happen to a beautiful, rich young lady at the start of her adult life."


I remember when Mary Lynn got in trouble. Ruined her. She seemed to
just fade out of town and we never heard anything more about her. I
can't have that happen to me. What can I do about the 'tape'?


"Now don't go worrying about it, Katie. It's not ethical for a doctor
to reveal anything about one of his patients. You are one of my
patients, aren't you girl?" Blackmail seems like a dumb way to build up
a medical practice, but since I'm not paying the bills, I said yes.

"Good. Good. Good. Now take a look at this." He put a large photo album
in my hands. It is already open when I take it from him. I can't
believe what I see on the two pages facing me.

The pictures are very similar to what I watched on the video. A girl my
age is getting fucked by the doctor while the nurse fondles her.
Another picture shows her masturbating and playing with her tits. There
are more, but I have a hard time concentrating when I realize who the
young girl is.

Even though she is only about 13, it's easy enough to spot Dora Lee in
the pictures. I can't believe it! There are a bunch more pictures of my
step mother in the book. She's doing stuff that most 13 year old girls
hardly even hear about. I recognize the doctor and nurse, but can't
tell who the other three people are.

"Do you recognize the cute little girl in the picture", he asks me. I
tell him that she looks just like my step mother.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! You're so very right, Katie. She's been coming to me
faithfully every month since she was your age. Like I said, not a
single one of her videos or pictures ever got into the wrong hands.
Wouldn't let that happen to one of my patients." I start to realize
what's going on and don't like it.

"She reminds me of you in more ways than one. Similar circumstances,
too. Her mother was a patient for a long time before she brought Dora
Lee in for her first female exam. Your step mother's been with us ever

Well I'm not going to be trapped by this creep!

"If you show the video to anyone, you'll get in trouble. I'm a minor
and you took advantage of me." I thought the tide was turning until he
spoke again.

"Ha, ha, ha. No I won't get in trouble, Katie." He is laughing at me
and doesn't seem to be bothered at all by what I said. "Did you notice,
you're the only person who can be seen on the video." I noticed. "Nurse
Marlo and I didn't face the camera or take our clothes off." Nope, they
didn't. "If you try to turn us in, you'd be ruined." Yep, I can see
that. "Think your step mother would testify on your behalf to help you
out?" Not a chance.

I am pretty mad at Dora Lee by now. It's obvious she is doing just what
her mother did to her ten years ago. My step mother set me up to be her
replacement. As long as I stay a patient of Dr. Malinov, I won't have
anything to worry about. But if I try to quit... The consequences are too
horrible to imagine. I sure don't like the idea of getting fucked by a
50 year old doctor and his nurse every month. On the other hand, my
life will be ruined if anyone sees the video.

I have an idea how I can save myself.

"My dad is rich and important. If I tell him you raped me, he'll
believe it and be mad as hell. He's rich enough to get the cops to look
into things real good. They'll find something on the video and you'll
be caught."

He just laughs at me again and hands me the photo album. "Take a look
at some of the other pictures in this here book, Katie."

I start paging through the book and realize that it really doesn't
matter how rich and famous my dad is. The women in this book represent
the cream of Texas society. I met quite a few of them at various social
functions around the state. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Fucking.
Blow jobs. Hand jobs. Ass reaming. lesbian action. It's all here.
Society women from some of the finest families in Texas are performing
like porno stars. Wow!

I realize that there is no way I can get out of this one. I'd be ruined
quick as a wink. There's a lot of people who would do anything to
prevent the pictures in this book from getting out. I don't have a
chance unless I cooperate.

"Okay, I'll be your patient", I tell him. Once a month doesn't seem so
bad when I consider the alternative.

"That's great Katie! Nurse Marlo and I are so pleased." Just one thing
though. Marlo and I always like to be first. "

"Don't want to put any restrictions on what you do outside of here
little girl. In fact I'm going to give you a prescription for birth
control so you won't get pregnant. I hope you will do a little
experimenting in your free time. Makes things more interesting for us,
if you know what I mean. But, we still want to be first."

I'm trying to figure out what he's getting at when he puts the album
back in my hands. He knows just what pictures he wants me to see. One
has a woman about Dora Lee's age kneeling down in front of him. Her
eyes are closed and her skin seems to be glistening. It's easy to see
that he likes what she's doing - a lot! I can tell by looking at her
cheeks that she is sucking real hard. Can't see where her hand
disappeared to, but I can guess.

The girl in the next picture is going down on Nurse Marlo. Finally, get
to see what Marlo looks like without her clothes on. She has a
wonderful looking body. Can't say she is overly endowed, but I can say
she is 'perfectly' endowed, if you know what I mean. Marlo looks like
she's getting off. Hope she doesn't crush the poor girls head.

The schoolgirl in the last picture is getting fucked in the ass by the
doctor while she licks Marlo's pussy. She is wearing one of those
pleated skirts like the girls at St. Alphonso School for young Ladies
have to wear. It's pulled up around her waist and she doesn't have
anything covering her top. Nice looking boobs. Seems to be doing a real
good job for a boarding school girl.

"Just to be safe, I think we need to do a little more before you leave.
Don't want some cowboy sweet talking you into anything before we get
our chance."

What can I do. I've already agreed to be a patient. I know what's ahead
of me so I figure might as well get started.

The blow job is pretty easy. The doc is so excited about me agreeing to
be his patient that he comes in about two minutes. Heard that this
stuff tastes yukie, but I don't have a problem swallowing it all. Not
too bad really. Kind of like it.

Nurse Marlo isn't a problem either. She sits on the examination table
and tries to pull her dress up around her waist. Kind of fun watching
her struggle with that tight little number, but she finally makes it.
She isn't wearing panties so I can get right to work.

The nurse is already warmed up from all the other stuff that happened
earlier. I bet I can get her off in about one minute, but I decide to
make her suffer a little instead.

First, I give her a repeat of everything that she did to me. Now my
face is between her legs. My tongue is moving up and down her pussy.
This is fun. Her pussy lips open up so I let my tongue wander on in.
Start licking her like a hound dog that thinks she's bringing him

Oh, here's her little clit. Sticking out real nice. She seems to like
it when I suck on it real hard. Yep, she likes it a lot. I'm really
getting into it now, but do remember to stop just before her climax.
She gives me a funny look when I ask her if she's finished. She mumbles
something and I start up again. I do this a couple more times and she
starts to get really upset. She gives me a look that says better not
stop until she's done. Back at it. Have her jumping and bucking around
in no time. Hope she doesn't fall off the table. Whoa, what's that
noise? Just Nurse Marlo having a super orgasm. Kind of fun in a weird
sort of way.

The doc presses a button on the side of the examination table. The
table sinks down until it's about waist high. He tells be to bend over
the table and spread my legs. I go ahead and do it wondering what comes
next. Funny. There I am just wearing shoes with tiny heels, stockings
and a garter belt. There's a tear on the knee of one of the stockings.
My makeup is all messed up. I'm pretty sure the doctor shot some of his
cum into my hair. My legs are spread and my ass is ticking up in the
air. And, all I can think about is what comes next.

I'm lying on the table and see the doctor walk in front of me. He picks
up his tube of KY and starts rubbing a little on the end of his dick.
Can believe that man is hard again. Wow.

He walks back behind me and I'm ready to be fucked again. Surprise! His
dick is heading into the wrong hole. He's got my butt cheeks spread so
I know he can see what he is doing. I try to keep him out, but the KY
makes it too easy for him to slide right on in. This does hurt a little
and I don't think I like it. Well, maybe it's okay. Wow, sure do like
this. Maybe I'll help out a little.


We are heading home in Dora Lee's Town Car. My step mother is smiling
and laughing as we drive the few miles out to the ranch. She knows.

"How did you like your examination, Katie? Kind of a different from
what you expected, I bet." She laughs again. I know she is laughing at
me. I just look at her and say nothing. Dora Lee really seems to get
off on the idea that I have to do this every month.

She gives me one of those smiles I mentioned earlier and says, "Is the
doctor going to see you at the same time next month?" I just nod my
head yes. "Well, it certainly is a relief to know I won't have to make
that appointment anymore. I've sure got better things to do with my
time than fuck some old doctor. Make sure you do a really good job for
him, you here?" She starts laughing again.

She keeps on laughing until I hand her the appointment slip. She reads
it twice before she starts to cry. She throws it back at me and I get
another chance to look at it.

"Appointment for a complete physical examination on August 1 at 1:30
PM. - Dora Lee and Katie Richardson."

I think my step mother and I are going to be very close from now on.

The End
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