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Author: Lord Skies
Title: Submission on the Mountaintop
Summary: Another story of the bliss that can be acheived between a Dom and submissive as they explore a scene in the wilderness.
Keywords: Mdom MF rom bd sm
Submission on the Mountaintop
By Lord Skies
(c) January 2003

The air was cool here on the mountaintop. The
breeze brought a slight chill and he smiled as it
raised a series of chill bumps across her soft skin.
He reached over and gently rubbed the end of each
nipple, noting how the cool air on her skin has caused
each to grow hard again, though never quite as hard as
they did in her noose nipple clamps.
A cloud passed across the sun, and he was
distracted for a moment, watching the edge of its
shadow race across the valley below them. He loved to
just sit here and contemplate the world, life and let
it all just wash through and out of him, rejuvenating
himself for another day in the real world.
Now, though, he had to add another reason to
enjoy coming here. He smiled again, almost chuckling
with the fond memories they had just made here. He
was glad that it was still winter, though a rather
warm day here in the bright sun. Everyday in the
summer these mountains tended to be filled with
tourists, and her cries and screams would have surely
drawn a crowd almost any other time of year.
"And to think," He thought to himself, "I almost
didn't bring the rope and tent pegs."

It had started innocently enough. He had the day
off and they both had a bit of cabin fever. It had
been cold and rainy for the past several days, though
it had seemed like weeks. When the weatherman had
said it was going to be "unseasonably warm" he knew
they had to get out of the house and do something. So
after a brief discussion, he decided they would head
for the mountains and do a little hiking and maybe
even some camping.
He had insisted that she wear the tight black athletic
shorts and a tight black sports bra along with her
hiking boots. He had allowed her a heavy shirt to
keep warm as they first started their hike. The black
leather collar around her neck was the perfect
accessory, he thought rather wickedly, but the fact
she was willing to wear it out here on the trail made
him rather proud.
They had driven quite a ways to get there that
morning. She had wakened him with her lips around his
cock, sucking eagerly. Already she knew that this was
to be a day of fun and enjoyment and she was eager for
it to begin. He had just lain there and let her work,
slowly feeling his cum rise and then pump into her
mouth, she savoring every drop and then rising to
share a kiss with him, tasting just a trace of his cum
on her lips.
Afterwards, she had washed him in the shower, and
then gotten ready herself; dressing in the clothing he
had specified and joined him in the kitchen for a cup
of coffee and a quick bite of breakfast that he had
cooked. Then double-checking their packs, they set
off for the truck and the drive to the mountains.
The drive had been rather quiet. Neither of them
were morning people, so they simply sat and drank
their coffee as he drove them to the mountains.
Occasionally he would reach over and run his fingers
along her collar, grope a breast, or run his hand
along her thigh, but mostly they just sat in a
comfortable silence that only comes from knowing each
other so well.
When they finally reached the trailhead, they
each donned their pack and started up the trail. He
let her lead the first part, preferring to stay behind
her and watch her sexy ass moving in her athletic
shorts that clung to her every curve. It was a rather
distracting sight, and coupled with the recent memory
of her lips around his cock, it was close to being
dangerous on a steep trail like this one.
After about an hour of quiet walking, he reached
into his pack and pulled out a black leather leash.
He called for her to stop and saw all the look of
surprise in her eyes. He clipped leashed to her
collar and then began to lead her down the trail.
This was something he would never do in 'real' life.
While he was certainly not afraid or embarrassed by
his love of domination, it wasn't wise to bring
trouble by advertising. Here in the mountains on this
remote trail, though, it was a risk that was worth
taking. As much as he enjoyed leading her down the
trail by this leash, he knew that she enjoyed it even
more. The feeling of owning her coupled with her
feelings of being owned were overpowering to both of
them. It wasn't something that was easy for either
one of them to talk about, let alone actually put into
words, but that simple act, the visual reminder was so
powerful it gave him goose bumps as they hiked along.
For a while, they walked like that quietly. He
enjoyed the simple quiet of the mountains,
occasionally interrupted by the sound of her walking
there behind him. The soft rustle of cloth, the
occasional soft clink of the metal links in the leash
where it attached to her collar, these were the only
sounds that invaded the quiet of the woods that
morning. Of course to say that it was quiet would be
wrong. As always, the woods were filled with sounds,
like the wind rustling the limbs, not yet covered in
the glory of their leaves. He smiled at that thought,
thinking that his lovely slave would soon be as naked
as they were. And the occasional bird that called out
from the branches above, but again, nothing as
beautiful as the lustful call of his slave in the
throes of her orgasm.
He stumbled on a rock that slipped beneath his
feet, cursing for letting himself get distracted.
Thankfully, he held her leash loose at his side,
giving her plenty of slack so that his stumble didn't
jerk her off her feet. He stopped once he got his
balance and adjust his cock that was a little
uncomfortable having grown a little at those thoughts,
then they resumed their way up the trail.
About two thirds of the way up to the summit,
they stopped and took a short break. He smiled as she
kneeled down beside him, something that wasn't unusual
for her to do at home. Here in the woods, her leash
and collar on, it took on a new meaning, and his cock
started to swell at the sight of it.
Seeing that they were making good time up the
mountain, he decided to have a little fun along the
way. He pulled her in front of him, her face even
with his crotch, and then started opening his pants.
She didn't need any further instruction or
encouragement, she needed this as much as he did, and
so she gently nudged his hands out of the way and
parted his clothing, finding his cock and freeing it,
then taking it deep in her mouth, sucking on it
firmly, feeling it grow inside her mouth.
It didn't take long at all; his passion had been
building for the last several miles of the trail, and
her warm mouth and intense attention, soon had him
near the edge. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and
pulled her to him, his cock deep in her mouth. Then
he came, pumping his cum into her mouth, the feeling
of her swallowing intense upon his sensitive cock.
In just a few minutes they had both recovered, sated
for the moment, but both still anticipating what would
come in a short period of time when they got to the
top of the mountain. When they had collected
themselves, recovered their breathing, they sat off up
the trail. He still led her by the leash, she still
walked close behind him, head held high, savoring the
feeling of the occasional pull of the leash against
her collar. He knew what was in store; it was part of
what had been keeping him on edge while he was trying
to finish up this last stretch of work. And she knew
that something was planned, though she wasn't sure
exactly what it was. It was just that he had taken
extra care to pack his pack, not letting her see what
he put in there.
It wasn't long before they reached the top of the
mountain, then gathering his bearings; he moved off to
the south and worked through the laurel thickets.
Soon they made their way to the rock that jutted out
and made a wonderful place to look over the valley
below. The sun was shinning brightly now, and the
laurel on either side made a wonderful windscreen.
The rock was warm from the southern sun shinning on it
all morning. When he sat on it, he knew that it would
be plenty warm here to play a little.
He turned to where she had knelt beside him and
lifted the pack from her, letting her slip her arms
from it. Then she helped to remove his pack, carrying
them both over to the small patch of grass near the
trees along the back of the rock. He took a few
minutes to just relax and soak in the ambience of the
moment, the stillness of the air, the solitude of the
setting, the warmness of the sun, the beauty of the
landscape below.
Then he turned and looked at her, his slave, and
savored the sight of her busying herself with the
packs, getting their lunch out and ready to eat. Her
beauty was as great as anything he had seen today, and
just the thought, the sight of her there brought him
such great joy that he could never find words to
express his emotions for her. He leaned back to let
the warm rock and the warm sun lull him into a quiet
moment, disturbed only briefly when she came to lay
down beside him when their lunch was ready.
Smiling softly, he turned to her and kissed her
tenderly, drawing her to him, holding her tightly, one
hand running up through her hair, along the back of
her neck and holding the back of her head. He pulled
her closer, kissing her more firmly now, tongue
pressing into her mouth, probing it, then sucking her
lip into his mouth and nibbling on it. He felt as
much as heard her moan, the vibrations from her body
worked against his, her body pressing against his, her
need apparent. His need was great as well, for he
held her tight to him as he kissed her mouth and lips.
Slowly, he pulled away and broke the kiss,
looking into her eyes and seeing the love and passion
there that she held for him. He pulled her to him
once more and began to kiss her again, slowly savoring
the taste of her lips, the warm sweetness of her
breath and mouth. He slowly continued to kiss her,
and as he did, he began to caress her beneath her
shirt. He felt her moan softly into their kiss as his
hands found their way to her breasts. He massaged
them through her sport bra, feeling her nipples harden
at the first touch of his hands. He rolled her
nipples between his thumb and fingers through the
material, and then needing more, he broke their kiss.
Nibbling on her ear lobe, he whispered for her to
get undressed. He watched her as she quickly rolled
away and sat up, stripping off her clothes. The grace
of her movements in doing this was still fascinating
to him. When she was nude, she returned to her
position lying beside him.
Kissing her again, he let his hands wander over
her body, savoring the feeling of her smooth skin
beneath his rough hands. He caressed down her back
and grabbed her well-toned ass, then gave it a sharp
smack. He smiled as she broke their kiss with a small
gasp, then he felt her squirm against him, pressing
her crotch against his thigh. He leaned down and
nibbled on her lower lip, kissed her softly, then
rolled her off him.
Standing, he held out his hand and led them over
to the packs. Taking the cue, she quickly knelt and
offered him a drink and then his plate of food. When
he was seated and eating, she then lifted her food but
did not begin eating until he nodded his assent.
They ate quickly; each absorbed in their
thoughts, enjoying the presence of the other, the
peace of the outdoors, the beauty of the mountains.
He watched her throughout their meal, seeing that her
arousal, the dampness and swelling of her sex, her
erect nipples and her deep breathing persisted
throughout the meal. For a while, he even forgot they
were out in the middle of God's wilderness.
When he was done, he sat down his plate and took
a last sip of water. When she saw that he was done,
she took one last bite of food and then quickly picked
up their plates and packed them away, along with all
their trash. When all was neat and clean, she
returned and knelt beside him. He motioned for his
pack and she quickly retrieved it. He noticed the
small flush that appeared on her chest as she did so;
he also noticed the slight increase in the rate of her
From the pack he retrieved two large tent pegs, a
roll of thick cord and his flogger. While he
preferred the crop, today he was in the mood for the
variations in sensations that a flogger could provide.
Watching her as he retrieved the items, he noticed
that her flush had deepened, a nice redness now gently
coloring her chest and neck. He could even smell the
sweetness of her sex as her arousal grew.
Taking the tent pegs, he walked over to the small
stretch of dirt and grass just at the tree line and
the edge of the rock. He picked up a small rock and
quickly drove the two pegs deep into the ground, then
threaded the rope through each of them, tugging on it
to ensure the stakes were secure. Then he motioned
for her to approach, which she did quickly, laying
herself face down on the ground at his feet, hands
held high above her head as she knew he wanted. He
took an end of the rope and tied it to one arm, then
pulled it snug and tied the other end to her other
arm, stretching her between the two pegs and spreading
her for him.
Next he took a second length of cord and
stretched it across the small clearing, tying it to
two trees so that it was about 4 feet off the ground.
He reached down and lifted his lovely slave so that
she was standing, bent forward, bending over the cord
that ran in front of her hips.
Finally, a third piece of cord secured her feet to two
limbs on either side of the clearing, ensuring that
her feet were kept spread during the upcoming scene.
When he was finished, he stepped back and surveyed his
work, admiring not his knots and rope work, but rather
the elegance and grace of the woman and her body bent
before him.
He stepped up close behind her and ran his hands
up the back of her legs and over her ass, caresses her
cheeks and parting them, then leaning in to kiss her
wet and swollen labia, inhaling her arousal as he did
so. He chuckled as she tried, unsuccessfully, to
suppress a shudder at this stimulation. He then
ducked under the rope and walked forward, sitting down
in front of her so that he could see her eyes.
Leaning forward, he kissed her softly on the lips,
never breaking eye contact with her, seeing need and
desire in her eyes, and perhaps just the slightest
hint of anticipation, but not fear.
He smiled at her and kissed her one more time,
softly and sensuously on her lips, then picked up his
flogger and walked back around behind her. He started
by gently draping the ends of the flogger across her
back and slowly dragging it down her back, over her
ass and letting it fall down the back of her tightly
stretched legs. As the last strand fell from her
skin, he quickly lifted the flogger and struck her ass
with the full force of blow. She screamed out at the
suddenness of the blow, and the echo of her scream
from the mountains that surrounded them distracted
him. The soft moan that followed, however, quickly
regained his attention. Lifting the flogger, he again
laid it across her back and drew it down and over her
ass, letting it drift down the backs of her legs.
Then he again lifted the flogger and struck the
upper part of her thighs. This time a small grunt
escaped her lips, but no scream. He again lifted the
flogger and struck her ass with it, savoring the
redness it was beginning to impart to her white skin.
Again and again he lifted the flogger to strike her
ass, her thighs, then down to her calves. He savored
each blow and how it affected them both.
After her initial scream from the suddenness of the
flogger, each subsequent blow brought a deeper moan
from her. He savored the way she moved before the
flogger, moving forward with each blow, now cringing
from it, but rather craving it, her ass rising for the
next blow, just as each strike of the flogger raised
her level of arousal. After twelve blows with the
flogger, when her ass was a nice deep pink, with a few
streaks of red along the edges, where a stray strand
from the flogger had kissed her, he stopped.
Laying down the flogger, he shed his clothes, pulled
one last item from his pocket, and stepped up behind
her, sliding his cock deep within her sex in one
smooth motion. The heat and tightness of her sex was
incredible, and a moan escaped his lips just as one
escaped hers, their voices joining in the harmony of
bliss. He grabbed her hips and held her there,
pulling her back against him, pressing his cock deep
inside of her. Savoring the feel of her, of their
coupling, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back.
Slowly he drew all the way out of her, held her hips
tightly and slid all the way back in.
He began to move around inside of her, moving her
hips in a small circle, sliding in and out of her just
a bit with each motion. Each time he would slide more
of his cock in and out of her. Soon they were in a
nice motion, working together, she pushing back with
each thrust, meeting his thrusts, squeezing his cock
with her muscles as he withdrew. He reached down and
spanked her ass with one hand, spanking it each time
she thrust back against him. He smiled as her moans
and cries continued to increase in both frequency and
Taking the final object that he held in his
hands, he leaned forward and reaching around and under
her, took a breast in his hand and slipped a nipple
clamp over it. She jumped at the sudden pain in her
nipple, and he felt her press back against him with
the intrusion, but then a loud moan escaped her lips
as he began to massage the breast with the clamp on
it. Continuing to stroke in and out of her cunt with
steady forceful thrusts, feeling her push back at him,
using the slight sway of the rope that holds up her
hips to aid the thrust of each stroke, he reached down
to slip the nipple clamp on the other end of the chain
to the other nipple, the sensation causing her to cry
out with a mixture of pain and desire.
Soon she was panting with need, small cries of
passion escaping her lips, her body and her lips
begging to cum. Still he stroked in and out of her
and when her cries reached the level where he knew she
was lost in her passion, when she tossed her head back
to gasp for a breath, he reached down between her legs
to her clit and stroking it rapidly, whispered for her
to cum.
Normally she was rather reserved in her sounds
and cries, not one to scream in passion, but today,
when he whispered for her to cum and began stroking
her clit, she let loose with a long loud scream that
surprised him. Her body shook and he felt her cunt
spasm around his cock, wetness squirting from her and
running down their legs. As she continued to scream,
he continued to stroke in and out of her, pounding
deep in her cunt, fingers playing lightly over her
clit. Then just as her cries started to subside, he
slipped his cock out of her cunt and began to press it
against her ass.
She immediately began to cry out, "Yes, yes, yes"
and pressing back against him, trying to relax her ass
so that his cock could possess her there. He grabbed
her hips and pulled her onto his cock, pressing and
pulling until he was deep inside her bowels. The warm
tight velvety feel of her ass engulfing him, he was
still able to feel the contractions of her orgasm as
they washed over and through her.
Pulling slowly out, pressing in again, repeating
this motion, he was soon fucking her ass with the same
vigor he had used on her cunt. It didn't take long
for her cries to return to their earlier levels, and
he knew that if he could see her eyes as he could in
their mirror at home, her pupils would be dilated and
glassy, unfocused and lost in her passion. The
thought of seeing her like that, coupled with the
sensation of her ass clamped down on his cock as each
wave of her orgasm passed through her soon had his
cock swollen and throbbing. With one last thrust he
reached forward and released the clamps from her
nipples as he started to fill her ass with his cum.
If he were surprised by her scream earlier, then
this one would surely have caused him to worry. Her
scream echoed off the mountains for several minutes,
or so it seemed to one small part of his brain that
wasn't lost in an incredibly intense orgasm. Her ass
was so tight, and with it spasming from her orgasm, it
seemed to prolong his orgasm.
And then she went limp, only the ropes holding
her up. He could still feel her breath and could
still feel an occasional spasm running through her
body and cunt, but she was unable to hold herself up
any longer, giving in to the constraints and support
of the ropes.
When his cock slipped from her ass, he grabbed
the knife he had left nearby and quickly cut the rope
that held her feet, then her arms, and then the one
that she was bent over. Catching her as she fell, he
lowered her to the ground beside him, holding her
close and softly kissing her face until her eyes
fluttered open for a second and she tried to smile at
him. Reassured that she was simply lost in her
emotions, he held her to him, and let the sounds of
her breathing, the gentle breeze in the trees, the
birds that were returning to their songs, lull him off
into a gentle slumber of peace and relaxation.
It was sometime later that afternoon when he
awoke to the sensation of a warm cloth cleaning his
cock. He smiled down at his wonderful slave as she
lovingly cleaned him and then softly kissed his cock.
He watched as she then bent to clean herself with the
cloth, wiping the wetness off her legs and crotch.
When she was done, she returned to his side, kneeling
there, asking if there was anything he needed. He
smiled softly and pointed at his slowly swelling cock
that she quickly took into her mouth, suckling it
until it was hard again.
He pulled her onto him, and she began to ride
him, slowly moving up and down on his cock. He pulled
her down to kiss her, then held her so that she could
just move enough to make love to him, slowly and
gently. They continued like that for sometime, slowly
working towards a much less intense but gratifying
release. Slowly they worked and built towards it, she
working to match her orgasm to his, squeezing his cock
tightly as she felt him nearing his release. And then
they came, holding each other, lips pressing together
in a kiss only two people who have shared such
intensity can truly enjoy.
He felt her arms reach around him and hold him
tightly, and he felt her cry, tears or joy and release
running from her eyes, and he lifted her head to kiss
them away as they ran down her cheeks.
In a few minutes, she was again in control and
she slipped down to take his cock in her mouth and
clean it with her tongue. He smiled and let her work,
knowing that no matter how hard she tried it would be
a few hours before he would be hard again.


Looking back on that day, one memory will always
stand out in his mind. It is not the cries of her
passion, or knowing that she had lost herself totally
that day. No, the one vision he will always cherish
is one of her kneeling there, just before they left,
her collar and leash held up to him and her head
bowed, as she said;
"Master, please take this girl, collar me, leash
me and lead me home, for I am yours forever."


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