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Mum and Me 1


Mum and Me {John Jabbin} {mF Inc Mdom}
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I plan this series as a slow, gentle seduction of a
middle-aged mother by her son. If you're interested in
reading more, please let me know by dropping me a

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sex reading please.

Mum and Me - Part One
by John Jabbin
I began to actively think about taking my mother when
I was fifteen years old. I was a horny bugger at that
age, just like every boy, but unlike other chaps my
age, my thoughts turned to dominating submissive
girls. I had cornered some of the neighborhood sluts
for quick little trysts, fingering their juicy cunts
and forcing them on their knees to suck my dick, but
my mind always turned to my need for a regular supply
of steady pussy. That's really what a growing
perverted boy like me needed.

So early one Saturday morning, after spending some
time thinking about this persistent dilemma, I went
downstairs to break my fast and decide what
deviousness I could do all day.

Mum had me a nice plate of goodies and I sat to eat my
sausage and toast and all the while I did she washed
and cleaned about the kitchen. She was wearing a full-
length satin nightgown that was anything but
provocative to all but the horniest of teenagers,
which I just so happen to be. As I sat and ate,
contemplating my constant need for sexual attention,
her ass swayed gently back and forth, going about her
household duties. It was like waving a red flag at a

Until eventually it dawn on even my thick skull, why
am I thinking so hard about how to get fresh cunt away
from home, when there's a perfectly good cunt right
here being unused? Mum hadn't had a man about the
house since Dad buggered off five or six years ago.
I'm sure she had to be nice and horny herself by now,
even though she never invited any beau to share her
bed. She wasn't a bad looking slice of pie, either. It
was a shame to let her best years go to waste. I'd
really be doing her a favor by becoming her steady
supply of cock.

And Mum was a submissive little gal, too. She never
gave me orders anymore. We had an easy style between
us since I liked things nice and neat. I wasn't yet
out hanging with the chaps each night since they all
had to be in bed at certain times. Occasionally I was
out late sniffing at some cunt, but at my age they all
had to be in even earlier than the boys. So there was
never much friction around our flat.

She had done the very best she could since Dad bugged
out. She made a decent wage and dawdled over me as
much as I allowed. Even so, there was always a tinge
of sadness to her life. Mum was lonely, of that I was

So wasn't it about time, as the only man in her life,
to put an end to that? I was really just doing my duty
to dear old Mum, when I thought about it that way.
Plus, it'd be nice to have a steady flow of snatch
about the house.

So, walking up behind her at the sink, I put my arms
about her waist and hugged her short little body back
against me.

"So, what's my favorite girl to do today? Any wild
exciting things on tap?"

"Nothing but the regular weekend chores. Why? You have
something you need to run and do?"

"Oh, I don't know," I whispered with my chin on her
shoulder near her ear. "I was thinking I need to spend
more time with you. We haven't done anything fun in
quite some time. Isn't there anything wild you'd like
to do, Mum?

"Middle aged mothers don't do wild things, luv.
There's too much work to be done for that."

"But just this once, Mum, let's do something fun
together. I want to see you let your hair down a bit."

Whether she could feel my boner pressing into her
arse, I don't know. The nightgown wasn't all that
thick I could tell from my hands at her waist. Still,
I wasn't exactly grinding it into her ... yet!

"Well, I do have to buy myself another dress for work.
I had one go completely out on me this week and I have
to bite the bullet and get another. We could go
shopping together if that's your idea of fun."

"I don't know, Mum. That's almost too much excitement
than I could stand. I'm only fifteen. Do they allow
sons my age into the bawdier dress shops?

"Don't be silly, boy. I have to buy my dresses off the
rack at a department store. I can't afford dress shop
dresses on our budget."

"Well that's a shame, Mum, because you deserve to be
all styled up if anybody does. Maybe I will go with
you just to help you pick out something flashy that
all the men would love."

"You're welcome to come, John, but I won't be buying
anything 'flashy' for my work. I just need a nice,
sensible frock."

"Let's go then," I said, giving Mum a swat on her bum.
"And don't forget to wear clean knickers like you're
always telling me."

Mum threw me a puzzled look over her shoulder, but
scuttled off to her bedroom to change, apparently
happy with a little male attention for a change.

All during the trip to the store I bantered with her
back and forth, schmoozing my Mum just like I might a
fresh bird off the street. As we went along, she got
more and more gay, enjoying herself and our
companionship. I thought to myself again how lonely
she must be that just a little more attention from her
boy could make her feel so nice.

Now women's fashion at a department store is a
fascinating place for a fifteen-year-old boy. Ladies
garments and underwear as far as the eye could see.
And tagging along with my mum, I actually had the
right to touch and feel everything we passed. I
quickly decided that this wasn't half bad, being with
a crowd of women as they thought about changing
clothes and what they would wear.

For the most part, I was ignored. Seeing I was
attended to by one of their own, most of the ladies
let me be. One big arsed flirt actually held up a
dress before her massive bosoms and glanced at me to
ask my opinion. When I held my nose to show my
disapproval of the dreadful frock, she laughed and put
it back and continued shopping.

But when I wasn't flirting with tarty old whores, I
was concentrating on finding Mum something sharp to
wear. She was picking out a dumpy old dress, but I was
able to see what sizes she wore from the things that
she considered.

She went to try a few things on and while she was
gone, I looked on a few of the nicer racks. I found a
red sexy number that was a bit lower cut in the front
and a little tighter around the hips than she would
normally wear. Still, it was in her size and not much
more than the three she had picked out for herself.

She came back out, shaking her head.

"I 'm just not sure. Which one of these two do you
like best, John?" she said, holding up the two least
hideous of her three.

"I like this one," I countered, holding up the red one
I'd picked out.

"What have you got here?" she questioned looking at
the size and style and finally checking out the price.
"That's nice, dear, but not practical and way too

"Come on now, Mum. I've come all this way, at least
try on the one I've picked for you before you toss it
aside. If you like it, I promise to not eat anything
more until we've saved enough to pay for it. Just try
it on and see if we both like it."

I bullied her until she had agreed and tried to wait
patiently until she finished.

When she did come out, I was quite pleased. It wasn't
the sexiest dress in the world, but it was a damn
sight better than her other two and better still than
anything in her wardrobe. As she stood in front of the
looking glass, I took a fresh appraising gander at my

Mum was a short, strawberry blonde that was just now
going from slender to pleasingly curvaceous. She was
fine the way she was, but in a few more years at this
rate she'd be just short and dumpy. Like most lonely
folks, she ate too much and didn't get enough
exercise. Mum was letting herself go through
inattention. Lucky for her, she had a son that was
ready to address the situation.

"Now that's a better look," I said glowingly coming up
behind her. Putting my hands possessively on her hips
and turning her a little this way and that, I said,
"Now the men at work and on the way will sit up and
take notice of a lady in a dress like that. But see
here, it's still very professional. It's a very sexy
look without crossing the line into being a tart."

"Jonathan!" mother remonstrated me, though she never
took her eyes off her figure in the glass. "It's nice,
but I just think it's a bit much."

"Oh come on, Mum! It's perfect is what it is. Please,
you have to get it, if nothing else as a favor to me."

"It's just too ... provocative," she finally
intimated, her hands fluttering around her neckline
and bosom.

Reaching over her shoulder, I spread the collar to
show even a bit more skin and whispered in her ear,
"That provocative look is what I like about it. I have
a sexy young Mum and I want everyone to know it."

"Jonathan!" Mum embarrassingly looked around to see if
anyone could have heard me. But, the really telling
thing was that, not seeing anyone, she pushed back
against me ever so softly. If I hadn't been trying to
anticipate her reaction, I would have missed it

That's the sign that confirmed to me that my mother
would eventually be willing. The sweet pressure as she
leaned against me told me that all I had to do was be
patient with her.

"Buy the dress, Mum," I whispered seductively in her
ear. "Make your man very happy."

"My man?" she repeated, her eyes widening as she
stared at our reflection in the glass.

"Why sure, Mum. Except when you start wearing a sexy
frock like that they'll be plenty of blokes want to
take you off my hands. But until they do, you'll be my
gal. Won't you, dear? And I'd really love my gal to
buy herself this frock."

"Well, if a simple dress can make a young man go daft
over his old mum, maybe it has some promise. I guess I
can stretch our budget just a little."

"Great, Mum! Now let's get you changed and let's go
home. I can't wait to be off with my gal."

Mum quickly changed and paid for her new red frock
with only a minimum of grumbling over the cost. We
rushed home like two teenagers on the flirt and for at
least half of us it was true. The other half only felt
that way for the first time in a while.

It was getting well past noon and we were both hungry
again, so I offered to help Mum make us a little meal
together in the kitchen. We both decided on something
light, just a bit of soup and salad, so as I got the
salads ready, she fixed up the other.

Before we started, Mum had changed into a pair of
almost knee length shorts and a light yellow button
down blouse. I was a little disappointed that she
hadn't worn the dress, but it was a bit much to think
of us piddling around the kitchen in her sexy new
frock. There'd be time enough for that very soon.
Besides, the yellow blouse had possibilities if she
had only not worn her standard issue brassiere. The
top was so light and thin that it would be quite
interesting if I could only talk her out of the

"You look all nice and comfy," I told her while coming
up and cuddling her from behind. "But I would have
thought you'd want to be a bit more comfortable on
your days off."

"What do you mean?" she questioned.

"You look lovely, don't get me wrong, I'd just think
you'd be more at ease if you didn't have to be all
trussed up around the flat," I explained while
reaching up and giving her brassiere a little pop by
pulling it away from the back.

"Oh my, John! In this thin top? I'm sure you wouldn't
want to see your old mum parade herself around like

"I'm sure I wouldn't mind at all, since even though
you are my mum you're not THAT old. But no matter
what, I'd be willing to do a bit of suffering for your
comfort, 'old mum!'"

"I might not mind being a bit more comfortable if I
thought you would behave and not be gawking at me. But
for all that you like to act so grown up, Jonathan,
you're still just fifteen years old."

"So how am I suppose to act more mature if you never
give me the chance. Relax yourself and see that I
won't be gawking at you. Well, not much anyway. No
more than any man of any age might notice a beautiful
woman about the house."

"Oh my, but you're laying it on thick today!"

"And well I should. I've only got one, old Mum, and I
haven't been paying her enough attention as of late.
I'm out to rectify that. Do you mind a little more
attention from your son?"

"No, I can't say that I mind it, son. You're growing
up to be a handsome lad and you've certainly got a
tongue of gold in your sweet mouth. There's not many
girls who'll be turning away your attentions either
now or in the future. Even so, we have to keep a bit
of perspective here, you know."

"That's all I'm trying to do by getting you to loosen
up a bit, luv. Just trying to get a little

"See, there's that cheeky 'tongue of gold,' I meant."

We both went back to fixing foods and soon we were
nearing being done together. As we set the plates and
food on the table, Mum excused herself and I finished
up with drinks and such. When she came back and set
herself down, much to the delight of my wandering eye,
she had left her brassiere behind.

As we had agreed, I didn't say a word about the
transformation, though I certainly stole a few
glimpses to appreciate the view.

Mum's breasts were well bigger than a handful and even
though there was a touch of sag, they still were
lovely to behold. In particular, her nipples seemed
big and lovely and every time she caught me glimpsing
they seemed to get a little bigger.

We ate our meal and chatted about this and that.
Mostly I was respectable and looked her in the eye.
Every now and then, and mostly uncontrollably, they
slipped a little lower.

Still in all, I could tell that Mum was almost
beginning to regret her bravery. And, there was the
fact that I didn't want to seem as eager as I was. So
I told Mum there was a bit of running round in the
neighborhood I needed to do and wondered if she could
fend for herself for the afternoon.

Just like a silly girl, she went immediately from
being worried that I was giving her too much attention
to being worried that I hadn't given her yet enough.
She got a disappointed look to her face, but try as
she could, she couldn't think of any reason for me to

So I finished up my food and excused myself and bent
down to give the old girl a peck on the head before I

As I did, I wrapped my mitts around in front and,
hefting mother's charming tits in either hand, gave
both warm nipples a gentle squeeze.

As she gasped in shock, I whispered in her ear, "And
thanks for the lovely perspective on these beauties!"

As I scrambled out the door, she had just gathered
herself to begin shouting. Still in all, I'll always
remember the warm flush that went over her and the way
her nipples hardened wonderfully in my hands.

Author's Note: If you're interested in more chapters
in this story, please tell me at either of the e-mail
addresses listed on the head. You'll get a private,
personal reply in return. And I'm always like to know
just where my readers think the story ought to go.



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