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Mum and Me Part Three


Mum and Me, Part Three {John Jabbin} {mF Inc Mdom}
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Mum and Me, Part Three
by John Jabbin
Mum was feeling very bad about what we had done on the
divan. I think she blamed herself more than me, but she
didn't want to have too much to do with me either.

"Is everything okay, Mum?" I asked her over dinner that

"No, John, it's not okay. Twice today I've let things
get out of hand between you and me and I'm not the
least bit happy about it."

Mum's hand was lying on the table between us. I reached
down and took her hand in mine, even though she made a
bit of effort to take it back.

"Come now, let me just hold my mum's hand. I'll behave,
dear. I promise."

With a show of reluctance, she settled down and I held
her hand tenderly as we ate.

"Mum, I know you're not happy with me just now, but I'd
like to tell you that today has been a very lovely day
for me. I feel closer to you than I think I've ever
been. I've really enjoyed spending the day with you,
and not just the parts you think. I enjoyed going
shopping and I enjoyed our meals together. I even
enjoyed massaging your feet, and I don't mean the
naughty part. I hope I didn't ruin my chances of
getting to rub your feet each night for you when you
come home from work."

"I don't know about that, John. I don't think that
would be a good idea."

"I know I'm green and there's a lot I have to learn,
but I want to be a gentleman and learn to treat a lady

"Yes, there's still a lot for you to learn, young man,
but there are some lessons that a mother isn't suppose
to be teaching her son."

"Then where am I to learn them? The neighborhood girls
my age can't teach me those lessons. Believe me, I've
tried." Mum's face grew shocked as the realization of
my admitted promiscuity dawned on her. "I guess I'll
just have to find some sympathetic older lady in the
neighborhood. Are there any gals your age you'd

"Jonathan! You stop such talk this instant. You're only
fifteen-years-old, son. You don't have any business
with a woman my age."

"Well, I was hoping it wouldn't be business, since I
don't have a job or any money. Okay, I know that was
cheeky. It was joke, Mum. Not the part about being
interested in an older woman, I was serious about

"Son, you need to take your time and grow up. Just
enjoy being young and hanging out with your mates."

"Mum, my 'mates,' usually hang around on corners
getting pissed or trying to get laid, pardon my French.
Now, I know you think that just means I need new mates,
but it isn't that easy. Most of the blokes my age are
either completely clueless or too very much clued in.
There's not a lot of safe, 'middle ground' these days.

"And besides, Mum, " I went on, giving Mum's hand a
little squeeze as I did. "I'd really rather be spending
my time with the ladies than getting sotted on your
money or getting into trouble. I'm afraid you've
whelped an incorrigible philanderer, Mum, even though
it's not your fault."

"Oh, John! What am I to do with you? You need a man
around the house to keep you straight, but I've none

"Don't fret yourself over that, Mum. A lot of the
blokes I know have men about the house and most of them
are worse off than me. You've done a good job, so far.
You're not that disappointed in me, are you now?"

"I'm not disappointed in you, John. You're a bright lad
and too handsome for your own good. I just wish you'd
apply yourself to something more constructive."

"Well now, I'm trying to be constructive, Mum, in my
own way. But let's get back to that 'handsome' thing.
Tell me what you think is my best feature," I quipped,
mugging for her by turning my head from side to side
giving her a profile.

"You are incorrigible," Mum laughed gaily, squeezing my

"Now see, I think that's one of my best features, too.
I'm glad we agree."

We ate the rest of the meal in a more companionable
silence. At least I'd pulled Mum out of her funk. She
still let me hold her hand, but in every other way she
kept a discreet distance.

Usually I tried to get out and around on Saturday
evenings, but it was getting late anyway, so I decided
to stay in. Besides, what I had been telling Mum about
not really enjoying hanging around a bunch of drunken
sots was pretty true. The first couple of times I did
it were fun. Lately it had begun to wear thin.

I don't really like to be drunk myself. I'm the kind
that likes to stay in control. It was fun getting the
drunks to do things they might not normally do, to
exercise a little control over them. But the fun of
controlling another person for me is when they know you
control them. When you can get someone to do what you
want them to do, and get them to love doing it, that's
what I enjoy most.

But, that didn't mean I wasn't planning to enjoy
myself tonight. I still had Mum, after all.

Mum and I did the dishes together. She washed and I
dried. We hadn't made much of a mess with just the two
of us, but we enjoyed the time just being together.
Whenever she would hand me a dish, I'd allow our hands
to briefly touch. At first, Mum shied away from such
caresses. But after she realized I could touch her
without going farther than she felt comfortable going,
she began to relax again.

"Do you miss not being married, Mum?" I asked her,
trying to catch her in a softer mood.

"Hmm, that's a good question. I don't miss your Dad. He
wasn't very nice in the end. But, yes, I do miss being
married. I enjoyed having a man about the house and
doing things for him. At least, let's say I miss the
idea of being married."

"How come you didn't get married again, Mum?"

"I suppose the experience with your Dad made me a
little jaded. It's not that I'm not interested in
finding a man, but I'm not in any hurry and he'd have
to be the right man this next time. I'm not interested
in making another mess to clean up, physically and

"But I haven't seen you date anyone or really be
interested in a man in a long time, Mum. You can't just
turn off all those feelings, can you? That doesn't
sound healthy."

"Well now, John. Suddenly you're interested in my
emotional health, are you? No, it isn't healthy to try
and turn off your feelings, dear. I don't think I've
done that. I'm just trying to be careful. My problem is
I usually get too emotionally attached."

Mum was tired and it was getting late. I gave her a
respectable peck on the cheek before she could object
and she went up to take a bath and go to bed. I watched
the tele for a bit, but my mind wasn't really in it.

I kept thinking of Mum and what we'd done and what I'd
decided. The more we talked and the more that happened,
the more I was sure that it was the right thing to
seduce Mum. She wasn't happy right now. She needed a
man and I couldn't stand the thought of her bringing
home somebody. It's not that I'd be jealous, although I
would be. But I couldn't stand some man coming into our
home thinking he could order me around. I would have
definite authority problems with that.

With the tele playing low, I fell asleep on the divan.
When I woke up, hours later, I remembered a vivid

I dreamed that I was rubbing Mum's feet on the divan,
just like before. Only this time, she was naked. My own
foot was stretched out between her legs and my toes
were wiggling in her pubic hair.

Mum was protesting, but I kept rubbing her feet and
wiggling my toes. My foot became wet with her moisture.
Mum's nipples were huge and very hard and as she rocked
on my foot they made little circles in the air. In my
dream, I watched them, fascinated.

Then I was pushing her backward. It seemed to take
forever as she leaned back onto her bed. Suddenly, as
can only happen in a dream, we were in her bed. She
went back and back and back until her strawberry blonde
head hit the pillow. Her curls bounced in slow motion
around her head and seemed to get closer and closer as
I moved on top of her.

My dream Mum tried to push me away with her hands, but
her legs seemed to wrap around me and draw me in. I
felt my cock sliding into her, even as she protested I
should stop.

Then we were fucking, slow and steady, and Mum's arms
were around me and her hips were thrusting up at me,
too. She was moaning wetly in my ear and grunting every
time I came down on top of her. I could feel her
nipples poking into my chest, but it was the little
grunts each time that drove me wild.

And then she was kneeling before me with my cock
sliding in and out of Mum's lovely mouth. Her lips were
wet and slick and she took me deep with every thrust.
As I sped up, she moaned and the moaning set off
vibrations in my prick. When it slid in all the way,
her moan was punctuated with a grunt as if to put a
period to how deep I could go.

Then we were shopping, and Mum was still naked. But the
main difference was that she was being very
deferential. She was humbly asking my opinion and the
things I rejected she quickly tossed away. She asked me
about a black dress. I told her it was fine and she
quickly ran away, moving on the balls of her feet

She came back in the black dress in just a moment. We
stood before the looking glass and my hands glided
around to fondle her breasts. There, in the store, I
touched up Mum with strangers walking by, even going so
far as to push her up against the glass.

With her cheek pressed against the cool glass, her butt
pushed out and I finger-fucked her gently. Then
eventually, not so gently. Every time my fingers slid
in deep, Mum grunted and thanked me. Her grunts became
whimpers and her whimpers became little keens of
ecstasy. Just before she came, I awaken with a start.

I woke up sweating, my breath coming in gasps for a
moment. My prick was absolutely throbbing. I thrust my
hands in my shorts and began slowly pumping my hard
shaft. I closed my eyes again, thinking about Mum,
thinking about her pressed against the mirror.

In a waking fantasy this time, mentally directing the
action, I fucked into Mum. Her breath came hard and
hot, steaming up the looking glass. I was fucking her
as hard as I could, as fast as my hands could jack my
cock. In my mind I heard her grunting, grunting every
time I pressed in. Sweet, delicate Mum, grunting like a
whore, grunting every time I fucked her.

There on the divan, I came a second time today to
fantasies of Mum. Thick, sticky strands of cum shot
out, soaking the tail of my shirt and also soaking my
belly. I continued, imagining my cock sliding into her,
until the last of my jism oozed out of me.

The stillness of downstairs was broken only by my harsh
breathing. I had never tossed off with Mum in the house
except behind the closed doors of my bedroom or in the
shower. But even if she had caught me, tonight I
wouldn't have minded.

I cleaned up downstairs and wiped my face. It's a good
thing that Mum sleeps so soundly. She used to say she
could sleep through anything. Me, I'm right the
opposite. Not only do I wake up easy, but also I don't
sleep very long every night. About four or five hours
is all I need.

I went upstairs and put my cum-soaked shirt in the
laundry and changed into a fresh one. Then, starting to
get very tired again, I crept into Mum's bedroom.

In the dim room I could barely see her. More by sound
than sight, I followed the shallow breathing noises to
Mum's bedside. I could just make out by the blonde hair
against the pillow that she was lying on her side,
facing away from me.

So very gently and easily, I slipped into bed behind
her. I lay my head on the pillow next to hers and
breathed in the scent of her freshly bathed aroma.

I breathed in the scent of her and thought about my
dream. Even as my cock grew harder, I stifled a yawn
and slowly fell asleep with thoughts of fucking mother.


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