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Mum and Me Part 5


Mum and Me, Part Five {John Jabbin} {mF Inc Mdom}
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If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

Mum and Me, Part Five
by John Jabbin
Over the next several days I made it a habit for Mum
to see me naked at least several times every day. The
door to my room became permanently open and I timed
the moments of my undress to the times when she would
be coming to and leaving from her room. That way she
would have to walk right by my bedroom door.

On Tuesday morning as Mum was walking by, I called out
to her, "Have you seen my black trousers, Mum?"

'They're hanging in your closet, John. I put them
there on Sunday."

"Well, I still can't find them. Could you come and
show me where you put them?"

Mum stepped into my room. At first she seemed
completely exasperated about my nudity and I could see
her debate whether to turn and flee, then I saw her
resolutely decide to just ignore my lack of dress. She
turned away from me and went to my closet where she
went right to my trousers and started to pull them
from the rack.

Of course I moved up behind her and was committed to
keeping her from quickly slipping out the door again.
She wasn't dressed provocatively in her blue quilted
house-robe, but the thought of being naked with Mum in
such a confined space had my cock stiff in front of

"I'd like to arrange my closet so that it's easier to
find things, Mum," I told her as I stepped right up
behind her and took the trousers from her.

"See I'd like to put all my shirts on one side," I
said, crowding her in and letting the head of my prick
brush her robe ever so lightly. "The trousers I could
put in the middle and my weekend clothes on the other

"Well, your a big boy now, John," Mum said flustered,
knowing that if she turned around she'd probably get
poked in the front by my stiffness. "Organize it
however you want."

"You're the best, Mum," I said, giving her a big hug
from behind. Mum practically jumped into the closet
headfirst when she felt my hard cock press into her
robe-covered arse.

But I knew there wasn't time to mess with her this
morning. We both had to get ready, her for work and me
for school. So after a brief yet pleasant rub, I let
her go and turned away and threw the trousers on my
bed and started to step into my briefs.

While pretending to ignore her, I still continued to
watch Mum out of the corner of my eye. It was
gratifying to know that even though she did beat a
hasty retreat to the door, she still paused to turn
around and watched as I took my time to bend over and
pull up my underwear. By the time that I turned around
to put on my trousers she was gone.

I threw on a shirt and my school shoes and rushed over
to see if I could catch Mum getting dressed for work.

As I opened her door and stepped in, I caught her in
her bra and panties in front of her closet trying to
pick out a frock to wear. Typical Mum, really. Often
she'd take forever to get ready because she couldn't
quite make up her mind what to wear.

"Wear the red dress we bought this weekend, that ought
to make your day interesting!" I said breaking into
her contemplation and startling her.

"John, you simply must learn to knock," she replied,
pulling out a dress at random and holding it in front
of her to partially cover herself a little more.

As I crossed her room, I tsk'ed at her. "Not that old
thing, Mum. You've worn that frock a hundred times and
it does little for you. Wear your pretty new red
dress. You look lovely in it."

I took away the dress she was holding up in front of
herself and turned to her closet and drew out her new
red dress. Holding it in front of her in the same way,
I stepped back a little and admired it.

"Yes, this is just the thing. Wear it today, Mum.
It'll be beautiful."

"Okay John, don't go on about it. I've paid enough for
it already, I suppose I have to wear it someday."

I crossed over to Mum's dresser as she took the dress
off the hanger and started to put it on.

"Wait Mum, you can't wear that red dress with those
plain white bra and panties. Don't you have a red set
I've seen in the wash a time or two," I said as I
opened the dresser drawer she kept her underwear in.

"Get out of there, young man. It's not polite to go
through a woman's things," Mum said, exasperated once

"Here they are," I said holding up the pair of red
panties and bra I had remembered. "Why is it not
polite? It's just scrapes of cotton and lace. You go
through my drawers when you wash my clothes and put
them away, don't you?"

"That's not the same, John. I'm not rummaging through
your things, I'm helping..."

"That's all I'm doing now, Mum," I said stepping
closer. "See, these match the dress and you just have
to wear them together." As quickly as I could manage I
stepped behind her and began to unhook her bra.

"I can dress myself, John," Mum said, trying to
struggle away.

Just as her bra came unsnapped I snaked my left arm
around her waist and pulled her closer. "Nonsense,
Mum. Here I'll close my eyes if it will make you feel
better. Come on now, we're going to be running late if
you don't get a move on it. You're dawdling about."

She sighed, a bit put off, but Mum wasn't the type to
make a big fuss and stamp her feet. When I stepped
back and didn't crowd her, she held the white bra on
with one hand as she pulled the straps off her arms
with the other. Then, with her back to me, she swapped
them quickly, so quickly that I might not have even
gotten a glimpse from the front, much less from behind
her where I stood. Still, I wasn't trying to peak at
her so much as just get her used to me being around as
she got dressed.

I did step forward though and helped her to get the
straps straightened and to hook the red bra behind her
back. I found that I was really enjoying the aspect of
dressing Mum. I decided I wanted to make a daily habit
of this ritual if I could help it.

"Turn around, young man," Mum said more determinedly.
"I simply will not have you gawking at me as I change
these panties."

I decided that since she was being a sport about it
that I'd go ahead and for the sake of family harmony
turn around. Still, I couldn't help but let a bit of
humor enter my voice when I told her, "Okay, but
you're taking all the fun out of it. I was hoping to
get a good look at your arse this morning."

That got a giggle from her and I even felt her lean
against me a bit as she stepped into her red panties.
I was sorely tempted to turn around and catch her in
my arms with them down, but I let the temptation pass.

Unfortunately, as a reward for being a gentleman, by
the time I turned around the red dress was falling
over her hips and I didn't even get a chance to see
Mum in her matching red bra and panties. My cock had
so wanted to have that image burned into my brain and
I let out an involuntary groan, which for some reason
seemed to please Mum.

As she stood there with an impish look on her face,
smoothing out the folds of her pretty new dress, she
looked marvelous. I couldn't help but step forward and
scoop her into my arms and hug her tight.

"You look positively delicious in this frock, Mum.
You'll be turning heads in this thing all day. Promise
me you'll come home to me and not run off with the
first man that wants to make love to you."

Mum laughed off my comments as she pushed away and
went to retrieve a pair of red flats that matched the
dress. I went back to her dresser as she did and
retrieved a pair of stockings for her. It was a lovely
sign of her acceptance that she didn't even fuss about
it when I handed them to her.

And this time she hardly turned away when she bend
down to slide the stockings on her leg. I saw her
little foot go into the toe and she only turned a bit
sideways as she ran them up her sleek leg. As she
snugged them up high, I got a glimpse of the pale,
lovely expanse of my mother's beautiful thigh. As much
as I was trying to control my response, my cock was
hard by the time she was putting the second stocking

I knelt down in front of Mum and, as she sat back onto
her bed, I rubbed each foot just a bit right before I
slipped first one flat and then the other onto her

"Tonight when you come home I'll rub your feet again,"
I told her as I rubbed her calves before standing up.

Mum's eyes rolled back in her head a bit at the
sensation of a man rubbing her legs through her
stockings. As I stood up, my hands slid up to the back
of her knees and I gave them a light, gentle caress
before I was done.

As I held a hand out to help Mum off her bed, I
couldn't help but notice that she was staring at the
obvious bulge in my trousers. Even so, I was
disappointed that she didn't rub herself against it
when she kissed me on the cheek to thank me for
helping her get ready for work.

All day at school I thought of Mum in her sexy red
frock. I thought of her full, pale breasts encased in
her red bra all day long and of the round flank of her
arse covered by soft red cotton as well. It was all I
could do to not walk around with a huge boner all day

In fact, thinking of Mum all day, I was very
distracted around my mates and the little girls that
liked to hang around us at school. I found myself
comparing these girls and their young, thin bodies to
the fuller, more mature body of Mum. I'd played touch-
and-feel with a few of these girls, but today at least
my mind was on Mum and getting my hands on her.

It's funny that girls seemed to sense a boy's
distraction. The less attention that I paid to some of
them the more interested in me they became.

But the day couldn't pass quickly enough for me. It
felt like forever until the final bell rang and I was
able to scoot home in a hurry. By the time that Mum
got home I had my homework all done, dinner half-ready
and a glass of wine poured for her by the time she
stepped in the door.

"Here ya go, Mum," I said as I handed her the wine and
pulled out her chair at the kitchen table for her to
sit in. "How was work today for my favorite gal?"

Mum groaned and began to go on about how terrible her
day was. She sounded like she just needed to blow off
steam, so as she vented, I pulled up her foot into my
lap and, after pulling off her shoes, began rubbing
her stocking feet.

"Umm, that feels delightful, son. I feel like I've
been on my feet all day. Thank you so much for rubbing

After I had started on the other one, I asked her,
"Would it feel better if we pulled off your

"It might, but ... wait John, let me do it!"

"Just relax, Mum. I saw you put them on this morning.
I can figure how they come off."

With my hands up Mum's skirt, I found the top of the
stocking to her right leg and slowly started to ease
it down. I made sure to caress the soft tender flesh
of the inside of her thigh as I was there. What amazed
me most was how warm it was up under Mum's skirt.

Then, with my hand on her bare right foot, I kneaded
the arch and sole of her foot directly. Mum moaned a
sigh of relief and slumped even deeper in her chair
and closed her eyes to relax.

In the removal of her stocking, Mum's skirt had gotten
pushed up about a third of the way between her knee
and her hip. The whole time I was rubbing her foot and
calf, I was looking at the smooth, soft skin of Mum's
pale thigh. I really wanted to push that skirt up even
further, but even more I wanted to keep touching her
and not scare her away this time.

So, after a discreet enough time, I leaned forward and
began to pull the stocking off of her left leg. Mum
kept her eyes closed, but even so, I was very
gentlemanly about not using the opportunity as just an
excuse to feel her up.

That's not to say that in the course of reaching up
her skirt and taking off the stocking I didn't get a
lot of exciting touches of Mum's skin, especially
since the stocking was already off of the other leg.
The whole way up, the back of my hand was brushing her
naked right thigh. Then, when my fingers curled around
the top of the remaining stocking, there was the
inside of her warm left thigh. Just that intimate
touch would have made me rigid if I weren't so hard

And this time I made sure that the skirt came to rest
even higher up. In fact, from where I sat I could see
just the hint of red panty underneath enclosing the
cheeks of her bottom. While I rubbed her foot, I
stared mesmerized by that small strip of red.

Until, so aroused I could hardly think straight, I
reached forward to tug the skirt up even a little
further. Mum's eyes fluttered just a bit when I did so
and her hand reached forward to swat at mine casually,
but by then I had pulled it up even further.

Now, as I continued to massage her feet, I could see
quite a bit of the lovely pair of panties I had picked
out for Mum just this morning. They were almost the
same color as the skirt, except that they were a
little lighter color, just a shade more pink.

Except for one part. As I went back and forth between
one foot and the other, I spread Mum's legs apart ever
so slightly. There, in the slim, soft space between
her legs, the material of her panties was slightly

As I continued to rub her feet and legs, that
discoloration grew deeper and darker. As I rubbed her
calves and upward to her knees, not only did it seem
darker, but there was also a lovely fragrance in the
air. I knew enough about women to know that the
wonderful aroma was the smell of my mother's cunt.

"That's enough, John," Mum suddenly said when my
fingers started to massage her thighs just below her
knee. "Thank you for rubbing my feet, darling. That
felt grand."

Mum kissed my cheek and rushed upstairs so quickly
that I knew something was up. I knew what I usually
did when I rushed upstairs so quickly. After a short
time, I slowly eased upstairs, being careful not to
step on the one squeaky stair.

At Mum's door I listened carefully and heard soft
moaning. Slowly I turned the knob and cracked the door
open, thanking the foresight I had exhibited a few
days ago to oil all of the hinges on the doors

Through a small crack in the door I was able to see
Mum stretched out on her bed, still dressed in her
sexy red dress. Her legs were spread wide and though I
couldn't see them, it looked as though her hand was
moving very quickly inside her beautiful red panties.

I watched, mesmerized, as Mum tossed herself off. I
wondered what she was thinking as she rubbed her
clitoris so desperately. I was thinking about
loosening my own pants and beating off with her when,
of a sudden, Mum's thighs came together and her bum
came up off the bed and she was moaning out her

God, she was beautiful cuming like that. My mouth was
watering, wanting to be between those squeezing thighs
as my tongue lapped at Mum's leaking cunt. It was over
so quick, though, and then the moment had passed. Very
quietly I closed the door and slipped off to the
bathroom to masturbate to the sight burned on my mind
of Mum jilling off on her bed in that sexy red dress.


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