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Mrs. H's Humiliation 2


MRS. H's HUMILIATION (part two)
By cowgirl

(yup, my pal PW. bailed me out for an
ending again ! Thanks bud!)
This work is copyright (c) 2000 by cowgirl. You may download and keep
copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post
this story to any web site without permission from the author. All
other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.
Allison and her friend have heard the odd
rumors about Mrs. H and her expermints
with photos and food, but Allison curisoty gets
her in deep shit. (F/ff,humil, food, potato salad, photos)


"Allison...what do you see? Is she there yet? What's she dooooooing?" Carly
Fickelmyer wimpered, hunched over on all fours as I.

"...shhh. Hold still! You'll give us away if she hears us, you fool!" I
whispered as I dug my toes into her back for a beter look as I stole a peek
through the little window.

" uh....Okay, okay. sure and tell me afterwords if she does anything
weird, okay? Promise?" Carly begged.

" Shhhh - quiet! Here she comes." I scolded as I stared in aww.

Mrs. Emily van Haankden walked into her classroom and locked the door as she
seemed to be preparing for a quiet lunch alone. Mrs. Hadinski wasn't * just
* a teacher here at school, but a full blown Doctor as well, plus she had
this calm, sophistocated beauity and class that I knew I never would. I'd
been infatuated with her since I first saw her. And after I heard the
rumors, well, I had to see for myself.

"I hear she's a stack of photos of half the girls in school. And she makes
them do weird stuff in them too! That's what I hear. Have you heard that?"
Carly whispered as I tried to Ignore her.

I watched Mrs. Hadinski sit down at her desk with a small stack of papers
that well could have been photos on her left, and a brown paper bag on her
right. She opened the bag and pulled out what looked like some boring
spoiled potato salad, but after seeing the flies were coming from the bag,
Mrs H made a prissy face and pushed it away! I mean, I could smell the
stench from my window across the room too. Mrs. H just left the spoiled fly
ridden food on her desk in the corner and turned away, now taking a single
photograph from the stack and placing it in front of her. I couldn't see it

"Don't believe that ballooney Carly. I can see right here by looking at her
that Mrs. H has * way * too much class do anything as crass as what kids
gossip about! Their just jelouse, that's all."

I watched carefully as Mrs. H picked up the photo and turned her back away
from me, which made it hard to see. But I could tell she was doing
something. My face went scarlet as I realised she was rocking slightly back
and forth, and was probably doing to herself! I didn't realise even teachers
did that too. I mean, I'd tried it a few times without much success, and
certianly not at school during lunch hour, even IF the doors were locked! I
bit my lower lip as I my breath quickened , trying to block out Carly's
" Nancy stewert * swears * she's seen that dumb girl Jenny Peters eat stuff
right off the floor if you tell her too, and she wasn't like that before
Mrs. Hadinski took her How much longer do I have to stay
down here like this?" Carly said sounding antsy.

"Not long.don't move....just a few more minutes." I said, more to myself than

By now Mrs. H was going at it pretty good, and I took it all in as I'd never
seen * anything * so nasty before! She put the photo back on the desk and
her face was inches from it as she worked hersself with both hands now! I
felt embarrassed to be invading her privacy, but thrilled at the same time,
and longed for a better view. But my eyed wandered back to the large stack
of pictures, my mind racing. Wondering. Curious. Desperate for a look at the
others as well.

"Allison? Did you hear me?"Carly called me back to earth.

" Huh?" I said, my wide eyes glued to the tiny window as
Mrs. H seemed close and closer to...welll.....something!

"I * said *, asuming she * does * do it - how do you supose
she * gets * the girls to take those weirdo pictures like that?"
carly repeated.

Suddenly Mrs. Hadinski shoved her face from the photo into the spoiled
potato salad flied and all, bucking and wallowing in her muffeled growns as
her face became caked with the yellow stuff!
I felt eletric and on fire all at once and * lost it * -

Literaly tumbeling to the ground on top of Carly. Luckily nobody seemed to
hear us, as I got up and tried to hid my arousal from Carly, embarassed as

"Soooo??? What was she doing? Where their pictures? What? What???" Carly
asked desperately.

" ...nuthin'. She just ate her lunch. No pictures. Just a boring ol' teacher
eating lunch, that's was it.

Carly got a disapointed look on her face, but seemed releaved in a way too,
and we never spoke of it again. I knew if it was this hard for me, it would
destroy her!

As the days rolled on, I couldn't get the bizarre secret from my mind
though. I * had * to get a look at those whatever those girls were doing in
those mysterious pictures Mrs P kept looking at!

It was a few weeks until I found myself staying behind in her classroom
after lunch, hiding behind some desks. I knew Mrs. H would be busy and
taking lunch with some teachers, so this was my chance.

I was frusterated her desk waslocked, and after a quick search, couldn't
find the stack of photos anywhere! As I was about to give up, I stubeled
across them in the back of one of a storage bin, in an envelope. I snatched
up the envelope and brethlesslyt checked to see if the door was closed.

I sat the envelope on the same desk where Mrs. H sat that day I saw her with
the potato salad! I could even see some crumbs from her lunch on the desk as
I fumbeled to open the envelope, my hands shaking.

Then I heard something behind me.

I quickly spin around and see Mrs. H. and Carly standing there by the door.
I try to get up, but my legs are jello, so I just sit there at Mrs P's desk
as holding the envelope and smiling back at them weakly.

But Mrs. H. simply smiles back, as if nothing is wrong. She
closes the door and waltzes up to me with carly trailing behind her.

"Oh, Allison. What a lucky coincidence! Carly was just telling me about
your little * game * the other day behind my classroom window." Mrs. H
announced, exchanging a little smirk with Carly.

I start chewing my lower lip, double mortified, now that she
* knew *. I couldn't belive that little snitch Carly! Mrs. H stepped super
close to me and I swollowed hard as I fondled the envelope nervously as I
stare back up at her and Carly.

"You must be just DYING to see those photos, aren't you, Allison ? "
Mrs. H asked more to Carly than me.

I was burning with shame by now and can't bring myself to look up at either
of them,

but I nod.

Mrs. H. turns to Carly, as if they are old friends, and says
" Well, Carly, what do you think ? Shall we see what our curious
little kitty cat will do to see the picture ?"

Carly blushes, too, but with a wide cheshire grin and eagerly nods.

" Carly, now take the envelope from Allison and to sit on the other side of
her desk, facing across from her. " Which she gleefully did. I found myself
enveying Carly's new position. I never thought I would slip this far. I
wanted to be Mrs. H's favorite. I pouted defeatedly at Carly, and was
brought back my Mrs P's voice.
" Carly....please open the envelope. " Mrs P instructed.
As Carly slide the picture out and holds it up, her eyes go
wide, and she gasps.

" Dr. P., How did you...? "...but Mrs. H. shushes Carly and turns back to

" Allison, please stand up, in front my desk. " Which I did, shaking like a

" Okay, little miss curious, please slid your undies down to your knees, but
no further. " Mrs. H said firmly.

I went white as a sheet. She couldn't be serious, could she ?

I shot a pleading look to my back stabing friend Carly, but she was all
smiles. I frowned and licked my lips, taking a breath and sliding my
quivering hands reaching under my skirt.

I worried that Mrs. H was planing on spanking me, as unlikely as that
sounds, since I was way to old for such a thing. I found my pantied rolled
up a bit as I slid then down my thights, which were covered with goose bumps
by now! I stopped at my knees, my panties now binding them together.

" Very nice job. Didn't our littleAllison do a nice job with her little
undies assingment Carly ?" Mrs. H winked at Carly, who noded back.

As I stood there with my underwear waded up around my knees, feeling like a
retard, as my former girlfriend and Teacher smugly smile at me.

" Allison, your punishment is that not allowedto see the photo today. I
Imagine you'll get quite angry, frusterated, worried, and ultimatly aroused
and fitfull over what you cannot see, which is
the point! " Mrs. H spoke to me as she gazed at Carly.
" Until this time tomorrow, you are to do ANYTHING Carly tells you to do. If
you do this, then tomorrow you will be rewarded with a peek at your precious
little photo. "

Then Mrs. H set a 30 minute timer which was sitting on her desk for 15

"Allison, my next class comes in after lunch in thenext fifteen minutes. You
are to think about what a naught girl you've been by snooping, and remain in
this position until the timer rings. If you get lucky, you just may get your
panties back up before the bell rings and they come flooding in...." As Carly
got up, Mrs. H continued.

"....of course, some come stagering in early. " Mrs. H then came close to my
face, pointing to something on the table.
" Lookie Allison, it's a little crumb. Don't you think a naughty
girl such as yourself should place her tongue aginst that crumb and keep it
there until your little bell rings ? "

I nodded, bending at the waist, my tears spiling onto the desk,

my tongue licking her dirty desk,

hands at my side, panties around my knees,

as I breathlessly eye the timer and found myself longing in the worst way to
touch myself as soon as they left.

I keep hoping the do leave soon, as I don't think I can resist
* not * sending my quivering little fingers to my moist waiting bush, the
humiliation washing over me.
And with that, Mrs. H., Carly and the picture...
leave the room.

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