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Mum and Me Part Two


Mum and Me, Part Two {John Jabbin} {mF Inc Mdom}
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I plan this series as a slow seduction of a middle-aged
mother by her son. I've gotten tremendous feedback. My
thanks to all who wrote.

Such feedback is the only price that most authors that
post to ASSM ask. If you want to read more, you ought
to pay the price by letting me know you liked this
perverse tale. Writers need feedback in order to become
better writers. If you don't let us know what you like,
don't complain that there are no good stories. Any
comments, bad or good, are welcome. Write me at the
e-mail address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

Mum and Me, Part Two
by John Jabbin
I slipped back in the house around dark, all nice and
quiet. I figured that any spat that Mum might feel for
me touching up her knockers would be done by then. But,
I had given a lot of thought to her and me as I
patrolled the neighborhood and talked to my chaps and

In fact, I found myself thinking of little else than
Mum's luscious knobs and how good they had felt in my
hands. But as I talked to the little sluts in the
neighborhood that I was used to flirting with, I
realized that taking this same approach with Mum
wouldn't likely be successful. After all, Mum wasn't
some local tart that might be talked into a quick jump
if she was in the right mood.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that
I'd have to take it slow and easy with her. After all,
I didn't want to scare her off with some silly grab at
her arse that would ruin things for the long haul.
There was probably a lot about gaining the affections
of an older woman that I didn't yet know about, being
only fifteen. The more I thought about it long and
hard, the more I realized I'd have to be patient with
Mum and bring her round slowly.

Unless of course she wanted to jump me as soon as I
walked in the door.

Unfortunately for me, Mum wasn't standing naked at the
door when I got home. Then again, I hadn't really
expected her to be. But the thought did cross my mind
of how lovely that would be!

Mum was in the sitting room, reading a book. She never
was the type to sit and watch the tele absentmindedly,
but I'd often find her crawled up with a steamy romance
novel. She was sitting on the divan, with her legs
tucked up beside her. Best of all, she was still
dressed in the yellow blouse with the knee length black
shorts, but from the way she was sitting, there wasn't
anything yet to see.

"We need to talk, young man," Mum said in her most
solemn voice.

I was expecting this, so even though I took her concern
seriously, I wasn't too worried.

"I know we do, Mum," I said, taking a place beside her
on the divan. "Mind if I go first?"

When she gave me a little nod, I started in with all
I'd thought about to say.

"I just wanted to apologize for getting all grabby on
you before. It wasn't a very nice thing to do,
especially since you'd been so agreeable to me today
and took me shopping with you and even bought the dress
I'd ask you to. So I'd just like to say how sorry I am,
Mum, and that I won't be doing that again too soon."

"Well, all right then," she said all relieved. "I'm
glad we won't be having any more of that."

"I'd like to make it up to you, if I could. Is there
anything you need? Anything I can do for you?"

"Not at the moment, luv, but if you'd like to keep me
company a while, that would be nice."

"I'll tell you what I'd like to do, Mum. How about
giving me your feet and I'll give them a nice rub while
you read your book?"

She put up a bit of resistance at first thinking no
young man would want to be rub her feet, but eventually
I was able to talk her into letting me do it. Mum
leaned back with her feet straight out on the divan and
returned to reading her book. I put her feet in my lap
and began to rub them.

Now I had never really paid much attention to ladies'
feet, but I had noticed that by the end of the day
Mum's feet sometimes hurt her. Especially if she had a
hard day at work or if she had been wearing heels, she
would be very tender-footed around the house in the
evening. The first thing she often did once home was to
kick off her shoes at the doorway.

My thought was, if Mum didn't want me grabbing any
other part of her, I'd start with whatever part I could
lay my hands on.

From the very beginning this new tact seemed a great
success. I propped both feet along my thighs and rubbed
them softly with my hands, being careful not to tickle
her toes. I started hearing moans and thank you's right
away. Maybe they weren't the sort of moans a horny
young man really wants to hear, but there was something
wonderful about making Mum moan at all that made me
feel warm all over.

So I started really enjoying this, too. I kicked my own
shoes off and let her lay out nice and easy with her
feet resting in my lap. I took one foot up at a time
and inspected it.

Now I don't know anything about ladies' feet, but I
could tell that Mum's were in terrible shape. There
was dry skin and calluses around the outside near her
toes and especially along her heels. I suppose the best
place to start in getting dear old Mum in shape was at
the bottom, with her feet.

I excused myself a moment and came back with some skin
lotion and began to rub a generous amount on her right
foot, concentrating on the portions of dry skin at her
heels and along her toes. Mum practically began to purr
and I soothed her feet, running the slick, creamy
lotion over her arches and on her soles and starting to
work it into her most dry and tender places.

"That feels heavenly, John," Mum murmured softly. "You
really don't mind rubbing my feet?"

"Not at all, Mum. It's sort of fun, seeing a part of
you up close I'd never given much thought to before."

She began wiggling her toes and stretching the ankles,
moving both feet at a time. Now, for the one in both my
hands, that really wasn't a problem. I was holding it
up and using my thumbs to make deep soothing circles on
the soles and to rub the thicker pads around her heel.

But the foot that was in my lap was another matter. It
wasn't so much that anything of hers was really
touching anything of mine other than my leg, but Mum's
foot was so close to my prick that it was maddening.
Almost at once, as soon as she started wiggling her
toes around, I got an instant and enormous erection.

The more I rubbed, the more Mum's other foot wiggled
and the harder I got. Then I had a wonderfully wicked
idea. Picking up her left foot, I set the right foot
that I had been rubbing directly down on my fat

Mum froze and I felt her get very rigid. I just started
rubbing the left foot and slathering on the lotion to
it as though nothing was about. Even so, even though I
was trying to ignore it completely, the weight of Mum's
foot on my chubbie felt remarkably good.

Mum set her book aside and watched me massaging her
foot. At least, that's what she was pretending to do,
just like I was pretending to be rubbing her left foot.
In reality, we both were concentrating on her naked
little foot that was lying on top of my hard prick.

Still she hadn't moved it. It was maddening how she
left it there so motionless, the warm sole of her foot
pressed the entire length of my prick. I wanted to grab
hold and rub myself with it, wanted to thrust my cock
against it until I added my own special lotion between
her toes.

But I didn't do that. I wanted to wait Mum out, to see
what she would do. What I did do though was to get a
gander at her rocky hard nipples, though.

Now that she had laid her book aside, they were there
in all their glory, shining like two beacons on a dark
night: Mum's flinty-hard nipples. I'd never seen a more
lovely sight! I had felt up every girl in the
neighborhood that would allow it, but I had never seen
two hard nubbins press against a shirt so

"So, Mum, do you like having your feet rubbed?" I
asked, just to get her talking. The answer was obvious
in her quickened breathing and the flush upon her face.

"Yes, dear. It feels very nice to have them done."

"It looks like you need to have them taken care of
often. Would you like me to do this for you every

Maybe it was just my imagination. Or maybe just my
fondest wish. In any case, I thought I felt just a
little extra pressure from Mum's foot against me,
pressing down, rubbing her foot along my prick so
gradually that it might have been missed otherwise.

"You actually like rubbing my feet, John?" Mum almost
whispered as though half-afraid I might say, 'no.'

"Why sure, Mum. You have sexy feet."

Again, the slightest extra pressure when I said that
'sexy' word. It even felt involuntary, as though Mum's
foot had a mind of it's own and that mind was filled
with thoughts of my hard cock.

"Don't be daft, John. I'm sure there's nothing about my
feet that's sexy."

"Maybe not to you, but they are to me."

If she'd only rub me harder, I'd show her just how sexy
I thought they were, I thought. Please Mum, rub your
boy a little harder with your sexy toes.

"Why in the world would my feet be sexy to you? They're
just feet, and not particularly attractive ones."

"I'll grant you that they could use some attention,
Mum. I'll be sure and take good care of them from now
on. But, I wouldn't say they're not attractive. You've
got nice small feet and I certainly like your toes."

I felt a definite nudge that time. Mum pretended that
she was stretching a bit, and perhaps she was. She'd
been sitting very still for quite some time. Even so,
when she scooted over just a bit, her foot definitely
gave my stiff prick an extra rub.

Mum's tits were really pointy now. And all along the
outside, I could see a fainter, lighter ring. Just
looking at her meaty nipples made me hungry.

"Would you like your calves massaged a bit, Mum?"

"Yes, John, please do."

I picked up Mum's right foot, the one that had been
resting on my cock and held her two pretty feet
together. Then, very carefully, I set them both down
together on either side of my stiff prick, with the
effect of nuzzling it between them.

Then, stretching forward, I began to slide my hands
down the undersides of Mum's bare legs, massaging the
muscles of her lower calves. Of course, this had the
effect of rocking Mum's feet back and forth
rhythmically on my lap.

Oh god, that really felt good along my soft trousers.
Sure, everything was covered and hidden, but the
friction was divine. Mum even curled her toes and
arched her ankles a tad straighter to fit around me
more snugly.

"We really shouldn't do this, John," Mum whispered

I thought she'd back away. I was looking her straight
in the eyes. They were like warm pools soaking in our
naughty action. I held her legs firmly with the thought
of preventing her escaping. Even so, she made no effort
to withdraw her feet.

"Shouldn't do what, Mum? I shouldn't rub your feet and

"No, son. That's not what I mean."

I kept rubbing Mum's calves and my erection with her
feet at the same time. It wasn't a lot of stimulation
on my prick, not nearly as much as I use on myself, but
it was such a vulgar thing to do that I was getting
more and more excited all the time.

"What do you mean then, Mum? That's really all that's
happening here."

Then a really wonderful thing began to happen. Mum lay
back again and closed her eyes and started actually
flexing her feet around me gently. She was bending her
knees slightly and then straightening them out, with
the effect of drawing those gorgeous feet ever so
slightly against my hard slab of cock between her toes.

"Yes, son. That's all that's happening. Rub my feet,
John. It feels so lovely."

"Oh yes, Mum, really lovely!"

Harder and harder I rubbed Mum's calves and Mum's feet
rubbed my cock. Then the pretext of the leg rub was
momentarily abandoned. Now she was more actively
rubbing me off with her feet. I leaned back more and
more until I was gripping just the tops in my hand and
was for all extent and purposes jacking my cock off on
her feet.

Back and forth I rubbed, it felt amazing. From heel to
toe I rubbed, it felt glorious. I could see Mum's hard
nipples jiggling now, rubbing the insides of that
yellow blouse. I longed to suck them into my mouth and
nip the tips gently with my teeth. I longed to spread
these pretty legs and crawl up and lick Mum's splendid

Just thinking about Mum's cunt got me that much closer.
She was licking her lips and we were both breathing
faster. Sliding down even further, I gripped her arches
and thrust my pelvis up and began to shoot great globs
of hot, sticky cum into my trousers.

Oh god, if it felt this grand still dressed up I don't
know if I could stand it in her cunny. Her toes and the
balls of her feet urged me on. As they began to press
into the ever-expanding patch of wetness, she began to
wiggle her toes more, causing more grunts and
convulsions from her son.

When I had shot all I could, I held Mum's feet still on
me. As I leaned back to catch my breath, Mum slowly
pulled her feet back further on the divan and off my

When I had recovered somewhat, I tried to catch her
eye, but I could tell that what we had done embarrassed
Mum tremendously.

"Maybe you better go get cleaned up for dinner, John,"
she said without looking at me, picking up her book and
pretending to get back to reading it. "It's been a long
day. Why don't you go take a shower?"

"You're right, Mum. It's been a hard day, but a very
good one."

As I rose and began to walk upstairs, I turned to see
Mum curled up on the divan. She looked to be reading
her book as though nothing had happened. I would have
almost thought it so, except to see one hand gently
squeezing compulsively on her nipples.


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