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Mrs. Cole Capitulates


New Story/Videll Dais

(MF, Doctor, wife cheat, impreg.)

Mrs. Cole Capitulates

By Videll Dais

Dr. Blake leaned over the prone, anxious, young woman, gently took hold
of her left arm and said, "I'll just give you a small jab to relax you,
Mrs. Cole." "Thank you, doctor." Julia smiled, tried to appear calm and at
ease. She was nervous. She hated having to attend the clinic, these
intimate medicals. Having to undress and spread oneself out on an
examination couch wearing nothing but one of those awful skimpy gowns was
probably the most undignified experience she could think of. She didn't
like the idea of another man's hands touching her in such a familiar way
either - especially 'down there'. Her beloved husband was, in her opinion,
the only man privileged enough to touch her there. Okay, this old guy was
a doctor, a gynaecologist, and routinely examined a hundred women every day
as a matter of course, but that didn't make it any easier to accept.
However, a problem was a problem, and when it came down to ones health, no
sacrifice was too small. "How long have you and your husband been trying
for a baby?" "Oh, not too long," Julia said. "It must be about four months
now." "Place your feet in the stirrups please, Mrs. Cole." As Julia raised
her legs and placed her feet in the awkward contraption, she felt the gown
slipping down her thighs. She knew the doctor could practically see
everything and couldn't help blushing. Dr. Blake busied himself, but
craftily eyed the young woman's long golden legs, her firm muscular thighs.
What a stunning figure, he thought, and what a complexion, too, flawless,
creamy smooth - head to toe by the looks of it, all over! She was
absolutely gorgeous to look at. "That's quite a tan you have there," he
said, keeping his voice low, chatty. "Been on holiday?" We - my husband
and I - had two weeks in Jamaica. It was lovely." "Jamaica, eh. Yes, very
nice. I was there a couple of years back." As he spoke, Dr. Blake took
the hem of the gown and raised it up slowly above Julia's waist. He'd
guessed she was a natural blond and as he glanced at her smooth belly and
neatly trimmed - almost bald - pubes, he was delighted to see he'd been
right. Her mons bulged, curving neatly down to two rolled lips divided by
an almost girlish split. His cock twitched in the tight confines of his
trousers. "Now," he said, placing his fingertips on the baby-soft skin of
her flat belly, feeling her stomach muscles quiver at his delicate touch.
"You say you've had some stomach pains recently?" "Yes," Julia muttered,
feeling the doctor's fingers gently probing her. "I think I may have
picked up a bug or something." "Ok, I'll check that out after the internal.
How do you feel? Are you relaxed yet?" "I-I think so," Julia said, her
eyes following the doctor as he moved to the end of the couch and took up a
position between her raised legs. Her mouth felt dry but she did actually
feel very relaxed, sort of woozy, floating, like drunk but not drunk. It
was hard to explain. Whatever drug the doctor had given her, it appeared
to be working. She didn't feel quite so vulnerable or embarrassed anyway
so that was a good thing. With any luck this would all be over in a few
minutes and she could get dressed again and be on her way home. Julia
gasped suddenly as she felt the doctor apply a cool, slick substance
directly to her vaginal area, his fingers running slowly back and forth
along the plump folds of her sex, seemingly lingering there longer than was
absolutely necessary. She had the ridiculous urge to draw her thighs
sharply together but, of course, knew she couldn't. For God's sake, Julia,
she chided herself, the man's only doing his job. Blushing, she turned her
head to the side, tried to put what was happening from her mind. "So, Mrs.
Cole," Dr. Blake asked, "why do you think you haven't yet conceived? Do
you see it as a physical problem or something else?" "I-I don't really know
doctor," Julia Cole felt very warm and dreamy, heard the doctor's voice
coming to her from far away, as though a vast distance separated them. "I
just expected something to have happened by now. We... we make love as
often as possible." I bet you do, Blake thought. If I were your husband
I'd be fucking you rotten every damn chance I got. "What position do you
employ most often?" "I'm sorry?" Dr. Blake smiled at Mrs. Cole's
confusion. "I asked you what position you employed the most often when you
make love?" "Oh - eh... Well, I-I suppose, the usual really. Nothing too
exotic." "Come, come Mrs. Cole, you'll have to do better than that. Don't
be so shy. If I'm to help you, we must be frank with each other." The
doctor, sitting on a stool between her gorgeous legs now, closely watched
her reactions as he confidently ran a fingertip along the moistened crease
of her soft labia, down to the neat wrinkle of her anus and back again. He
should have been wearing protective rubber gloves, but he wanted to feel
her skin, her warm softness. He was hard, so hard his cock ached. The
angle at which she was lying, she couldn't see what he was doing so he had
no qualms about fondling his erection. With his free hand he unzipped his
fly and released his long tumescent cock allowing it to tent the front of
his white coat. "I don't know if you're aware," he went on, "but some
positions are better than others for conceiving a child. The deeper the
penis can penetrate your vagina obviously the better chance you have of the
sperm entering your womb." As he said this, Blake sought her entrance,
boldly slid his long index finger into the tight, clinging passage of her
silken quim. He wriggled it around the juicy interior, slipped it smoothly
out and then back in again quickly establishing a gentle rhythm. He kept
it up for several minutes, every now and then allowing the ball of his
thumb to nudge the nub of her protruding clit, smiling as the woman's belly
fluttered with each rude touch. "Does your husband have a long or short
penis?" "Oh, I-I'm not sure," Julia stuttered, feeling the gentle probing
finger burrowing into her most private of places, back and forth, back and
forth. She was beginning to feel hot and tingly and so... flustered. Was
she imagining things or was she becoming aroused? Good God, that could
never be. What an embarrassment; to get turned on by a professional man's
medical examination. She has the smooth, plump, half-fledged sex of a
young girl, Blake thought. He held her labia apart, closely examined the
now erect nub of her prominent clit, the healthy pink tightness of her
vaginal rim and entrance. He slipped another finger into the rippling
corrugations of her puffy cunt, slowly pumped both fingers in and out,
watching excitedly as her moist labia pulled and dragged along the busy
digits. Again he nudged the oily protuberance of her clit. "It's a simple
question, Mrs. Cole: Is your husband's cock long or short?" Julia was
floating on a calm sea, the gentle waves lifting her, lowering, lifting.
What did he say? Did he say 'cock'? Was she hearing things? Answer him
you fool, she thought. You must answer and honestly or he won't be able to
help you conceive. But did he say 'cock'? Do doctors use that sort of
language during a physical examination? Confused, Julia bit her lip.
"I...I don't know," she said. "I mean I have no way of comparing; of
knowing what is considered to be long or short." "It's important that I
know, Mrs. Cole," Blake said, his voice low and persuasive, loving her
confusion, the way her body was responding to his indecent probing. "Until
I know the size of his cock, I can't recommend the most advantageous
position for you to fuck. As you are, laying head and upper torso sloping
down, legs up, I can feel the cervix, the mouth of your womb, quite easily
with my fingers. There - can you feel that?" Blake probed her cunt deeply,
wriggled his fingers mischieviously. Mrs. Cole shuddered. "O-oh, y-yes!
I can f-feel it." The doctor grinned. I bet you can, he thought. "That
would not necessarily be the case if you were lying flat on your back,
fucking in an ordinary bed," he said, pumping his fingers steadily between
the slippery cunt lips, barely able to keep his voice businesslike,
professional. My God, Julia thought, her mind racing, he did use those
words! He did say 'cock' and 'fuck' and now 'fucking'. She did hear him.
She was positive of it this time and felt both disgust and a guilty thrill.
Julia blushed and, as the tips of his fingers wriggled inside her, a wave
of intense pleasure washed over her causing her to shiver from head to toe.
Blake watched as the woman's belly and hips involuntarily moved and her
breathing deepened in response to his expert finger fucking. "So, your
husband's cock: large or small? Long or short? Can you be more specific,
Mrs. Cole?" "It-It's about average...I-I think." "You think?" "W-Well... I
told you. I don't have any other ex-experience of men. It seems long to
me." "Tell me, when you hold his erect cock in your hand, how much is left
above your fingers - two, three inches?" "I-I don't know...I..." Blake
liked to remind her of the pleasures of fucking her husband, of taking his
cock in her hands. "Take an educated guess." Julia felt her cheeks flame.
She cleared her throat and said, "A couple of inches, I suppose." "Does
that include the crown?" "The what?" "The crown. You know, the helmet or
tip?" "Oh...Oh, yes. Including." "Mmm, I see." Blake kept his head down.
He smiled at her embarrassment and obvious arousal. Her cunt was swollen,
the soft lips puffy, oily, suffused with blood and heat, and he continued
to gently finger-fuck her with a steady in/out rhythm. "Do you suck it for
him?" "P-Pardon?" "Oh, come on, Mrs. Cole. Do you indulge in oral sex -
suck your husbands cock?" "Some...Sometimes." "Right. Good. Can you get
it all in your mouth, take him to the back of your throat?" "I-I... My
God, doctor... Do I have to answer such personal questions?" "You do want
me to help you don't you? You do want a baby?" "Y-Yes...yes, of course."
"Well, answer my questions then. Do you take your husband's cock into the
back of your throat?" "I-I can't. I have tried several times, but I can't.
Not right into my throat." "Do you swallow?" "I-I've just t-told you.
I..." "You told me you can't take him all the way in. I asked you if you
swallowed, Mrs. Cole. Does he cum in your mouth?" "S-Sometimes." "And you
swallow, right?" "He likes... He prefers it if I do." "What does his cum taste like?" "Eh, a bit...well, salty...Oh!" Blake moved his fingers gently
back and forth, getting them in as deep as possible, withdrawing slowly, at
the same time now blatantly thumbing the engorged nub of her sensitive
clit. Mrs. Cole was warming nicely, her sex gaping and very wet; she was,
in fact, about ready to explode. He placed his free hand on her bulging
mound, felt the fine tuft of hair tickle his palm. He extended a finger to
her clit and gently stroked the excited little bud. He heard her suck in a
sharp breath. "Tell me, Mrs. Cole," he said, his voice almost a whisper,
"does he cum a lot? Is it thick and creamy or thin and broth-like?" "Ooh!"
Julia unconsciously raised her hips, was pressing her mound into Blake's
hand, lifting her hips in time with his probing fingers. Blake could see
her nipples stabbing sharp points into the thin gown covering her breasts.
"Oh God - Doctor!" "Tell me about his cum, Mrs. Cole," Blake whispered.
"When he spurts it over your tongue. Is it thick or thin?"
"Th-Thick...very thick, gooey. Oh, please... S-Stop." "Stop?" Blake
chuckled. "If I stop now I may never get to the bottom of your problem.
I'm sure you wouldn't be happy with that." The doctor wriggled his
fingertips around the mouth of her cervix, stirring her juices and libido
to even greater heights. "Are you sure you want me to stop?" "Ooh...N-No!
No, don't stop." Julia sighed. Her rounded belly and delightful bottom
squirmed on the couch. "Let's see, you're nineteen-years of age, nearly
twenty. Do you like sex, Mrs. Cole?" Blake watched her beautiful writhing
body, the way her hands gripped the sides of the couch each time he slid
his fingers inside her. He wanted to lick her, tongue her clit and take
her right over the edge. It wouldn't take much now. Instead, he slipped
another moistened finger into her anus up to the first knuckle, wriggled it
a little, then eased it in deeper. "Y-Yes...I like sex... I-I really do."
Julia groaned. Cheeks burning, she tossed her head from side to side. Her
cunt, breasts and belly churned with hot, tingling sensations. She felt
completely dilated, open, ready for anything, for everything. She knew she
was about to cum and couldn't understand why. It was just an internal,
just a few simple questions. "How many times a week do you and your
husband fuck?" "Well, we...we both have...ah! We both work long
hours...M-Maybe two, three times a week." "Mmm. From what you've told me
so far, Mrs. Cole, I'd say you're not getting enough cock." Blake worked
his fingers deep into both her cunt and anus as he spoke. The hand on her
mound tugged her fleshy labia up and fingered the exposed nub of her clit
sending the near demented woman into a paroxysm of quivering groans. "And
- because your husband doesn't seem to be very long or well built - his
sperm is not getting into your womb as well as it might. Show me your
tits." Startled, Mrs. Cole raised her head and gaped, wide-eyed at the
leering doctor. "Pardon?" "I said show me your tits." Unable to stop
herself, Julia Cole raised the flimsy gown over her delightful breasts,
giving the doctor an eyeful of the perfect, pink-tipped mounds. "Good.
Now play with them, fondle your nipples. I want to see how they respond."
Blushing furiously, Julia closed her eyes and did as the doctor asked,
cupping each full, creamy globe, tweaking and squeezing the hard nipples
between her fingers. Blake nodded approvingly, slowly removed his fingers
and hands from his patient's delectable flesh. "Now, if you'll be good
enough to get up from the couch," he said, "I'll demonstrate the best
position for you to take his cock up you." Julia Cole removed her spread
legs from the stirrups and got shakily to her feet. She quickly pulled
down the gown, covering her modesty the best she could. Looking somewhat
bewildered and confused, she gazed at the tall, dark gynaecologist
questioningly. The doctor smiled. "Turn around, Mrs. Cole. Bend over
the couch." He watched the woman obey him without question. His cock was
rigid, his balls swollen, filled to bursting. He undid his white coat and
took hold of his enormous throbbing erection, slowly fisting the fat girth.
"That's it, Mrs. Cole. Get down low on your elbows, and raise your
bottom. Higher, please. Good. Now spread your legs wider apart." Julia
knew the gown gaped open at the back, was aware the doctor could see her
naked exposed body, but felt completely unable to protest or act of her own
free will. It was strange, but she wanted the doctor to carry on with his
highly personal examination, wanted his hands back on her body doing things
to her most private of parts. My God, she thought, have I lost my mind?
"Now, Mrs. Cole, I'm going to check your breasts and nipples. I want to
make sure they are suitable for nursing a suckling child." Blake stepped in
close to the glorious curves of the woman's full, rounded, protruding
buttocks. He nestled the hot length of his fat cock in the wide crease and
gasped at the touch of the cool flesh along his length. Pre-cum left a
sticky, moist trail where his cock rested. He skimmed his big hands over
the smooth expanse of bare, tanned skin and reached beneath the sagging
cotton gown, around and under her ribs until he could cup each firm breast.
He squeezed the weighty globes of flesh, working them tenderly as a baker
works dough. The nipples were as hard as marbles. He took each long nub
between his thumbs and forefingers, and proceeded to roll and tug on them
gently. "Your nipples are nice and long, Mrs. Cole. Does your husband
like to play with them like this?" "Y-yesss..." Julia hissed. "He...he
says I have perfect b-breasts." She was so breathless she could hardly
speak. Apart from her pulsing clit, her breasts, especially her nipples,
were probably her most sensitive spots. She felt electric sparks shooting
through her trembling body with each pluck of the doctor's crafty fingers.
Without even thinking about it, she began to rotate her plump bottom
against the hot column of erect flesh nestling in her crease. Was that
his...his cock pressing against her? That was ridiculous: ridiculous and,
actually, quite a disgusting thought. Julia dismissed the idea in an
instant. "I must say I agree with your husband. They are indeed fine
tits, Mrs. Cole. Fine nipples," Dr. Blake said. He slid his big hands
down to the soft curve of her belly then around onto her hips. "Raise up a
little more would you? I want you to compare my cock to your husband's."
"Oh...Oh, God!" Julia did and gasped as the round knob of solid gristle
gently rubbed back and forth in the crease of her bottom, touching her
wrinkled bum hole, slowly slipping lower, spreading her wet, puffy labia
apart, sliding over the flaming nub of her clit. "How does that feel?"
"God, doctor...T-that f-feels huge. B-bigger than m-my husband." "I
thought so. That's why I wanted you bending." The doctor spoke quietly,
his breathing warm in her ear. "This is the ideal position to get a wad of
cum into your womb, Mrs. Cole." Julia gasped again as the hands on her
hips moved her, making her sway to the slow, grazing rhythm between her
spread legs, focusing the action and her mind on her sensitized clit. "If
you concentrate," the warm voice whispered in her ear, "you can feel how
deep a real cock can get into your hot cunt in this position.
that." Julia gagged, her knees almost buckled as she felt her labia
spreading wide, the rim of her vagina stretching around the enormous helmet
then tightly gripping the entire girth of the lengthy pole as it surged
forward filling her to a degree she'd never imagined possible. She felt
the bulbous head bump gently against her tender cervix. "," she
whimpered. "'s s-so..." "It's all right, Mrs. Cole," the doctor
said, his voice catching as he slowly fucked his throbbing cock into the
trembling woman. He groaned with pleasure, as indeed, did his patient.
She shuddered and her internal muscles rippled along his entire length.
She was a perfect fit, felt absolutely exquisite, like sliding into an
oiled glove of soft warm velvet. "I know my cock is bigger than what
you're tight little cunt is used to but...Don't worry, you'll quickly
adapt. Just relax. Let yourself go with the rhythm." "D-Doctor..." Julia
gasped, rotating her hips, allowing herself to be pulled onto the thick,
plunging rod. "This...feels...oh...oh! It feels very...very s-sexual."
"Making babies is sexual business, Mrs. Cole," Blake said, fucking his
thick stem slowly, deeply, in and out of her deliciously sucking cunt.
"That's why you need to fuck more often; at least once, twice a day." "Ooh
God...I don't think...Ah...I don't think my husband c-could...c-cope...ah!"
Blake gulped in air, placed his hands on the front of her trembling thighs
and pulled her onto each reaming thrust, pumping her hard now. "The remedy simple, Mrs. Cole," he said. "You will go home from here, have a
nice warm bath, put on something alluring, and seduce him when he gets in
from work. Don't let him eat. Bend over a table or chair, show him your
moist cunt, how hot you are, how much you want his cock. I guarantee he'll
- Jesus! That's good. Yes, keep moving your lovely arse like that - I
guarantee he'll fuck you like this! And this! And -Ah - this!"
"B-But...he won't want to do me t-twice." "That's why you
must come back here to see me for more treatment tomorrow. You must come
back every day for the next two weeks." "Oh God, doctor! I'm coming!" "Ah!
Yes...So am I...Feel it...feel my cum spurting against your cervix?" Julia
was speechless as her delicious body spasmed to a shuddering orgasm.
"Aaaagh!" Blake gripped Julia Cole's thighs, thrust as deep as he could get
into the hot silky core of her cunt and groaned with each pulsating spurt of cum from his throbbing cock head. Later, looking flushed and dreamy,
Julia Cole left the clinic. It was only on her way out that she noticed
two nurses and several attractive patients in Blake's waiting room all
possessed well-rounded and obviously very pregnant bellies. Julia smiled.
I wonder, she thought. I wonder.



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