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Moving Day

Keywords: MFF, wife Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: Moving Day

Moving Day
2000 Knave of Hearts (MFF, wife)
As told be Edward
I'd fantasized about a three way with our neighbor
Lucy, but it looked like I wouldn't have the chance.
Yesterday, my wife Renee and I were helping Lucy pack
for her cross-country move. Things were going
normally, the three of us moving from room to room
sifting through closets getting ready for the packers
to arrive.

We had moved into the master bedroom. The sight of
Lucy's shorts tightening around her firm bottom as she
bent over to pick something up often interrupted my
work. I had long admired Lucy's firm rear end and
firm, round tits. She had been a gymnast when she was
younger and the muscles were still evident on her
compact body. Her black hair was cut into a wedge and
I was sure, as a result of undressing her in my mind
thousands of times, that her pussy would have a thick
bush of black curly hair.

I kept trying to think of something other than Lucy's
tight, squeezable ass but I couldn't. It wasn't just
that I had caught glimpses of her firm, grapefruit
sized tits or admired her lean muscular legs, Renee
had also hinted that Lucy might not be adverse to a
little adventuresome sex. The wives on the street
often socialized together and had often become vocal
when we'd had too much to drink at a neighborhood
barbeque. My favorite fantasy was that Lucy was bi.
The thought of Lucy on all fours eating my wife's
pussy while I fucked her from behind was almost too
much for me to handle without jerking off right there
and then.

I was lost in my reverie when Renee knocked a small
box off a closet shelf. Both Lucy and I turned toward
the sound just in time to see a large dildo fall out
of the box onto to the floor. The big rubber cock hit
the floor with a thud and lay at Renee's feet.

The three of us stood frozen, staring at the fat,
flesh colored, latex dildo that lay on the floor. It
was thicker and longer than any cock I'd ever seen!
Even in porn movies. I got a mental vision of my
petite neighbor working that big rubber cock in and
out of her pussy. As usual my dick was on the same
wavelength as my brain and the bulge in my pants made
my thoughts obvious to everyone in the room. Lucy
blushed a bright red. But still no one moved to pick
the dildo up off the floor.

I quickly made an excuse and went down stairs to get
some tape. I didn't know whether to return upstairs
and make like nothing had happened. I looked around
at the living room, desperate to find something to
occupy myself while Renee sorted out the events in the
bedroom with Lucy. Before I could find a convenient
place to hide, I heard Renee's voice calling me back

Quickly grabbing a roll of packing tape, I adjusted my
clothing and tried to hide my hardon. Walking back
into the master bedroom, I saw that I shouldn't have
bothered. Lucy sat bare naked on the bed, a small
smile on her lips. Renee, also naked, was kneeling
between Lucy's legs slowly working the huge dildo
deeper and deeper into our neighbor's pussy.

I had been right about Lucy. A thick curly bush of
black hair covered her twat. Her swollen labia peeked
out of the bottom, marking the wet hole that Renee was
busily reaming with the dildo. Lucy looked at me with
glassy eyes, her firm tits jiggling slightly as she
pressed down on Renee's hand. Each stroke pushed the
dildo deeper into her cunt.

"I want real cock." Lucy's voice was choked with
passion. She had almost taken the entire dildo inside
her, its length and girth stretching her cunt and
filling her womb.

Renee looked up at me and said, "Take off your clothes
and join us." Her hand never hesitated, maintaining
the dildo's steady rhythm in and out of Lucy's snatch.
Lucy moaned and lay back on the bed, opening and
drawing her legs back as Renee lowered her face to
Lucy's crotch.

Climbing onto the bed, I rolled Lucy over on to her
side. Renee pulled the dildo from Lucy's pussy with a
slight 'pop' and gently guided my hard cock into the
hole. I fucked Lucy slowly, drawing out the sensation
of sliding into her velvety wetness. Each time I
reached the peak of a stroke, I paused. My cock was
hilt deep in Lucy's cunt and I relished the feeling of
my wife's tongue gliding down Lucy's labia and across
my smooth shaven balls.

All this attention was having its effect on Lucy. Her
breathing became erratic and she had to lift her face
away from Renee's wet pussy to catch her breath. Lucy
turned her head towards mine, Renee's juices
glistening on her chin and mouth. Her eyes were
screwed shut in ecstasy.

"Faster. Pleaase. I need to cum." Her hips pressed
back against mine, urging me to pick up the tempo of
my strokes.

I was only too happy to oblige, shifting my left hand
from her tit to her hip for more leverage. The
increased motion made Renee's pussy licking more
difficult, so she turned around and pressed the length
of her body against Lucy's. Burying her face in the
valley of Lucy's firm breasts, Renee nuzzled against
our neighbor's erect nipples while continuing to
massage her clit.

"UNNnnngghhh,." A low animal groan escaped from deep
in Lucy's throat.

I could feel her pussy spasm and convulse around my
cock, tripping my own orgasm. I felt my balls tighten
and swell before shooting my seed deep inside Lucy's
hungry cunt. She sagged against Renee, still shaking
from her own orgasm.

Reaching down, Lucy circled my shaft with her fingers
and gently slid me out of her sopping cunt. Slowly
stroking it, she looked up at me and said; "Now it's
her turn."

Renee lay back on the pillows and raised her knees
toward her chest. Her smooth shaven pussy was already
shining with her juices. She spread her cunt lips
with her fingers to show me how ready she was. I let
Lucy guide my cock into my wife's ready snatch. I
guessed that those boxes would just have to wait.

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