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Mrs. Burns


The attached work of fiction is intended to be entertainment for adults in
locations where it is legal. If it is illegal in your location, DO NOT
read. This is a copyrighted work. Reposting or any other use strictly
prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder,
except may be posted as part of a review or posted to free-access,
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Copyright 2000 by E. Z. Riter.

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When Mrs. Burns told me to come over Saturday, I tingled with
anticipation. I showered, shaved and put on a tasteful amount of cologne.
My pecs looked great from working out. I wore a Tshirt to emphasize them
and loose pants, but no underwear. One yank on my pants would make my cock
pop free.

Mrs. Burns didn't know it, but I was going to fuck her.

The Burns lived across the street from my parents. She was mid thirties
with a great body. She played tennis and went to the gym to keep it toned
and tan. She liked to wear tight outfits to show it off. When she wanted
to, she moved that body in a sexy way: free and feline.

Mrs. Burns realized I wanted her. When she caught me watching her,
she'd get a look in her eye and move differently, a subtle change to
stimulate my desire. If I wasn't watching, she'd twitch until I did. She
enjoyed teasing me.

The Burns have a daughter, Cindy, who's sixteen like I am. We've dated
for almost a year. I took her virginity on our fourth date and I've been
fucking her regularly since then. Cindy's a hot little honey, eager and
willing to do it all. She has a great body, too. While I'm crazy about
Cindy, I was burning up for her mother.

When Mrs. Burns opened the door, she wore a sundress that was tight to
the waist and sexy. She was serious, but friendly, when she let me in. I
followed her swishing ass into the living room where the sunlight beamed
through the plate glass windows. I could see the window of my bedroom in
my house across the street.

"We need to talk, Tommy," she said as we sat side by side on the couch.

"About what?"

She took my left hand in both of hers and her knee touched mine. I
liked sitting this close to her. So did my cock which was stirring in my

"You know, about what you saw yesterday. I saw you watching us when we
were in the bedroom."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Burns. I'd never say anything."

"That's what your father told me, but he wanted me to talk to you
myself. I like you, Tommy. You're a very handsome young man. I've even
thought about you and Cindy marrying someday. "

"Thank you," I replied sincerely.

"But since Cindy tells me you two have never done anything, I know
you're a virgin. You're too young to understand what happened. I love my
husband very much and I never want to hurt him. Knowing I had sex with
another man would hurt him very much."

Her face was sincere and sweet. I tried to portray an intent and
angelic expression and waited for her to continue.

"Sometimes adults do have sex with people other than their spouses, but
they don't want their spouses to know about it."

She waited for me to say something. My cock was about to burst through
my dockers.

"Mrs. Burns, I'm not upset Dad had sex with you. I envy him. You're
the most beautiful and sensual woman I've ever seen." That pleased her.

"Thank you, Tommy, but I suspect Cindy is more to your liking," she
said, trying to appear modest, or, maybe, deflect my train of thought. Fat
chance of that happening.

"I'm crazy about Cindy, but, right now, you're the woman I want to

Involuntarily, she jerked back only to find my fingers wrapped around
her wrists holding them securely together. Her eyes widened and she

"Let me go, Tommy," she said sternly.

"It's you I want, Mrs. Burns. Please, Mrs. Burns, please, teach me
how to make love."

I let go and my voice was not threatening, but sounded like a young man pleading with an older woman to teach him. She relaxed and appeared to be
in control again. She stroked my cheek.

"No, Tommy. You're very attractive, but I don't think we should do

"Why not? You know how much I want you."

"Yes, I do. I know you watch me." Conspiratorially, she leaned toward
me, making her bodice gape to flash her big tits at me. Like I said -
teasing me. "I've even seen your penis twitch you want me so much."

"Twitch? It throbs and aches for you!"

She leaned closer to me. Her lips parted in a little "o", as if she
wanted me to kiss her, but when I leaned toward her, she sat back and

"I'm sure it does, Tommy, but I'm not going to have sex with you."

Damn, her expression pissed me off. She was smug and supercilious.
What a teasing bitch.

"Then I'll have to tell what I saw," I said.

"Don't threaten me," she snapped. "I was fucking your father if you'll
remember. Your family would break up, too."

She yanked her hands away and stood up, pushing hard in anticipation of
my resistance. I gave her a shove and tripped her. She bounced on her ass
on the floor. I pounced, knocking her on her back with one arm trapped
under her. I held her other wrist in one hand and pinned her to the floor.
I was between her legs, forcing them apart, and my hard cock jammed into
her side.

She was stunned. No longer a woman in control while dealing with a boy,
she was a woman under a man who was going to fuck her. I knew exactly what
I needed to do.

My fingers pulled her panties aside and stroked her pussy. Her eyes
glazed. When I parted her lower lips to slip inside her, her mouth opened
in mirror image. She was damp. A second finger went up her and my thumb
rotated her clit. Her eyes dilated and she tried to shake off the rising
passion. My fingers were busy and her juices flowed.

"I want you, Mrs. Burns, and I'm going to have you right now," I said

"Tommy, let me go," she whined.

"I won't take no for an answer."

"Please stop. You don't know what your fingers are doing to me," she
whispered, her voice begging and submissive.

I knew exactly what they were doing, but I said, "Tell me what they're
doing to you. You feel so wet and juicy. Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Tommy, oh Tommy, your fingers, oh, oh. I can't take much more."

"I'm not going to stop. We're going to fuck until I don't want any

Fingers in her pussy generated a desire she couldn't resist. Her legs
opened. I kissed her on the mouth. She kissed me back eagerly, her mouth
open, her tongue darting between my lips. Her hips started to move against
my hand.

"Oh, God, I want you to fuck me," she whispered.

When I released her hand, she unzipped her dress, freeing those massive
tits. "Suck my breast, Tommy," she moaned. "Please. Oh, yes, like that,"
she murmured holding my head to her breast. I nibbled and sucked on her
big nipples and my hand up her pussy was drenched with her juices. "Fuck
me," she implored. "Please, Tommy, fuck me."

"Cum on my hand first. I want to watch you."

red faced, sweaty, ruled by passion, she approached orgasm. Her eyes
were hot and unfocused, her lips parted and wet. She put one foot flat on
the carpet to better thrust. Her body under me was tightening. What a
high it was, being on her, feeling her heat, seeing her uncontrollable
sexual need in response to my demands.

"Yes, yes," she whimpered as she thrust against my hand and stopped, her
body rigid, her orgasm crashing over her. Her eyes never left my face as I
stripped her. She enjoyed my hands caressing her body, fondling her soft

"I want a blow job," I said pulling her to her knees.

I positioned her like I'd planned. Her face was slutty when she freed
my cock. "Ooohh," she said. Her eyes widened as she stroked him lovingly
before gobbling him down. She sucked like a champ. I looked up at my
bedroom window across the street. Anyone up there would have a perfect
view of what she was doing.

"I'm almost ready," I grunted. Her big eyes shown up at me. "Take it
on your face and in your mouth. Get ready. Oh, shit! Here I cum!"

Ropes of sticky cum landed on her face. Mouth open, tongue out, her
head darted to catch flying cum. I shoved my cock in her mouth again.

"Suck good, Mrs. Burns. Get him nice and hard for your pussy."

She'd didn't need the instruction. She sucked hard and loved every
moment. I didn't even need to tell her to take my cum from her face and
swallow it. She did it between strokes as if she couldn't get enough.

"You're a very good cocksucker, Tricia," I said softly as I stroked her
hair. "You don't mind if I call you Tricia when we're fucking, do you?"

"Call me Tricia any time," she said, smiling up at me.

"Get on your hands and knees, Tricia. I want you doggy style."

"You know what you're doing. What's this B.S. about me being your

"Probably the same B.S. as when you said you didn't want to fuck," I

Between her legs, I pulled her head back by her hair, arching her back.
I lodged the head of my cock between her dripping lower lips.

"Come on," she whispered.

"What? Say it loud and clear."

"Fuck me, Tommy. I need your hard cock in me."

"You do it. Back and forth, Tricia."

She groaned as she pushed back against me, burying my cock in her pussy.
Damn, she was hot and tight. Sweat poured from her. Her breasts swung
freely. I reached under her to play with them, squeezing and pulling on
the nipples. She moaned again.

"You like this?"

"I love it. Your cock feels so good. Your hands feel so good."

"You're a slut who loves to fuck."

"Yes, oh, God, yes."

"Say it."

"I'm a slut who loves to fuck. That's it, Tommy. You're fucking me so
good with that big cock of yours."

Still holding her head up, I wrapped my other arm around her waist and
drove my dick in hard and often. She moaned and whimpered as she fucked me
back. She squealed when her orgasm hit. I kept fucking her until another
overtook her. Her head hit the floor with a thunk when I let go of her

She'd cum, but I hadn't. I rolled her over and fucked her missionary
style. We both orgasmed then and I left a big load in her. She was
semiconscious when I kissed her goodbye.

When I got home, I headed for the refrigerator. I made a huge sandwich,
grabbed a quart of milk and went to the basement. Dad was in the darkroom.
He gave me a big smile when I came in.

"You had a good time, I see," he said.

"Dad, your plan was perfect: don't take no for an answer and get your
fingers up her. I did it and she was a goner. That's one hot pussy."

"Tell me about it. My cock's so hard from watching, it's about to

"How did the pictures turn out?"

"I haven't had time to look at the videos, but I've developed some
stills," he replied, pointing to the fresh photos. There was a series with
Tricia on her hands and knees getting royally fucked. Her cum-stained face
was a study in unbridled lust. In one, she was orgasming.

"Nice work, Dad. With the shots I took of you and her, we have a nice
collection of Tricia Burns' porn. I listened to part of the audio tape I
made. She came through loud and clear."

"Great. Look at these photos."

There were two shots of her sucking and two of the cum landing on her
face. The pictures focused on her and the cock. You couldn't tell who was
fucking her. Dad rummaged through other pictures we'd taken.

"I think it's time we had a heart-to-heart talk with her," he said. I
followed him up the stairs, waited as he ran to my bedroom to turn on the
video camera aimed at her living room, and then we returned to the home of
Tricia Burns.

She heard us come in. She was propped up on one arm in the middle of
the living room, trying to cover herself with her dress and looking very
well fucked. Dad yanked her dress away.

"Don't cover yourself in front of us, Tricia," he said firmly. "Get on
your knees and keep them spread."

That's when it dawned on her. "You're in this together," she said as
she crawled to her knees. She looked at me. "That's how you knew exactly
how to take me."

"True," I answered with a shit eating grin. "Open your legs more,

"You bastards," she said, but there was a twinkle in her eyes. When she
saw the pictures in Dad's hand, the twinkle stopped and her apprehension
was obvious. "Can I see them?" she asked. She studied each one with care.
"Are there more?"

"Yes, both stills and videos. We have audios, too," Dad answered. "You
take a great picture, Tricia."

"Yes, I do," she replied, handing them back to him.

"The audio is just as good. I particularly like the part where you tell
Tommy you're a slut who likes to fuck."

"Are you going to blackmail me with them, Don?"

"Of course. Why do you think we took them?"

She was watching us intently, deciding what to do.

"Why are you doing this, Don? We've been lovers for over a year."

"You've been recalcitrant lately, Tricia. You've been playing games and
toying with me."

"Just adding a little spice," she said, batting her eyelashes.

"Bullshit, Tricia. You were seen kissing the tennis pro."

She turned beet red and shivered. "Who told you?"

"It makes no difference."

"I haven't had sex with him," she said defensively.

"But you agreed to meet him Monday morning at the Holiday Inn." Her eyes
got very big and her mouth fell open. "You'll cancel that meeting and
never speak to him again, won't you?" Dad's voice left no room for

Tricia looked defiant. Dad grabbed her hair and shoved her head to the
carpet which made that nice ass of hers stick up in the air. When he
swatted it hard, she squealed, "No, Don, don't!"

"Want a swat, Tommy?" he said. "It makes your hand and your cock

"Please, no," she pleaded. He pulled her upright again. She was
pouting and pretending to be hurt. He glared at her and she sighed. "I'll
cancel my rendevous and I'll never have sex with him."

"That's a good girl. I decided if you were going to spread those sweet
legs of yours for others, you should spread them for Tommy. He's had a
crush on you for years."

"I know," she said seductively, looking up at me.

"You'll fuck him whenever he asks, won't you?"

"Well, I don't know," she replied. I couldn't tell if she was teasing.
This time I forced her head to the carpet and swatted her ass, reddening
the other cheek. She rubbed her ass and gave me a pouty, sensual look.

"What did you say, Tricia?" I asked.

"I'll fuck you anytime you want," she said softly, rubbing her asscheek.
Dad continued, "Yes, you will. Tricia, we want to do this the easy way.
We don't want to cause you any trouble, but we will if you don't cooperate.


"Good. Don't fight it." He ruffled her hair. "And, Tricia, don't be
coy. We all know you love fucking and you love being taken." She grinned
at us. "Consider yourself taken. Relax and enjoy the fucking."

Her nipples erected and a sexy smile flickered. "Okay, Don. You've got
me. What do you want?"

"First, you're our little play toy and these boys love to play with
their toys. We expect you to do anything any time we want."

She broke out in a grin and said, "Sounds like fun. What else?"

"I'm sure you have a friend or two who'd enjoy the attentions of two

"I can think of a few who'd love it, but I don't want the competition
for your time and energy," she said with a laugh. Then she became serious.
"What do you have in mind?"

"Women talk. We'll want you to help us determine targets and set it

"That might be fun. Are you thinking of anyone in particular?"

"No one specifically," Dad lied. "Does anyone pop to mind?"

A wild and devilish expression radiated from her face. "Greta Green."

"Your tennis partner? I thought she's a holier-than-thou,
self-righteous type?"

"She is. What a hypocrite. She loves to talk about sex, particularly
who might be committing adultery. Then she acts so pious and condemning.
Yes, I think Greta would be a great target."

"But will she give in?"

"If we do it right." Tricia was getting into this. "One reason she
likes to be my partner is I'll dish the dirt with her. You should see her.
The gossiping makes her horny. I'll bet you she masturbates every night
thinking about it."

"Masturbating and having an affair are two different things," Dad said.

"She's given a hint or two that she's unsatisfied. She and old Herb
only do it about twice a month."

"She's good looking," Dad said.

"Her body's better than you realize, too. She dresses to hide it. Even
her tennis outfit is frumpy."

"All right. Greta Green is target number one."

"Can I watch?" Tricia asked.

"Watch what?"

"When you fuck her. I'd like that."

"I'll let you see the videos."

"This is going to be fun," Tricia said evilly. "What else?" We didn't

She stared at both of us before turning to lay back propped on her
elbows. Her legs were spread and my cum was dried on her. She looked so
damned sexy I was ready to pop. Dad groaned. His cock must have been
killing him.

"Well, I'll bet you want me hot and ready. Having two guys fuck me
regularly will be enjoyable, but let's make a deal."

She sat up crossed leg and patted the floor beside her. When Dad and I
sat down, she took our hands.

"Yes, I like to fuck and I'll fuck you anytime. I'll help you with some
others, too, but I want something. Leave Cindy alone. I know she's still
a virgin and I don't want her hurt. If you touch Cindy, the deal's off."

"I'd never hurt Cindy, Tricia. She's my very special girl friend, but
I've been screwing her for almost a year," I said.

She blanched. "I don't believe you," she whispered.

"Hell, Tricia, I've been screwing her for a couple of months," Dad said.
"We have a lot of audio and video of her. Look at these samples." He
handed Tricia the rest of the photos.

"Oh, my God. How does she bend like that?"

"Look, Tricia, Cindy's ours, too. She's done things you wouldn't
believe and it's all recorded."

"What's she done?"

"Right now that's none of your business. Believe me, it's hot and

"You could ruin her."

"Yes, easily. We could ruin both of you. What would Cecil do if he
found out? He'd leave you in a heartbeat because you fucked us, but if he
found out about Cindy? I hate to think about it."

"Me, too," she whispered. "I don't want that. Fucking around's fun,
but I do love him and I don't want to lose him."

"And it's not just Cecil. Think of your social status, of having to
find work after he divorces you, of every man knowing you're easy and
taking a shot at you. What about Cindy's reputation? Her chances of
making a good marriage? There are a lot of ramifications, Tricia," Dad

"I know."

"We don't any problems for you. We want playmates. If you and Cindy do
as we ask, we'd be fools to let anyone know," Dad said.

"True," she said under her breath.

"If you don't cooperate, we'd be fools to let you get away with it," I
added. "We're not fools."

"No, you're not," she said. We saw her relax and a sly, sexy grin grow
on her face. She squeezed our hands. "I'll have to trust you. Okay,
you've got me. I'll do it."

"You'll love it, Tricia," Dad said.

"I probably will," she replied. "Now what?"

"Get on your hands and knees," Dad answered. "You're going to take two
men at once."

"I knew this sounded like fun," she said as she got in position.

She was still hot. Dad came in her pussy as I pumped away in her mouth.
We high fived over her and left her on the floor with cum running out of
both ends. The pictures of that session from the video camera in my room
turned out great.

We were on our way.

The End

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