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Must Come Down

Copyright (C) 1998 by Amaranthus. All Rights Reserved. Free distribution
via electronic medium (that is, the Internet or electronic BBS) is
permitted providing the story text is not modified and this copyright is
included but no other form of publication is permitted. This document
contains material of an ADULT nature. *READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK*. Having
been warned that this material can be construed as offensive the onus is on
you to quit reading any further. This story is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes
only and does not necessarily represent the views of the author or the
electronic source from where this material was obtained. All characters
are fictional and any resemblance to any real person is purely

The sequel to - 'What goes up...'

'... Must come down' by Amaranthus

Lying on the large, double bed, Harriet sleepily eased her naked body
onto its side and the hollow gold crucifix around her pale neck slipped
lovingly between her large, firm breasts. Her body heat gradually warmed
the red pubic hair folded neatly within.

She opened her eyes - remembering.

Today was the first anniversary of Sonia's death and Harriet intended to
visit the grave of her former lover.

Tears crept into the corner of her eyes as she recalled their meeting at
Eleznick's cafe and her dicovery that day of her bisexuality.

"Sentimental me," she murmured softly into the crushed, feather pillow.


In the almost deserted cemetery parking lot, Harriet left her car and
walked the remaining hundred yards to Sonia's grave. Approaching the
secluded spot between the spread of two ancient elm trees she saw a young woman kneel and place a large floral wreath on the early morning damp

The woman had long, flaming red hair that shone like a beacon in the
sunlight. The slight breeze lazily shifting its lustrous waviness.

Harriet stopped; held her breath, tightly grasping her own floral

The woman stood up and turned towards her and for one heart stopping
moment Harriet thought it was Sonia.

Closer scrutiny revealed that it was a near likeness but not her former
lover. The lips were thinner and the nose, straighter and longer.
Nevertheless, it was still a very beautiful face.

'Who is she?' Harriet had to know.

She moved closer towards the grave.

"I'm sorry to intrude on your grief," said Harriet. "If you wish I can
come back later."

"No. Please stay. Are you... were you a friend of Sonia's?" asked the
young woman, quizzically. "Only, I can't recall seeing you at the

"I was a very close friend... but was unable to attend. Are you
related to Sonia?" asked Harriet.

"I'm Marisa, her younger sister. You are...?"

Harriet extended her hand and lightly held onto Marisa's pleasantly cool
hand, it was at that moment that she caught the woman's full fragrance.

It had been Sonia's favourite perfume.

"Harriet... Harriet Edwards," she muttered, slightly bewitched by
Marisa's likeness and scent. "May I place my flowers with yours?"

Marisa gazed intently at her as Harriet hurriedly bent down and arranged
the flowers.

"Sonia spoke of you," said Marisa, "We held no secrets from each other
and I hope I don't embarrass you when I say that she loved you a great
deal... I can see why."

Harriet blushed as she stood up and turned towards Marisa.

"It's kind of you to say so." Tears welled in her eyes, her voice was
heavy with emotion as Harriet continued, "I loved Sonia..." She held eye
contact with Marisa, "... so very much." She shook her head as if to throw
off an emotional weight. "If you know who I am," she said more
assertively, "then you know that it was my ex-husband who killed her."

"Yes, I know but I don't hold that against you. In fact I can
understand your feelings. Could we be friends?" asked Marisa, smiling

Harriet beamed delightedly. "I was going to ask you the same question."

They hugged each other tightly like old friends meeting again for the
first time in many years; each shed an emotional tear.


During the next two weeks Harriet and Marisa met frequently during the

Harriet knew that Marisa was still a 'working girl' and could not see
her every evening.

Although they were from totally different backgrounds they found much to
talk about and of course the common bond between them was the shared love
of a bitter-sweet memory.

Each evening's conversation brought Harriet revelations from the two
sister's childhood that intrigued and provoked her into more intimate
inquiries. It was late one evening after Marisa had drunk too much that
she eventually related the full story of their upbringing.

An aunt in Cleveland, Ohio had raised the two girls after the tragic
death of their parents in a road accident when they were very young.

The aunt had no idea that her male lodger regularly abused the girls.

Not until Sonia was of an age to properly understand what was happening
did she take matters into her own hands. One evening when she went to his
room she also took a long, sharp kitchen knife with her. He awoke to a
stinging pain and wetness between his legs. His penis was missing. They
never found where she buried his manhood.

Upon his discharge from hospital he moved out of the neighbourhood and
the girls never saw him again but the events of those years left deep
psychological scars that occasionally resurfaced during adolescence. In
Sonia's case it manifested itself whenever she made love in the dark. She
froze when touched and could not enjoy any foreplay.

When she was eighteen Sonia found a special love with an older, more
understanding man. She nurtured this relationship for a number of years.
It helped to overcome her sexual fears and provide the foundation for a
sexual awakening that she wanted to share with her sister.

One weekend they teamed together, making love to this same man. It was
an intimate occasion that gave both girls an insight into their sexuality
and what love could be achieved without fear or pain. The man was
impressed with them and suggested that their talents could be financially
rewarding for them all. For a small percentage of their earnings he would
set them up in business as high-class escorts.

For a number of years they quietly earned a great deal of money and
built a substantial clientele. Everyone was satisfied with their role
until one hot, stifling July evening, an out of state Senator whispered to
Sonia that there was more money to be made in Washington.

"...you'd be nearer to me, too honey. Nearer to where the big money is
and where the action lies," he said, knowingly, his large, white hands
roughly squeezing her large breasts as she sat astride him, his huge
erection sending waves of pleasure within her vagina.

By September they were in business for themselves. They rented an
apartment in a block whose residents cared nothing for their lively

The Senator had his 'sexual freebies' while promoting the names of new
clients. The girls' services were in constant demand among the affluent
society in which they now found themselves.

They were riding the crest of a wave when the police raided their
apartment. They were charged and convicted of prostitution.

Instead of prison sentences they received only a heavy fine, thanks
mainly to some monetary sweeteners given to the judge provided by their
friend the Senator. It wiped out their savings and afterwards the Senator
told them they were on their own and were not to contact any of their
clients or him again.

The sister's knew they had reached a turning point in their lives. It
was time for each to go their separate way.

Out of the blue Sonia received a phone call from Frances, a high class
Madame, who had seen her in the media and wanted Sonia on her books. She
eagerly agreed and during this period Sonia gave part of her income to
finance Marisa until Marisa met Carlos who became her pimp.

That evening, as Harriet listened intently to the full story of Marisa
and Sonia's life, her emotions were in turmoil. She understood that Marisa
was a totally different person to Sonia and Marisa could never replace her
feelings she had shared with Sonia. She saw the pain in Marisa's eyes and
felt a need to reach out and protect her from further harm or degradation.

Following their third large drink, and during a lull in the
conversation, she stood up and walked over to the couch where Marisa was
sitting. Harriet seated herself close to her, took Marisa's glass and
placed it carefully on the small occasional table. She grasped Marisa's
hands in her own. Speaking softly, her voice deep with emotion she said,
"Marisa, when we first met you asked if we could be friends and you must
know that your friendship means a great deal to me. What I'm offering you
is the opportunity for you to quit your work and live with me..."

Harriet raised Marisa's fingers to her lips and kissed them.

"I'm not making this offer lightly. I've really become very fond of you
these past few weeks." She kissed Marisa's fingers again. "Please say
you'll stay."

"I'm flattered by your offer, Harriet... I... I don't know quite what
to say. I'm not stupid. I know that you might consider my friendship a
close alternative to my dead sister's. But I would rather be with you
every day than force myself to have sex with the type of client that Carlos
seems to find for me these days."

"It's true, I can understand your fears," said Harriet, gazing warmly
into Marisa's dark brown eyes. "You remind me a great deal of Sonia but
I'm asking you as a person to be my friend not the image of my former
lover. That is the difference between wanting you and perpetuating my
feelings for someone who has gone out of my life. Will you stay?"

"Are you realy fond of me, Harriet or is this just a phase that you are
going through and next week I could find myself back on the streets with no
help from Carlos once..." She stopped in mid sentence. "What are we going
to do about Carlos? He's hardly likely to shake my hand and say goodbye to
his only meal ticket."

Harriet grasped Marisa's hands tightly. "Leave Carlos to me. I know
people who owe me enough favours to put him somewhere out of harm's way.
Carlos is less important to me at the moment than to our continuing
relationship. I've asked myself some soul-searching questions and found
that I love being with you. I enjoy your company. I want you with me all
the time not just a few evenings a week. I miss you when you're not here.
There's a void inside me that only you can fill and where money is
concerned I'll honour any outstanding financial commitments you may have.
And, so that you may feel free to leave at any time, I'll even place ten
thousand dollars into your account. I don't want you to feel that's a
bribe. It isn't. It's to show that I care enough to ensure that you won't
want to leave. I'll also arrange for an acceptable weekly allowance to be
paid into your checking account."

Marisa sat quietly with her head bowed deep in thought. "You won't hurt Carlos will you?" she eventually said. "Financially Carlos has been good
to me over the years but I can't seem to break free of him."

"No, I won't hurt him, just place him somewhere safe for a while."

Looking directly into Harriet's eyes Marisa said, "Then I accept your
offer, Harriet, but apart from being your companion what else am I going to
do to occupy the days?"

"Well, as I said earlier I've given it some thought and, if you're
agreeable, we can start straight away on re-educating you to become my
personal secretary..."

"Secretary... But I don't have..."

"Don't worry about what you don't have," interjected Harriet, "I'll make
sure it's provided. I'll personally oversee your education. It'll take
time. I don't expect you to become a qualified secretary in the next six
months. It most likely will take at least a couple of years."

"Thanks, Harriet. It seems a rather inadequate word for what you are
giving me," said Marisa, inching forward in her seat and as Harriet
released her hands Marisa wrapped her arms gratefully around Harriet and
hugged her tightly. She affectionately kissed Harriet's cheek.

Their eyes locked.

A close observer would have seen a momentary search for refusal.

A fleeting downward glance at the others lips.

They leaned forward. Their lips met.

At first they kissed slowly, tentatively, then, as their initial
inhibitions quietened their passions engulfed them.

Harriet broke free and cupping Marisa's face in her hands. "Marisa,"
she gasped, gazing wantonly into her eyes, "I want you," she said.

Marisa said nothing but casually stood up and Harriet led her by the
hand out of the room towards the stairs.

The bedroom was awash with moonlight as they slowly undressed each
other. Harriet remembered the first time she and Sonia had made love in a
frenzied manner but now she brought a deliberate slowness to her actions.
Lust's embers burned brightly between them as they gazed wantonly at one
another's bodies. Their kisses aroused their passion as they fell onto the
bed. Surrounded by silvery moonlight they tenderly caressed each others
breasts and thighs.

Marisa arose and straddled Harriet's stomach, her hands clutched
Harriet's wrists pressing them onto the mattress above her head. Leaning
down she intimately kissed Harriet's mouth, then, licking and kissing her
way down over her neck, she moved her wet mouth onto Harriet's ample right
breast. Instantly engulfing the long, dark rosebud that flowered under her
warm tongue's delicate touch. Harriet sighed. Marisa's long wavy hair
teased and tickled Harriet's hot, sensitive skin. She closed her eyes and
moaned as delicate fingertips awakened her other nipple into maturity.

Harriet broke free from Marisa's hands and stroked the backs of her
fingernails down over Marisa's cool slender back, down towards her small,
firm delectable buttocks then along her smooth thighs. She arched her neck
and moaned when Marisa's teeth pulled gently at her long, fleshy nipple.
Her own hands caressed upwards towards Marisa's own pert breasts. Breast's
that hung like two ripe apples on the bough. She gently rotated her palms
on Marisa's already excited pink nipples. Marissa arched her head and
moaned loudly. She turned around on the bed and with her knees straddling
Harriet's body she delved down into Harriet's bushy mons. Her arms went
under and around Harriet's thighs; both hands free to explore and probe
Harriet's moist, fleshy, pussy lips; lips that, for some considerable time,
had not felt the loving, slippery caress of a hot, wet tongue. Each wet
stroke from Marisa's tongue brought a pleasurable groan and an upward
thrust from Harriet's pelvis. Harriet's clitoris engorged with desire
protruded to electrify and stimulate her desire.

Harriet's own exquisite outpouring of emotion manifested itself by
clasping both hands up over Marisa's back and she lifted herself up to
tongue Marisa's clitoris into full bloom.

For a while they stayed locked in this position each woman hungrily
devouring the other; each savourig the delights of Lesbos, until they
sensed the other's approaching orgasm. Both manipulating their tongues in
an intense effort to bring the other first to orgasm.

They came simultaneously, crying out in the glow of their passion. As
each climax waned they lay side by side panting in each other's arms.
Their laboured breathing fanning flushed faces.

They kissed as lovers kiss, deep and long, tongues entwined, tasting the
nectar of each other's love.

Harriet spoke first. "Oh, that was beautiful, Marisa." She leaned
forward and kissed her new lover.

Marisa responded by returning her kiss with an intensity of feeling that
touched Harriet's heartstrings. She cried. Tears flowed copiously down
her cheeks to mingle with their kiss.

Breaking the seal of their lips Marisa said ernestly, "Harriet what's

"Nothing, Marisa... Nothing's wrong at all. I'm just extremely happy
and glad that you've brought warmth to this bed."

"I'll keep us warm forever, Harriet."

They showered and slept till eleven the following morning.


During the day Harriet used a public call box so the call wouldn't be
traced back to her. She phoned the Police Commissioner concerning Carlos.
Two days later he was arrested for possession and dealing in illegal
substances. Three weeks later he was tried and convicted, receiving a two
to four year prison sentence.

This was a blissful time for the two lovers. Their minds, emotions and
bodies were entwined. Joy adorned their faces for the world to see.

At home, Marisa studied intensely for eight hours each day, five days a
week. Her paid female tutor was impressed with her ability to grasp
subjects quickly and to ask probing questions.

At the weekend the two lovers would spend hours together attuning their
bodies to a sexual pitch that culminated in earth shattering climaxes.
Once they became familiar with each other's bodies they enjoyed making love
in the surrounding grounds of the house. This sexual enjoyment progressed
further as they made love in public places; anywhere there was a certain
amount of risk at being caught, 'in flagrante delicto.'

Their love games became intense journeys into erotic stimulation. Each
partner tempting the other into more outrageous situations.

Harriet didn't appear to care too much that if she'd been recognized her
position as a lawyer could so easily have become compromised.

An onlooker may have recalled what Shakespeare wrote in 'A Midsummer
Night's Dream'

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged
Cupid painted blind.

In their minds, a cloak of intimacy was thrown over them; concealing
them from the eyes of an inquisitive world.


It was nine months later that Harriet broached the subject of Marisa
having her face remodelled so that when Carlos was eventually released from
prison if ever he saw her he wouldn't recognise her.

"Harriet, you forget I know you. I know how your mind works. What you
really want is for me to look like Sonia. But I can live with that. You
have given me so much and if it pleases you to see me as Sonia then yes,
I'll do it. But remember, my name is Marisa and I'll always be Marisa no
matter who I may resemble."

The surgeon at the clinic was more than pleased with the results of his
work once the residual bandages were removed some weeks after the

Her nose instead of being broad and straight was now smaller and angular
when viewed in profile, her lips thicker, more fuller.

She looked exactly like her dead sister.

"My dear," said the consultant surgeon as he said goodbye, "you were
beautiful when you arrived but you are more glamorous with your departure.
It pains me to see you go," flirtatiously kissing the back of her hand.

"Doctor, you say the most romantic things. But do you truly mean them
or are they simply additional tools of your trade?" asked Marisa,

That evening when Harriet walked into the lounge, Marisa had dressed for
the occasion. She wore some of Sonia's old clothes that she'd managed to
keep hidden from Harriet.

Her coifed hair gave her added height, while tiny strands of coiled hair
hung down beside her delicate ears. The sheer white satin blouse
accentuated her bare breasts and was tucked inside a pink mini skirt that
clung sensuously to her black silk pantyhose. Long leather boots swept up
from the floor molding each thigh.

"Good evening Harriet," said Marisa, hands on hips, standing beside the
open log fireplace. The room's only illumination came from the flickering
flames as they backlit her figure. Shadows danced over her breasts. As
she breathed deeply her aroused nipples clearly showed what she felt.

"You look... stunning," gasped an admiring Harriet, "I'm not sure what
I expected but now... Well, I'm lost for words. Except to say, Marisa, I
love you."

"Harriet, I love you too."


Eighteen months later Marisa passed her exams with distinction and
became Harriet's full time legal secretary.

They immediately become involved in a criminal case that involved a
great deal of media attention. Harriet hated this close scrutiny but
endeavoured to maintain her poise amidst the barrage of questions aimed at
her. The questions became more personal as the interviews progressed
throughout the trial period and she was aware that her relationship with
Marisa could be exposed at any time should the media delve deep enough.

One evening, when out dining with Marisa, a photographer caught them
emerging from the restaurant and their picture made the following day's
tabloid papers.

In Baltimore Penitentiary, Robert Edwards sat on his bunk eating an
apple and reading the newspaper. As he turned the page Harriet's picture leapt out from the jungle of text. His heart raced when he saw the face of
the person beside her. He could not believe it. It was Sonia. And yet...

The picture caption read, 'Even a lawyer and her secretary have to eat

'Her secretary? What's going on? Why is my ex-wife with someone who is
the image of the woman I killed? How did she meet her? Who is she?' His
mind boiled with questions and more questions. He had to have answers and
as the days passed he knew he had to escape; to break out and find the
woman who'd incarcerated him. That's when he formulated his escape plan.

It was time for him to act.


Two months later, on a wet and windy March evening he found himself
dressed in jogging clothes on the other side of the high wire fence. He
squinted his eyes up at the guard towers; no sign of movement. He ran to
the corner of the street that snaked away in the direction of the Potomac
river and jogged for two miles. The streets looked much the same but he
had memorised the route. As he rounded the corner of one street he saw the
jeep with the keys in the ignition. Its shape was a relief to his aching
limbs. The favours he had called in had been paid in full.

The following evening, knowing that the police would be watching
Harriet's home, he parked opposite her offices.

At around seven Harriet emerged with Marisa. He locked the vehicle and
followed them on foot.

Robert had negotiated arrangements for both a vehicle, a complete change
of clothes and enough money to fund his disappearance. The new shoes
slightly pinched his right foot but otherwise the dark suit and raincoat
allowed him to blend in with the early evening commuters heading for home.

He followed the women into the Rock Hotel situated a few blocks from
Harriet's offices.

"Convenient," he muttered.

He managed to overhear Marisa say to the receptionist, '...Twenty-six,'
before he discreetly moved towards the bathroom area.

After washing his hands he decided on a course of action and he left the
building through the main entrance. He made his way around to the back and
waited in the shadows of the covered delivery area.

It was almost an hour later before a man dressed as a concierge pushed
open a fire exit door and began to smoke a cigarette. Robert crept
stealthily towards him grasping a discarded heavy piece of wood. He
clubbed the man over the head and caught his unconscious body before it hit
the ground.

He dragged him inside and shut the door. Looking around he found a
broom cupboard that would hide the man's body and as fast as he could he
changed his outer clothes for those worn by the concierge.

Once dressed, he bound and gagged the unconscious figure with strips of
cloth he found in the cupboard. He made his way to the kitchen and
surreptitiously picked up a tray containing some drinks and a few
sandwiches. It was time to head for the elevator and room twenty-six.

The balding, middle aged male receptionist, glanced nonchalantly at
Robert as he stood waiting for the elevator.

It arrived and he stepped inside, careful not to reveal his face.


"Harriet," said Marisa, leaning against the bathroom doorway dressed
only in her underwear, "shall we eat out tonight or arrange for something
to be sent up, only I'm starving now?"

"If you're that hungry, darling," said Harriet, absently filing her
nails and dressed only in her dark blue, silk night robe, "then we'll have
something sent up. What shall we have? I know, two steak sandwiches and
two Caesar salads with some Californian wine to lighten the evening. How
does that sound to you?"

"It's making my mouth water. I'll phone room service now."

Marisa walked over to the bedside phone and gave them her order. As she
replaced the receiver she asked, "Do you suppose Robert will try to contact
you or are the police being their usual over-protective self?"

"I'm not sure what he'll do but they said that up until the time of his
escape he'd been a model prisoner. I wonder what made him suddenly decide
to escape? When he's recaptured he'll only have to serve extra time."

Ten minutes later a gentle knock at the door startled them. Harriet
went into the bathroom as Marisa quickly dressed in a white t-shirt and
jeans and went to the door.

"Who is it?" she called out.

"Room service, ma'am," a male voice replied.

"Just a moment," she said, unlocking the door. Marisa moved aside to
allow the waiter into the room and was immediately struck a solid blow on
the back of the neck. She went out like a light.

Harriet heard the fall. "Marisa..." she said, emerging from the
bathroom. "Robert...? You... What have you done to her?" cried Harriet,
rushing to Marisa's aid.

"Quiet, bitch," said Robert, bending over Marisa, holding a knife to her
throat. "Stay back. Get onto the bed and lay there on your back. Tell me
where you keep your stockings?"

"Stockings? In the bedside cabinet. Second drawer... but Robert why
are you here? What madness is this? The police..."

Angrily he said, "Quiet and I meant it," he said, finding four packages
of unopened stockings. "I ask the questions. You answer."

He ripped open the wrapping and quickly bound her hands and feet to the
bed. She lay spread-eagled, frightened and worried for Marisa who had not

Robert lifted Marisa under the armpits and dragged her into the bathroom
where he used the other two pairs of stockings to bind her hands and feet.
He stuffed some cotton wool in a stocking and used it as a gag. He left
her lying in the bath with her hands bound to the main taps.

The remaining stocking and cotton wool were used as a makeshift gag. He
placed the gag on the table beside the bed.

"Now, you bitch," he said, straddling her body, "you're going to tell me
what happened that evening when I killed that whore."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Robert, I wasn't there,
remember?" She glared up at him.

He slapped her cheek, hard.

"I don't believe you. I think you were there, at the hotel. I believe
you knew Sonia. It was something she said that evening, then, when I read
the paper and saw the picture of you, together with that bitch I've just
tied up in the bathroom, I knew there had to be more to it than just
coincidence. Who is she and why are you two sharing a room?"

"She's Sonia's sister and the police thought it would be better if we
shared a room to make it easier for them to stake-out," said Harriet, aware
that if she told him now of her affair with Marisa, then by implication
he'd know she'd also had an affair with Sonia.

Robert visciously slapped her other cheek. Harriet cried out at the
stinging pain.

"The truth bitch," he growled in her face. "I know when you lie to me.
From the moment we met I lived with your lies, half-truths and whispered
innuendo. Robert can't father a child," he mimicked. "Didn't you realise
that Robert's impotent? Well he isn't, bitch. It's you who can't have
children but you wouldn't admit to it being your fault. Oh no, much to
proud for that to happen..." He wrenched aside her gown and released the
clasp on her front opening brassiere. Her firm breasts spilled out.

"So, Harriet are you feeling proud now. Are you going to tell me the
truth or am I going to fuck the truth from you?"

"No Robert, please. I can't tell you what I don't know. Please don't
do this. If I knew anything I would tell..." His fist cracked against her
jaw. The force of the punch knocked her senseless. "Bitch," he cried,
tearing her flimsy, high cut, cotton panties from around her waist and
flinging them across the room.

Robert rolled off the bed in a rage and went into the bathroom to check
on Marisa. She was still unconscious. In a rage Robert ripped the towel
rail from the wall and was about to bring it down on her head when there
was a knock on the outer door.

"Room service," said a male voice.

"Just a minute," he cried out, placing the rail beside the bath. He
slipped out of the waistcoat and rushed into the bedroom. He quickly
covered Harriet's nakedness with the bedspread and tied the gag to her
mouth, then opened the door slightly. "Can I take it from you here as my
wife's fallen asleep on the bed and I don't want to disturb her? She's had
a long day."

"Sure, no problem, sir," said the fair haired young man, handing him the

"Thanks, oh, here..." said Robert, handing him a five dollar bill.

The concierge gushed, "Thank you sir, sleep well."

Robert closed and locked the door. He lay the tray on the floor and
looked at the food. It had been a long time since his last full meal and
he suddenly felt extremely hungry. In ten minutes he'd devoured
everything. The wine acted like an aphrodisiac. He went to the bed and
uncovered Harriet's nude body.

'Strange,' he thought, 'in all the time we were together she never once
made love to me with the light on.'

He picked up the knife from the bedside table and slit along the sleeves
of her dressing gown from her wrists to her shoulders. The gown slipped
easily out from under her nudity as he pulled at its silkiness and dropped
the ruined garment onto the floor.

Gazing at his former wife's nude body he appreciated that for a woman of
forty-two she still possessed a remarkably trim figure. 'But then,' he
thought, 'she's not had stretch marks or worry wrinkles from having

He stripped off his remaining clothes and untied her gag. She moaned
and rolled her head.

"Wake up, sleepy head," he said, roughly slapping her reddened cheeks.

Her eyes opened and she groaned.

"No it's not a bad dream, Harriet it's real and it's going to get worse,
a whole lot worse. Now tell me the truth."

"Nothing to tell," murmured Harriet. "Water. I must have a drink.
Please Robert. Just a small drink of water."

"Nothing, until you start explaining. I meant what I said earlier
Harriet, either you talk or I fuck you and, if I believe what I sense then
it will be even more of a hardship for you to accept me inside you...
after being so long with a woman."

"I keep telling you there's nothing to explain. So, get on with it,

"I've a better idea, Harriet. If you don't respect your own body I
wonder what it would feel like to watch while I make love to your
secretary. Perhaps that will jog your memory?"

"No Robert," she pleaded. "Leave her out of this. What happens now is
between you and me... as it always has been."

"Fuck you Harriet I'm the one who says what and who I fuck. Watch," he
said, forcing the gag back into her mouth and retying the stocking behind
her head.

Robert got off the bed and went into the bathroom. Minutes later he
came back out with Marisa's body. She was now fully conscious. Her eyes
betraying the inner fear she felt at their desperate situation.

Robert carried her over his shoulder into the bedroom. Marisa's eyes
opened wider as he placed her head first over the arm of the sofa chair and
undid the belt to her jeans. He yanked down the zip and pulled the jeans
and her cotton panties down around her ankles. Using the knife he expertly
slit up the back of her t-shirt. He unclasped her bra and cut away the
remaining shirt fabric.

"Hmm, nice body babe," he quipped, cupping her breasts. "Lets have some
great sex, like your sister and I did... before I killed her."

Marisa's muffled groan did nothing to dissuade Robert from continuing.
He leant his body against her and rubbed his flaccid penis up between the
valley of her pouting, slender buttocks.

"Harriet," he said, looking across at her horrified face, "watch me make
love to your friend. Unfortunately it won't last long. I've not had sex
for a very long time."

Robert's fingers probed between Marisa's thighs and found the entrance
to her love tunnel. He licked his fingers and inserted them into her
pussy. At the same time he squeezed her left nipple between his thumb and
index finger. He delicately pulled the nipple away from her body using a
circular motion.

She couldn't help herself and groaned as the intimate sensation worked
its sexual magic on her clitoris. During her years on the streets she'd
experienced rough sex before.

She continued to moisten. He continued to probe. He used the same
technique on her other more sensitive breast.

Suddenly he released her and almost immediately she felt his head
between her thighs, his tongue lapped wondrously at her clitoris, his hands
clasped her hips.

She was now moaning continuously.

With his forefinger he used her juices to moisten her sensitive anal
area. Marisa squirmed uncontrollably as he inserted first one then two
fingers into her back passage. Her sexual excitement increased as he
slipped the forefinger of his other hand into her licentious pussy. She
bucked and rode these two sexual stimuli not caring what came afterwards,
just living for the immediacy of the sweet, sensual sensations stirring in
her hot, young body.

Robert stopped. He got up from the floor, turned around and, leaning
into her, he pushed his hard erection up inside her deliciously tight,
slippery pussy. They moaned together.

Harriet watched, as their movements became more animated, each
approaching their climax. Marisa used her vaginal muscles to stroke and
hold him tightly. Suddenly they groaned in unison as they came together.

Robert relaxed his body over hers for a few moments then withdrew his
limp penis. He went into the bathroom, used the toilet, then showered. As
he walked back into the bedroom he found that Marisa had managed to get
over to the bed and somehow they had removed each other's gag. They were
whispering and kissing tenderly.

"You're not conspiring together are you?" He questioned. "It's time for
a little redemption Harriet." He quickly retied both gags and pulled up
Marisa's pants and jeans. He slung her over his shoulder and put her back
into the bathtub, retying her hands to the taps. He turned off the
bathroom light and closed the door.

"So, Harriet," Robert said, clambering onto the bed and straddling her
naked body once more, "it's time to talk. I want no more procrastination
from you. What happened that evening?" He growled, ripping the gag over
her head.

She told him.

Harriet embellished Sonia's lovemaking with teasing adjectives knowing
it would wound his masculinity, stabbing at his prowess as a great

Listening to Harriet's story Robert's anger at how nave he had been to
believe he could get away with murder coupled with Harriet's admitted
lesbian relationships had an immediate effect once she had finished. His
mind twisted like a bean tendril. It searched for another meaning to what
had occurred. He did not want to hear anymore particularly from this
woman's mouth. He picked up the pillow next to Harriet's head and pressed
it down hard over her face. Harriet's body squirmed beneath him.

There was a brief flash of movement in the corner of his right eye.
Something hit his head. Blackness.


Harriet could not breathe. Her mind was spinning away from her.

'This is the end,' she thought. 'Release at last.' Then she felt
Robert's body slump across her, then roll onto the floor. The darkness was
removed and she gulped in as much air through her nose as she could.

Marisa stood beside the bed, her posture anxious, concerned. She
removed Harriet's gag. "Harriet, are you all right?" she asked, her
fingers tugging furiously at Harriet's bound hands.

"I'm... fine," gasped Harriet. "Just give me... a few moments... to
get my breath."

"What happened to Robert?"

"I eventually managed to get free and used the towel rail from the
bathroom to hit him over the head," replied Marisa. "He should have an
enormous headache when he wakes up."

"He looks dead to me," said Harriet with one hand free, looking over the
edge of the bed. "You'd better check."

Marisa felt for a pulse.

Her eyes widened as she stared back up at Harriet and said, "No. No
pulse, Harriet. He's dead," she said.

"Keep calm, Marisa. It was either my death or his. No jury will
convict you. You did the only thing you could. You saved my life. I owe

"What do we do now Harriet?"

"We stick to a story but one without the sex angle. It will save some
of our dignity and, besides it would only complicate matters. Do you

"Yes, I agree. I don't want the American public finding pleasure in
what happened here this evening. I believe justice has been done."

They briefly talked about what they would say, then Harriet phoned the

When they arrived they found the two women dressed in casual clothes.
Both their stories matched the events of that evening and no charges were
brought against Marisa.

As Harriet and Marisa stood in the hotel lobby watching Robert's body
being carried down from their hotel room in a black plastic body bag,
Harriet's thoughts turned to similar events a few years ago.

Ironically it had been Marisa and not Harriet, who avenged Sonia's


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