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Mrs. H's Humiliation 1


MRS. H's HUMILIATION (part one)
By cowgirl (ending by my good friend pw)

NOTE: These three stories previously appeared
under the title: "Girls, Pics & Food 1 - 3", so
if you've already read GIRLS,FOOD & PICS and
hoped THIS was gonna be three totally new cowgirl
it's not. sorry.
(weak shrug)

ENOUGH already....
(what a li'l blabber-mouth i am, huh?)<giggle>

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may download and keep
copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post
this story to any web site without permission from the author. All
other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.

A student who see a photograph of
two girls in a behaviour expeirment
and is confused by her lurid reaction to it.
(F/ff,humil,food,photos, weird)

Dedicted with love and respect to one of my
closest and deepest friends, Emily.

Frankly, I only even considered signing up for the dumb expermint in
behaviour mod because I needed the extra credit! It a freshman as this
school, and while I was popular socially, coming from the right kind of
family and all, I still wasn't good at the actually, like, getting good
grades part, but since I was pretty good looking and stuff, it was no

But I knew I had a pretty good shot at getting into this experiment when I
saw only ONE other girl in the waiting room with me. Though not exactlly
fat, she could stand to lose a few pounds, wore a grungy black tee shirt and
jeans, had stringy black hair, and looked disgustingly goth.
That's why I was surprised when they called her in first. Maybe it was
alphebetcial or something, I reasoned, trying to not feel miffed, waiting
for over an hour until she came out again. When she finally finished and
came out of the office I Ignored her as they asked her to sit in the waiting
room around until I was finished.

Then came my turn.

It was pretty easy actually. I went itno this office with this Mrs. van
Haankden lady in her thirites. She was a doctor and a teacher too, but she
was really warm and smart and didn't seem like a bookworm at all! Something
about her made me wanna please her, like an older sister or something!

She said the only rule was to anwser the question truthfully, with my first
gut reaction, because if I just lied and just said what I * thought * they
wanted to hear, It'd screw up the test royal! She got started, asking me
tons of personal question about my family history, background and moral

I did my best, to be blunt, but things seemed to be leading in a more and
more...uh.......sexual direction, making my squirm a little. I'm no prude, but I
didn't sign up to tell this Mrs. H woman what I did when making love and
stuff, let alone wither or not I masterbated! < grown > I sighed in relief
as the Mrs. H stopped just short of them getting really grueling.

Then we went into another darker smaller room and she showed me a lot of
pictures and asked less overt stuff, like just to decribe what was in the
picture. I smiled inwordly as I got the feeling my anwsers were pleasing
They were real photos of people doing ordinary things, boys mowing lawns,
guy reading a book, etc.

But she showed me a weird one...

It was a photo of a pretty girl standing there holding a sandwich in her out
streached hand. There was another girl who wasn't as attractive standing
next to the pretty girl, stupidly looking staring down at the sandwich in
the pretty girls hand.

The Mrs. H asked me what was going on.

I giggeled, saying the ugly girl wanted a bite of the sandwich. She paused,
starting up at me for the longest time, finally making several scribbels.

I smiled weakly, thinking I'd made a mistake, but that's all It looked like
to me!

She looked squarely at me, asking me which one was the * ugly girl *.

I frowned as her tone changed, and frostly pointed to the girl on the left,
telling the Mrs. H I never said the one on the left was * ugly *, just that
she wasn't as attractive.

She made several more notes, smiling a little and continued writing. I
pouted at her, for accused me of saying that!
Catching herself, she continued her friendly tone, asking why I said the
girl wanted a bite of the sandwich?

I shruged, saying it was obvoiuse. She was * looking * at the sandwich,
right? It was a logical deduction she was hungry, and was probably about to
eat the sandwich from the other girl's hands, I said, proud of how
intellgent that made myself sound there, using logic and stuff.

She noded, and I felt my confidence return.

She asked if I had anything else to add about the picture before we

Feeling cocky, I volentered that the unatractive girl must look up to the
pretty one holding the sandwich, since It's kinda embarrassing the
unattractive girl is either too stupid or too lazy to use her own hands.

The Mrs. H got up from her desk and looked at me with a amused quizical
expression, and I shruged back at her Innocently.

The Mrs. H called the other girl back inside with me, and she informed us
that we were the main two student she'd be working with. Introduced myself
and girl mumbeledback she was Angie Bottomore, as I forced a condesending
smile back. The Mrs. H warned us we were NOT allowed to speak outside this
office, and we quickly exchanged a little look, knowing that wouldn't happen
anyway coming from the social circles we kept. The Mrs. H instructed us to
show up at the same time tomarrow same time! That's it.

I went off to omy other class's as usual, decided the Mrs. H liked me lots
better than that Angie girl, though I wondered what the deal was with the
Mrs. H's reaction to me and that weird photo? Did it reveal something about
me that was sordid? Did I have the wrong reaction? Did she think I was being

I found mindlessly myself doodeling crude versions of two girls as I'd seen
in the photo, but quickly hid my drawings when anyone came by. I caught
myself sighing at myself for caring, but for some reason I was dying of
curiosity if Mrs. H * had * shown that photo to Angie.

And what would angie say about it, herself not being very atractive?
Strangly I found this Image of Angie looking at that picture kind of gave me
a little erotic buzz, although kinda repulsived me too.

Confusing stuff.

I tried to put it all from my mind that night in bed, but I kept waking up
in sweatly sheets wanting to see that photo again. And it wasn't just the
picture. It was the situation.

I mean, The very next picture had to be of the ugly girl eating out of her
hand, right? It was what I * didn't * see that was making me aroused
inside. Suddenly the Idea that there might actually be another lurid photo
of the ugly girl actually biting into that sandwich was gnawing at my
It really started to get to me, and I fantasied about approching Angie, even
though it was agisnt the rules, and get her to tell me what embarrasseing
stuff she'd confessed to the Mrs. H about that nasty little picture.

Disturbing thoughts of Angie hunkering over and desperately eating my lunch,
after I'd left it in the trash swam inside my head. Would she actually do
such a thing?

The next morning, I was dying to ask the Mrs. H if she had any more pictures
of the two girls with the sandwich. I was trying to think of a way to ask
about it without revealing myself or looking like such a weirdo, which I was
quickly starting to feel!

When I arrived at the office, there was Angie. It was weird to think that
this was the same girl I was getting aroused by last night. Well, it wasn't
really Angie, it was just more the growing situation between us. We were the
only ones in the waiting room, and I was tempted to grill her about the pic,
but she refused to make eye contact, which made sence given what our
instructions were. It's obvious both of us are veying for the Mrs. H's
approval, and I sure wasn't going to lose out to her in that departent, no
matter how curious I was.
Soon she went inside first, then me. I was shown more photos this time, but
I was disapointed none were as...well...none were like that stupid one of the
two girls. Just boring stuff. I panicked as I senced our time might me up -
and broke down...

...and lowering my voice a little, I asked if she had any more photos of the
two girls?

The Mrs. H smiled and let out a sigh, as if the question itself said it all.
I averted my eyes in embarrassment for what must have showed on my face as I

" Gee...You really must like sandwichs, huh?" she teased me. I blushed, but I
held her gaze, confessing I was definatly interested in seeing another photo
of the same two girls, or at least a peak of the old one again.

My face must have been scarlet, but she grined as she reached into another
folder pulling something out, saying under her breath "My my, you and
Anggie! You two * are * quite a pair, aren't you?" I frowned inwardly
cringing at her implication I was in the same leauge as Angie.

I fumed my interest in these pics different, as I was more in the pretty
girls position, I wanted to tell shoot back at her, my anger smoldering, but
I held my tongue.

I knew it, but why could Mrs. H see this???
The Mrs. H pulled out three more photos and placed them on the table, face
down. As I started to pick them up, she stoped me, saying:

" Jenny, these three phohots are probably not going to have the same
reatcion the others had. Their designed to provoke a strong viseral
response, not entertain or amuse. Understand?" She asked.

I noded thoughtlessly, turning over the first photo.

In a way, I already knew what it would be, so that's why I probably * was *
disapointed a little.

Sure enough, there was the same two girls, and the second had her face
burried into the sandwich as the pretty girl watched, smirking, which kinda
turned me on, but not much.

I frowned a little, starting to suspect that these photos not based on a
real situation, and that these two were just posing for the camera.

I felt like a dupe, as it was the Idea that something arousing, real and
lurid as happening between these two strange girls that I liked! My
shoulders slumped and I felt disapointed and kinda annoyed.

"It's the same two dopes as before, only now she's eating it." I said,

"That's all?"I said peering at her.

"How does it make you feel?" she asked.

"Like a fool. These two girls are just doing as you told them. This didn't
really happen, did it?" I said.

"Does it bother you if you think this situation is only staged?" she asked.

"Yeah, because you * said * these were real pictures of real people - so
that makes you a lier!" I blurted out, instantly regreting it!

" Jenny, I didn't lie, and I didn't tell these girls what to do. They were
part of an expermint much like the way you and Angie are. They didn't know
what was happening until seconds after these shots were taken, okay?" she
said in a calm relaxed way that made me feel like a toad.

"" I whispered back.

Let's just continue, shall we?" she said as I turned over the next photo,
and she was right, from the potisions I could tell that it was probaby taken
seconds after the first -

My face went white.

The second photo was of the two standing there, but now pretty girl mashing
the sandwich into the face of the ugly girl, who was really crying. Not just
pretending, but * really * in tears!!! Her face was all scrunchedup in that
ugly way people who are hysterical get, and it made me feel embarrassed to
be witnessing it.

I felt like a voyer before, but now it was like If It weren't for weirdo's
like me doing these tests, maybe these poor girls would have to be coreced
into doing this sick stuff!

The Mrs. H asked if I was okay, but I couldn't answer, as I just just
started at the photo, dumbly.

Everything seemed so normal and ordinary sitting in her office, looking at
these pictures. But it really weirded me out - knowing the Mrs. H let these
photos happen, let alone set them in motion.

I felt flushed in the face and my palms felt sweaty. I was starting to have
doubts about the whole expermint, what with my stomach doing flip flops! I
felt queasy, and didn't want to even * see * the third one.

"What does the picture make you feel? Don't censer yourself." the Mrs. H

"It's....sick. " I finally managed to spit out.

"Okay, but could you first tell me what's happening in the photo?" she

"....w-what do you THINK ??? ...sick stuff!!! I said my voice rising.

" Tell me what's sick about it ?" she calmly asked.

" Well....I can't understand why you'd just stand there and * let * all this
happen! This poor ugly girl is really crying! I think it's sick and cruel
that you...well....I just can't believe you made me even * look * at it! Did
you take this photo?" I asked as my anger at her burned in my gutt.

"Well, ...yes....I did." The Mrs. H replied as if nothing was wrong. I stared
daggers at her.

"How c-could you...make t-them...DO that???" I said, my anger boiling up inside,
my eyes quickly darting back from the Mrs. H to the ugly crying girl.

" Jenny, before we go any further - please just turn over the third picture.
" She said with a smile.

"Nu huh. Forget it! " I said firmly.

Before I could move, the Mrs. H flipped it over.

I couldn't help myself. I looked.
It was of the same two girls.

" What's happening in the third photo Jenny?" she asked.

"...uh...." I mouthed staring at it.

The third picture was of the ugly girl just standing there and no longer in
tears. She still had some sandwich smudges on her face, but she looked to be
over her crying jag.

But, and this part I didn't get was-

the pretty girl was now kneeling down and eating the remains of the sandwich
off of the floor.
" uh.....Somethings wrong." I said, by breath quickening.

"yes ?" she asked in anticipation.

" don't get it? Why w-would she just.....let this happen ? The pretty
girl I mean? " I stamered, rubbing my knees together, and feeling antsy all
of a sudden.

" Let what happen ? " the Mrs. H replied.

"I mean....* she's * the one who's the * main person *, right ? The pretty
girl's the one we're supposed to * be * in these stupid photos, isn't she ?"
I asked glued to the disturbing lurid photo before me, fidgting with my
pants a little.

Mrs. H asked back: "I don't know Jenny, * is * she? There's no right
anwser. Are you telling me you indentified with the pretty girl in the other
photos ? And now this new Image doesn't..." The Mrs. H said, but I interupted
"NO, NO, NO!!! I don't * Identify * with either girl,! These are YOUR
photos! It's just, well.... It's just....Ohhhh, I dunno...This is totally messed
up Mrs. H, really! " I said drinking in the last pictures every detail to my
dismay, my hands rubbing aginst the tops of my tighs anxiously as my breath
quickened a little more.

"Jennifer, do you feel pretty girl is somehow demeaned by eating the
sandwich off the floor?" she asked.

"Well....DUH! I mean...Isn't it obvious ????" I said breathlessly more to
myself than the Mrs. H.
"Mrs. H - This * isn't * the pretty girl I've come to know in the other
photos. That pretty girl would never agree to this, that's for sure! Jeez -
I don't even know who this girl * IS * anymore, let alone * respect * her!
Don't you lose respect for her down there like that ? " I whined, really
getting worked up by now.

"Well...:" the Mrs. H tried.

"Exactlly!!! Mrs. H -this really freaks me out!!! I just don't get why the
heck my girl would * possibly * change places and get down there to do
something as gross and putrid as this, DO YOU??? !!" I was becoming totally
tranfixed straring down at the table.

" Jennifer, do you think the pertty girl is aroused in ay way by doing what
she's doing? " Mrs H asked calmly, not looking up at me.

My throat constricted a little as I sat there in an embarrassingly steamly
silence, before I
finally managed to shake my head unconvincingly/

" uh....Mrs. H? Have you.....showed Angie this picture? " I nervously asked,
without looking up.

" I'm not sure, but why do you ask Jennifer? " she said cooly.

" reason. I'm just....not sure It's a good Idea to expose her to stuff
like this, that's all." I said looking away.

"...uh huh. Well, your concern is quite touching. " the Mrs. H grinned down at
me as she got up from the desk.

I was still in a glassy daze as the Mrs. H scooted me out of her office. I
felt strangely disapointed when Angie wasn't in the waiting room, but the
Mrs. H told me she'd sent Angie away as she had all the data she needed,
and the expermint was over. She then thanked me for my help, closing the
door behind me.

And, just like that - it was over.

I was strangely disappointed when I didn't see Angie for the rest of the
day, not that I was looking for her or anything!

I also had a very sleepless night, with strange lurid disturbing dreams
that probably came from those hidouse pictures I did my best to forget
about! I finally did pleasuer myself to relieve the tension, but I did my
best to drive the Image of the unseemly pretty girl eating off the floor
like that from my mind as best I could, I really did!

I longed to confront Angie, and thought I senced a little something in the
way she looked at me. Something disturbing. I wanted to confront her and
make sure she knew I was back on top, and nothing like the girl in the
photo, but I became passive and said nothing when she was arround.
I tried to Ignore Angie over the next few weeks, and was burning with the
fear and anyipication over what she may have thought after having seen that
last photo I'd seen.

The next day at the student union, I saw Angie eating lunch with two of my
best friends Cole and Patty! This was definitely strange. These were pretty
and popular girls, even prettier than me. Part of * my * crowd, not hers. I
instantly became somewhat alarmed and a little miffed, but forced on my
perky smile as I walzed up to them.

But then I felt a warmth tingle as I notice that they were looking at me and
whispering to each other, giggling.

I walked up like it was no biggie.

Saying hello, I notice they weren't making a seat for me, so I tried to
stand there, all casual like, as if I didn't really want to sit down anyway,
babbeling on as the look at me, smiling.

Then Cole accidently drops a napkin on the floor, and asks Me to pick it up
for her.

No problem, so I reach down and pick up cole's napkin and hand it back to a
smiling Cole, trying to Ignore the feeling of electicity in the air.
Something's wrong.

But then my other friend Patty "accidently" drops a cookie, then says
nothing and just stares at me, supressing a funny grin.

I stare in confusion as it's clear Patty * meant * to drop it, but I get
this funny feeling again, especially since Patty Isn't even * asking * me
to fetch it for her. She's just grining at me, and all four of us get the
Implication. I feel my self growing more flushed.

I again desperately pretend not to notice them hiding the smirks they're
exchanging, as I reluctantly bend over pick up the cookie, nervously
offering it to Patty.

Patty smugly looks away saying:

"I don't want it anymore jennifer, it's like, been on the ground.", Which
makes total sence I realize, as I'm just kind of standing there holding it
dumbly. Then Angie smiles brightly and says:

"Well Jenny, I guess you'd better eat it, huh?"

I turns crimson red, and was about to tell her off right then and there, but
the other two girls chimed right in, agreeing with Angie, and insist that I
really should eat the cookie.
I paused, my face on fire at this humiliation, yet some part of my desperate
to do it.

I don't understand what's going on, and their all smirking at me was only
making things worse, and I began to feel the blood rush from my face down to
my secret spot between my legs, and my knees feel like their going to
buckel, as my breath starts getting heavier with desire.

I take a bite.

"See ?I *told* you. " Angie whispered at the other two, their eyes wide.

Then my best friend Cole dumps her salad all over the floor, and Angie and
Patty bust up with laughter and add their soft drinks to the mess. All three
girls just look at me, and my best friend Cole smirks over at me asking:


I know what's expected, and drop to my knees.

Say Bye to Slow Internet!


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