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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Motherly Love [Part 3] - (Home Improvement > mf / incest / f-solo)
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"Oh fuck, hide," said Heidi, her eyes wide with fear.

Brad bolted out of the bathroom hearing his mom coming up the
stairs. He ducked behind the dresser in the corner and hoped she wouldn't
see him.

"Heidi?" Jill called again entering the bedroom.

"In here, why don't you join me?" called Heidi from the shower.

"I heard you moaning, where's Tim?" asked Jill spotting Heidi
naked in the shower.

"He ... uh ... just went to get something," she lied.

"Oh," said Jill as she entered the bathroom, taking her shirt off.
"My boss let me have the day off."

Brad let out a deep breath watching his mom enter the bathroom
with Heidi. He saw her clothes come flying out after her. First her blouse
and skirt, quickly followed by her bra and panties. Curious, Brad inched
his was to the doorway and peered inside.

Heidi and Jill were kissing, both women in the shower. Heidi had
her arms around Jill's back, while Jill was busy feeling up Heidi's ass.
Brad tried to make a break for the door, hopeful his mom wouldn't notice.

Jill saw the sudden movement go past the door and called out,
"Come join us Tim, my pussy needs a good fuck."

Brad stopped just past the door. 'If he didn't go back,' he thought,
'then his mom would know it wasn't Tim that was in the room.' He was
faced with a dire situation.

"Come on Tim, if I don't get some I'll go mad," called Jill from the

Brad decided he had to go back. Peering into the bathroom, he saw
Heidi kissing his mom. The site of the two naked women engaged in a lip
lock made him hard again. Jill's back was to him and Heidi motioned Brad
over. Silently Brad approached his mom from behind. Suddenly he was
overcome with a desire to fuck Jill.

Brad grabbed Jill from behind and pushed her up against the
shower wall. Heidi moved to the side and watched with intrigue. Brad
kept his mom against the wall so she couldn't see him. Bending at the
knees, he thrust his cock up into Jill's awaiting pussy. She let out a loud
moan, feeling Brad's cock stretch her pussy.

Jill moaned loudly, never had Tim fucked her like this before. He
was so rough and strong, it turned her on even more. Plus his cock felt
bigger than usual, 'maybe that Swedish penis enlarging device actually
worked', Jill thought to herself. Again the firm penis lunged up her tight
pussy, removing all thoughts from her head.

Watching Brad and Jill made Heidi hot. She began to masturbate as she watched the two. Her fingers rubbing up against her clit causing her
to add to the showers noise. She let her left hand pinch her nipples while
her right took over the fingering.

Brad kept thrusting up, deeper and deeper into Jill's pussy. He
heard her moaning increase as he slammed her pussy harder. His mom's
pussy felt even better than Heidi's. Today had been quite an experience for
Brad, the farthest he had ever gotten with his girlfriend Angela was to
second base, and here he was fucking his second woman today.

Jill didn't know why but something about Tim's penis today hit her
G spot. Its shape and power overwhelmed her pussy, bombarding it with
wave after wave of pleasure. Jill felt her clitoris about to give and
welcomed the feeling. She came, her body shuddering while her pussy exploded with juices.

This was too much for Brad, he looked at Heidi, searching for an
idea. There was no way he'd cum up his mom's pussy; but the temptation
was too great. Jill's pussy contracted around Brad's cock and squeezed it
hard, begging to receive a hearty load.

Heidi's mind raced and rested upon one idea. "Why don't you suck
Tim off?"

Brad pulled out of his mom's snatch and released her. Jill turned
and started to get on her knees. Brad grabbed her head and partially
covered her eyes, guiding her to his eager cock. Her magnificent lips
locked onto his cock and he exploded in her mouth. Brad had never had
his dick inside anyone’s mouth before; it was an insurmountable

Brad's cock shot its load deep into Jill's throat. She drank down her
son's cum, unaware of the identity of the owner. Jill guzzled the load but
was unable to swallow it all. Small parts leaked out of her mouth and back
onto Brad's cock. She quickly took Brad's entire cock into her mouth and
slurped up ever last drop she could find. This wasn't enough for her
however, she wanted more.

Jill went to work on Brad's young cock, taking him to new heights
of pleasure. Jill's head bobbed around while her tongue rode up and down
his shaft. She grasped his balls and started to rub them.

Looking down, Brad watched his sexy brunette mother move her
lucious red lips up and down his shaft. Her tongue dancing about the tip of
his head. The way she squeezed his nutsack showed she had experience
doing this before.

Brad felt the build up in his balls again, just as he let fly a second
load. This time Jill was ready for it and expertly drank it all down, not
letting any escape. Her lips made a slurping sound as she took all of Brad's
cum and swallowed it.

Brad looked to Heidi again for a plan and she had one. Taking Jill's
head, she swung Jill over to her own crotch and pushed Jill in. Jill eagerly
buried herself in Heidi's pussy while Brad made a quick retreat. He dashed
out of the bathroom and threw on his clothes.

Fully dressed, Brad said in his best impression of Tim, "Gotta get
to Tool Time."

Brad ran to his room and quietly shut the door. He collapsed onto
the bed and thought about what had happened to him today.


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