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If you're under 18, these stories are not for you. Don't read them. Skip
or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can officially decide for

The following are works of total fiction and most contain scenes of
graphic sex of various kinds, most of which are nc, kinky, and/or downright
weird. The actions depicted are not from or for real life.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2000, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The reader is
free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal
forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or
the content are made.

Hope you like them.


--------------------------------- Motionless (MF nc) by Monocle

The worst violations are perhaps the least violent




|^~^~| _|____|_

(O) o

/ > | ~~ |


Motionless by Monocle

We've been almost motionless for over 10 minutes. He still looms over
me on the bed, pinning my wrists over my head with his gloved hands. My
thin nightdress is hiked up half over my breasts, my naked lower half
partially covered by his black-clad body. The only parts of him I can see
are eyes through holes in his black mask and a small patch of his dark
pubic hair interwoven with my lighter curls where our pelvises meet. The
only other parts of him not encased in close-fitting black cloth are his
balls, resting heavily on my perineum, and his penis, which is buried in me
as it had been for almost half an hour.

His clothing must be specially designed or prepared for this..."work".
Otherwise form-fitting, it must have a hole cut out just for his member.
He must have had it out and hard before he started, since, after ripping
off my panties in one quick motion it took him virtually no time to pin my
arms, force my legs open with his body, and shove his cock in. I'd been in
a deep sleep, and while the start of the assault awakened me, I was groggy
and slowly fighting awake intil far too late. Full awareness struck me
only when our bodies thumped together audibly, cutting my first scream into
a gasp as he bottomed out inside me. Despite its size it slid in fast and
sure, I can only assume he'd prepared himself beforehand.

Once I caught my breath, I did scream, many times. I struggled, trying
to worm away from him on the bed. I'd tried to claw, bite, butt and kick
him. He was too close, pressed in between my legs where I couldn't get to
him. He was also too strong, keeping each wrist in an iron grip, his
forearms resting on my shoulders, preventing me from curling up at him. I
cried out for help, then threatened him with imminently arriving
boyfriends, police, mobsters. And then, when I realized that no help could
or would come, I pleaded.

My words had no effect on him. Nothing I did elicited any response
whatsoever, even falsely brave taunts and insults. That's when I realized
that, after his initial penetration, he hadn't moved - not at all. All my
frantic activity had been met with absolute stillness and silence. When I
first really looked up at his ice blue eyes, they locked with mine. He had
been staring at me from the first, fixing his rigid phallus in me while I
wasted my energy against him.

The stillness was eerie. It frightened me, in some respect, more than
the rest of my violation up to this point. I shivered, my whole body
tensing and shuddering involuntarily. And that's when I first felt it.
The invading cock responded to the contraction of my internal muscles with
a throb I could feel all through my insides. My eyes widened as another of
my own reflexive tremors yielded the same response. The organ flexed
inside me, ever so slighty expanding and rubbing agagainst the already
stuffed inner walls of my vagina. His eyes peered intently into mine as I
forced myself not to squeeze him again.

I lay quiet then, listening to myself catch my breath - I couldn't hear
him breathe, though I saw the barest motion of his chest rising and
falling. Breaking his gaze with effort, I looked around my spare bedroom
for anything that might help me, finding nothing. After long minutes of
physical stillness but rising mental turmoil I tried again to break loose,
straining my sweaty wrists against his grip. It was to no avail. And I
felt him twitch again, deep inside me. My own struggles triggered his
reactions, my efforts to rebuff him giving him pleasure. I soon realized
that almost anything I did, every sound I made, every subtle motion, caused
a throb or twitch of his shaft. Even the most minute aspect of my
violation turned him on. I resolved then to keep perfectly still and not
give him the opportunity. I would deny him any stimulus.

So we stay locked as the minutes ticked by. A few minutes ago I found
my eyes were back to his. I tried to out-stare him, but had to look away.
Even that caused him to throb inside me and I had to fight not to react. I
have to be a statue, as motionless as he. It's his game with his rules,
but I must try to play, and win.

Though it isn't uncomfortable, his cock is big, and I feel stretched and
very full. Another time, another man, it would be... No. Stay focused.
He is planted fully inside me, his heavy balls resting just below my
stuffed entrance. The fit is tight enough that my sensitive internal
nerves feel every twitch or throb of the cock. During our silent contest
of wills I even begin to feel the faint, steady pulse of his heart pumping
blood into his erection.

In the stillness I feel my skin seem to become more sensitive as it
seeks any and all cues from the environment. I feel the soft bedsheets and
pillow under me, the cotton-like fabric of his black outfit against my
thighs and pubis, the leather of his gloves on my wrists. My sweaty skin
dimples with the slight stirrings of the air around us. Inside me, even
the faint heartbeat transmitted through his shaft seems to grow stronger
until I am easily aware of it.

No. Oh, God. My eyes widen when I realize he is almost certainly not
wearing a condom. Though there's no friction in ths strange
non-copulation, the teltale texture of latex, however thin, is absent. I
barely supress a shudder, but cringe inside knowing that the stakes in this
perverted game are even higher. He holds his body rock steady over and in
me, betraying nothing, staring into my eyes.

My fear and earlier exertions have left a layer of perspiration on my
skin. During the long, immobile battle, I can feel it slowly bead together
into droplets. Finally, one condenses enough to slide from between my
breasts, down my belly. I'm ticklish, especially when nervous or anxious.
I've never been more nervous or anxious in my life than now. The feeling
of the sliding drop is magnified many times by my tension and extra
sensitivity. I gasp and clench my stomach muscles, involuntarily
contracting inside. I feel the answering throb from the cock all through
my lower body and can't supress a moan of frustration. Then I feel another
tiny jerk from the cock, and another. Before I can stop it, my body
responds with a strong internal squeeze, and the cock's swelling replies
seem to increase in intensity, if that is actually possible.

His eyes are wider now, dilating a little, more intense. It is like
they are trying to push into my mind as far as his cock is in my belly.
Now the throbbing continues, irrespective of what I do or try not to do. I
feel the subtle but strong pulsating motion push against my stretched pussy walls. I can't prevent my own occasional internal response, and an
increasingly nervous sensation in the pit of my stomach tells me that what
I am or am not doing might not matter much anymore. Without fucking, or
any other overt motion, by his simple presence and force of will inside me,
this intruder, this rapist, is getting off. It both amazes and frightenes
me to my core, as I am drawn back to his mesmerising blue eyes.

He throbs inside me as I lie helpless under him. Then I feel the organ
swell larger, and know the inevitable. His balls shift against me as his
testicles rise. His eyes fully dilate and still stare at me, or into me,
or beyond me. I hear his breath catch; the first sound I can identify as
being from him. He is on the edge. I feel his whole body tense and
tremble slightly, the first movement outside of his cock I've felt since he
first entered me. I try to press back away from him, sink into the
mattress to escape. He is going to cum! He hasn't moved at all and he is
all the way in and he is going to cum! In me! And then, as if in reaction
to this unalterable, unavoidable fate, at the last instant my inner muscles
clamp down of their own accord. I am mortified, but get no time to ponder
my body's betrayal as I feel a tremor and jerk deep inside me. The cock
erupts, shooting thick jets of cum against the entrance to my womb. Oh,
God No! I cry out in negation and denial, even as I feel myself fill with
his seed. The rooted cock surges and spasms over and over, squeezing its
every last drop into me. He is mute as he inseminates me, no animal grunt
or triumphal bellow, no sound from him at all. The only external signs he
gives of his own long orgasm are deeper breaths, a few muscle twitches, and
the brief narrrowing of his eyes to slits. It doesn't matter I make enough
piteous noises for the both of us. His cock floods me with his jism. I
feel the pressure of it deep inside as it seeks the most intimate of unions
with me.

After the quakes and tremors end, and he seems finished, he still waits,
again motionless, for several more minutes. His breathing quiets and goes
silent once more. Eventually I felt him subside, until his softening cock
would slip out if we weren't pressed so tightly together. My inner muscles
keep contracting, trying, I tell myself, to push out the invader now that
there may be a chance. His eyes never leave mine. I feel them still burn
into me when I finally close mine and can keep them closed. Then, in a
hearbeat, his weight lifts from me and I am empty and alone. Finally free,
I still can't move against the weight of his memory. My skin cools in the
night air, and I feel his cum begin to dribble slowly out of me. He is
gone, but he will be staying forever.


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